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“Where did those two brats come from”

“Who knows”

“Perhaps these children dont have any background, but this State Preceptor is really powerful.

Why is she everywhere I heard that the State Preceptors cultivation is about to reach that realm.”

“Really But with the State Preceptors strength, its hard to say.”

He had never seen a Formation Arrangement Realm expert before, let alone someone like the Man-eating Vine with a young age.

If someone could reach that height at such a young age, their future achievements would be limitless.

There were various speculations about the Man-eating Vine in the city, but there was a very common saying.

Most of them were very afraid of the Man-eating Vine.

After all, she had been with Li Yuanqing for so long.

Although the Man-eating Vine had yet to reach the Formation Arrangement Realm, she was still a unique existence among the Spirit Transformation Realm.

Moreover, she had the support of a huge protective array.

No one in the city could threaten her.

Everyone had their own opinions.

As they spoke, the topic moved away from Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi.

It was difficult for those two little children to attract any attention.

However, not everyone ignored the two children.

One of them had his attention completely on the two of them.

He even followed them silently when the two of them left sneakily.

Outside Sea City, there were complicated paths among the low houses.

It was like a maze.

The roads could make people dizzy, and there were also many dead ends that could be reached with two steps.

In a quiet alley, Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi carefully stopped.

They carefully observed behind them before heaving a sigh of relief.

“Have you forgotten what Master told us We should be more cautious outside.

There are so many of them.

Theres really no need to get angry with them.”

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Yang Tianqi looked at Liu Wen reproachfully.

Liu Wen replied unhappily, “Its fine if that bastard hit people like this, but he even smashed a rock on me and made my butt swollen.”

“Hes a fifth-grade Spirit Transformation Realm expert after all.

If the two of us really go against him, we wont have a good time.

Fortunately, Sister Little Man saved us today.

Otherwise, how would the two of us be able to escape”

Liu Wen knew that he was in the wrong, so he did not retort.

He only muttered to himself.

“In any case, with Sister Little Man here, the two of us will be fine.

Besides, those bastards are really too much.

We should have just organized the city protection team earlier and cleaned up these troublemakers.

At that time, it would be much quieter.”

Yang Tianqi shook his head and said helplessly, “Theres nothing we can do.

If not for Sister Ye being seriously injured, Im afraid she would have completely dealt with those by now.

Theres nothing we can do with Sister Little Man alone in this situation.

However, in general, we can still maintain stability.

Its not a big deal.”

“I will definitely find his murderer and find all the rats hiding in the darkness.”

As the two of them were talking, a person suddenly appeared at the entrance of the alley.

This persons face was sallow and there was a small mustache at the corner of his mouth.

His eyes were so cunning that it was as if he had dug out the eyes of the rat and placed them on his face.

His face looked more like a big rat when he smiled, scaring the two children.

“Little guy, why are you here”

The two boys immediately became vigilant when they saw this person appear.

They retreated to the back of the alley and looked at the middle-aged man in front of them warily.

“You” Liu Wen immediately recognized the guy in front of him.

“Arent you the guy who was fighting over there just now Whats wrong Didnt you get beaten up enough just now Why are you here to cause trouble for us now”

This person suddenly smiled even more happily and said to the little guy, “Little Fellow Daoist, why are your words so harsh Do I look like that kind of bad person If not for the two of you helping me out just now, Im afraid I would have lost my life.

Therefore, I came specifically to thank the two of you.”

The two children snorted at this persons words.

“Cut the crap.

If you have something to say, say it.

If not, get lost.”

The middle-aged man raised his head and laughed out loud.

“Why is that little guy so irritable I havent even spoken to you two yet, and youre already in a hurry to chase me away”

Liu Wen took out a silver sword.

As soon as the sword appeared, it dispersed to the side with a water ripple-like energy.

A glint flashed across the middle-aged mans eyes.

Looking at this treasure, he instinctively became cautious.

“Im warning you, if you dont get lost, dont blame us for being rude!”

The middle-aged man immediately raised his hands and showed his empty palms to the two of them.

He explained, “Little brothers, dont be so anxious.

Im here to discuss business with you, not to fight and kill.

Moreover, looking at the treasures in your hands, you must have an extraordinary background.

How can a rogue cultivator like me dare to provoke you”

Yang Tianqi snorted coldly and looked at him.

“Dont talk so much nonsense.

Were leaving now.

Hurry up and move aside.”

“Hey, little brothers, dont leave yet.

Dont you want to hear the business I want to discuss with you”

“Cut the crap.

Whats there to talk about with the two of us If you really have a big business, find someone else.

There are many people in the market who have nothing to do.

If theres really a good business, theyll fight to do it.

Do you have to risk two burdens to find the two of us”

Yang Tianqis words were reasonable and irrefutable.

The man could not help but laugh when he heard his words.

“Little brother, although the two of you are young, youre smart.

Youre indeed very smart.

I think it was definitely the right choice to look for you this time.”

Yang Tianqi turned to look at Liu Wen and whispered, “Leave directly later.

Dont waste your breath on this lunatic.

This guy is here to fool us.

Ignore him.”

“Lets leave now.

Look at this bastards nerves.

Who knows what he will do later This place is so remote that we cant stay long.”

As the two brothers spoke, they leaned to the side warily and slowly walked out along the wall.

The man was very tactful.

He leaned against the other wall and looked at the two children.

He had no intention of attacking.

“Little brothers, Ive already said to this point.

Cant you give me some face This is really good business.

There are treasures inside.

If not for the fact that I cant enter, why would I give this good thing to the two of you Only you can enter.”

The two brothers looked at each other and were not bewitched by his words.

They continued to walk out.

They successfully reached the entrance of the alley and hurriedly jumped over.

They landed on the path and turned around to look at the man warily.

The man smiled helplessly and spread out his hands.

He looked at the two of them and said, “What are you worried about I definitely dont have any ill intentions towards the two of you.

I really have a good business here.

Lets talk.

Theres a secret realm treasure there.

Only I know where it is.

As long as you agree to go with me, Ill split the treasure we obtained with the two of you.”

Yang Tianqi planned to leave when he had the chance, but Liu Wen could not help but say, “Dont fool a child.

Dont think that were young and plan to use this trick to trick us.

Its useless to lie to us.

If you really had such a good place to find a treasure, you would have gone long ago.

Why are you still saying these useless words for no reason”

This man was most afraid that the two of them would turn around and leave without giving him any chance.

However, since Liu Wen had replied, things would be much easier.

“Little brother, the place Im talking to the two of you is very strange.

It has a very unique restriction.

Only those who havent reached the Foundation Establishment realm can enter.

As long as they are in the Foundation Establishment realm, they wont be able to enter.”


How can there be such a place in this world”

“Why would I lie to you This is true.

I accidentally discovered this mystic realm, but Ive never been able to obtain any benefits from it.”

Yang Tianqi was much more cautious.

He glared at him and said, “Stop talking nonsense.

Sea City was controlled by the demons previously.

Its impossible for anyone to guard here.

Moreover, I heard that everyone in the past has died.

If youve known about this place for a long time, how can you still be standing here alive”

The man slapped his forehead and smiled helplessly.

“Look at how smart you two children are.

Your brains are much better.

Actually, this place is a natural mystic realm that was exposed after the demons wreaked havoc.

I wasnt the first to discover it, but there were others.

However, those people are very bad people.

Recently, they have been crazily capturing all kinds of children and throwing them into the mystic realm without any preparations, so that they could check the situation.

Many people have already died.”

Upon hearing this topic, Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi immediately became vigilant.

Recently, they had indeed heard from their sister that she had encountered trouble.

Many cultivators below the Foundation Establishment realm had inexplicably disappeared.

Those children were not very strong to begin with.

No one knew what had happened, but they had disappeared very strangely.

According to him, if there was really such a mystic realm and many people captured those children and brought them into the mystic realm to help them scout the way, everything seemed to make sense.

Yang Tianqi held his weapon and warned the man, “Do you know that the State Preceptor is trying her best to arrest these fellows who are wreaking havoc everywhere If we were to report the fact that you didnt report this matter to the State Preceptor, you wont survive.”

The man smiled helplessly and said, “My baby, Im just a small fry.

Back then, I was also helping them do things.

Later on, I really couldnt stand their actions anymore, so I ran out myself.

Even if you sue me, whats the use Can you capture them”

“How do I know if youre telling the truth In any case, as long as we arrest you guys, theres no mistake.”

Liu Wens thoughts were completely different from Yang Tianqis.

He looked at the man and said, “How can we believe what you said Moreover, you said that those guys ignored human lives and used people as bait.

What about you Whats the difference Can the two of us come out alive after going in”

The man suddenly took out a storage bag from his pocket and said to the two of them, “Ive been preparing for this for a long time.

I have some understanding of the situation inside.

As long as the two of you are willing to cooperate with me, I guarantee that the two of you will be able to come out alive because Ive seen someone come out alive.”

Yang Tianqi frowned.

He felt that something was wrong and wanted to pull Liu Wen away.

Since he had discovered the lair of these people, he had to quickly report this matter.

He had to let Sister Little Man know early and then capture these guys in one go before discovering the mystic realm.

As for what was in the mystic realm and how to explore it, Sister Little Man would definitely have a way.

If she really couldnt, she would wait for her master to return.

However, just as he was about to leave, he realized that the person beside him could not be pulled away.

Liu Wen stood there and looked at the man thoughtfully.

“Liu Wen, what are you doing We have to tell Sister Little Man about this quickly.

We cant let them commit any more crimes.”

Liu Wen turned around and his voice reached Yang Tianqis ears.

“Have you forgotten why Master asked us to come to Sea City”

“Of course.

I didnt forget that Master wants the two of us to train and grow up well here.”

“Isnt this a heaven-sent opportunity Isnt such a mystic realm a good time for the two of us to train If we can find the entrance and enter, Im afraid this will be an excellent opportunity for the two of us to improve our strength.”

“Youre crazy!” Yang Tianqi was so excited that he forgot to cover his voice.

He turned to look at the shifty-eyed man and then persuaded Liu Wen, “The two of us are only one step away from the Foundation Establishment realm.

We only need to temper our mental state and the power in our bodies.

Why do we have to take such a risk You dont know whats there.”

Liu Wen did not think so.

He slowly put Yang Tianqis hand down.

“Its because Im not sure whats inside that its worth exploring.

This is an opportunity for me.

You might not need it, but I do.”

“What do you mean”

Yang Tianqi looked at Liu Wen in confusion.

Liu Wen slowly retreated.

He felt that this brother of his would sometimes suddenly become incomprehensible.

That was what he felt now.

“Go back and tell Sister Little Man about this.

If I dont come back, pretend Im dead.”


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