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In an inconspicuous corner of the mountain range in the center of Rong City.

A few muscular youths surrounded a dark and thin little fellow and stared at him with evil smiles.

“Liu Wen, have you thought it through Hurry up and hand over the treasure in your hand.

Otherwise, not to mention you, Ill kill your crippled grandmother too!”

The person who spoke was a fat little fatty.

This fellow did not look old, but his figure seemed to be filled with air.

Liu Wens bright eyes glared fiercely at him.

“Big Dog, Ive said it many times.

I dont have anything on me.

Dont even think about it!”

“Why are you so dishonest”

In the beginning, the three children could still say a few words.

However, when they saw that Liu Wen was still resisting very stubbornly, their faces immediately drooped.

“Brat, we gave you face.

We saw that the two of you were forced to live here and didnt cause you any trouble.

This is our gift to you.

Why dont you know”

“Did you hear what Big Brother said This is a gift from us.

Kid, remember this.

Dont think that you can live here peacefully without paying anything.

How can there be such a good thing”

The person who spoke had a pair of big buck teeth.

Although he was not thin, he looked thin standing beside Big Dog.

Big Dog nodded at him and said with a smile, “Second Brother, go and teach him a lesson and tell him clearly.

Let him know in his heart what he relied on to live for so many years.

Its not the leftovers from their old woman who went crazy.”


“Brat, do you understand If not for Brother Wang turning a blind eye and allowing you to find materials and things everywhere on this mountain, would you have survived But now you didnt have an ounce of gratitude.

Is this appropriate”

Liu Wen retreated step by step and gradually retreated to a big tree behind him.

He leaned his back against it and could no longer retreat.

He subconsciously covered his waist with his hand.

This small action was instantly captured by the few of them.

Big Dog nodded.

Second Brother understood and brought Third Brother along.

The two of them sandwiched Liu Wen from both sides.

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“Give it to me!”

Second Brother pulled the small bottle out of Liu Wens waist and handed it to Big Dog.

The three brothers looked at Liu Wen proudly, as if their scheme had succeeded.

“Brat, you insisted that you didnt have anything just now.

Now, its clear that you must have obtained a lot of benefits from that expert.

Why do you have to hide it”

After Big Dog finished speaking, Second Brother always repeated himself a few times.

“Is that reasonable Is it reasonable”

Third Brother still wanted to speak, but he felt that he had already missed the time and atmosphere.

Second Brother had done it too perfectly.

He could only bare his fangs and brandish his claws at the side.

He puffed out his chest but could not say anything.

He did not need to do much to bully others with his two brothers.

Big Dog brought the small jade bottle in front of him and shone it at the light source above its head.

It said in satisfaction, “Good kid, I knew that the treasures in this lords hands are extraordinary.

Look at this bottle.

Its probably worth a lot of spirit stones.”

Big Dog was very satisfied with the small bottle.

It must be filled with good treasures.

He hurriedly opened the bottle and poured it into his palm.

However, his palm was still empty.

Nothing fell.

He was stunned for a moment before trying again.

When he poured it into his palm again, there was still nothing.

He turned the small bottle upside down and raised it above his head.

He closed one eye and looked carefully with the other.

The bottle was empty.

Other than a strong medicinal fragrance, there was nothing else.

The brat had already eaten all the pills inside.

“You bastard, is your lowly body worthy of eating such a high-grade pill Instead of keeping it obediently, you actually ate it all yourself.

I think you dont want to live anymore!”

Big Dog was quite angry at Liu Wen.

Initially, when he saw Liu Wens cautious appearance, he thought that he was really hiding some treasure on him.

In the end, there was nothing in the bottle.

He came out with an empty bottle and fooled them.

How could they not be angry

Big Dog raised his fist and smashed it at Liu Wens face.

This kid was too arrogant.

At this moment, a short stick suddenly flew out from the side and smashed towards Big Dogs arm.

Before Big Dog could react, he was hit by the black rod.

The strong force coming from this rod directly smashed his hand with a cracking sound.

It sounded like the bones inside were broken.

Big Dogs arm was bent limply.

His entire forearm was bent from the middle for some reason.

His palm was hanging on his arm.

He looked at his arm in horror.

After a long time, he reacted and let out a howl like a pig being slaughtered.


The two brothers at the side were also so frightened by the scene in front of them that they almost peed their pants.

They fell two to three meters away and sat on the ground, not knowing what to do.

However, Big Dog was still a cultivator after all.

Although he was still young and had not experienced such bloody knowledge, after experiencing the initial fear, he gradually reacted.

He looked angrily at the place where the black rod flew over.

However, he did not need to look for this person anymore.

That kid actually walked out on his own and came to Liu Wens side.

The two of them stood together like brothers.

This person was Yang Tianqi.

Liu Wen was still holding a short knife in his hand.

Just now, when Big Dog was about to attack, he was already prepared to attack.

However, Yang Tianqi beat him to it and he quietly retracted the short knife in his hand.

“Go!” Sensing that Liu Wen was still in a daze behind him, Yang Tianqi could not help but urge him.

“Why arent you leaving Are you waiting for them to kill you”

Yang Tianqi pushed Liu Wen out, but he stood in front of the three of them.

He was still holding the short black stick.

“You were the one who attacked just now Kill him!”

Big Dog had been ambushed by someone just now and had his arm broken.

Now that he had finally stabilized his arm with spiritual power, he looked at his enemy standing in front of him and was even angrier.

He knew this guy too.

Although he had a father who was in charge, this kids strength was only average.

Now, the three of them still had a huge advantage over the two of them.

Moreover, Liu Wen did not have any strength at all.

It was just three against one.

“Big Brother, this kids father is the inspector.

What if…”

“Whats there to be afraid of The patrol wont come to such a place.

If we kill him and bury him on the spot, no one will discover him.

His father wont be able to see him for the rest of his life.

Just treat it as being eaten by the demons.

In any case, there are many brats like him who have been eaten by the demons.”

Yang Tianqi gritted his teeth.

Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, and the hand holding the short stick was covered in cold sweat.

However, he still pretended to be calm and said, “Surrender obediently.

Ive already informed my father.

Hell be here soon.

At that time, none of you will be able to escape.

Youll be sent to the water prison and your bodies will be invaded by the black water day and night.”

Initially, Second Brother and Third Brother were already planning to fight, but after hearing his words, the two of them felt a little afraid.

The two of them shrank back to Big Dogs side and looked at him timidly.

“Big Brother, lets leave quickly.

If the patrol team comes later, the three of us will definitely be taken away.

What if were really locked up in that water prison”

Big Dogs face turned red with anger.

If he could not take revenge on the spot, how could he vent his anger He slapped Second Brothers head with his other healthy arm.

“You bastard, do you think hell come just because he said so Hes clearly tricking us.

We have to hurry up and kill this kid first.

Then, the three of us will have long fled.

They wont be able to find us!”

Although the two brothers were still a little worried, it did not seem to be a big problem after listening to their big brothers analysis.

Seeing that the two of them were still hesitating, Big Dog went up and kicked them.

He said to the two of them, “Bastard, youve already provoked him.

When he goes back and tells his father, the three of us will still be captured.

Hurry up and attack!”

These two brothers had no choice.

Since their big brother had already said so, it would be unreasonable for them to retreat.

Moreover, the discipline in the city was strict now.

After the new City Lord took office, they were very tight on such things.

Anyone who violated the rules would be captured and taught a lesson.

The lightest punishment would be being imprisoned for several years.

If it was a little more serious, they might even be reduced to an ordinary person.

If their cultivation was crippled, it would be no different from death.

They would die not long after.

Although they knew that these places were outside the surveillance range of the patrol team, they did not dare to imagine what the City Lord would do if this kid really reported them and the patrol team came looking for them.

The City Lord used to be a great general.

The great general was swift and decisive, and his methods were cruel.

Not only did he treat his subordinates, but he also treated everyone in the city the same.

The second brother, Er Ming, waved his arms a few times and a Clearwater Sword appeared in his hand.

There was a faint spiritual energy fluctuation on this sword.

It looked like a very low-level Dharma artifact.

However, he was already very proud to have a Dharma artifact at his age.

Third Brother was holding a very ordinary rod that looked like it was refined from iron.

There was no spiritual energy in it at all.

The two of them shouted and rushed straight at the other party.

Yang Tianqi and Liu Wen guarded in front of the tree.

The two of them had wanted to discuss leaving together, but in this situation, if they could not defeat their opponent, they would not be able to leave.

If one of them left, the other would definitely be left behind.

Yang Tianqi was still holding the short rod.

It seemed to be a Dharma artifact he had just obtained.

The spiritual energy on it was very abundant.

He could tell that it was a good treasure.

Liu Wenwen was still holding the short dagger.

There was very sparse spiritual energy lingering on the dagger.

It was unknown where he had obtained a Dharma artifact.

Yang Tianqi faced Er Ming.

The short rod and the Clear Water Sword collided with an ear-piercing sound.

Liu Wen faced Third Brother.

Third Brother swung his rod down.

Liu Wen pretended to take it head-on, but in fact, his lower body had already moved to the side.

When the two weapons connected, he suddenly pulled his upper body over and took advantage of the opportunity to place himself by Third Brothers side.

This movement technique was actually so agile.

After approaching Third Brothers body, he waved the short dagger in his hand without hesitation and slashed at Third Brothers neck.

Third Brother did not have much combat experience to begin with.

The three of them usually bullied others with their strength.

Most of them just caught some weak and helpless fellows and ravaged them.

Those people never knew how to fight back.

They were used to bullying others with their power.

This was the first time they had fought such a short distance.

Moreover, their big brother was injured the moment he came up.

In the past, they did not have the chance to fight the other party.

And now, he panicked.

If he continued to hesitate, his neck would be cut off.

At this moment, Liu Wen suddenly felt a chill on his back.

“Look out!” Yang Tianqi shouted, but it was already too late.

Big Dog had already arrived behind Liu Wen and was pressed against his back.

Although Liu Wen looked very handsome and agile just now, he was also completely focused on his movement technique.

He did not leave any way out for himself and did not even notice that an enemy had approached behind him.

Although he could feel the intense killing intent coming from behind him, he no longer had any chance to react.

It was too late for him to resist.

Liu Wen gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with ruthlessness.

The dagger in his hand rushed straight at Third Brothers neck, as if he wanted to fight to the death.

“Stop it!”

Big Dog was originally very proud.

He thought that his attack would be able to save his brother and scare Liu Wen.

It would be best if he could kill him with a single slash.

However, he did not expect this kid to have such a ruthless temper.

He actually did not care about his life and insisted on dragging his third brother down with him.


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