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Li Yuanqing passed by Sea City and stopped for a moment before leaving along the river.

In the end, he stopped at the end of the river, at the bottom of the river where the devilish aura was the most turbulent.

After he sealed this place last time, no one seemed to have come over to touch it during this period of time.

This stone tablet was also sealed well.

For the time being, there was no problem.

Li Yuanqing wanted to condense those few large devil crystals and gather them together before using them to refine a powerful Dharma artifact.

He had a rough plan of what the Dharma artifact should look like.

Although the devilish aura in the river was much thinner than before, there was still a trace of devilish aura circulating beside it.

From time to time, a devilish aura would seep out from the heaven and earth stone tablet below.

Li Yuanqing needed these things.

He took out the few devil crystals and the one he had condensed last time.

If there was any difference, the devil crystal that Li Yuanqing had processed had much more chaotic energy inside.

He had already used a special method to fuse the energy inside and let them stay together for the time being.

However, the power inside was too complicated after all.

Compared to these devils, the purity of the energy produced after years of purification was naturally incomparable.

In the end, although Li Yuanqing could use the devil crystal to refine Dharma artifacts, the effect should be much worse.

However, he now had these top-notch treasures in his hands.

One of these guys was a true peak Formation Arrangement Realm expert.

The devil crystal condensed by an expert of this strength had vaguely touched the next level of power.

From his devil crystal, it could be seen that the way the power circulated was different from the other devil crystals.

After Li Yuanqing settled down at the bottom of the river, he came to the domain space.

The cocoon formed by the blood vine in the domain space was still jumping around.

It had been a few days since it became like this.

Although the power inside was constantly strengthening, there was no other movement.

It was unknown what it would become.

Li Yuanqing was still a little worried because he realized that the power condensed from the Blood Vine was a very unique energy.

When he first met the Blood Vine, he had sensed that the power on this fellow was too complicated.

He felt that he had been tainted by some of the aura of the humans, demons, and devils.

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However, at that time, the energy on his body was still too complicated, so he could easily sense the problem.

But now, the Blood Vine seemed to be able to fuse the complicated energy on his body very well.

It was hard to say if this situation was good or bad for Li Yuanqing.

However, he could only take it one step at a time.

He found a mountain in his domain space and set up a small array.

When he was about to condense the devil crystal, he could not guarantee what would happen.

He had to protect this place first.

It would not be worth it if the overflowing energy destroyed the things outside.

After setting up, Li Yuanqing sat cross-legged in a small cave he had arranged.

Ten devil crystals floated in front of him, and there was a group of small devil crystals beside them.

A small array beside him slowly activated.

Beams of light extended from below, lifting the devil crystals like last time and holding them in front of Li Yuanqing.

Now, everything was ready except for the east wind.

He wondered if he could successfully fuse these things together this time.

He slowly activated the array.

The pillar of light below gradually became brighter, and the energy overflowing from it gradually focused.

The energy was like small tentacles that firmly grabbed the devil crystal and kept transferring it.

As long as there was any benefit to this devil crystal, those small tentacles would immediately change their movements and adjust it to a suitable state.

It looked like there were little people working in the pillar of light, but in fact, these tentacles were all under Li Yuanqings control.

Li Yuanqings face was covered in sweat as he stared nervously at every detail.

He would immediately adjust if anything was wrong.

This peak Formation Arrangement Realm devil crystal was a good thing that could only be encountered by chance.

He could not destroy it just like that.

At this moment, Li Yuanqings actions seemed to have activated something.

The devil kings devil crystal suddenly trembled violently and was tightly wrapped by those small tentacles.

He actually resisted alone.

Li Yuanqing thought that this fellows essence soul had been completely destroyed, but he did not expect it to still move.

He thought that this was just a chaotic energy.

However, in the next second, what happened on the devil crystal immediately dumbfounded him.

After the devil crystal was infiltrated by the energy of the outside world, it finally could not hold back anymore.

Purple-black energy constantly seeped out from inside.

In the beginning, this purple-black energy only had a defensive posture, forming a protective shell outside the devil crystal.

However, when it realized that it was useless, it simply transformed into a small person and waved its hands left and right, pushing away the small tentacles wrapped around the devil crystal one by one.

Li Yuanqing was dumbfounded as he watched the little fellow peel the tentacles off like potato skin.

Although the tentacles continued to wrap forward, this fellow never stopped.

Its hands were busy making defensive postures.

He increased his control and the small tentacles headed straight for the little person.

In front of the tentacles, the little person bared its teeth like a god of war and waved its hands to resist the hundreds of tentacles.

He was actually at a disadvantage after a few rounds of confrontation.

He could not do anything to the devil crystal with just the small tentacles in the pillar of light.

Such a small person appeared from the devil crystal and blocked Li Yuanqings control.

He put down his hand and controlled the other places, causing his control of the other devil crystals to stop and focus his attention on this devil crystal.

After the little person got a moment of rest, he looked around, as if he was still on guard for an attack that would come at any moment.

Li Yuanqings sword formation was useless to him.

He used his powerful divine sense to transform into another divine sense small person and entered the pillar of light.

He stood in front of the small black person.

The little black man was on guard everywhere when it suddenly saw such a fellow appear.

It immediately bared its teeth and became vigilant.

The little person that Li Yuanqing had transformed into did not show any weakness.

A bright little sword appeared in his hand and he waved it as he rushed towards the little fellow.

The little guy took out a small black shield from somewhere and the two of them collided.

Li Yuanqing felt dizzy.

He was actually at a disadvantage in the first wave of impact.

Every attack on the divine sense person caused damage to his divine sense.

He had not paid much attention just now, so he was accidentally injured by this little fellow.

The small black person waved the small shield in its hand and shouted at Li Yuanqings small person arrogantly.

Li Yuanqings face tensed up.

A long rod appeared in the little guys hand.

A long rod could be used to defend or attack.

It was better to be safe for the time being when dealing with this fellow.

The little white person waved the long rod in its hand and turned around.

It moved left and right and arrived in front of the little black person.

The little black man seemed to be shocked by Li Yuanqings sudden appearance and hurriedly used the shield in his hand to fight.

However, Li Yuanqing had suffered last time and did not take it head-on.

He was just feinting just now.

After the black little person made a defensive posture, he immediately turned the long rod in his hand around and struck the lower half of the fellows body.

This rod hit the guys leg firmly.

This little fellows thick legs were deeply rooted in the devil crystal.

After being hit so heavily, his legs were almost pulled out by the roots.

The black little persons body swayed.

His legs were weak from Li Yuanqings beating.

He widened his eyes in anger and gritted his teeth as he glared at the little person formed by Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing had seen with his own eyes that the devil kings soul had been destroyed.

Not only was his body destroyed, but his soul had also been completely refined.

There was nothing left.

But why was there such a thing in the devil crystal now What was it

Li Yuanqing could not understand and felt that it was very strange.

Could it be that this devil king still had a wisp of his soul that had escaped pursuit and was still alive and hiding in the devil crystal

If that was the case, then the effect of the devil crystal was really quite great.

At that time, Li Yuanqing had directly used the Soul Suppression Altar to kill them all.

Logically speaking, there should not be any dregs left.

However, he could use the devil crystal to save a wisp of his soul, it was really shocking.

Seeing that it was at a disadvantage in the battle with Li Yuanqing, the small black figure carefully retreated from the ground and its body gradually fused into the devil crystal.

Only half of his body was left holding the small black shield as he stared warily at Li Yuanqing.

He planned to shrink into a turtle shell and not do anything.

Although he did not know what was going on with this little fellow, Li Yuanqing had to destroy it now.

Otherwise, this fellow would severely affect his progress in refining devil crystals.

He took out the Soul Suppression Altar and covered his head.

He sat down on the Soul Suppression Altar and threads of energy scattered on the devil crystal.

Immediately, the devil crystal below became obedient.

Although the little black man was very arrogant just now, after being enveloped by this energy, it immediately became lazy.

Its entire body became soft, and it seemed to be unable to hold its small shield steadily.

Li Yuanqing controlled the energy emitted by the Soul Suppression Altar and tried to save the small black figure from inside.

After the little guys nerves were paralyzed, he could not resist at all.

He was wrapped in a golden light that wrapped around his upper body like a thread and pulled him out of the devil crystal below.

Although he still wanted to resist, he did not seem to be able to find any reason to resist.

He looked at the devil crystal below longingly.

In the end, he could only be pulled out by Li Yuanqing.

The troublesome little fellow was finally pulled out and landed in front of Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing felt the pure power of his divine sense in this guys body and tried to communicate with him.

There was nothing messy in the black little persons body, only a very pure divine sense power.

Moreover, the procedure was the simplest.

Nothing else had landed on it, like a newborn baby.

This was a treasure.

Li Yuanqing had always wanted to split out a seed that could grow on its own, but he had never succeeded.

Now, this great devil had actually left him such a seed.

The thing that grew out of this seed was naturally very different from the original body.

However, it was something that he had created himself.

It could be mixed according to his preferences and had a promising future.

This was not a simple puppet technique.

As a low-level puppet technique, it controlled the souls that already existed and let him use them as he pleased.

Although it was very direct, it also had negative effects.

Most importantly, it was very easy to cause the receptor to resist.

If those puppets were suddenly unwilling to be controlled like this one day, they might suffer a backlash.

At that time, even their masters would be easily injured.

And this kind of divine sense seed that he had planted not only had a stronger talent, but more importantly, they would never betray him.

They were his other clones.

Although this little fellow was a spirit body of the devils, Li Yuanqing had enough devil crystals on him.

As long as he left some for him to grow and nurture, it would be no different from the divine sense seed that he had personally split out.

After Li Yuanqing made up his mind, the energy emitted from it weakened slightly.

He had originally planned to get rid of this little fellow directly, but it seemed that keeping this little fellow was more useful to him.

He gently stretched out a finger and placed it on the little fellows head.

The little fellows entire head was about the size of his finger.


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