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When Liu Xian heard the two of them talking, he felt that he did not hear wrongly.

Werent these two fellows already trapped by the array formation How could they still say such words now It was as if nothing had happened to them.

“Why are the two of you pretending to be stupid with me Youll suffer later.

Ill torture the two of you before killing you.”

As Liu Xian spoke, he muttered to himself and kept pushing the array formation inside to the limit.

A small black wooden stick suddenly appeared in Yang Tianqis hand.

It was said to be a small wooden stick, but it was difficult to guess what the material was.

It looked very strange.

The moment the small black rod was taken out, it slowly emitted a strange fluctuation in the surroundings, as if it was leading a ripple to the surrounding air.

Liu Xian and Zhao Gang looked at Yang Tianqi strangely, not knowing what he was doing.

“Brat, no matter what tricks youre playing, its over now.


He activated his array formation to the extreme and even threw out a low-level talisman, summoning a bolt of lightning from the sky.

The lightning struck straight at Yang Tianqi.

If he was hit, he would lose a layer of skin.

However, a scene that dumbfounded Liu Xian appeared.

In such an array formation, it was as if all the air and space had frozen.

Even the lightning stopped in midair and did not unleash any power.

He looked down at the array flag in his hand.

The small flag suddenly trembled violently.

The trembling was very big and gradually became unstable.

Under his gaze, it exploded in the middle and broke into several pieces.

Liu Xian was about to speak when he suddenly realized that there was someone in front of him.

This persons skin was dark, but his two eyes were as bright as the stars in the night sky.

However, at this moment, his eyes were filled with hatred.

Liu Wen stared at Liu Xian coldly.

“I trusted you so much just now, and this is how you repay me”

Liu Xian had no idea how these two little fellows had escaped from the array formation and even destroyed his entire array formation.

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He did not know that not to mention Li Yuanqings attainments in array formations, just the Man-eating Vines attainments in array formations were definitely top-notch in the entire Catacombs.

Creating such an array formation chaotic artifact for the two little fellows to protect themselves was just a small trick.

Moreover, there was no need for too troublesome procedures in the face of such a low-level array formation.

The Man-eating Vine could create many such small things in a day.

Liu Wen hated talking nonsense with others the most.

These two fellows in front of him had just wanted to kill them.

The best reward for them now was to destroy their souls.

Scarlet blood sprayed on Liu Wens face, emitting a stench.

Liu Wen wiped the blood off his face indifferently.

Moreover, the temperature of his body rose, directly burning the blood dry, leaving only some residue on the ground.

The arrogant Liu Xian had already been beheaded.

His head was still looking at the sky in disbelief, as if he had never expected that the two of them, who had painstakingly found these two young fellows, would be able to kill him in a short round.

What he did not know was that in a situation where no one had reached the Foundation Establishment realm, Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi, who were at their peak, were simply the top combat strength here.

Moreover, the two of them had all kinds of strange Dharma artifacts on them.

These were all given to them by their master.

Yang Tianqi successfully controlled Zhao Gang.

He turned around and realized that Liu Xian was already dead.

“Liu Wen, why are you so heavy-handed again”

“The two of them tried to kill us just now.”

“The two of them dont have such strength.

Forget it, one left is enough.

Tell me honestly, what are the two of you waiting for Are there any precious materials nearby If you tell me clearly, I might be able to spare your life.”

Zhao Gang was so frightened that he almost peed.

He looked at the two of them in shock.

In that instant, before he could even fight back, he was already tied up by something and became a huge dumpling.

On the other side, Liu Xian was already dead, leaving only a corpse.

It was too miserable.

He had never thought that he would end up like this.

However, the strange thing was that they did not even know how these two brats did it.

Zhao Gangs lips trembled as he stammered, but he could not say a complete sentence for a long time.

Liu Wen walked up to Zhao Gang and held the sword coldly.

His voice was even colder as he said, “I dont think these two people can say anything useful.

Kill him.

Dont leave him alive.”


At this critical moment of life and death, Zhao Gang could finally speak.

He looked at Liu Wen anxiously.

“Spare my life.

I know a lot of things.

I will definitely be able to help you! Spare my life!”

“Hurry up and say whatever nonsense you have.

I dont like to stall for time with you here.

You know that we only have six hours in total.

If this time passes, we wont be able to get out.”

“I know theres a grove of birch here.”

Liu Wen raised his sword.

Zhao Gang finally dropped such a treasure trove in a panic.

“Birch tree”

“Thats right.

Its a birch tree.

The roots of this tree can absorb very rich spiritual energy and are very pure.

If you eat it directly, it can replenish a lot of spiritual energy in your body.

Its a very good ingredient for cultivation.”

“Is it really that useful”

“Its true.

Our goal this time is that pile of birch roots!”

“Then what are you waiting for Hurry up and bring us there.”

Two hours later, the two of them appeared at the edge of the desert again and were packing their things.

Yang Tianqi said hesitantly, “Actually, its enough to cripple his cultivation just now.

He wont be able to leave without cultivation.

He can only feed these wild beasts here.

Theres no need to do that.”

Liu Wen said coldly, “The two of them lied to us just now.

In my eyes, only those who are already dead can really not speak.

As long as Im still alive, Im not safe.”

“Alright, weve wasted enough time here.

Theres only about two hours left.

We have to find as many sand vine fruits as possible in these two hours.”

The two of them were covered in a shield and walked into the desert.

The sand in the desert was very soft.

It was as if ones entire foot would sink if they stepped on it.

Moreover, there were many small demon beasts hidden below.

They might suddenly be attacked.

“The shells of those scorpions are very hard.

Ordinary weapons cant break them.

I wonder if the Wood Spirit Rod given by Master is useful.”

Yang Tianqi held the black rod in his hand and tested it a few times.

His body emitted some spiritual energy.

From Zhao Gangs words, they learned that the demon beasts here were very sensitive to spiritual energy.

As long as a little spiritual energy leaked out, they would keenly sense it and be attracted over.

As expected, Yang Tianqi only casually revealed a little aura.

He immediately felt a squirming under his feet.

After squirming, a pitch-black scorpion with sharp short spikes jumped out of the desert and pounced at Yang Tianqis exposed skin.

Although these scorpions looked heavy and cumbersome, they were actually very agile.

But Yang Tianqi was already prepared.

He immediately waved the short rod in his hand up and down, sending more than ten scorpions flying.

The Wood Spirit Rod emitted a very dense and strange power.

Under the collision of this power, these scorpions seemed to have encountered a natural enemy and the energy in their bodies was directly resolved.

This discovery made the two of them very happy.

They did not expect this Wood Spirit Rod to be so effective on these desert scorpions.

It saved them a lot of trouble.

Their master had endless treasures on him, and the things he had prepared for them were all useful.

It was really appropriate.

The two of them bent down and kept flipping the sand under their feet, sending the scorpions hidden in the sand below flying to the side, forcefully opening up a path.

Wherever the two of them passed, the yellow sand flew around like a tornado.

In addition, the two of them pushed forward faster and faster, like a huge worm suddenly emerging from under the sand and constantly pushing into the distance.

The situation was really terrifying.

Even those who had entered the desert earlier were stunned by the scene in front of them.

They all thought that something had appeared and that a powerful demon beast had caused trouble here.

They did not know that it was two humans who had opened up a path for them.

Yang Tianqi and Liu Wen couldnt care less about the opinions of others.

After discovering that this method was useful, they opened up a path and rushed forward towards the place marked on the map.

Originally, there were a few people here who wanted to pick it.

However, they suddenly saw such a big dragon rushing out from afar.

They were so frightened by it that they ran faraway.

Just like that, the two of them found the first gathering place of the sand vine fruits.

There were a few corpses here.

Most of these corpses were only left with skeletons.

It was impossible to tell how they died.

In any case, as long as you lay here and could not move, you would eventually become food for these desert scorpions.

The two of them continued to search forward.

They found several places and gathered a lot of sand vine fruits.

It was almost time.

The six-hour agreement was about to arrive.

They had to rush to a specific place within the agreed time.

Coincidentally, this place was not far from the last base they were at.

This was good news.

After the two of them finished collecting at the last gathering place of the Sand Vine Fruits, they rushed towards the gathering place.

“Weve obtained so much sand candy this time, but are we going to exchange these things with Huang Daxian If theres really some legendary egg in here, wont it be better to keep it”

“Huang Daxian, that bastard, didnt tell us clearly when he came.

He lied to us and said that he was using it to refine this thing.

However, this clearly has other uses.

This person is very evil.

We have to be careful of him after we go out.”

As the two of them walked and planned, they suddenly saw a commotion in front of them.

The yellow sand that filled the sky formed a huge tornado with the wind.

In the center of the tornado was their gathering place.

This gathering place was the closest to them, and they had come here when the time was almost up.

It was almost time.

If they couldnt get out of here, they would be in big trouble.

“What happened up ahead”

“There seems to be a very powerful energy inside.

Could it be that we encountered a powerful demon beast”

The two of them braced themselves and leaned forward, sneaking into the middle of the sandstorm.

In the sandstorm, two incomparably huge spiders were facing a thousand-foot-long yellow snake.

The three of them were facing each other, as if they were fighting.

Under their bodies were many human corpses.

It was as if these three had fought here just now and casually killed dozens of people.

The three of them were very wary of each other.

They looked around and could tell that the two spiders were probably together.

However, the two of them did not dare to attack rashly now, as if this snake was a huge threat to them.

“What should we do It seems like we wont have time if we cant get out of here now.”

“No, the time is almost up.

We have to bite the bullet and rush inside.

After they make a move, well immediately find an opportunity to enter.”

As the two of them spoke, they moved slowly to the edge of the storm.

They wanted to slowly find the nearest place when these guys were not paying attention.

They could enter immediately later to avoid missing the time.

However, at this moment, the yellow snake suddenly stuck out its tongue and turned its head sharply towards the two of them.

The moment the snake turned around, the two spiders immediately looked over as well.

The three of them had all discovered Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi.

These three fellows were even about to touch the edge of the Grotto-Heaven Realm.

They were so powerful that the two of them had no chance of winning if they fought them.


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