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“Why are you going to Evil Spirit Valley”

The two of them could not figure out Li Yuanqings background at all, so they did not dare to provoke him.

They did not know where he came from either.

He looked quite scary, but if he really had news of their big brother and fourth brother, it was not impossible to make this deal with him.

“I have my own matters.

I dont need you to ask.”

The two of them looked at each other and then at Li Yuanqing.

They felt that this guy did not look like someone who lived nearby.

Those who had lived here for a long time usually knew the reputation of the Evil Spirit Valley.

Anyone who entered the valley would find it difficult to come out alive.

That place was a top-notch dangerous place.

Who would want to go in there unless they were crazy

“Do you know what kind of place this Evil Spirit Valley is” The second brother asked Li Yuanqing tentatively.

“I just heard some news that its a very dangerous place to go.

However, Ive always liked to go to dangerous places.

Its an old habit.”

What Li Yuanqing said was even stranger.

It was really not easy for him to live to this age when hes this arrogant.

“Second Brother, dont say so much.

Its unknown if Big Brother and Fourth Brother are dead or alive now.

Ill bring them there.

You go and save Big Brother first.”

“How can I do that” The man refused righteously.

“The Evil Spirit Valley is extremely dangerous.

How can I let you take the risk alone Moreover, the underground is very fierce now.

If you go, its unknown if you can come back.”

After he finished speaking, Li Yuanqing suddenly smiled and said, “I think this suggestion is very good.

Your two brothers are indeed not in a good state.

If this continues, its hard to say if anything will happen.”

The man frowned and looked at Li Yuanqing.

The two of them still did not understand how Li Yuanqing did it.

Their big brother was clearly trapped in the beast tide and it shouldnt have been difficult to escape.

But why was he in this kids hands However, the images that this kid took out were so realistic and did not look fake.

Could it be that what he said was true However, this kind of thing was really unbelievable.

Li Yuanqing took out a jade token and placed it in his hand.

He said to the two of them, “This jade stone has their exact location.

As long as one of you is willing to bring me there, Ill give you this stone.”

While Second Brother was still hesitating, Third Sister went up and grabbed the jade pendant.

She stuffed it into her second brothers hand.

“Second Brother, hurry up and save Big Brother.

The two of them are in a critical situation.

If we dont rush over now, Im afraid itll be dangerous.”

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“But you…”

“Dont worry about me, the beast tide has just passed.

Im sure there wont be much danger on this path for the time being.

Moreover, weve been walking in this wilderness for many years and are very familiar with the territory here.

Nothing will happen.”

The second brother was still reluctant to leave his third sister here alone.

No one knew what would happen if she brought such an unknown kid to the Evil Spirit Valley.

More importantly, it was hard to say if the information in this kids hands was true.

They had seen with their own eyes that their big brother and fourth brother were trapped in the beast pack by the bulls.

It should be impossible for them to escape.

However, this guy said it so confidently that it actually sounds true.

He looked down at the jade in his hand and was silent for a long time before finally agreeing.

“Then you must be careful.

If anything happens, you must inform me immediately.”

“Second Brother, dont worry.

Ill definitely take good care of myself!”

The two of them bade farewell reluctantly on the mountain.

The tens of thousands of bull herds had already left into the distance under the mighty momentum.

After Li Yuanqing and his third sister left, the second brother specially went to the place where the beast tide passed by.

He checked carefully again and indeed did not find the corpses of his big brother and fourth brother.

There was not even a speck of dust left on the ground.

His big brother was powerful.

If he was killed by those bulls, at least some residue would be left behind.

Although those bulls had some intelligence, it was very limited.

In their struggle, they would definitely leave something behind.

However, he had searched everything within a few miles.

He could not find anything.

He still couldnt find anything after one last round of searching.

He could only give up helplessly and take out the jade stone that Li Yuanqing had given him.

After spiritual energy rushed into the jade, a red dot appeared.

The red dot kept flashing.

It should be where his brothers were.

When he looked back at the two people who had gradually disappeared.

He sped up and rushed towards the red dot.

On the other hand, after Li Yuanqing arrived, he realized that the location of the Evil Spirit Valley was even harder to find than he had imagined.

There was no exact location map, and this place was filled with mountains.

The valley was a very inconspicuous place among the many mountains.

More importantly, there were vicious beasts appearing in this place all year round.

Those vicious beasts were in groups and were very powerful.

Wherever they passed, there was no grass.

Humans generally did not choose to survive in this hell, so they could only see one person after a long time.

Li Yuanqing was thinking about where to find people when he happened to encounter such a group of bulls.

Moreover, a four-man team was trapped.

He took the opportunity to interfere and get the four of them out.

Of course, the two brothers had yet to figure out the current situation.

In fact, they had already fallen into Li Yuanqings illusion when they were in the bull herd.

Li Yuanqing let them into his domain and carefully set them up.

They thought that it was just a short period of separation, but they had already been separated.

Moreover, he had sent the two people who had decided to stay to an inconspicuous valley thousands of miles away.

This was not difficult for him, but it left a very deep impression on the two of them.

Neither of them could figure out how Li Yuanqing had done all of this.

However, Li Yuanqing had already achieved his goal.

If there were four of them, they would more or less have some crooked thoughts, causing his efficiency to decrease greatly.

If he only left one person behind, that person would not have any crooked thoughts.

He would be able to reach the Evil Spirit Valley in the shortest time.

This matter was exactly as Li Yuanqing had thought.

This third sisters name was Fang Cuilian.

After landing in Li Yuanqings hands, Fang Cuilian was appointed to help Li Yuanqing find the way to the Evil Spirit Valley.

After walking for half a day, the two of them appeared at the periphery of a continuous mountain range.

The mountain range was very dark.

From the outside, it looked like a dormant giant beast.

It was sleepy and could wake up at any time.

After coming here, Fang Cuilian spoke much less.

Of course, she had nothing to say just now.

However, she was even quieter now.

Even her breathing had become suppressed.

She stared warily at the mountain range in front of her and mobilized all her strength to be careful.

“This mountain range is where the Evil Spirit Valley is.

Its not easy to find the Evil Spirit Valley,” Fang Cuilian said to Li Yuanqing in a low voice.

“What do you mean”

Fang Cuilian felt a little worried and carefully shifted her position.

She told Li Yuanqing, “Actually, before the Evil Spirit Valley was discovered, this mountain range was still a very quiet and peaceful place.

There are many demon beasts growing here, so we can find a lot of materials here.”

“Then what happened next”

“There are various opinions about what exactly happened.

Theres not a single accurate statement, but it all started when a person discovered Evil Spirit Valley.

Perhaps he wasnt the first to discover it.

He was just the first person to walk out of it.”

Fang Cuilian brought Li Yuanqing to hide behind a towering tree.

As she carefully looked carefully at the continuous mountain range in front of her, she said, “In the beginning, everyone thought that he had discovered a treasure.

There must be treasure left behind by someone else.

Therefore, many people did not listen to advice and rush to the Evil Spirit Valley like a swarm of bees.

“Its just that not many of these people who entered can survive.

More importantly, everyone realized that this valley seems to be expanding.”

Although Li Yuanqing did not know why she was so careful, he still sat with her.

The two of them looked at the dark mountain range and chatted about these past events that were difficult to distinguish.

“Why do you say that its constantly expanding Could it be that this valley can still increase its size”

Fang Cuilian looked at Li Yuanqings nonchalant expression and warned very solemnly, “Young Master, this is not an ordinary place.

This Evil Spirit Valley is alive.

Those people who entered woke up the Evil Spirit Valley, causing the massacre later on.”

Li Yuanqing had heard of this matter before.

As long as it was about the Evil Spirit Valley, there would definitely be such a scene.

It was said that there was an immortal who had been banished to the mortal world in that valley.

He was punished to kill all the hunters in the mountain range.

No one who entered that day came out.

From then on, this mountain range seemed to have been sealed.

Li Yuanqing did not hear anything useful after listening to her for so long.

He stood up and asked her, “Are you confident in bringing me to the valley”

“Young Master, this valley is in this mountain range.

Unless theres an opportunity, its very difficult to encounter it.

Its not very useful for the two of us to enter.

Why dont we…”

Fang Cuilian was not stupid at all.

There was a bottomless abyss in front of her.

This mountain range was a place that her big brother had warned her repeatedly not to enter.

If she entered, she would most likely die.

No one wanted to risk their lives to test the waters.

Although the appearance of the Evil Spirit Valley was very unstable and they might not be able to bump into it, there was still a very high risk of entering it.

The chances of survival were not that high.

It was said that only the lucky ones could walk around inside and come out unscathed.

However, she felt that she was neither a powerful person nor a lucky person.

In any case, no one was willing to enter this place.

“But we agreed before that you would bring me to the Evil Spirit Valley.

Ive already fulfilled my promise.

Are you going back on your word”

“Young Master, how can this be considered going back on your word Ive already brought you here.

The valley is in this mountain range.

You just need to go in and find it, right”

Li Yuanqing looked at her coldly and said, “Ive never heard of the legends you mentioned, but Ive heard of one.

I wonder if youre willing to hear it”

“Young Master, what are you referring to”

“I heard that in this Catacombs world, those who dont keep their promises will be treated very cruelly and have an extremely miserable outcome.

As for how miserable it is, I cant say for sure.

Ive only heard about it.”

Fang Cuilian hesitated before taking two steps back.

“Young Master, if you really want to find the Evil Spirit Valley, you can go in alone.

Its useless even if there are many people.

I think I should…”

Before Fang Cuilian could finish speaking, she looked up again.

Her vision had already turned empty.

She did not know where Li Yuanqing had gone.

She hurriedly searched around, but Li Yuanqing seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

There was not even any movement just now.

This person was gone just like that.

This was too strange.

“Young Master”

“You chose this yourself.

Dont regret it.”

Fang Cuilian only heard this ethereal voice.

She did not know where it came from.

The voice sounded very ethereal and almost could not be heard clearly, but it was imprinted in her heart so clearly.

Cold sweat broke out on her body and she could not stop panting.

She looked up at the sky above her in horror.

She felt as if there was a god in the sky, glaring at her with Li Yuanqings eyes.

Fang Cuilian was badly frightened, but the mountain range in front of her was regarded as a forbidden area.

Li Yuanqing was just a young man.

Although he had said such terrifying words, there should not be any punishment.

He was just saying.

Since she had regained her freedom, there was even less reason for her to stay here.

Fang Cuilian turned around and ran, as if her feet were smeared with oil.

She flew back the way she came and ran without looking back.

In the mountain range several miles behind her, a graceful young master stepped into this deep mountain range.

A very desolate aura greeted him.

Ever since that incident, there werent that many people coming to the valley.

It wasnt as lively, and of course, it was even quieter.

There were many basic materials growing inside.

However, there were still occasionally bold people who sneaked in to pick some materials to fill their homes.

Some of them were unlucky and happened to bump into it.

There was no doubt that they would die.

However, most of the people who came in were still a little lucky and would not die immediately.


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