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In an alley, Hu Qian sat on the steps unhappily, swinging a small rock with her hand.

“Xiaoqian, Ive finally found you.”

Yang Tianqi held a long stick of candied fruits in his hand and ran to Hu Qian.

He squatted down.

“Didnt you especially want to come out and play Look at how lively it is outside.

There are all kinds of things sold.

Why are you hiding here”

Hu Qian turned around and did not look at Yang Tianqi.

She muttered, “Its none of your business.”

“Xiaoqian, I was delayed by something just now, so I didnt catch up.

Did you suffer some grievances”

“Go wherever you want.

It has nothing to do with me.

Theres no need to tell me.”

As Hu Qian spoke, she stood up and was about to leave.

Yang Tianqi hurriedly chased after her.

Hu Qian looked up and saw Liu Wen and Li Yuanqing standing in front of her.

“Xiaoqian, dont be in a hurry to leave.”

Li Yuanqing smiled kindly at Hu Qian.

“Hello, Xiaoqian.”

Hu Qian sized up this handsome big brother.

She wondered when Liu Wen and the others had mixed with this person.

“Who are you”

Yang Tianqi ran to her side and whispered, “Xiaoqian, this is our master.”

“Master” Hu Qian was even more puzzled when she heard this.

“Didnt you two say how powerful your master is I didnt expect him to be so young.

I thought you really had a way to make Grandma agree!”

Xiaoqians heart shattered when she saw this master who was completely different from what she had imagined.

Back then, when the two of them were bragging, they praised their master to the skies.

However, how old was he today How strong could he be

Li Yuanqing smiled and patted Hu Qians head.

“Young lady, as the saying goes, you cant judge a book by its cover.

Perhaps Im a little stronger than you think”

“Senior, if you want to play with them, the three of you can go and play together.

I still have something on so Ill leave first.” Hu Qian was about to leave when she turned around and glared at Yang Tianqi.

“By the way, quickly let those seniors out.

I dont want them to be trapped inside forever.”

Yang Tianqi went up and grabbed Hu Qians wrist.

“Xiaoqian, dont leave.

Listen to me.”

“Let go.

I havent learned much after being in the academy for so long.

I should go back to the family.

I wont pester you in the future.”

Li Yuanqing suddenly stretched out a hand and placed it in front of Hu Qian.

Hu Qian keenly took a step back and assumed a defensive posture.

Li Yuanqings hand trembled slightly and a bouquet of flowers appeared in his hand.

“Young lady, dont be nervous.

Today is a good day to celebrate.

There are many fun things in the city.”

“What will happen then It has nothing to do with me.

Granny is still waiting for me.”

“I have a suggestion.

Ill bring the three of you around the city for a day.

After today, all your worries will be resolved and there wont be any more trouble.”

Hu Qian looked at Li Yuanqing suspiciously.

Li Yuanqings words made him sound like a liar.

Yang Tianqi held Hu Qians hand happily, but Hu Qian shook him off.

“Xiaoqian, come with us.

Master is very capable.

As long as he promises something, he will definitely not go back on his word.”


“Why would I lie to you Master is the most powerful person in the entire human race.

As long as youve seen Masters methods, you definitely wont suspect anything.

Dont worry, follow me.

Master will definitely help us think of a way.”

“The most powerful person in the entire human race”

Hu Qian did not believe such an evaluation no matter what.

She felt that Yang Tianqi was bragging too much.

As Liu Wen ate his candy, he said, “Beauty, everyone would be envious of this opportunity.

If you miss it today, youll regret it for the rest of your life.

You have to think carefully.”

“Fine, Im not afraid of you!”

Li Yuanqing smiled and stretched out his hands to Hu Qian and Yang Tianqi.

“In that case, let me bring you guys here to play today.”

Hu Qian carefully stretched out a hand and placed it on Li Yuanqings hand.

She felt a light suddenly flash in front of her eyes and she immediately changed places.

Hu Qian sat on a transparent bubble and floated in midair.

The bubble floated three hundred meters above the ground.

Beside her sat Yang Tianqi and Liu Wen.

Each of them had a huge bubble.

As long as they lowered their heads, they would be able to see the bustling streets of Ping City.

At this moment, another colorful bubble floated out of the thin white fog.

This bubble was bigger than the three of them.

Li Yuanqing was wearing very refreshing clothes and lying on the bubble, leisurely bathing in the golden light above his head.

“Welcome to the playground in the sky.”

Li Yuanqing took out three cards and threw them to the three of them.

“This amusement park in the sky is an experimental venue made by our array master, Little Man.

This is mainly a place to entertain.

She seems to have set up more than thirty entertainment facilities now.

I dont know the exact situation yet, so lets explore it together.”

While Little Man was studying the array formation, she was also becoming more and more proficient in using the power of this array formation.

In her free time, she used the excess power of the entire city protection array to create such a playground in the sky.

This amusement park used the entire sky of Ping City as a venue to set up many boundaries.

“What amusement park But I can only see clouds and the pedestrians below.

Other than that, theres nothing else.”

Hu Qian looked around in confusion and realized that there was an empty sky in front of her.

It was gray and she could not see anything.

Li Yuanqing took out his card and gently poked the bubble under his butt.

His bubble exploded with a bang, and Li Yuanqing disappeared.

The three of them were shocked by Li Yuanqings actions.

This trick of transforming into a living person in the air was really interesting.

The three youths looked at each other and could see the excitement in each others eyes.

They each held a card and carefully leaned towards the air bubble under their buttocks.


The three of them each exploded the bubbles under their butts.

The bubbles exploded, and they immediately felt as if they had fallen straight down.

However, this feeling of weightlessness was very short.

After an instant, it immediately felt like they were standing on flat ground again.

When they opened their eyes to take a look, they saw a very vast building complex.

The colors and styles of these buildings were similar, only a few monotonous colors.

However, the shelves that built the houses could emit a sparkling light, adding a dreamy feeling to the entire amusement park.

The three of them walked in this dream-like kingdom and could not help but gape.

They had never seen such a scene before.

At this moment, an old man with a white beard flew in front of him.

They looked at the old mans appearance carefully.

It was clearly Li Yuanqing.

“This amusement city was originally planned to be opened to the public tomorrow.

I happened to meet the three of you today, so Ill open it for the three of you for a day.

Please play to your hearts content.”

After Li Yuanqing finished speaking, he rode away on the cloud that had turned into a horse with a howl.

The three children were dumbfounded as they looked at Li Yuanqing, who only had a wisp of white smoke left.

They then looked at the huge kingdom in front of them.

All of this was only open to the three of them.

“Why are you still in a daze Come quickly!”

Liu Wen took the lead and ran into the closest area on the left.

There was a golden door here.

Other than this door, everything was misty.

All that could be seen was the bright building behind the gray high wall.

The three of them had the card in their hands again.

They held the card and walked in through the golden door.

After entering the door, the entire world became clear.

The originally simple structure instantly became clear.

The houses and facilities beside them were even more surprised.

If not for the fact that they were still emitting light, it would be difficult to tell that they were all illusions.

In the middle of the field was a large field with a diameter of four kilometers.

At the edge of the field, clouds were floating slowly, as if waiting for their master.

“What is this thing”

After they entered, they still felt very confused.

They did not know what this place was for, and they could not tell.

Liu Wen was not so timid.

As soon as he entered, he ran to the bottom and stepped onto the cloud.

He imitated Li Yuanqing and flew into the air.

“What are you two waiting for Come over quickly!”

After he rode on the cloud, two golden rings appeared in the sky.

One was on the left of the field, and the other was on the right.

In the center of the field, a huge display screen floated, showing the score of zero to zero.

Yang Tianqi and Hu Qian also carefully touched the clouds.

The three of them swayed in the air and slowly grasped this strange game.

“Liu Wen, what are we going to do now”

The cloud that Liu Wen was riding transformed into a fat dog with thick limbs.

He looked up at a large board in front of him.

The board showed them the rules of this game.

“The three of you actually came here.

Ive been looking for you for a long time!” Li Yuanqing appeared out of thin air again and landed in front of the three of them, sitting on the display screen.


Li Yuanqing touched his white beard and pretended to change his voice.

“Im already dressed like this, yet you still recognize me”

The three children couldnt help but laugh.

“Master, you only put on a beard.

That face is very familiar.”

“Is that so” Li Yuanqing touched his face and his entire face instantly aged.

From fifty years old, he had become an old man in his sixties or seventies.

“How about this”

“Youre still the same like this!”

“Forget it, lets not worry about this first.

The venue youre in now is called a pitching game!”

“What are you doing”

“In other words, you have to split into two camps.

You have to snatch a small ball from each other and pass this small ball through the other partys ring.

You will get one point.”

“But Master, there are three of us.”

Li Yuanqing looked at Yang Tianqi unhappily and said, “How could it be three people How could you have forgotten about me”

“But Master, youre so strong.

How can we play with you”

Li Yuanqing jumped down from the display and landed between the three of them.

“Dont worry.

I know my limits.

Ill be gentler later.”

“Then how should we group up”

Li Yuanqings gaze landed on Hu Qian.

He looked at Hu Qian and said, “Since its your first time here today, Ill let you choose your teammates.”

Hu Qian pointed at Li Yuanqing without hesitation and said, “Then Ill definitely choose you.

Isnt choosing you a sure win”

Li Yuanqing paused for a moment and made a surprised expression.

“Little kid, youre quite smart.

Alright, lets start now.”

As he spoke, he raised his hand and opened his palm, releasing a small golden ball.

The golden ball was slightly transparent and there was some golden energy flowing inside.

The energy was very unstable.

It was the irregular flow of the energy inside that made the ball jump up and down, unable to stop.

“As soon as I let go, the competition will officially begin.

Do you understand”

Yang Tianqi and Liu Wen rode their mounts and stared intently at the golden ball.


Li Yuanqing released the restriction in his hand and the golden ball immediately flew into the air uneasily.

It flew to the side at a very fast speed.

The three of them chased after it relentlessly.

Li Yuanqing was at the back, chasing after the three of them.

Hu Qian led the way and followed closely behind the golden ball.

Every time the golden ball turned, Hu Qian could always adjust and follow it very quickly.

Her reaction speed was very fast.

On the other hand, Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi were dizzy.

Hu Qian had already forced the golden ball into a corner.

Just as the ball was about to turn around and accelerate, she went up and grabbed the ball in her palm.

“Ive caught it!”

Li Yunqing hurriedly instructed from behind, “Hurry up and pass through their goal!”

Hu Qian ran towards Yang Tianqis goal without stopping.

Liu Wen suddenly stopped in midair and blocked her path.


Hu Qian was unmoved.

She flipped over and circled under Liu Wen.

When she straightened her body again, the goal was already close.


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