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The two of them drink their tea happily, but they did not notice that the space beside them had become quieter for some reason.

Just now, there were still the sounds of those people chatting and laughing beside them, but in just this short while, there was no sound at all.

“Its so quiet.”

Big Bear looked around strangely.

He didnt know what was wrong, but he felt uncomfortable everywhere.

Monkey frowned and suddenly took out his rod.

He looked around warily.

“Red Wave, whats wrong”

“Somethings wrong.”

“Hurry up and put your weapon away.

If they see us, our identities will be exposed.”

Monkey suddenly raised his rod and swung to the side.

He thought that he had only hit the air, but he did not expect to hit a hard spot.

With a clang, the two of them instantly pulled apart after a short contact.

Monkey felt as if its rod had smashed into an iron wall.

Not only did it not make the other party retreat, but it also made him take two steps back before stabilizing himself.

Li Yuanqing appeared with a black rod in his hand and looked at the two of them quietly.

How could the big bear not understand what had happened He directly took out its two axes.

“Where did this thief come from How dare you ambush us!”

Li Yuanqing smiled at them and said, “It was the two of you who secretly came here to do something bad.

I happened to catch you here.”

“Good lord.” Big Bear kept rubbing his axes in his hands.

“Youve discovered it long ago.

I didnt expect there to be such a talented person in Sea City.

Theres actually someone as powerful as you.

We thought that it was all a group of trash.”

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“Cut the crap with him.

Get rid of this kid first.

According to our information, theres only one Formation Arrangement Realm expert in Sea City.

It might be this guy.

As long as we kill this guy, the entire Sea City will be in our hands.”

Just as the two of them were about to attack, the scene in front of them suddenly changed into a vast sea.

The two of them missed their footing and almost landed in the sea.

There were still incomparably ferocious demon beasts whimpering quietly in the sea.

They were waiting for the two of them to fall down and swallow them as delicacies.

The two of them stabilized themselves and gritted their teeth as they watched the change in the scene beside them.

They had no idea when they had fallen into an illusion.

“Good lord, you humans are indeed incomparably cunning.

You actually have such a powerful illusion technique.

However, this is it!”

As the monkey spoke, he waved the silver rod and turned into a bolt of lightning, arriving in front of Li Yuanqing.

He jumped up high with the rod in his hand and swung it down heavily.

This rod was powerful and was determined to crush Li Yuanqing into powder.

However, Li Yuanqing did not panic.

He raised the black rod in his hand and its speed suddenly increased to a shocking level, colliding with the rod in Monkeys hand.

Both of them were extremely fast, and Li Yuanqings strength seemed to be better.

He actually sent Monkey flying.

Big Bear only saw a bright red mark left in midair.

Immediately after, Monkey turned into a rocket and flew into the distance.

Li Yuanqing had actually dealt with the monkey in one move.

“How dare you!” Big Bear roared and waved the ax in his hand.

Without saying a word, he charged towards Li Yuanqings face.

In their information, the so-called human expert was only a third or fourth-grade Formation Arrangement Realm fellow.

However, the guy in front of them was actually at the seventh-grade Formation Arrangement Realm.

This persons strength was above theirs, and his martial arts and cultivation techniques were extremely top-notch.

They could not gain the upper hand at all in this confrontation.

They had a chance to win, but Monkey was too hasty and accidentally lost himself.

Only Big Bear was left, so he could only bite the bullet and charge forward.

Li Yuanqing did not give him any chance at all.

He directly took out a black square platform.

The black square platform that was in the sky instantly expanded hundreds of times in midair, turning into a pavilion in the air that was above the big bears head.

Big Bear looked up in horror at the shadow that covered his head.

He was no longer thinking about how to deal with Li Yuanqing.

He only wanted to escape the control of this thing.

But it was too late.

The power released from the devil crystal platform was like shackles that heavily locked Big Bears body, stripping his illusion away.

This huge gray bear was suspended in midair by the black chains.

Although the big gray bear was still roaring, he could not break free from the chains at all.


Big Bears mouth was like a huge abyss meat grinder.

The airflow that he exhaled turned into a huge hurricane that swept towards Li Yuanqing.

A faint yellow light lit up beside Li Yuanqing and broke through the hurricane, allowing the hurricane to pass by him without hitting him.

Li Yuanqing gently raised Big Bears huge body with his right hand.

Big Bear was pulled into the square platform by the chains.

He did not even have any room to fight back.

He was already tightly controlled.

After dealing with the big bear, Li Yuanqing summoned the square platform back and hung it above his head.

He turned into a bolt of lightning and chased in the direction where the monkey had disappeared.

Not long after, he found the severely injured monkey in a pile of rubble.

The chains grew out of the square platform again and tied Monkeys body tightly before pulling him up.

Monkey no longer had any room to resist.

He could only open his eyes forcefully.


Monkey looked at Li Yuanqing in despair.

He did not know when he had been targeted by such a person, nor did he know when he had fallen into his trap.

However, it was too late to ask these questions now.

The two brothers had been beaten to such a state in such a short period of time and were captured and sent to prison.

They would probably never have the chance to get out again.

Li Yuanqing looked at him indifferently and said, “If the two of you can think of an answer that satisfies me, perhaps I can spare your life.”

“Hmph! Since Ive fallen into your hands, why are you talking so much nonsense In any case, my life is worthless.

So what if you kill me Your Sea City will be destroyed sooner or later! Haha…”

Monkey was about to laugh when he spat out a large mouthful of blood, causing him to choke and cough.

Li Yuanqing looked at him leisurely and said, “Do you mean to rely on your mother”


Monkey widened his eyes and looked at Li Yuanqing in disbelief.

He did not know how Li Yuanqing knew about his mother.

“You are”

He suddenly remembered that he had felt someone had barged into the cave, but he could not find that human.

Could that human be him

Li Yuanqing did not answer directly.

He only shook his head regretfully.

“Although you demons are born with powerful strength, your brains dont seem to be enough.

Its really a pity.

You should stay in the square platform!”


Just as Monkey was about to speak, he was suddenly pulled into the square platform by Li Yuanqing.

The square platform spun and turned small before landing in his hand again.

This devil crystal platform was really used to perfection by Li Yuanqing.

After all, it was a Dharma artifact that he had personally refined.

Now, he was using it very well.

He was simply at ease when facing these weaker opponents.

He could successfully control people in an instant.

Li Yuanqing waved his hand and these images disappeared, returning to the original teahouse.

However, the teahouse was empty now and there were few people standing below.

The boss stood downstairs and watched worriedly, not knowing if anything would happen inside.

“What happened up there Why did you suddenly call us out What are you doing”

“What else can it be In my opinion, its most likely the demons who sent people in again, so the higher-ups took action.

I think we shouldnt get involved.

If it affects us, we wont be able to bear the consequences.”

“Thats right, but from the looks of it, theres no movement from above.

Are they really fighting I was thinking of hiding further away, but theres no sound from above.

Its really strange.”

After their discussion, they suddenly heard footsteps coming from upstairs.

They held their breaths and stared at the door quietly.

After a while, Li Yuanqing walked out of the shop with the Man-eating Vine.

The two of them chatted and laughed as if nothing had happened.

“Master, you were gone for so long this time.

Did you find anything fun outside or bring anything back”

“How can there be so much fun Theres nothing particularly interesting in this Catacombs.

In my opinion, its about the same.

However, why is your cultivation still stagnant here I remember that you were already at a bottleneck before I left.

Why are you still stuck here”

The Man-eating Vine carefully stuck out her tongue and said, “Master, I might be doing this for you.”

“Little girl, why are you doing this for me again”

“I want to help Master take care of the entire Sea City, so Ive been improving my attainments in array formations.

Look at how proficient Im in using array formations now.

I pulled the two of them into an illusion in an instant.

The two of them didnt even notice it.”

“Your mouth is really getting faster and faster.”

“Sirs.” The shopkeeper walked over and looked at the two of them carefully.

Li Yuanqing patted his shoulder gently and said, “Its nothing.

It was just a misunderstanding.

The two of them have already left.

You can continue drinking tea.”


Li Yuanqing took out a small cloth bag and stuffed it into the shopkeepers hand.

“Its been hard on you guys this time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

These spirit stones are my gift.

I hope you dont mind.”

The shopkeeper could not help but open the cloth bag.

He only took a glance and immediately put it away.

“Thank you for your reward.

Take care.”

It was as if all the questions in his heart disappeared with the small cloth bag.

“Master, lets go back quickly.

Sister Ye has been waiting for you for a long time.

Sister Yes health is much better now.

The few moves you used previously were really useful.”

“Little girl, why are you becoming more and more cunning Who taught you this”

“Master, I have to look at so many people all day long.

There are hundreds of thousands of people saying all kinds of things in the city every day.

I feel that Ive become extremely chaotic now.

I want to resign from this job.”

The two of them chatted and laughed as they arrived at the City Lord Manor.

After they left, the onlookers outside started discussing softly again.

“If Im not wrong, isnt the woman behind that man the State Preceptor”

“It must be fake.

The State Preceptor is second to only one person.

How can she call someone else master”

“No, shes the real one.

I was personally taught a lesson by the State Preceptor.

That time, she was standing in front of me.

I saw it clearly.

That person is the State Preceptor.”

“Thats nonsense.

Its impossible for the State Preceptor to call someone else master.

If its really the State Preceptor, Ill cut off my head and let you kick it!”

Although they were arguing here, no one believed that that person was the legendary Imperial Preceptor.

After all, in their impression, the State Preceptor was an extremely powerful figure.

Now, she was being brought by an unknown young man and called him master.

That was too terrifying.

However, Li Yuanqing had already returned to the City Lord Manor with the Man-eating Vine.

Ye Qiluo had been waiting here for a long time.

They were very well prepared here.

Everyone was dressed in military attire, but they were completely useless.

“Young Master Li, how is it outside Will they come again”

The Man-eating Vine came up and hugged Ye Qiluos arm.

“Sister Ye, dont be afraid.

Those two fellows have already been dealt with by Master.

Those two are really too stupid.

Master casually put them into his Dharma artifact.”

Ye Qiluo looked at Li Yuanqing steadily.

“Young Master Li, your cultivation has deepened.


“City Lord Yes complexion is much better now.

There shouldnt be any sequelae, right Rest well according to my instructions.”

“Its all thanks to Young Master Lis guidance.

Otherwise, Im afraid I would have been injured.”

“This is not worth mentioning.

The entire Sea City is still counting on City Lord Ye to preside over the overall situation.

If City Lord Ye is gone, this place will be in chaos.”


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