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When he saw someone coming over, he greeted Li Yuanqing happily.

“Brother, why did you come in”

He felt that he should be angry when he saw Li Yuanqing come in like this.

However, for some reason, he sounded very happy.

Li Yuanqing did not answer his question.

Instead, he asked him, “How long have you been here”

“I dont know.

Maybe I just came in.

Maybe its been a long time.

I cant remember.

Why are you asking”

“Did you find anything here”

“I didnt find anything, but everything here is great.

Im going to stay here like this forever.

I never want to go back.”

Li Yuanqing suddenly realized that there were wisps of pink smoke surrounding him.

He was completely unaware of the pink smoke when he entered just now, but now, it gradually became obvious.

Those things turned into tentacles that embedded into his skin.

While he was talking to someone just now, countless tentacles had already pierced into his body.

Li Yuanqing shouted coldly.

A huge amount of energy erupted from his body and sent these tentacles flying.

The very happy energy that was overflowing in his heart just now seemed to have disappeared.

The pink smoke slowly invaded his mind when he was not paying attention, wanting to corrode him.

It was obvious that the captain in front of him had been corroded by this cheerful power.

These plants actually had such an unexpected effect.

It was really impossible to guard against.

If Li Yuanqing had not reacted quickly just now, he would have been tricked.

However, from the looks of it, although this place could make people addicted to those happy emotions, there did not seem to be any other threat.

Li Yuanqing checked the space.

There was really nothing else here other than these plants.

This space was very vast.

The plain in front of him stretched for thousands of kilometers.

It did not seem to be that simple to explore this space in a short period of time.

However, it was enough to take a look.

There were no threatening demon beasts here.

However, the butterflies and various insects that grew here seemed to be quite spiritual.


After a while, Li Yuanqing left this space with the captain.

The captain was still reluctant to leave and wanted to kill Li Yuanqing.

He insisted on staying here and never going back.

But in front of Li Yuanqings absolute strength, his arguing was useless.

Li Yuanqing brought him out like he was grabbing a chick.

“Let go of me.

Im warning you.

If you dont let go of me, youll die.

Youve never seen my power!”

Even though the captain was caught by Li Yuanqing and thrown to the ground, he was still cursing non-stop.

It was as if Li Yuanqing had tricked him by pulling him out.

The team members hurriedly rushed forward and stopped their captain.

This captain looked like he was really going to do something extreme.

He even took out his weapon.

“Captain, calm down.”

“Let go of me and let me kill him.

I found a good place and was about to bring us in when this kid pulled me out.

See how I teach him a lesson!”

“Captain, the State Preceptor is here!”

Only then did the captain realize that there was a petite woman standing beside him.

Although this woman was not tall and was not eye-catching, she was extremely important to them.

The moment he saw Little Man, the anger in his heart immediately dissipated.

The captain seemed to wake up instantly.

He shook his head and slapped his face twice.

The pink color in his eyes seemed to have weakened.

“State Preceptor!”

The captain hurriedly knelt down on one knee.

Little Man ignored him and kept waiting for Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing stood in front of the entrance and looked at the mystic realm in silence.

Recently, many mystic realms have appeared.

There were good and bad mystic realms.

Among them, there were some mystic realms where they could find many treasures.

This was naturally a good thing for them.

However, there were also some places like the Insect Clan where those who escaped were all life-threatening ghosts.

However, the mystic realm in front of him was very strange.

It was very difficult to categorize it.

Li Yuanqing could not grasp the mystic realm in front of him well either.

The unique energy here was very strange and he could not figure it out.

Why was it Why could it hook ones heart and soul What would happen if he opened this mystic realm

At this moment, the captain finally woke up.

He pointed at the mystic realm inside happily and said to everyone, “There are many good things here.

As long as you go in, you will feel as if your entire body is filled with power.

There is also an endless amount of energy in your body, and you will feel very happy.

This is a good place.”

“Are you serious”

“Of course its true.

I think I saw myself become a Formation Arrangement Realm expert just now.

Do you know that feeling”

“Then you just feel it.

Arent you still standing here fine I think you should stop your imagination.”

“What do you mean by imagination This is all true.

I saw it with my own eyes just now.

You have to believe me.

Weve been together for so long.

When have I ever lied to you”

The captains words puzzled the team members.

They did not know what was wrong with him, but he looked like he had gone crazy.

However, he used to be a very normal person.

Why did he become like this after coming out of this place What happened

“Captain, are you alright Youre quite scary like this.

If there was anything wrong with us in the past, just say it.

Why are you like this You scared us.”

The captain widened his eyes and looked at his team members.

“Why would I lie to you This is true.

I saw it with my own eyes inside.

By the way, this young master saw it just now.

He saw it with his own eyes.

We were both inside.

This cant be fake!”

The captain came up and pulled Li Yuanqing as his witness.

Those team members gazes landed on Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing said without saying a word with a dark expression, “Go back now.”

“Young Master, whats your name You cant leave just like that.

This is such a good place.

When you return, you must make it clear to the City Lord and ask her to take over this place as soon as possible.

We cant let others occupy such a good place first.”

“Didnt he make himself clear Now, pull back and wait for orders.”

Little Man stared at them coldly.

The team members who were still hesitating immediately stayed obediently when they saw the State Preceptors murderous gaze.

Their captain, who seemed to have fallen into madness, rushed towards the city.

After they left, Li Yuanqing brought Little Man back to this mysterious space.

This mystic realm was really strange.

Little Man only stayed for a while before she more or less figured out the situation here.

“Young Master, although this plant looks harmless, its very addictive.

Usually, the gas produced by this plant can reduce a lot of pain and have a strong numbing effect.

If youre injured in cultivation or battle, you can use this thing to relieve pain.

Its a very good choice.”

“Does that mean this is something thats not a threat”

“Of course not.

Actually, this race is a huge threat to the human race.

The human race has the weakest willpower.

They can easily drown in it.”

“Is it that dangerous”

“It might be even more difficult to resolve than I imagined, but its not absolute.” Little Man rubbed her chin and pondered.

“Although it has a strong addiction, its also helpful to peoples cultivation.

It depends on how to choose.

If one has enough self-control, its actually a good thing to assist cultivation.”

Li Yuanqings expression was not good.

This sounded like a rather dangerous plant.

If it was such a huge threat to the human race, he could not open this mystic realm.

Why did this mystic realm appear here and who did it All of this was a mystery.

“Its better to seal this place for the time being.

It wont be too late to release it when the time is right.

However, it doesnt seem to be appropriate now.”

“Everything will be decided by Master.”

Li Yuanqing had set up a simple array formation at the entrance and temporarily covered this place.

In order to prevent anyone from discovering this, this array formation was quite strict.

If anyone approached, they would react.

After setting up, the two of them returned to the city.

However, the atmosphere in Sea City seemed to be very different from before Li Yuanqing and the others left.

The side of the street was originally lively and everyone was very mobile.

Although there were many people on the street, most of them were gathered together.

They did not speak and just gathered together.

Their bodies twisted uneasily and they would make strange sounds for no reason, as if they were trying their best to restrain themselves.

“Whats wrong with them They look so scary.”

The two of them landed on the street and walked for a long time.

The scene along the way was really terrifying.

They had only left for a short period of time and had not even gone far.

Why did it become like this after they returned What happened

Li Yuanqing walked to the side of the street and grabbed a persons hand, pulling her over.

This person turned his face to Li Yuanqing with a crazy expression.

“How delightful! How wonderful!”

He was muttering something.

If one looked carefully, the others would also repeat the same sentence.

The scene was extremely strange.

“What happened to them Why did they suddenly become like this What happened”

Li Yuanqing frowned.

The situation in front of him was too strange.

Such a huge change had happened in such a short period of time.

Even he was caught off guard.

“City Lord Manor!”

Li Yuanqing seemed to have suddenly thought of something and hurriedly turned around to rush towards the City Lord Manor.

At this moment, everyone here had become like this.

If the City Lord Manor fell again, everything would be bad.

In the City Lord Manor, Ye Qiluo was sitting on the main seat.

There were many generals beside her, but their eyes were closed and they kept breathing.

Their bodies were also emitting hot air.

When Li Yuanqing arrived, Ye Qiluo had just ended her detoxification.

“Young Master Li, youre back!”

Ye Qiluo looked at Li Yuanqing with a pale face, as if she had just suffered a very intense battle.

“What exactly happened”

Ye Qiluo took a deep breath, her chest heaving slightly.

“The small team members who went to the Southern Mystic Realm to investigate just now should have brought something back.

Ever since they returned, it seems like a poison has spread throughout the entire city.

In just half an hour, it has spread throughout the entire Sea City.

Everyone is already poisoned.

Young Master Li, think of a way to detoxify it.”

Li Yuanqing also noticed that the strange energy in the entire Sea City had increased countless times.

It was actually brought back by them.

However, he had already checked very carefully just now, but he still could not find any mistakes.

What was even more unexpected was that this thing could reproduce so quickly.

It could reproduce to such an extent in just an hour.

This was simply impossible to guard against.

If this thing was released, the situation could not be saved.

“Little Man, how long will it take to develop the antidote”

The Man-eating Vine frowned slightly.

“Master, to be honest, I dont know much about this thing.

I only know that theres such an antidote, but Ive never concocted it before.

If you want to concoct it in a short period of time, Im helpless.”

“Is there nothing we can do now”

“There is a way to stall for time.”

“What way”

The Man-eating Vine said helplessly, “If hes already addicted, we can only keep increasing the dosage to maintain their rationality.

Otherwise, they will completely fall into madness and destroy their entire divine sense.

That will be very dangerous.”

“You mean just leave it alone”

“We cant just ignore them because the environment of Sea City cant support their large-scale growth.

We can only obtain enough products from that mystic realm.”


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