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On the other hand, the devil stared at Li Yuanqing with an incomparably cold expression.

Countless pitch-black tentacles surged out from its palm.

Those tentacles bared their fangs and brandished their claws as they spread in all directions.

In the end, they all converged in one direction and rushed towards Li Yuanqing.

In the other directions, the remaining devils had surrounded Li Yuanqing.

They had already absorbed all the power of those weaker devils and made them theirs.

Originally, these guys had already consumed enough devilish power in the battle just now.

They should be exhausted now, but the one standing behind them was an endless supply of power.

Those small fries could be manipulated by them without any obstruction.

The huge devilish aura instantly drowned the entire Soul Suppression Altar with Li Yuanqing at the center.

The Soul Suppression Altar slowly floated up with a faint golden light circulating on it.

This golden light was like a thread that wrapped around the Soul Suppression Altar and even Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing looked like he had already fused with the Soul Suppression Altar.

His breathing and every movement affected the movement of the Soul Suppression Altar.

The Soul Suppression Altar that was originally fixed to the ground like a rock and did not move at all was now in Li Yuanqings hands.

It was simply like an arm of his, all for his use.

Li Yuanqing felt the joy of controlling the Soul Suppression Altar.

This feeling was very strange.

The Soul Suppression Altar seemed to have a life of its own.

It did have a life of its own and had its own thoughts.

Although he was still a child, it had grown very quickly.

However, Li Yuanqing did not have much time to feel this very strange feeling.

The remaining few Devil Kings in front of him attacked at the same time.

Moreover, these people were already desperate to take Li Yuanqing down.

These devils had already gone crazy.

They were about to lose their last chance to get out to an unknown human kid.

How could they tolerate this

Moreover, they did not take this human kid seriously at all in the beginning.

But now that they thought about it, if they had been more ruthless just now, they would have destroyed these two fellows before they formed.

“Youre considered powerful after such a long time, but everything is already over.

The human race will be destroyed sooner or later.

Youre already cursed existences in the Catacombs world.

Now, die!”

The devil muttered, his words filled with hatred.

The redness in his eyes became even hotter, like two flames burning fiercely, as if he wanted to burn Li Yuanqings soul.

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Seeing that the devilish power that filled the sky was about to invade the outer shield formed by Li Yuanqing and the Soul Suppression Altar, Li Yuanqing did not dare to be negligent.

He raised his hand and the golden threads that filled the sky turned into a soft shape like water.

It was actually like a vast ocean.

These golden waves slowly circulated around Li Yuanqings body.

They were like a golden river or an endless sea.

How vast was that

The surging waves on the sea directly absorbed the rolling devilish aura in the sky.

In the eyes of the devils, they only saw these golden nets screening and filtering over and over again.

Every time they covered him, the devilish aura would be filtered clean, leaving nothing behind.

The fatal blow that was originally prepared to cut off all means of retreat was casually resolved by Li Yuanqings very ingenious arrangement.

What the hell was going on

The devils were already in a mess.

After being locked up for more than a thousand years, they had long left the orbit of the outside world.

It was impossible for them to see such a rude and unreasonable human kid in the past, but they did the moment they came out.

Logically speaking, it was already fortunate that the human race could occupy an area with that bit of resources in the Catacombs world.

Their cultivation speed could not keep up at all.

In addition, the resources in the Catacombs world had been gathered by many groups.

How many resources could the foreign races like the human race gather

Why could they raise such a powerful and unbelievable expert

Not to mention that this guy was only at this age.

If he was allowed to develop freely like this, how strong would he become in the future Just the thought of it made him shiver.

“General, what should we do”

When the devils saw the situation in front of them, they all panicked.

They originally thought that they would definitely be able to destroy Li Yuanqing easily.

Although Li Yuanqing had used some methods just now, and it did not seem to be something that he could use with his strength, no matter what, they still had an advantage.

Li Yuanqing had just exploded that thing.

What else could he take out to self-destruct again to protect his life

However, they never expected Li Yuanqing to fuse with the Soul Suppression Altar.

They were still a little slow just now.

“Oh no, I should have been more ruthless just now.

I shouldnt have given this kid a chance to breathe and let him completely fuse with the Soul Suppression Altar.

Im afraid it wont be easy for me to delay anymore.”

“So what Are we going to leave now If we leave just like that, wont we…”

When he thought about how he had come to the Demon Realm with great ambition a thousand years ago and wanted to directly eradicate the Demon Realm and take this place for himself, but was forcefully sealed for a thousand years, and he actually saw this scene after coming out a thousand years later.

He was all beaten back by a human brat.

Even if he returned, there would probably be no place for him in the Devil Realm.

“What nonsense are you talking about This kid must die here today.

No matter what, he must die even if we have to risk our lives!”

The devils eyes had really turned into flames.

It had completely lost its mind.

When his brothers heard their brother say this, they knew what was going on.

They were each thinking about their own matters.

No matter what situation their boss faced in the past, he had never said anything about risking his life.

However, in the face of this situation today, it actually subconsciously said these words.

That meant that in its opinion, there was probably no chance of winning this time.

That was why it said such pessimistic words.

The devil king was still desperately pouring his power into it.

He had completely lost his mind and poured out the magic power in his body like a flood opening a floodgate.

He even grabbed all the little devils who were planning to escape behind him and sucked them dry, turning them into ashes.

However, while the strength on its side had increased, the strength of the others had vaguely decreased.

Those people had their own ulterior motives.

They pretended to be attacking with all their might while silently retreating, thinking about where to escape.

After Li Yuanqing fused with the Soul Suppression Altar, he discovered the profundity of this thing.

In the past, the Demon Slayer Sword had a rather strong resistance against devilish aura.

It was even very simple to resist it.

However, when it came to the Soul Suppression Altar, it was an overwhelming suppression of the devilish aura.

Li Yuanqing did not even need to spend much strength.

He could easily filter out all the devilish aura by letting himself use his strength on the Soul Suppression Altar.

There was nothing left except for power that blew against his face like a breeze.

Li Yuanqing looked at the devils outside leisurely.

These devils were already panicking.

They had their own thoughts and were alone.

Although the Devil King was still pouring out the power in his body, he could clearly feel that his strength was gradually exhausted.

He looked around.

His gaze kept sweeping across the cautious little devils.

Wherever his gaze landed, the remaining little fellows fled in all directions.

However, how could these fellows resist

For a moment, the devils that had just been saved in the valley were about to fall into the claws of the devils again.

They had been sucked dry by their boss.

The remaining little devils in the corners of the valley were still thinking of escaping, but none of them could even escape the entrance of the valley.

After dealing with all the leftovers, the power was still far from enough to resist Li Yuanqing.

The Devil King became even more anxious.

No matter how hard he tried, Li Yuanqing could deal with it so calmly.

This made the violent emotions in his heart gradually spread.


He roared hysterically.

Unless he poured out his strength again, he would be exhausted soon.

Seeing that their boss had already fallen into a crazy state, the other lackeys did not want to play with it anymore.

Since their boss still had some strength to be able to brush Li Yuanqing off, someone immediately reacted and hurriedly retreated from the besieging army.

He first retreated hundreds of feet.

All the devils gazes were focused on it.

He looked around uneasily and ran towards the entrance of the valley without looking back.

“Come back here!”

The Devil King stretched out a devil claw and grabbed in the direction of his former lackey.

However, he helplessly discovered that his strength was actually so weak now.

As soon as the chain was formed, it was easily cut off by his lackey.

“General, if we can survive now, we will naturally have a chance to return to the Devil Realm and revive our devil race in the future.

However, General, you have already gone completely crazy.

If we continue to be stubborn with you, Im afraid we will all die here!”

“Dont talk nonsense!”

The Devil King screamed, but the reality was very cruel.

Seeing that their general no longer had the strength to stop them, the remaining fellows could not hold back anymore and retreated from the encirclement.

In the end, only the Devil King was left.

“General, hold on again.

We brothers will definitely avenge you in the future!”

Although these devils said that, no one believed their words.

All of them were beaten up by Li Yuanqing as they attacked him.

Moreover, they had set up very strict knowledge in the beginning and prepared very precise array formations.

However, these array formations were completely useless.

Under such circumstances, unless they opened the door to the Devil Realm and let their other brothers in, there was no chance of making a comeback in the future.

Only then could they find stronger reinforcements.

“Come back!”

The Devil King threw out four chains from his body, wanting to pull all his brothers back and suck out all their strength.

This was his only energy storage.

As long as he killed all his brothers, he could fight Li Yuanqing.

However, he was too weak now.

The chains were broken by everyone.

He was like a sick tiger without its claws.

Li Yuanqing watched them put on such a show calmly.

“It looks like your brothers dont like to follow you anymore.”

Li Yuanqing was calm now.

It was easy for him to speak.

So far, he had not even spent too much spiritual energy.

Instead, the spiritual energy in his body was slowly returning.

He could feel that after the Soul Suppression Altar absorbed all the devilish energy, it actually turned into spiritual energy and poured it into Li Yuanqings body.

This powerful attention could allow Li Yuanqing to maintain a very good state in battle.

If these devils at the peak of the Formation Arrangement Realm were already like this in front of Li Yuanqing, he would probably not be at a disadvantage against stronger devils in the future.

Li Yuanqing was happy to see that the Soul Suppression Altar had such a good effect.

He did not expect that he would obtain another divine artifact after losing a very useful treasure.

With this Soul Suppression Altar, no devil would dare to be impudent in front of him in the future.

The Demon Realm would probably be peaceful like this.

Those devils were nothing to worry about.

This place would immediately become the world of humans.

The Devil Kings body was trembling.

It was unknown if it could not withstand such power output or if it was too excited.

“Human kid, dont be arrogant.

Even if I fall today, the hatred between us will be formed.

Who do you think youre facing”

As the devil spoke, it even laughed out loud.

It was as if it still did not notice anything.

“Alright, youre already abandoned by everyone.

Youve killed all your brothers.

At this point, youre still thinking about your childish plans.

I think you should rest in peace.”


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