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“Brother Liang, this is the reward we agreed on.”

Huang Daxian placed a small wooden box in the hand of a man.

The man opened the box and glanced at it before closing it again.

He casually put away the box and stood there calmly.

“Brother Liang, what are you doing Didnt we agree You would give me another spot for a thousand-year-old snow ginseng.”

Huang Daxian had a pleasing smile on as he looked at the man.

The man called Brother Liang glanced at him coldly and said angrily, “Do you really not know or are you pretending”

“Brother Liang, what are you talking about How can I know more than you”

“Now, a beast tide has erupted among the demon beasts inside,” Brother Liang said mysteriously.

“The chances of coming out after entering have decreased from thirty percent to less than twenty percent.”

“It dropped so much”

“Of course.

As long as you can come out, you will definitely be able to bring out good treasures.

Your thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng was already the price a few days ago.

The price is different now.

Give me another twenty thousand spirit stones.”

Huang Daxians face twitched slightly, but he still smiled and said, “Brother Liang, isnt that a little too much Twenty thousand spirit stones at once.

How about ten thousand”

This person did not take it and took out the box, wanting to throw it into Huang Daxians arms.

Huang Daxian was quick-witted and hurriedly pressed the box into his hand.

He said in a panic, “Brother Liang, why are you angry Were already friends.

I was just saying.

Its really not a small sum.

Ill still bring you every single spirit stone.”

“Thats more like it.” Brother Liang nodded in satisfaction.

“Which kid are you sending this time”

“Little Wen, come here and see Brother Liang,” Huang Daxian called out.

Liu Wen walked out from the corner and looked at the two of them steadily.

Brother Liang sized up Liu Wen and smiled.

“Alright, I say, youre quite capable.

Youre always able to bluff so many brats over.

This little guy seems to be quite strong.

If he doesnt come to the same place tomorrow morning, I wont wait for you.

You know the rules.”

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“Brother Liang, dont worry.

Ill definitely be on time.”

“Alright, remember not to publicize this matter.

The situation here is very strange now.

Its already a little unstable.

Im afraid it wont last long.

This is the time to make a killing.

Youre lucky.”

“I have to thank you, Brother Liang.”

“Alright, tell this kid clearly.

Dont let anything go wrong.”

After giving his instructions, the man left in a hurry.

Huang Daxian kept smiling as he watched.

The man finally disappeared before he stopped smiling.

“Just go to the place I told you about tomorrow morning and look for him.

Have you recognized his face”


“Thats good.

Dont make any mistakes.

Ive already prepared everything for you.

Itll depend on your ability when you get inside.

Ill tell you most of the details.

What kind of fortune you can obtain will depend on your own ability.

I hope you wont disappoint me.”

“Youre quite generous.

You have natural treasures and a large number of spirit stones.” Liu Wen said meaningfully.

Huang Daxians face darkened.

“Kid, dont worry about this.

When the time comes, you must find the things I want you to find for me.

You should be able to understand the value of the things I give you.

Those things are not cheap at all.

If you cant satisfy me, you wont be able to bear the consequences.”

“Alright, cut the crap.”

Just as the two of them were about to leave, they bumped into an old acquaintance.

For some reason, Yang Tianqi appeared here and blocked their path.

Yang Tianqi heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Liu Wen was fine.

“Why are you here”

Liu Wen looked at Yang Tianqi in confusion.

Shouldnt Yang Tianqi be at Sister Little Mans place now Why did he suddenly appear here

Huang Daxian looked at the two children warily and said unhappily, “Kid, didnt you already leave Why are you back now Ill definitely tell you.

If you expose our matter, our previous deal will be invalid.”

Liu Wen said unhappily, “Go ahead.

Im not in the mood to leak your stupid plan anymore.”

“I was wondering why you had such a bad temper.

I wonder which master taught you.”

The two children glared at him at the same time, making Huang Daxians heart tighten.

He waved his hand impatiently.

“Alright, alright.

If you two have anything to say, hurry up and finish explaining.

Dont delay our matters.

Have you remembered that place tomorrow morning”

Just as Huang Daxian was about to leave, Yang Tianqi suddenly said, “I want to go too.”

Huang Daxian was stunned and looked at Yang Tianqi strangely, not knowing what was wrong with this kid.

“Kid, werent you unwilling to go no matter what Why are you singing such a song now Let me warn you, this is a very serious matter.

Its not like you children are playing house here.

You cant come and go as you please.”

“Dont worry.

Since I said I was going with him, I definitely wont give up halfway.”

Huang Daxian sized up the two children.

He did not know what these two little fellows were doing here.

Their actions made him feel dizzy.

“Have you thought it through If you really plan to go, then theres no way back for you.

The two of you should know my temper, Ive always been very petty.

If you dare to make fun of me with this, be careful not to lose your lives.”

After Huang Daxian finished speaking, he handed another life-saving item to Yang Tianqi.

However, this was much less than Liu Wen.

He had already handed the majority of the items to Liu Wen.

There was not much left, so he could barely gather a set.

“Why are you here” Liu Wen looked at Yang Tianqi in confusion.

“Of course Im going with you.

How can I let you go to such a dangerous place alone Besides, Master is still in seclusion.

Before Master left, he said that we have to help each other if theres anything.

We cant leave our brothers behind.”

Liu Wen said anxiously, “Do you know how dangerous it is there Only two out of ten people can come out alive.

What will happen to Master if the two of us die inside”

Yang Tianqi said indifferently, “Dont worry.

Master is powerful.

Even if the two of us die inside, he will be fine.”

Liu Wen was still very calm just now, but after Yang Tianqi arrived, he was very anxious.

However, he could not persuade his senior brother away, so he could only accept this reality.

The next morning, under the gray light, the two of them arrived at a dilapidated cave outside the city.

This place had been abandoned for a long time.

Because the underground mineral vein below was completely useless, the people who used to live here had moved away.

This place had become a wasteland and was usually deserted.

In addition, it was outside the city, so there were even fewer people.

However, there were many people gathered in the cave abode.

Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi followed behind Brother Liang and were thrown into a group of cultivators.

All of these people were at the Body Refinement Realm.

None of them had reached the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Their cultivation levels were still very weak.

Only a few of them could reach the peak of the Body Refinement Realm and touch the threshold of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

There were about a hundred people.

Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi were not conspicuous among them.

After they finished arranging the formation, a man covered in a black robe suddenly appeared on a raised platform.

Although this mans entire body was covered in a black robe, it was still obvious that he was very strong.

Every move he made seemed to bring with it a violent wind.

The mans eyes, covered by his hat, circled around and scanned everyone.

“Youre all elites who have been selected.

Its your blessing to be able to obtain such a mission.

As long as you get a genius treasure inside and successfully bring it out, well split it fifty-fifty.

You can keep half of it for yourself.

In the future, your cultivation path will be smooth and there will be no obstacles.”

As the man spoke, the reaction of the people below was mediocre.

Everyone was nervously waiting to hear the fifty-fifty promise.

Many people were still a little excited.

“Compared to those mediocre people outside, they can only reach this realm in their lives.

They dont have such a chance.

They cant obtain such resources.

They will turn into a pile of yellow soil with white hair for their entire lives and nothing will be left behind.

However, you are all the chosen ones.

You have a chance to break through the limit of your lifespan and become an immortal mighty figure.”

In the beginning, this fellow seemed to be a little reserved and could not let go.

However, the more he spoke, the more ridiculous it became.

If Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi had not seen anything before, they would have believed his nonsense.

But now, it seemed like he was lying to children.

It was extremely difficult to become a mighty figure with a lifespan that was on par with the heavens.

Even someone as powerful as his master did not dare to say such words.

They, who were even struggling to build their foundation, had better take the next step first.

However, these exaggerated words formed a huge influence in the hearts of this group of cultivators who had never seen the world.

They all gritted their teeth and swore to come out of it.

They would bring these treasures and reach the Foundation Establishment realm and embark on the path of cultivation.

“Alright, Ive already handed over most of the things that need to be handed over.

Theres still the most important point.

I hope you wont fight with each other because there are many opportunities there.

Save your extra energy and think about how to save your lives.

Dont always think about snatching others things.

This is not worth it.

Do you understand”


“Alright, lets set off immediately.”

As soon as the man finished speaking, he waved his sleeve.

Everyone felt their vision turn black.

When they regained their vision, they realized that they had appeared on a pitch-black dragon boat.

The dragon boat floated in the sky and tore through the sky, leaving Sea City far away.

The dragon boat drove all the way until it arrived at the side of the river and plunged down without hesitation.

Thats right.

The dragon boat did not float on the surface of the water.

When it arrived at the riverbank, it dived straight down and rushed towards the bottom of the river, stabbing into the river like a javelin.

After entering the bottom of the river, a layer of light appeared on the dragon boat, enveloping everyone in the middle.

More than a hundred people sat obediently on the dragon boat and waited quietly.

After Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi sat down in the middle, there was only one leader left.

The so-called Brother Liang had already disappeared.

The man in black stood at the bow of the ship and controlled the dragon boat to continue sailing downwards.

After an unknown period of time, they finally seemed to have reached the bottom of the river.

The dragon boat slowly slowed down and finally stopped on the riverbed.

The man in black gestured to everyone behind him.

Everyone took out a green mask and covered their heads.

Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi imitated them and took out the green hood.

Immediately after, the layer of light on the dragon boat disappeared.

The river water surged in and they felt nothing under their feet.

The dragon boat disappeared and their feet landed on the riverbed.

The soil below was very soft and black.

There were many huge fish eyeing them covetously.

Those big fish widened their eyes and looked at the group of people from afar.

Everyone ignored them and approached the man in black.

In front of the black-robed man was a pitch-black coral reef.

These coral reefs looked ordinary and even a little dim.

However, when the black-robed man placed the huge hand on it, he removed his black shell.

Under the coral reef was a circular hole.

From time to time, ripples would flow, as if it was transforming into five colors.

It was very dazzling.

The cultivators behind had never seen such a dazzling scene before.

They were all stunned.

“Hurry up and go in.

Dont waste time.

It can only be open for six hours.

If you dont come out in six hours, you will be locked inside.

Im afraid you wont have a chance to survive.”

After the black-robed man finished giving his instructions, he moved aside and let the people behind him line up and jump into the cave.

The two of them followed everyones footsteps and entered the colorful entrance.

Although they did not know what was under the entrance, the two of them still jumped in without hesitation.


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