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The demon beast was casually looking for food when it suddenly felt a fluctuation beside it.

This fluctuation was very strange, and it could not help but look up.

Less than a meter away from its head, three people appeared out of nowhere.

Moreover, the three of them did not stop at all.

They stepped into the light screen and stunned this fellow.

It suddenly howled, but the other demon beasts only saw that the place was empty.

They treated it as if there was something wrong with its head and ignored it.

Li Yuanqing jumped to a higher point.

This was a very deep cave.

The top of the cave was faintly emitting a very faint light.

It could be seen that there were some special ores embedded in it.

These ores were embedded here and there, and some of them should have been embedded since before.

This was actually a long and narrow tunnel that extended to nowhere.

Just now, they had landed on an empty space and missed their footing.

Only then did Li Yuanqing react and jump onto a rock that protruded from the side.

At this moment, some heavy footsteps approached from afar.

The three of them took the opportunity to hide under the huge rock.

A heavy bear crawled around leisurely, using its hard head to move around as if it smelled something.

Beside him was a thin red-haired monkey with long limbs.

The monkey scratched its ears and cheeks as it walked, looking around as if it was looking for something.

“Did you find it”

“Where is it Its clean.

Theres nothing here.”

“But Mother said something broke in here.

Lets see.”

The big stupid bear stopped when it reached the place where the three of them landed.

It leaned against the huge rock and stretched out its nose to sniff around.

Its big nose was quite useful.

The monkey jumped onto the stone and sat cross-legged on it, looking around in boredom.

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“When are we going there to play The door is actually open.

Its a little boring to guard here.”

“What are you thinking Its enough for us to protect Mother now.

Why are you still thinking of running around”

The two little fellows widened their eyes and lay on Li Yuanqings body.

They did not dare to say anything.

The two powerful demon beasts were beside them, but they did not sense the existence of the three of them at all.

These two fellows were actually both at the sixth-grade Formation Arrangement Realm.

How did such strength suddenly become so ordinary in the Catacombs

The monkey said in dissatisfaction, “There are so many brothers in this place.

How can something happen Besides, protecting Mother is important.

We can just get two underlings to do this simple thing.

Why must they trouble us Its really a waste of time.”

The big stupid bear looked up at the monkey and said, “Stop complaining.

After they completely clean up the outside world, there will naturally be room for you to play.

Now, you should obediently guard here as instructed.

Dont make any mistakes, or we wont be able to bear the consequences.”

“Alright, alright.

How many times have you said this Im tired of hearing it.

However, I heard that the situation outside isnt very smooth now.

I wonder what theyre doing.

Theyve wasted so much spiritual energy on them.

I dont see any effect.

They still need someone to go out and lead.”

The big stupid bear nodded in agreement and said, “Its indeed a little too chaotic outside now.

I heard that Mother plans to send Spirit Child out.”

“Spirit Child Why can he go out” Monkey jumped up unhappily and landed on a small rock from behind.

“Why cant I go for such a thing If I go out, I can definitely clean up those fellows outside.

Why should I let this guy waste time!”

“Whats the point of telling me this Isnt this matter decided by Mother In my opinion, you should just resign yourself to fate.

Stop complaining all day long.

If someone hears you, youll…”

As the big stupid bear was talking, it was suddenly interrupted by Monkey.

Monkeys big eyes widened and his muscles seemed to have tensed up.

The big stupid bear did not know what the monkey was doing, but there was always a reason why this fellow often looked like this.

He just did not know why this time.

The monkey slowly turned around and looked behind him.

He had clearly kicked a small rock just now and had even kicked it down.

However, the rock did not make any sound when it landed.

That was strange.

Monkey turned his head and gave the big stupid bear a look.

After the two of them finished communicating, they separated.

The big stupid bear circled around from below, and Monkey stood at the top.

The two of them decided to outflank and capture the fellow below to see what it was.

A shiny silver rod appeared in Monkeys hand.

He waved the rod and stabbed it at his feet.

Rocks flew everywhere below.

His rod had dug a huge pit.

Monkey jumped and turned to look at the shadow behind the huge rock, but there was clearly nothing there.

At this moment, the big bear also circled around.

The big bear was about to smash the two big hammers in its hands, but at a glance, it was clearly empty.

Big Bear calmed himself down and looked at Monkey in confusion.

“Are you crazy again Theres nothing down there.

Youre scaring everyone to death.”

Monkey looked down at the empty space below in confusion.

He had found the small rock from before.

Now, the small rock had landed on the corpse of a dead animal.

It was because of such a corpse that the stone did not roll or make a sound and landed on the ground.

There shouldnt be any flaws in this way, but he felt that something was wrong.

What was wrong What went wrong Why did everything feel so strange

“Its just a dead guy.

Look at how frightened you are.

I think youve been too nervous recently and are panicking.”

The big bears mouth was still complaining.

Monkey said in confusion, “Thats not right.

It was clearly not this feeling just now.

There must be something wrong.”

“Alright, I think youre too nervous now.

You need to find a place to relax.

If you go out in your current state, you wont even have to encounter the enemy for you to have some problems.

That wont be good.”

Although Monkey was still puzzled, he could not stand Big Bears pestering.

The two of them still left hurriedly with doubts.

However, they really did not know what had happened here, so they just forgot about what happened here.

“Maybe Mothers senses are wrong.

Our place is impregnable.

Its impossible for ordinary humans to enter.

Moreover, they cant even take care of themselves outside now.

How can they be in the mood to come here Well just wait for the day of victory to come early.”

The big bear brought the monkey and the two of them left with their arms around each others shoulders.

The black fog slowly parted, revealing three figures inside.

Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi did not even dare to breathe loudly.

The two of them widened their eyes and looked at the two powerful demon beasts.

It was not until the two of them left that the two children finally relaxed and dared to breathe.

It was really too dangerous just now.

They were almost discovered.

They did not know where that guy got his sense of smell from, but he suddenly kicked a rock down and it happened to land on everyone.

If not for their masters quick reaction, they would have been discovered just now.

This was really too dangerous.

Liu Wen carefully looked in the direction where the two of them had left and said in shock, “Master, the strength of these demon beasts is too powerful.

Any one of them is already so powerful.

I wonder how powerful they will be later on.

What kind of place is this I didnt expect there to be such an existence in the Catacombs.

If we let them all out, Im afraid it will be a calamity.”

This place simply refreshed the little guys worldview.

They had never seen anyone stronger than the Spirit Transformation Realm in their lives.

Even those at the Spirit Transformation Realm were rare existences among humans.

However, ever since he followed Li Yuanqing, he realized that even the Formation Arrangement Realm was completely worthless in this world.

There were several of them everywhere.

This contrast was too strong.

Although the two children were shocked, the more shocked they were, the more excited they were.

These two children were very bold.

If they were ordinary children, they would have been so frightened that they would cry and run back.

However, there was only a strong drive on both of them.

“Do the two of you want to become such strong people”

“Of course, Master.

Ever since I was young, Ive dreamed of becoming a top expert one day.

This is my dream.

Ive never seen this before, but now I know what kind of person I should become.

I know what kind of person I will become!”

Yang Tianqi was more eloquent and spoke much better.

Liu Wen was not so good at expressing himself, but he was more determined.

“Master, why dont you train us to be such experts We want to be as powerful as them!”

Li Yuanqing patted their heads gently and encouraged them.

“As long as the two of you are willing to work hard to cultivate, I will definitely help you.

Do you understand”

As soon as Li Yuanqing finished speaking, he suddenly disappeared into the darkness with the two children.

The Big Bear and Monkey who had left just now had returned.

The monkey was suspicious and looked around.

Big Bear followed behind him impatiently.

“I say, Red Wave, how long are you going to cause a ruckus” Big Bear said very helplessly.

“Weve almost turned this place upside down.

Theres nothing here at all.

Why dont you believe me Or do you feel like theres something here”

The monkey continued to search everywhere, but he still could not find anything.

This made him very depressed.

The big bear said helplessly, “Tell me the truth.

Are you looking for trouble now because Mother doesnt want you to go out I told you, this is Mothers decision.

If you want to use this method, youre courting death.”

The fur on the monkeys head suddenly stood up.

He turned his upper body around and glared at Big Bear.

“I told you to stop talking so much nonsense.

I clearly sensed that humans were here just now!”

“But theres clearly nothing here.”

“There must be!” Monkey said firmly, “The humans have already infiltrated our mystic realm.”

Big Bear asked in confusion, “How is that possible If the human race really had such strength, they wouldnt be hiding in that city now.

They would have sent people to block this valley long ago.”

However, Monkey still said persistently, “There must be humans here.

Go back and report to Mother immediately.

There must be humans here!”

Big Bear helplessly wanted to stop Monkey, but Monkey ran back in a hurry and immediately reported it.

Big Bear could only look at it helplessly.

He really could not figure out what was wrong with his brother.

Why did he have to be so stubborn as to think that the humans were here today

“Red Wave is really going crazy!”

After muttering helplessly, the big bear still followed obediently.

At this point, he could only follow Monkey.

The two of them were in the same team.

If there was a disagreement, it would be easy for others to take advantage of it.

They did not allow it at all.

Li Yuanqing had already brought the two little fellows along the way they had come and slowly followed after them.

“Master, bad news.

Did that monkey discover us just now Will we be captured if they report it”

Li Yuanqing also frowned.

He did not expect this monkey to be able to grasp their location.

This was impossible.

“We dont have much time now.

We have to hurry.

We have to figure this place out before their people discover us.

I think there must be a very important place here.”

Li Yuanqing brought the two little fellows and followed behind the big stupid bear, slowly sneaking into the complicated cave maze.

They could see the cave at one glance.

There were holes in the rock walls on both sides, and there were cocoons placed in the holes.

Those things that looked like shears contained very powerful forces.


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