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These black dragon clones lined up and entered the sky amusement park one by one.

However, after they entered, they realized that they could not find any traces of their companions.

This was because after they entered, they were assigned to different places.

This was a narrow hut.

The Black Dragon clone appeared here very suddenly.

He looked around warily.

It was dark all around.

Only the faint light emitted by the fluorite flickered, making it impossible to see what was going on.

These were all illusions constructed by the array formation.

Although Black Dragon could see the foundation of this illusion, it did not have the ability to break through this array formation during this period of time.

He clearly observed the location of Daoist Bai Mei in the depths of this strange maze.

The other clones landed in four different directions.

When they entered, they were sent to different places by Li Yuanqings array formation.

Black Dragon was a little hesitant now.

He suspected that Li Yuanqing had already discovered his existence, so he deliberately created such a scene.

However, Li Yuanqing had no reason to help Bai Mei at all.

It was just an accident that Bai Mei was hiding in this array formation.

Perhaps the rules of their array formation were that anyone who came here would be randomly assigned to different places.

Everything made sense.

Black Dragons clone continued to walk along the passageway.

Suddenly, a puppet in a skeleton suit appeared beside him.

That fellow jumped to Black Dragons side and made a face.

The Black Dragon slapped out without any explanation and shattered the little skeleton into pieces.

These were Li Yuanqings tools.

They were originally used to entertain the audience, but the Black Dragon was not in the mood for entertainment now.

On a cloud, Li Yuanqing silently watched the figures that appeared in the four images.

Daoist Bai Mei at the side had almost recovered.

Although his face was still a little pale, his vitality was much better than before.

“The Black Dragon is afraid of your human seniors, so he definitely doesnt dare to take action and send four clones over.

However, how can you get rid of these four clones”

Li Yunqing observed the movements of the Wood Spirit clone while chatting quietly.

“Black Dragon is so powerful.

He should be able to kill a few people in the lower realm at will.

Why would he be afraid of anyone”

Bai Mei looked at Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing should know very well.

“If your human seniors discover what the two of us did in the lower realm, they will definitely not let us off.

However, Im already so shocked.

You wont report me again, right”

Li Yuanqings heart skipped a beat.

He was originally wondering why these two fellows were still afraid when they fought in the Demon Realm.

Now, it seemed that there was something else going on.

“Will it do me any good to report you”

Daoist Bai Mei snorted and heaved a sigh of relief.

“At least you know your place.

I can be of great help to you if I live, but if Im killed by your seniors, you wont be able to get anything.”

“Im just curious why the two of you are still pestering me since you know the danger.

If it were me, I would have found a place to hide long ago and not be so ostentatious.”

“Hmph!” Daoist Bai Mei snorted coldly and looked at Li Yuanqing.

“If I hadnt been tricked by that kid, I wouldnt have been reduced to pleading with you.

Dont ask too much about the two of us.

Ill definitely give you a lot of things after we succeed.

Its useless for you to know so much else.”

“Is that so”

“Kid, dont make it sound so powerful.

Show me what you have.

Dont be a good-for-nothing and delay me here, causing me to lose my life.”

After Daoist Bai Mei finished speaking, Li Yuanqing finally felt a little more at ease.

He had many doubts in his heart just now, but now it seemed that all of this was related to the humans in the Immortal World.

From their performance, the humans should have a pivotal position in the Immortal World that they did not dare to provoke.

This way, he would have a backer behind him.

Presumably, this Daoist Bai Mei would not go back on his word after his matter was done.

In the secret room, another skeleton suddenly jumped out.

There were already countless of them.

This maze was filled with all kinds of small paths, making the black dragon dizzy.

However, Black Dragon had Daoist Bai Meis whereabouts in his hands.

No matter what, he would rush towards the finishing point.

Looking at the skeleton that had suddenly appeared in front of him, Black Dragon stretched out his hand without any explanation and a huge force poured out.

As expected, the skeleton turned into bone powder that scattered in the air.

However, the bone powder this time was slightly different from before.

There was a trace of black energy mixed in the white powder.

The black energy quietly wrapped around him.

It was difficult to notice with the naked eye at first, but it gradually became thicker.

When Black Dragon passed by, it secretly wrapped his limbs.

The black dragons expression suddenly changed.

He shook his hand and immediately dispersed the wisp of energy wrapped around his hand.

“How dare you!”

After the black energy was chased away, it did not leave.

Instead, it slowly circled around him a few times.

It was still wrapping around Black Dragons legs while he released a huge amount of spiritual energy.

In the beginning, the black dragon could still expel the black power from its body, but as it progressed, the power seemed to become even more corporeal.

The deeper Black Dragon went, the more he felt that his body was gradually becoming heavy.

He slowly realized that his movements were starting to slow down.

It was as if he had fallen into a swamp.

“Not good!”

He seemed to realize that something was wrong with his situation and immediately turned around to retreat.

However, a meter-tall child appeared behind him.

Little Dot stood in the passageway and yawned as he looked at the black dragon clone that wanted to retreat.

“Kid, what do you want to do”

Little Dots chubby hands drew a circle in the air, and a black ring appeared in front of him.

“Since youre already here, dont even think about getting out.”

“Who do you think you are I can easily break through your array formation.

How dare you clamor here!”

“Is that so”

As soon as Little Dot finished speaking, he suddenly clenched his fists.

The black dragon felt the air around him suddenly tighten as a huge ring wrapped around his body.

He took out a pitch-black whip and threw it at the surrounding walls, wanting to shatter the entire space.

However, all his strength could not be used in the black fog in front of him.

It was as if someone had put on heavy shackles and he could not move.

As soon as the black dragon threw out the whip, it sank into the mud like a loach.

It twisted its body and finally froze on the spot.

Little Dot stretched out his hands and another huge ring suddenly appeared.

Seeing that the situation was not good, the black dragon suddenly threw away the weapon in its hand.

It clasped its hands together in front of its chest and wanted to escape.

But how could Little Dot give him any chance to escape

“Where do you think youre going!”

A powerful restriction appeared out of thin air.

Only then did the black dragon realize that it was already too late.

The black ropes wrapped around each other like a huge bell and firmly enveloped him.

In the next second, a black square platform suddenly appeared and stopped on the black dragons head.

For an instant, it was hidden in the darkness.

At this moment, the same situation was happening in other directions.

Every time they wanted to retreat, they realized that something was wrong.

They had already fallen into the enemys trap step by step.

It was already too late to retreat.

A thousand miles away, Black Dragon, who was casting a spell, frowned.

He did not expect to fall into the trap of this human.

Even now, they did not feel any attack from a human mighty figure, but he was already in such a sorry state.

“What is it”

Black Dragon realized that the situation was not right.

When the first clone was captured, he immediately thought of a way to let the other clones escape.

However, he had underestimated the array formation that Li Yuanqing had set up.

At this moment, Li Yuanqings array formation had truly displayed its power.

In addition, his current rich power was supporting it.

The wood spirit clone that had done evil in the past could not gain the upper hand in front of Li Yuanqing.

The other three clones also fell into Li Yuanqings hands one after another.

They were slowly worn down until they fell into the altar and were captured.

Daoist Bai Mei watched all of this and judged the young man in front of him even more.

He originally thought that this fellow relied on his seniors methods to gain a foothold here.

He did not expect this kid to really have some ability.

This array formation was beyond his expectations.

It was simply superb.

In just fifteen minutes, Li Yuanqing easily put all four clones into the altar with the help of Little Dot.

Daoist Bai Mei did not dare to underestimate him anymore.

Regardless of whether he had such a mighty figure backing him, this kid was a very terrifying opponent.

“Ive already done what I promised you.”

Daoist Bai Mei nodded slightly and smiled.

“I didnt expect you to be so powerful.

I underestimated you before.”

“Senior, you flatter me.

Im probably still far inferior to you people from the Immortal World.”

“Kid, why do you say that You clearly have the aura of a human on you.

Youre from the Immortal World.”

These words stunned Li Yuanqing.

He had never been to the Immortal World since he was young.

Why had he become a member of the Immortal World again

“I dont quite understand what youre talking about, but none of that matters.

Now that Ive saved you, please leave as soon as possible.

I dont want to see you again in the Demon Realm.”

Daoist Bai Mei heaved a sigh of relief and gently leaned against the cloud behind him.

“Kid, Ive received your favor and will definitely not go back on my word.

However, youre really quite strange.

Have you never returned to the Immortal World after growing up in the lower realm”

“Speaking of which, I really dont remember having any impression of the Immortal World.”

“Then I wonder if theres such a person.

Hes always been by your side and is especially powerful.

That day when the two of us fought, he was the one who took away my puppet”

Li Yuanqings expression changed.

After freezing for a moment, he nodded slowly.

“A strange old man appeared that day.

I didnt know what he did at first.

So he saved me”

Daoist Bai Mei looked at Li Yuanqing suspiciously.

He felt like this kid was lying.

Could it be that there had never been such a guardian angel

Since he was from the Immortal World, his puppets would not be able to hurt these humans at all.

It was not impossible for him to be alone.

“So, my puppet must have left with him.”

Li Yuanqing scratched his head in confusion and pretended to be nonchalant.

“I fell unconscious that day.

I dont remember what happened after that.

Im afraid Ill have to disappoint you.”

Bai Mei shook his head, shaking off those crooked thoughts.

Although Thirty-Six was his masterpiece and was important to him, he did not have the capital to test it like that now.

“Forget it, forget it.

Take it as a greeting gift for the two of us.

Youve helped me so much this time.

Ill give you this book of mechanisms of the human race in the Immortal World according to the agreement just now.

There are all kinds of mechanisms to refine puppet techniques.

As long as you comprehend it thoroughly, you can become a puppet master in the future.”

Daoist Bai Mei took out the book and randomly attached a large black wooden box.

The entire box was very heavy.

As soon as Li Yuanqing received it, he immediately flipped open the book and flipped through it greedily.

However, there were large empty pages inside.

Bai Mei was originally a little suspicious, but now he really believed that Li Yuanqing had never been to the Immortal World and did not even know how to read the Heavenly Book.

“Kid, this book contains the heavenly secrets.

Its not used like this.

You need to pay attention to it with your body and mind to obtain the guidance of the Heavenly Book.”

“I understand.”

Li Yuanqing tried his best to pretend that he had a background.

He opened the solid wooden box and saw a pile of small spherical wooden blocks.

These wooden balls that were only the size of eggs were the low-level puppets that Daoist Bai Mei had refined himself.

Although these things were only at the entry level, fortunately, there were many of them and they had a certain level of intelligence.

As a beginners toy, it was very enough.

“Alright, since our deal is done, our friendship will end here.

I wont fuss about what youve done to the human race in the past.”

“Dont worry.

When Im almost healed, Ill leave on my own.

I wont trouble you.”

“I hope you can keep your promise and not go back on your word.”

“Thats right.

Seeing how much youve helped me this time, I can tell you a secret.”

“What secret”

“The secret of Black Dragon.”


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