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In the far north, a violent wind swept past the ground mercilessly, bringing with it large snowflakes that were like goose feathers, causing small whirlwinds.

The snowflakes were like blades that trembled as they streaked across space.

Behind a reverse slope, a small blood-red sprout stuck its head out and carefully peeped into this ice world.

“Is this the far north”

Li Yuanqing observed for a while before retracting his gaze.

He let the Blood Vine seed continue to hide underground and silently continue heading north.

Daoist Bai Mei had already left.

Li Yuanqing did not care where he went to hide.

Since that fellow had promised not to hurt anyone from the Demon Realm, Li Yuanqing felt that there was no need to be enemies with him.

Ever since the Black Dragon lost those four clones, he did not dare to attack rashly.

It was unknown if he had returned to the Immortal World.

The secret that Bai Mei had told Li Yuanqing was hidden in the extreme north.

According to Daoist Baimei, if the spirit stones of the lower realm wanted to be transported to the Immortal World and could be used normally, they had to be processed with special methods.

This was a very complicated process.

One had to forge the original spirit stone into a liquid state under very strong pressure.

Then, they had to mix the spiritual energy of the Immortal World into it.

After that, they would be able to transport it to the Immortal World.

The Black Dragon had built a very huge forging factory in the Arctic.

Over the years, the spirit stones that the Black Dragon had plundered from the Demon Realm would basically be forged into new spirit stones in that factory and transported to the Immortal World, becoming his personal property.

Although the extraction of spiritual energy had been much slower than before, the Black Dragon was too eager for quick success and wanted to increase his strength too quickly, causing him to consume too many spirit stones and not have enough spiritual energy of the Immortal World to use as raw material.

Thus, many spirit stones could not be forged and were piled up in the factory.

According to Bai Meis calculations, if all of them were exchanged for medium-grade spirit stones, there would be hundreds of thousands of them.

This was a huge number.

“Master, if Bai Mei is right, there arent many people guarding there.

We only need to send two elite task forces over and we should be able to take them down.

Theres no need to trouble you to make another trip, right”

Hu Jiujius heart ached for Li Yuanqing.

He had been so busy recently that he did not even have a good rest for such a huge event.

Not to mention anything else, Li Yuanqing was very curious about their conversion model.

He still knew too little about the lower realm.

Perhaps this was a very good step.

“It doesnt matter.

From now on, choose an advance team.

There must be professionals skilled in engineering, and there must be sufficient protection.

Ill figure out the place first.

Your people will arrive later.

We want to take over that factory, not just obtain the spirit stones.”

“Master, do you mean that we need the process of converting the spirit stones of the lower realm into spirit stones of the Immortal World”

“No matter what, we have to figure out everything about the Immortal World so that we can be prepared and be on guard before the next invasion.”

“Youre right, Master.”

Everyone in Ping City was immersed in the celebration of the festival.

They did not realize that an earth-shattering battle had erupted here.

It was in the transparent sky above their heads.

Many people came down from the amusement park in the sky excitedly and were still discussing the exciting scene in the amusement park.

Many of them had even been in the same room as the black dragon, but they were unaware.

However, after the celebration, two little fellows had no choice but to face something more realistic.

Yang Tianqi stood in the hall nervously and turned to look at Xiaoqian.

Liu Wen stood on the other side indifferently and deliberately kept a distance from the two of them.

Many members of the Fox Clan were stationed there.

All of them glared at Yang Tianqi.

Originally, they had kindly kept Yang Tianqi and nurtured him to become the next Clan Master, meaning that they wanted to pour their entire clans blood, sweat, and tears.

However, they did not expect that not only did these two brats not agree, but they also secretly left the family with Miss.

This was very unbearable for many of their clansmen.

During their leave, they had almost forgotten about this matter.

However, during the entire Ping City event, they even locked the demons who had gone to camp for an entire day.

“Chase the two of them out.

Since we cant touch them, let them never step into our family.

Pretend weve never seen these two brats!”

“If you want to blame someone, you can only blame the changes now.

Ping City is no longer the world of the demons.

Its already good enough that we demons can survive in the hands of humans.

We still have to think about inviting the noble humans to be the patriarch.”

“Hahaha, thats right.

If this had happened a few years ago, why would we have to beg some humans so humbly”

Many people in the Demon Fox Clan began to miss the beautiful past.

When they thought of the time when they were once masters, they felt as if they had regained some glory.

Although they were not miserable enough to be a slave, their status was definitely not as good as before.

Of course, there were still many people who were a little calmer.

When they heard them mention such a sensitive topic, they felt that it was inappropriate and reminded them carefully.

“If you ask me, I wouldnt say that.

Although were indeed in a small situation now, we still maintain a very close relationship with the human race.

I think you guys are too extreme.”

“Thats right.

The human race has treated us well.

To be honest, if the human race treated us like this according to the past standards, what right do we have to sit here and chat leisurely You dont have to be so harsh.”

The demons were roughly divided into two factions.

Although they were still living in Ping City, the environment in the wilderness was harsh and the spiritual energy was too thin.

Life in a human city was indeed much more comfortable, but it was inevitable that they would be bullied.

Just as the two sides were arguing, there was the sound of a walking stick hitting the wooden floor.

Everyone stopped talking.

They stared silently in the direction of the small door behind them.

A hunched old woman walked out of the back door.

It was Granny.

This person was the true ruler of the demon fox clan.

In just a few months, she seemed to have aged many years.

Now, she looks old.

Hu Qian could not help but cry the moment she saw her granny.


Hu Qian threw herself into her grannys arms.

The old lady opened her arms and pulled her granddaughter into her arms with a smile.

“Its good that you know to come back.

Its good that youre home.”

“Granny, I know my mistake.

I wont go anywhere.

Ill stay at home with you.”

Granny stroked Xiaoqians head happily and landed on the main seat with Xiaoqian.

“In the past six months since you left, Ive been thinking about you every day.

I asked them to go over and bring you back, but I didnt expect you to become so powerful after studying in the academy.

Even Seventh Uncle cant deal with you.”

Xiaoqian wiped her tears and turned to look in Yang Tianqis direction.

“They were the ones who set up that array formation.

It has nothing to do with me.”

“Is that so” The old granny turned to look at Yang Tianqi and Liu Wen.

The two of them also cupped their hands respectfully at the old lady.


The old granny opened her withered mouth and said to the two of them in a hoarse voice, “Xiaoqian has followed you for so long.

Is Xiaoqian still an outsider in your hearts”

“Senior, why do you say that The two of us have always treated Xiaoqian as our family and have never treated her as an outsider.”

“Then why isnt such an array formation related to Xiaoqian at all”

“Senior, its just that the senior who taught us the array formation is not familiar with Xiaoqian, so he only taught it to the two of us.

When we master it, we will naturally give it to Xiaoqian!”

“Thats right.

Senior, dont be anxious.

Although the two of us dont have much on us, we will share everything with Xiaoqian.”

The old granny smiled and nodded.

Then, she waved her hand.

“Forget it.

You humans are too noble.

Im afraid we demons wont be able to enjoy it.


I wont stop you.”

“Senior.” Yang Tianqi knelt on the ground with a plop.

“Im willing to accept the punishment.

I shouldnt have brought Xiaoqian out on my own.

I didnt take good care of her.

I hope you can punish me.”

“Granny, I was the one who wanted to go out.

It has nothing to do with the two of them.

If you want to punish someone, punish me!”

The old granny looked at Xiaoqian with pity and said, “My silly child, how can I bear to punish you You should have learned a lot after going out.

From now on, I can leave the family to you more assured.”

“The family still needs you, Granny.

Im still too young.”

“Im already old.

Its time to give this position to someone else.

Youre the only hope of our Fox Clan.

I hope you can lead our clansmen to gain a foothold in Ping City and take root.”

When the old lady said this, the fatigue on her face was obvious.

The death of her son had already pained this old woman greatly.

In addition, the torture of the past six months had made the problem of her age very obvious.

This old lady had yet to step into the Spirit Transformation Realm.

She probably did not have much time left.

“Granny, I wont let you say that!”

Hu Qian lay in the old ladys arms, her tears flowing down again.

Yang Tianqi was still kneeling on the ground, looking at the granny and granddaughter with a conflicted expression.

He was here to confess today, but they did not give him such a chance.

They had no intention of punishing him at all, making him feel a little at a loss.

Liu Wen quietly moved to his side and bent down to say to him, “Why are you still here Theyve already chased you away.”

“No, I cant just leave.”

“No way, Big Brother.

Dont tell me you really want to be a husband here.

If you had such an idea, you should have said so earlier.

You made me waste so much time with you!”

“I dont think so.

Its just that if I leave now, what will happen to Xiaoqian”

“I dont need you to care.

Young Master Yang, please leave immediately.

I wont see you again.”

Xiaoqians face was covered in tears as she looked at Yang Tianqi and his companion resolutely.

“Did you see that Shes chasing us already, but youre still sticking your warm face to her cold butt.”


Yang Tianqi looked at Xiaoqian guiltily.

“Master has given me a new life.

I cant disappoint him.”

“Grandma has already made it very clear that our family will no longer need you to stay here.

You can follow anyone.

That master of yours is very powerful.

He can do many things that we cant.”

“What about you When are you going back to the Academy”

The old granny pressed on Xiaoqians shoulder and said to them, “Xiaoqian will stay at home and prepare to take over the familys matters.

She wont return to the academy.”

At this moment, a mans voice suddenly came from outside the house.

This mans voice was very clear and he did not sound particularly old.

“Why dont you give me face and let this child study in the academy for a few more years”

“Who is it Why arent you showing your face What kind of hero are you if youre cowering”

As soon as they finished speaking, a strong light suddenly lit up outside the door.

The light was very blinding, making one unable to open their eyes.

When they opened their eyes, there was a pile of boxes in the hall.

Most of these boxes were inlaid with decorations like gems.

Even these boxes could be sold for a lot of money.

The members of the Demon Fox Clan had never seen so many treasures before.

They were dumbfounded as they looked at the pile of treasures that had suddenly appeared in the living room.

A graceful young master slowly walked out from behind the pile of treasure chests.

This person had delicate features and very young eyes.

“Sorry Im late.”

Li Yuanqing stood in the middle of the living room and apologized to the surrounding foxes.

They had never seen Li Yuanqing before.

Seeing that this kid was so young, they thought that he was just a child reporting from the front.

As expected, Hu Jiujiu slowly followed behind Li Yunqing.

This was the City Lord, a famous figure in Ping City.

“Welcome, City Lord!”

“I didnt know that the City Lord would come.

Please forgive me for not welcoming you!”

After the Fox Clan members saw Hu Jiujiu, they hurriedly welcomed her.

They formed a row in front of Hu Jiujiu and slowly bowed.

However, under everyones gaze, Hu Jiujiu walked behind Li Yuanqing and called out slowly.



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