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Three thousand miles away from Ping City, in a dark forest, Li Yuanqings figure flashed past.

Zhao Taian had already tried his best.

Moreover, with his status in Ping City, it was not difficult to find any materials.

However, the things on the list given by Li Yuanqing were too difficult to find.

There were still three materials that had no exact whereabouts so far.

He only had a rough location.

These three materials were the Dragon Origin Crystal, the Three Blue Grasses, and the Netherworld Flower.

The living habits of these three materials were very unique.

If one wanted to obtain them, they often needed to take a huge risk.

Of course, there were, of course, benefits if there were risks.

However, these three materials were only available in the forbidden area.

The reason why they were called the forbidden area was because they were not strong enough to reach it.

One of them was this Black Wind Canyon.

Li Yuanqing passed through a forest and arrived at a towering mountain.

The path went all the way up to the peak of the mountain.

The wind on the mountain was so strong that his clothes swayed.

The left and right sides were empty.

There was only the towering mountain peak.

Looking down from here, everything was dark and cold.

A long and narrow crack under his feet was covered by the mountain.

The top of the mountain formed a protruding angle that blocked the entrance to the canyon.

Only after reaching it could he see it clearly.

Li Yuanqing looked down at the cold wind in the canyon.

The wind in the canyon was very strong.

It was said that even Spirit Transformation Realm experts would find it difficult to move half a step down.

If they insisted on going down, they would only be covered in injuries.

Li Yuanqing took out a short black rod from his pocket.

This rod did not have much luster, and it did not look like a rare item.

He casually threw the short rod down.

At first, the sound of the short rod falling could be heard, followed by the sound of the short rod colliding with the dark wind.

The short rod was like a small toy that was constantly blown up by the violent wind.

When it landed less than ten meters away, it could not fall any further.

Instead, it went back and forth.

In a moment of carelessness, Li Yuanqings black Dharma artifact had completely turned into powder and was blown away.

Although this short rod was not of high grade, the materials used were relatively solid.

The materials were still very special.

It was not so easily destroyed usually, but now, it was easily blown apart by these black gales.

The power of these gales was obvious.

Li Yuanqing had another understanding of the name of Black Wind Canyon.

However, this was the place with the highest chance of finding the Dragon Origin Crystal.


Zhao Taian found a lot of information before finally finding this place.

It was mainly because the energy in the Black Wind Canyon was quite complicated.

Li Yuanqing had originally come here to test the waters and see what this place was like.

If he could really find the Dragon Origin Crystal, it would not be too late to go down and find it.

From the looks of it, the possibility of finding rare treasures below was not small.

It was worth a trip.

But this black wind was rather strange.

He had to thread carefully.

It would not be worth it if he was accidentally killed by this small black wind.

Li Yuanqing took out a small shield and gently threw it into the air.

The round shield expanded in the wind and became more than a hundred feet long.

He jumped onto the shield and a black shield extended from it.

As time passed, it kept becoming corporeal until it was as dense as a physical body, protecting him in the middle.

After protecting himself, Li Yuanqing slowly drove the small shield down.

Although he did not know what was under the Black Wind Canyon, he could feel that he would not be disappointed.

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He landed on a small path at the side of the Black Wind Canyon.

Along the way, he gained a lot of knowledge.

Most importantly, he looked at the platforms on both sides of the cliff.

It could be considered to have answered a question in his heart.

When he threw the short rod down just now, it did not take long for it to be blown into powder.

However, the powder landed somewhere.

They were not blown up, nor could they fall.

Where would they land

But now he knew very well that there were many gaps on both sides of the cliff.

Those gaps seemed to have been blown out by the irregular wind.

Many things had landed, and most of them were covered in thick dust.

There were even some shapes that could barely be recognized as human skeletons.

However, these bodies were covered by the powder that had been ground up by the latecomers.

It was not that clear, but some of it could be seen.

These were probably the exploration team members who had arrived here to explore over the years.

This place had always been an unexplored virgin land.

If they could excavate the treasures here, the benefits they could obtain would be endless.

Driven by this huge benefit, many people naturally came to this place.

Of course, no one could walk out.

However, this was also the reason why the name of Black Wind Canyon could spread far and wide.

Li Yuanqing was falling when he suddenly felt that the wind under his feet seemed to have become stronger.

It could not be said that the force had increased, but the wind that was originally blowing horizontally had unknowingly turned into a strong wind blowing upwards.

He felt a very huge force lifting him up from under his feet, as if it wanted to drag him outside.

It was as if the canyon hated such an outsider.

Li Yuanqing did not know the situation below.

He temporarily used the wind to land on a platform at the side and observed carefully.

It turned out that the wind in the Black Wind Canyon did not seem to have any special pattern like before.

However, every once in a while, the wind inside would change direction.

The canyon was east-west.

It was very long and narrow, and it was also very deep.

Generally speaking, the two winds seemed to be coming from below and from the east.

Although they were constantly changing back and forth, in summary, only the wind in these two directions was stronger, like the mainstream.

The rest were side currents formed by collision.

The east was pitch-black and nothing could be seen clearly.

However, the wind kept howling angrily in the canyon, as if a huge beast was eyeing him from afar.

Moreover, there was a tunnel extending into the canyon on this platform.

It seemed like someone had dug in from outside and wanted to reach the canyon from here.

Li Yuanqing had a lot of such information in his hands.

Zhao Taian had gathered almost all the information from the expedition teams.

There were many passages of various sizes.

Back then, they thought that the violent wind would only appear on the surface.

It would be much better and definitely safer when they reached the bottom.

Therefore, they thought of these methods and dug many passageways.

However, the deeper they went, the harder the stone was.

After reaching a certain critical point, they could no longer dig.

Therefore, most of these passageways were at the top.

They had such thoughts because they could not even break through the wind on the surface.

Later on, everyone realized that the Black Wind Canyon was being blown by the wind from top to bottom.

The further down they went, the stronger the wind was, making them feel so powerless.

Li Yuanqing watched as the wind outside gradually weakened.

Just as he was about to continue downwards, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

[Congratulations on signing in successfully at the Black Wind Canyon.

Reward received!]

[Reward One: Cotton Armor.]

[Reward Two: Crystal Powder.]

Hearing these two rewards, Li Yuanqings eyes flashed.

This crystal powder was good stuff.

If it was attached to an equipment, it could increase the defense of the equipment by twenty to thirty percent.

Moreover, it only needed a thin layer, theres no need to consume much, to automatically form a powerful protective membrane.

Not only could this protective membrane make the weapon sharper, but it could also make the defense stronger.

It was a versatile item.

However, there were too few such good things in the market, so there were very few of them.

In addition, the value of this thing was too high.

In fact, these Dharma artifacts did not even seem to match it.

Its value was more expensive than most Dharma artifacts.

Who would be willing to use such precious things to nourish their Dharma artifacts

As for the cotton armor, it sounded strange.

He did not know what use it had.

Although Li Yuanqing really wanted to choose the crystal powder directly, he felt that the first reward should be useful, so he hesitated.

After a moment, he finally gritted his teeth and made a decision.

“Ill choose the Cotton Armor.”

[Reward issued.]

A thin vest had appeared in Li Yuanqings hand.

This vest looked very ordinary, just white.

There was nothing special about it.

It was just a simple vest that looked a little simple.

However, if one looked carefully, they would be able to discover that there were some dense and small patterns on it.

If one did not look carefully, it would be difficult to notice these patterns.

Li Yuanqing muttered in his heart, worried that he had chosen wrongly this time.

But he had already made such a choice.

It was too late to regret it now.

He should put it on and try it out to see what effect it would have.

Li Yuanqing put on the vest.

After the white vest stuck to Li Yuanqings body, it seemed to have fused with his outer coat and stuck to his clothes.

It actually disappeared without a trace.

He clicked his tongue in wonder as he looked down.

It turned out that this thing was quite interesting.

However, if it was only this much ability, it seemed like it would be a loss to give up the crystal powder and choose it.

At this moment, the wind outside suddenly changed drastically.

Every time the wind changed, there would be one or two very violent winds that acted as vanguard for the winds behind it.

This time, the wind from the east to the west rushed towards Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing was caught off guard.

Although he would not be severely injured if he was hit like this, he would probably not feel good.

Just as he was about to defend, he felt his body suddenly become very warm.

This warm feeling was very strange.

He looked down and saw that a light shield had taken the initiative to rise on his body.

This light shield was very low-key.

If one did not look carefully, they would not be able to see it.

It was as if there was a weak light like a firefly flickering on Li Yuanqings upper body, enveloping his entire body.

Li Yuanqing did not know what use this weak light had.

The violent wind that assaulted his face seemed to have ignored him and circled around him.

He clearly felt that the violent wind was whistling in his ears, but it was so quiet around him.

The violent wind beside him had clearly struck the rock wall and brought down a thick layer of sand.

However, he did not do anything.

It was as if he had fused into the violent winds.

He seemed to have become transparent and was completely unaffected by the black wind.

He walked out of the platform very leisurely.

He looked down at the faint light that lit up on his body.

He did not expect this cotton armor to have such benefits.

No wonder such a strange thing was set as a reward.

It turned out to have such a magical effect.

Li Yuanqing did not know if this armor had any other uses, but now was not the time to think too much about it.

Since this had saved so much trouble for him, he naturally had to go down and find the materials he needed.

If he could not find the Dragon Origin Crystal here, he would probably have to go to a few more places.

At that time, it would be troublesome.

He took a deep breath and jumped straight into the deepest part of the canyon.

Like a bullet, he cut through the violent wind and pierced the endless darkness.

Such a guest had arrived at the sparsely populated Black Wind Canyon.

However, this guest did not look friendly.

Li Yuanqing fell all the way to a depth of ten thousand feet before he could finally vaguely see the bottom of the Black Wind Canyon.

The bottom looked very blurry and could not be seen clearly.

He slowed down and slowly landed.

Finally, carefully, he landed on the hard rock pile.

These stones were abnormally solid from the black wind.


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