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Since Li Yuanqing had already made his move, he no longer hesitated.

An extremely powerful suction force suddenly erupted from his body and spread in all directions.

The humans standing below were still waving their arms and shouting when they were suddenly blown around by a violent wind.

Immediately after, these hundreds of people were swept up by the tornado and swept to Li Yuanqings side.

After the violent wind dissipated, the entire street fell silent again.

Li Yuanqing descended from the sky and landed on the wooden-faced mans face.

The wooden-faced man stood behind the aisle with a smile and watched the show quietly.

Looking at Li Yuanqing, who had suddenly appeared in front of him, the wooden-faced man raised his hand and applauded twice.


Applause echoed through the empty street.

His hands, clapped together, felt hollow instead, like wood.

“As expected of someone who can cause so much trouble for the Black Dragon.

You really have some ability.

I admit that Ive underestimated you.”

Li Yuanqing looked at the wooden-faced man coldly and asked, “Wheres Black Dragon Where did you come from”

“Where did I come from”

The wooden-faced man suddenly laughed out loud.

As he laughed, his body suddenly rose into the air.

“You really want to know where I came from”

“Of course.”

The wooden-faced man waved his hands elegantly and floated in the sky like a dancer.

“Im from a place you cant even get to.

Do you think thats enough of an answer”

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“Stop pretending.

What do you want”

There were suddenly many snowflakes in the sky.

They were not snowflakes, but pieces of wood when they landed on his hand.

These pieces of wood danced leisurely in the air, swaying left and right with the wind for a while.

Then, they gently slapped Li Yuanqings face.

“Its not good for you to know so much.

Although youre indeed very unique compared to other humans, unfortunately, this uniqueness is only so-so.”

Although the wooden-faced man did not gain any advantage in the first round of confrontation, he still seemed to look down on this young human man in front of him.

It was as if Li Yuanqing was just an ant in front of him and he could easily control him.

He did not need to be respected at all.

Li Yuanqing could not understand the strange words he was saying, but he could vaguely tell that this fellow had his reasons for being so arrogant.

He had never seen these methods on this person before.

Perhaps he did not belong to this space at all.

As the wooden-faced man spoke, the speed of the wooden fragments suddenly slowed down.

It felt as if the entire space had become heavy, making those wooden fragments unable to move.

Especially those beside Li Yuanqing.

They seemed to have frozen at this moment.

A powerful pressure pressed down on Li Yuanqing.

He had already set up a thick shield around him, but he could still clearly feel the existence of the pressure.

Li Yuanqing looked warily at the wooden-faced man standing in the sky.

The wooden-faced man stretched out his hands and opened his arms, as if he was embracing the world.

He took a deep breath and opened his eyes slowly, staring at the darkening sky.

“This lower realm is really boring.” After saying that, he lowered his head and looked at Li Yuanqing below.

“But fortunately, this trip wasnt in vain.”

Wherever he looked, the flow of all the wooden fragments stopped.

Everything was so quiet.

Li Yuanqing felt as if the time around him had been completely locked.

There was no sound, no vibration.

The entire space did not change at all.

Everything seemed to have frozen here for eternity.

It was a very terrifying silence.

Li Yuanqing had actually fallen into someone elses domain at that moment.

Although this wooden-faced man looked strange, he had endless methods.

Now, this powerful domain made Li Yuanqing feel even more pressure.

Li Yuanqing looked at the wooden-faced man strangely.

His eyes were filled with confusion.

The wooden-faced man was very familiar with this gaze, or rather, he thought that he knew what Li Yuanqing was thinking.

“Kid, you must be very puzzled now.

You must have many questions in your heart.

You want to know why and who I am.

Your talent is indeed not bad.

In a place like the lower realm, you can achieve such a high cultivation level and have a powerful domain.

If you were in the Heaven Realm, you would definitely have a bigger stage and better room to play.

Perhaps you can become someone even more powerful than me in the future.”

The wooden face spoke with great emotion, as if he was really in love.

“What a pity.

Its really a pity that you provoked someone you shouldnt have provoked.

If you had just stayed in your place and didnt do anything, you would still be alive now.

The mistake is that you shouldnt interfere at any time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his gaze suddenly changed.

His entire aura immediately changed, and a strong killing intent appeared on his body.

This intense killing intent was suffocating.

Li Yuanqing looked at him silently.

A small altar had appeared in his hand.

“You want to kill me”

Li Yuanqing did not speak for a long time.

He almost laughed when he suddenly said this.


Ive wasted enough time with you today.

I promised Black Dragon to help him resolve his trouble.

However, this trouble is bigger than I imagined.

Fortunately, its still under control,” the wooden-faced man muttered.

After he finished speaking, the wooden pieces below suddenly began to move and creak.

Li Yuanqing heard those broken things laughing like children.

Immediately after, a very dangerous force suddenly exploded in the entire space.


The wooden-faced man looked down confidently.

The place where Li Yuanqing was standing had already exploded into a ball.

If not for the fact that he had restricted the power of the explosion to that small area, it would probably have overturned the entire Rong City.

However, he did not want to be so exaggerated now.

After all, the Black Dragon in this lousy place was still useful.

If he destroyed this place, he would probably not be able to get so much reward.

Although Li Yuanqing had given him many surprises, it was a pity that the order he had received was to kill this person.

The Black Dragon could not leave because he had something on.

He had asked him to come over and even offered a very generous reward.

He had to get this reward.

“What a pity.

If I can bring this kid back as a child, it would be a good choice.”

After the wooden-faced man finished speaking, he gently flicked his sleeve and blew away the dust below.

In his opinion, Li Yuanqing should have already been blown into powder.

His wind would blow Li Yuanqings ashes away.

From then on, there would no longer be such a brat in this world.

However, to his surprise, the place below was empty.

There was nothing there.

A gust of wind blew the smoke away, but the ground was still the same.

He looked down strangely, wondering if there was something wrong with his eyes.

“Could it have been blown to ashes”

In his opinion, Li Yuanqing still had some strength.

Even if he died miserably, it was not to the extent that he did not resist at all.

He shook his head slightly.

His mission here was already over, so there was no need to think too much about it now.

It was enough for him to go back and collect the bounty obediently.

Why should he seek trouble for himself here

After throwing all those strange thoughts to the back of his mind, the wooden-faced man raised his hands again.

A violent wind gathered beside him.

In the violent wind, countless wooden fragments could be seen surging and gathering into a river.

After the tornado gathered, it slowly spread out, as if it wanted to envelop the entire Rong City.

The wooden-faced man was in the center of the storm and silently commanded the violent wind.

He took a deep breath and was about to attack when he suddenly felt an extremely dangerous force behind him.

He was sharp by nature and turned around without hesitation to shoot a bolt of lightning behind him.

Countless wooden fragments flew in the lightning and hit a point in space.

A few pieces of wood hit the area and instantly exploded.

With a series of crackling sounds, the space was slightly distorted.

The wooden-faced man looked carefully at the place and saw nothing, as if his senses were wrong.


The wooden-faced man was bewildered as he looked at the place.

This was too strange.

Was he really wrong How was this possible

Or rather, there was another powerful human in the Demon Realm.

It made sense.

If it was only Li Yuanqing, it would not be enough to stir up the entire lower realm.

The wooden-faced man nodded slightly, acknowledging his idea very much.

If that was the case, everything seemed to make sense.

Who knew what other secrets were hidden in this damn place

“May I know who you are Can you show yourself”

The wooden-faced man cupped his hands and invited politely.

He pretended to be polite.

“I was just passing by and happened to see so many humans in trouble again, so I attacked without permission.

I hope you wont blame me!”

He spoke righteously as if he was a good person.

“Fellow Daoist, youre so kind as to think of the humans.

I wonder if I can ask you to leave this place”

In a very strange blind spot beside him, Li Yuanqing slowly appeared and stared coldly at this strange figure.

“Its you! Why arent you dead” The wooden-faced man was shocked as he looked at Li Yuanqing, who had suddenly appeared.

He had never expected Li Yuanqing to still be alive.

Shouldnt he be dead just now Why was he still here What happened

Li Yuanqing looked at him with a cold smile and asked, “Didnt you say that you would expiate the human race here Why do you look forward to my death”

“You brat!”

When the wooden-faced man saw that this kid was still putting on an act with him, he could not help but stop thinking about why Li Yuanqing could survive.

He only knew that he had to destroy this obstacle now.

“Lets see how many lives you have!”

The tornado that had calmed down just now suddenly became violent again.

The wind kept twisting and stirring, as if it wanted to overturn the entire world.

The sky suddenly darkened.

The wooden-faced man was in the center of the vortex.

Bright light flowed around his body, and his eyes shone on Li Yuanqing like lamps.

“Kid, youre so lucky.

I want to see how youll survive this time!”

The tornado drew a sharp cone behind him, and the top of the cone was pointed at Li Yuanqings chest.

Wherever the tornado passed, it swept through everything.

The golden shield outside Li Yuanqings body swayed with the wind, as if it could be torn into pieces at any moment.

In the blink of an eye, the violent wind arrived in front of Li Yuanqing and whistled towards his face.

The violent wind pulled the spiritual energy of the entire world and kept tearing it apart.

In the end, it became deformed.

His power had destroyed all the spiritual energy in this world.

If the person facing him had no way to borrow power from the surroundings, he could only watch as the wooden piece wrapped around him and tore his body apart.

The wooden-faced man did not look happy at all.

His mistake just now had made him very angry.

He did not expect that he had actually underestimated this kid.

This little bastard could actually last for so long.

Otherwise, it would have ended long ago.

Now, he still had to dwaddle for so long.

Instead, he had become a topic of gossip.

If word got back, he would probably be mocked.

However, it was all over.

Now, it was time to kill this human kid.

The tornado hit Li Yuanqing as expected.

Both sides let out an intense collision sound.

The explosion was focused on that point and kept repeating.

The blasted space trembled back and forth.

He was enduring a power that this space should not be able to withstand.

That huge power was so shocking that no one could resist.

The wooden-faced man roughly stretched out a wooden palm and tore open a crack in the violent wind.

The violent wind gradually dissipated, revealing the distorted space in the middle that was slowly calming down.

He stared at the space and pondered silently.

Even the space had been blasted into such a state.

He believed that that human kid should die no matter what.

Even if that human kid was on the verge of death, there was only death waiting for him.

He was definitely dead.

The wooden-faced man was very sure that he was very confident in the power of his explosion.

However, for some reason, he felt a little uncertain now.

It was as if Li Yuanqings resurrection had destroyed all his confidence.


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