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The little baby sitting on the altar opened his mouth and burped.

Black Dragon clones ambush that was filled with confidence was actually completely resolved by the altar that appeared out of thin air in Li Yuanqings hand.

He had never seen Li Yuanqing use such a weapon.

It was the first time he had seen it with such power.

It was really jaw-dropping.

The people below who had been completely corroded by the poison were also shocked by this power.

They only felt that they were deeply shocked by an incomparably powerful force in the depths of their hearts, but they could not say where that power came from.

The square platform that had covered the sky just now had disappeared like a phantom.

It was as if they had a dream.

When they woke up, the sky was clear again.

After the crisis inside was resolved, Sea Citys offense gradually stabilized.

The demons attacks outside had been thwarted, and they really wanted to find another opportunity to break through as soon as possible.

This was because the agreed time had already passed minute by minute.

If they could not break through, who could bear the blame

Chang Ming looked at Sea City with a livid expression.

According to their agreement, Sea City should be in chaos now, and this array formation should have been destroyed.

But why was this place still standing

“General, something doesnt seem right.

The city protection array hasnt disappeared.

We cant break in at all.

Should we retreat first and think about it”

“Trash!” Chang Ming turned his head and cursed angrily, “What use do I have for you Youre useless at such a critical moment.

You cant even break through those mere humans combat formations!”

After the deputy was scolded, he lowered his head and did not say a word.

He did not dare to speak anymore.

He just wanted to say a few words for his brothers, but who knew that the general would scold him.

The group of people was as silent as cicadas in winter.

Although the little demons below were still waving their flags and attacking, the main attacks had already subsided.

They looked very fancy and were fighting very enthusiastically, but they were not a threat.

The situation in Sea City gradually stabilized, and the disadvantageous situation just now disappeared without a trace.

Chang Ming held his breath and slowly closed his eyes.

A wisp of green smoke floated out of his head and slowly floated towards Sea City.

This wisp of smoke looked very inconspicuous.

It easily passed through the golden protective shield and flew gently above Sea City.

Its target was Li Yuanqing.


Li Yuanqing held a square platform in his hand and a child stood beside him.

The child had a round stomach and walked around Li Yuanqing with a fawning expression.

The green smoke stopped after it reached this point and transformed into a slender white snake in front of Li Yuanqing.

The big snakes bright eyes looked straight at Li Yuanqing.

He had come by sensing Black Dragons location, but he did not expect Black Dragons aura to end here.

It seemed like this was the last place Black Dragon had appeared.

After the little white snake identified the current situation, it turned around and wanted to run.

However, it was already here.

There was no room for it to escape.

After the little child noticed the little white snake, he suddenly opened his mouth and closed his lips, suddenly erupting with a strong suction force.

The little white snake tried its best to escape, but no matter what, it could not escape the little fellows crazy suction.

The child easily swallowed the white snake.

Only when the last bit of smoke landed in his mouth did the baby lick his lips in satisfaction, as if he was quite satisfied with todays trip.

Chang Ming outside Sea City suddenly opened his eyes and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“General, whats wrong General.”

Chang Ming looked in the direction of Sea City with dark eyes, but there seemed to be fear in his expression.

“Leave! Leave!”

Chang Ming waved his sleeve and immediately gave the order to retreat.

Everyone retreated with him at the same time.

They did not dare to stay here for a moment longer.

Li Yuanqing lowered his head and patted the little fellows head.

This Soul Suppression Altar was already a little unstable after absorbing Black Dragons clone.

That fellow was indeed a little strong.

It would probably take some time to completely refine it.

There was no more space to absorb unnecessary people.

Letting them run on their own would save them a lot of trouble.

“City Lord! The enemies outside the city have all retreated!”

The captain of the guards was called Li Lin.

He was a talent personally selected by Ye Qiluo.

This fellows skills were very powerful.

He spent most of his time in the wilderness and had fought with demon beasts countless times.

He was not like others who only knew how to hide every day.

He was much more ferocious.

From his aura, he seemed to be about to break through to the Spirit Transformation realm.

When he broke through, he would be a powerful general of the human race.

Ye Qiluo finally relaxed.

Li Yuanqing took the opportunity to propose a plan, but she did not know how he planned to implement it.

She could not cooperate with him, so she had been very worried during this period of time.

Now that she saw Li Yuanqing resolve their long-planned scheme without any effort, Ye Qiluo heaved a sigh of relief.

“As expected of Brother Li!”

Ye Qiluo looked up at the sky and was a little excited.

At this moment, Li Yuanqing had already disappeared.

Just now, he was still blooming with light.

Ye Qiluo was the only person who was awake and could witness this special moment.

She had seen with her own eyes the extremely dangerous battle between Li Yuanqing and Black Dragons clone.

It was a battle between people of their level.

If either side made any mistakes, they would be doomed.

“City Lord”

The general shouted again.

Ye Qiluo slowly turned around and looked at him.

“Hows the control of the people running outside Restrain them all in the designated area.

Before the State Preceptor refines the antidote, they are not allowed to walk around.”

“City Lord, weve already tried our best to send people to capture them.

Theyve become very quiet and easy to control.

More than half of them have been controlled in specific areas.

With the help of the State Preceptor, those areas have also been sealed.

It shouldnt be easy for them to escape.”

“Alright, send a fixed team to patrol every area every day.

There cant be any more accidents.

I dont want to see this chaos again.”

“City Lord, dont worry.

With the State Preceptors help, we will definitely be able to control the situation.


“Just what”

Li Lin gritted his teeth and said slowly, “This wont last long.

Actually, many of our brothers are about to lose control.

Its just that the concentration of poisonous gas in the city has decreased.

If the concentration increases again, Im afraid our brothers will…”

At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in Ye Qiluos ears.

“What Brother Li, are you serious”

Ye Qiluo frowned as if she was talking to air.

After confirming that persons meaning, Ye Qiluo turned around reluctantly and instructed, “Send out three teams of six people each.

From two hours later, they will take turns to go to the mystic realm in the west of the city to pick the hemp vine fruits and hemp vine flowers.”

The guard captain was stunned and looked at Ye Qiluo in confusion.

“But, City Lord, thats a very dangerous thing.

If we pluck a large number of them and they discover us, everyone will eat too much.

Im afraid it will cause an even greater commotion.”

Ye Qiluo said in an unquestionable tone, “This is an order from the higher-ups.

Dont ask too much and just execute it immediately.”

“What about those people scattered everywhere”

“Dont bother with them.

Just control what you can now.

The rest are scattered everywhere.

From now on, theres no need to expel them in turns.

Let them do whatever they want.”

The guard captain really did not understand now.

The City Lord was originally very concerned about this matter, and she controlled it quite strictly.

If not for the sudden battle outside that threatened the defense inside, those guys would probably have been controlled.

Why did the City Lord suddenly give up If they were allowed to do whatever they wanted, the newly established Sea City would not be able to last long.

How could this be

However, the City Lords words were so firm.

In the end, he could only grit his teeth and accept it.

The City Lords actions would probably lead the entire Sea City to destruction.

After the guard captain left, a figure slowly appeared beside Ye Qiluo.

It was Li Yuanqing.

“Brother Li, are you really confident in controlling them You know that theyre completely crazy now.

Im very worried.”

“Theres nothing to worry about.

Now that the threat outside has been eliminated, the demons wont attack again for the time being.

The poison of this plant isnt much to begin with.

It can be resolved slowly.”

“Although they have a very strong addiction now, it can be relieved by increasing the dosage.

When the antidote is out, all the troubles will be resolved.”

Ye Qiluo turned to look at Li Yuanqing.

She would never dare to make this decision.

It was true that one had to have some courage to come up with such an idea.

After all, if the stability of the entire Sea City was destroyed, it would bring about the outcome of destruction.

However, under Li Yuanqings protection, Ye Qiluo was willing to believe Li Yuanqing unconditionally when Sea City could slowly grow up.

He was also this legendary Sword Immortal.

“I think that although the demons have already fled, they have a lot of people.

If they make a comeback, Im afraid they will still be a huge threat to us.”

Ye Qiluo looked worriedly in the direction where the demons had escaped.

Those fellows were ruthless and they lived in the wilderness.

They were very familiar with the environment there and were eyeing this place covetously.

It would be very easy for those demons to make a comeback.

It depended on whether they had the intention to do so.

The tens of thousands of demon army were in the wilderness, so the people of Sea City could not go out and hunt for materials even if they wanted to.

Li Yuanqing stared silently in the direction of the river and said indifferently, “I still have to find trouble with them.”

“Brother Li, what do you mean”

“These demons are from another domain space.

They dont belong here.

They will return to where they belong.”

After Li Yuanqing finished speaking, he took out a Purple Gold Gourd.

This gourd was dark purple and there was a faint golden light flowing on it.

This color was slightly similar to the devil crystal platform refined by Li Yuanqing.

It was as if the color of the devil crystal platform had been lightened by several shades.

Ye Qiluo looked at Li Yuanqing strangely, not knowing what he meant.

“This Purple Gold Gourd has a certain restraining effect on the demons.

If such a situation happens in the future, you can stop it.”

Ye Qiluo slowly took the purple gold gourd in her hand, as if she understood something.

“Brother Li, are you leaving”

“Ive been here too long.”

“Im also very grateful for Brother Lis contributions to the entire Sea City.

If not for you, there wouldnt be Sea City.

All of this is your contribution.”

“It is the common goal of all of us to be able to revive the human race in the Catacombs.

I believe in you, so I handed this responsibility to you.

I hope that you can make Sea City more and more mature and become a new starting point for human civilization.”

Ye Qiluos hand trembled slightly and she smiled bitterly.

“Brother Li, youre flattering me too much.

I dont have the ability to do anything to the starting point of human civilization.

Im just able to manage these things well.

As for the rest, Im afraid Ill have to rely on someone like you.”

“I believe you.

You have unique creativity.”

The Purple Gold Gourd that Li Yuanqing took out was an accessory that he had conveniently refined using the remaining materials of the devil crystal platform.

Although its power was much weaker than the devil crystal platform, it had to be known that the devil crystal platforme was an extremely powerful existence.

Any Dharma artifact could not compare to the boldness of repelling thousands of demons, especially ordinary Dharma artifacts.

Although it was only an accessory, this Purple Gold Gourd was indeed quite effective.

It was not discounted at all in terms of strength.

“As long as you aim this at the enemy, you can absorb the enemy and refine them into thick water in the Purple Gold Gourd.”

“Thank you for the treasure, Brother Li!”


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