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Just as the two sides were arguing, one of the five generals suddenly retreated and walked up to them.

“What happened”

The guard explained what had just happened.

The general looked the centipede demon up and down.

He frowned slightly, as if he sensed that something was wrong.

“You mean that human is good at disguise”

“Thats right.

Several of my brothers told me that.

They said that after that human killed their subordinate and transformed into his appearance, he could easily deceive us.

We cant be careless.”

The general grabbed the centipede demons waist and lifted him up.

He stared at him coldly as his divine sense kept walking past him.

“Since you said that this person is so good at transformation, how can you guarantee that youre not transformed by that human”

The centipede demons waist was strangled and could not breathe.

“General, I really chased someone here.

If you kill me, then the clues of the human race will be gone!”

“Are you threatening me”

“I wouldnt dare.

Its just that this is a critical moment.

General, please consider the overall situation!”

After searching carefully several times, the general did not find any clues on the centipede demon.

There seemed to be nothing wrong with this fellow.

Could he have sensed wrongly just now Why was he so clean This shouldnt be the case.

He threw the centipede demon to the ground and said coldly, “Since you insist on searching, hurry up and dont be an eyesore!”

The centipede demon rubbed his waist and smiled gently at the general.

“I understand.”


As the centipede demon spoke, he took out a strange bead from his bosom.

This pearl looked quite strange.

After he took out the bead, he twisted it in all directions, as if he was looking for something.

The guards stationed here had also been mobilized.

The centipede demon held the bead and waved it in front of each of them several times.

It was unknown if it had found any clues.

They could only see the light on the bead flickering.

“Are you done Can you find it If you cant, well have to hold you accountable!”

The centipede demon stared intently at the bead in its hand.

It held the bead with its four legs and kept twisting its entire body, searching for that direction, for the direction that could gradually brighten the bead.

He walked towards the array formation step by step.

The guards did not notice him at first.

It was not until he reached the periphery of the array formation that the guard finally reacted and rushed over to stop him.

“What are you doing Do you know what that is If you delay the seal of the entrance, can you bear such a responsibility Hurry up and get back!”

The centipede demon shouted at the general at the side, “General, the aura of this human in front is extremely strong.

I think the human must have passed through here.”

“Thats impossible.”

“General, you can let me try.”

“No, the entrance is about to be completely sealed.

You cant go in.”

The centipede demon suddenly raised the bead and rushed into the array formation.

The general did not stop him because the energy released by the array formation when it sealed the entrance was enough to tear a fellow like him into pieces.

He had only stopped him just now as a kind reminder.

Since this fellow was stubborn, he could not blame anyone for his death.

The centipede demon dragged the bead deeper and deeper and arrived at the entrance of the array formation.

The bead in his hand became brighter and brighter.

When no one was paying attention, he suddenly jumped into the entrance.

His movements were so smooth that no one could see them clearly.

In the blink of an eye, he was completely gone.

Even the general did not react at all.

By the time he did, he had disappeared, leaving behind the empty portal.

“What happened Who went out”

The sudden spatial fluctuation woke the other generals up.

They looked at his unstable array in surprise.

“Oh no, the array formation is about to explode!”

“Brothers! Hurry up and seal this entrance!”

They do not have much time left.

If they did not seal the entrance before the array formation completely went out of control, the entrance they created would become a very unstable state and might maintain this state for a long time in the future.

This would become a very big loophole.

It will bring great instability to the entire Insect Clan and could be a calamity.

“Did that guy go out”

The guards were dumbfounded.

They never expected that this incomparably arrogant centipede demon would run out of the teleportation gate like a wisp of smoke.

Did he run out


No one can get out of here!”

The general who had just woken up roared behind him, “Captain Centipede died in the teleportation gate in order to track down the prisoner! No one left from here, remember”

“Yes, General!”

Outside the space, in the Catacombs.

A very unstable vortex appeared out of thin air, and a human man spat out from it.

Li Yuanqing rolled to the ground.

The black vortex behind him suddenly exploded.

The explosion produced countless small black fragments.

Although those small black fragments looked very subtle and were not enough to attract attention, Li Yuanqing was very cautious about this.

After dodging a few times, he finally stabilized himself.

Fortunately, he had escaped from the cave at the last moment.

Otherwise, it would be hard to say if he would be trapped inside.

However, he had gained a lot this time.

Not only had he successfully taken revenge, but he had also brought back so many eggs.

These eggs were enough for the little fellow to eat for a period of time.

If he could really digest all this power, the Soul Suppression Altar would probably be able to increase by a huge level.

The little fellow fell asleep after eating the egg.

It was already silent and was completely immersed in the Soul Suppressing Altar.

After this portal disappeared, the threat of the Insect Clan to the human race was completely destroyed.

Black Dragon had invited this helper.

He did not expect that it would not last long before he fled in panic.

Before he left, he was even bitten.

Ping City.

It was already the most prosperous human city in the entire Catacombs world.

Many prestigious figures had been born here.

Ever since trade began to resume here and with all kinds of encouragement, many talented people had been nurtured.

There was no lack of powerful weapon refinement masters and alchemy masters.

It was precisely because of their outstanding creativity that Ping City was becoming more and more prosperous.

Ping City was no longer the last-tier city it used to be.

“If I sell this Heavenly Origin Pill in their market, it will be sold for at least fifty thousand spirit stones.

Youre offering me three thousand Are you treating me as a fool I dont think youre sincere at all.

Lets forget about our negotiation!”

In a small tavern, two humans were on guard against each other.

The burly bearded man who spoke had a fierce expression as he looked angrily at the elegant man in front of him.

The man was not afraid of his threat at all.

Instead, he seemed to be in the right.

“Stop scaring me.

Fifty thousand spirit stones If it was a real completed Heavenly Origin Pill, you wouldnt be able to buy it even if you had a hundred thousand spirit stones.

But this is a defective product, and its a defective product among defective products.

Whether its effective or not is another matter.

Im already thinking highly of you by giving you three thousand.

Sell it or not.”

“You brat, youre spouting nonsense and insulting my innocence.

This is the top-grade Heaven Origin Pill.

I wont sell it for less than fifty thousand yuan!”

The two of them did not give in to each other.

The elegant man shrugged helplessly and said, “Alright, since you insist, then you can lie to others.

Why are you still saying that the auction house only has your standard Let me tell you, no auction house is willing to accept your stuff.”

After a series of mockery, the elegant man changed the topic and said sympathetically.

“Just sell it to me now, dont waste your breath elsewhere.

If you still want to pretend with me, then go find someone else.

I dont believe that anyone is willing to pay you three thousand spirit stones.”

The burly man was a little hesitant by this mans words.

He knew very well what goods he had.

They were indeed not top-notch goods, but it was not easy to collect his goods.

If he sold them directly for three thousand spirit stones, he would still suffer a loss.

“Take it or leave it.

In any case, Ive already told you.

Its at least thirty thousand.

Is your three thousand for beggars”

Seeing that this transaction was hopeless, the elegant man stood up and hung up the jade pendant on his body again.

He even tidied up his things very carefully before looking up at the burly man.

“Brother, my price is high enough.

You can ask elsewhere.

Im sure no one will bid higher than me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a thin man suddenly walked over from the side.

The man seemed to be passing by, but he seemed to be attracted by something and stopped at the table.

“Aiyo, isnt this Master Zhao” The thin man said in surprise as if he had discovered an idol.

“Why are you here I didnt expect to see the famous appraiser, Zhao Tianji, here.

What kind of luck did I get”

The elegant man smiled slightly, as if he was a very low-key person.

“Theres no need to say these words.

Were all cultivators.

Theres no need to distinguish between high and low.

Its fate that we can meet.”

The thin man was extremely touched and held his hand.

“Master Zhao, Ive finally met you.

Well have to queue for a month every time we go to an auction house for you to appraise the treasure.

If you help me look at a treasure today, Ill give you a thirty percent commission.”

“What commission Since were fated to meet, Ill help you take a look.

Take it out.”

The thin man took out a gourd.

This gourd was very round and emitted a pure black light.

When he shook it casually, he could vaguely hear something shaking inside.

The elegant man seemed to be very interested in the black gourd.

“This is a good wine brewing artifact.

Its grade is not low.

If you sell it, the price should be above 100,000.”

“Is that true It can be sold for 100,000 yuan I happened to obtain it from a cave.

Some senior must have been harmed by a demon beast, so he left this treasure behind.

I was lucky enough to pick it up.

Is it really worth 100,000 yuan”

“Take it to the auction house and ask.”

The thin man looked at the man gratefully and said, “Thank you so much, Master Zhao.

Just now, someone offered five thousand spirit stones for me to sell.

I was also a little tempted, but I felt that it was not worth it, so I kept it for the time being.

Im relieved now.”

This so-called Master Zhao glanced at the burly man beside him and said meaningfully, “Since its worth a hundred thousand, you should sell it for a hundred thousand.

If its only worth three thousand, I cant give you a price of thirty thousand.”

After saying that, Master Zhao patted the fellows shoulder and was about to leave.

The burly man behind him was a little bewildered when he saw this situation.

He had originally thought that this fellow was a scammer who had come to blow him up.

However, he did not expect this person to really have some skills.

He could meet fans on the streets, so he should be quite famous.

In that case, could his Heavenly Origin Pill really not be sold for a good price

Master Zhao had only taken a few steps when he was suddenly stopped by the burly man.

He put on a fawning expression.

“Master, did you just say that my thing is worth three thousand”

Master Zhao looked at him sideways and said, “It depends on who has it.

If its in my hands, I have a way to make it worth three thousand.

However, if its in your hands, its hard to say.”

The burly man looked at Master Zhao anxiously and asked, “But Master, I spent a lot of effort to obtain this pill.

Wouldnt it be a loss if its only worth three thousand”

Master Zhao smiled and shook his head.

“Most things in this world are like this.

You might have been deceived because youre ignorant.

However, there are more people in this world who have seen the world.

Im afraid its not realistic for you to recover all your efforts on this pill.

You might as well get back your capital.

Its more feasible.”

The burly man panicked a little by this so-called masters words.

He could not bear to use such a precious thing.

He had thought that he would be able to earn some money and exchange it for some materials.

Who knew that he would still be cheated He knew that there was nothing so good in this world that he could take advantage of.

“Master, Ill sell it to you for three thousand!”


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