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At the bottom of the spirit stone mountain, in an abandoned mine, Li Yuanqing followed the Prime Minister Turtle into the depths of the mine.

“Young Master, you might not know this, but this deep-sea mine was once a famous spirit mine.

After the spiritual energy inside was mine and exhausted, it was completely abandoned.”

“Lord Black Dragon…” The Prime Minister Turtles small eyes darted around and he immediately changed the way he addressed him.” Black Dragon feels that this place is very hidden and there are guards guarding it above.

Generally speaking, its very difficult to expose it, so he set up an array formation here.”

It didnt take long for them to reach a black wall.

The track under his feet extended below the black wall, as if this was the end of the road.

This black wall isolated Li Yuanqings divine sense.

Outside, Li Yuanqing wanted to investigate the situation inside, but his divine sense was mercilessly blocked.

“Whats going on”

The Prime Minister Turtle had been waiting carefully at the side.

“Young Master, weve only been here once.

Even His Majesty has never been inside.

Only Lord Black Dragon can go inside.

How can we know”

Liu Wen went up and grabbed the Prime Minister Turtles mustache, pulling him in front of him and staring at him for a long time.

The Prime Minister Turtles mustache hurt, but he did not dare to resist.

He could only smile.

“Little Young Master, I…”

Liu Wen stared at his face for a while before letting go.

“I dont think you dare to lie!”

“Little Young Master, what are you saying How would I dare to lie to you”

“Master, are we still keeping this person”

When the Prime Minister Turtle heard this, he shuddered and carefully approached Li Yuanqing.

“Young Master, I know the bottom of the sea like the back of my hand.

If you dont mind, keep me by your side.

Youll definitely use me in the future.

Moreover, my life is cheap.

Even if you kill me, itll dirty your hands.”

Liu Wen rolled up his sleeves and walked up to the Prime Minister Turtle.

He licked his lips and looked at him.

“Since we cant dirty Masters hands, Ill do it.”

“Forget it.

Hes still useful in the future.”

“Yes, Master.”

Prime Minister Turtle had just survived a calamity.

He knelt on the ground with a plop and shouted, “Thank you, Young Master!”

Li Yuanqing stood in front of the wall and silently sized up the black stone wall.

This stone was made of the same material as the black stones he had discovered.

It was also an ore produced by the Demon Realm.

This stone could very well isolate ones divine sense.

Even with his strength, if he could not enter, he would not be able to spy on the scene inside.

“If this entire wall is made of black stone, how did the spirit stones you dealt with enter”

The Prime Minister Turtle hurriedly stepped forward.

“Young Master, we were all ordered to put the spirit stones in those boxes.

When we get here, the boxes will naturally pass through the wall.”

“Is that so”

“Everything I said is true.

I definitely dont dare to hide anything.”

Li Yuanqing squatted down curiously and looked at the place where the track had disappeared.

He stretched out a hand.

Before he could touch the black wall below, he immediately felt a force repelling him.

“Theres an array formation”

Li Yuanqing was surprised to discover that there was a small array formation covering the place where the track had disappeared.

It completely covered a passageway that might exist here.

However, this array formation was very brilliant.

Although it should not be complicated, it should have used some higher-level methods.

He took out a set of array discs and casually placed them.

The array discs and a few small flags were inserted very evenly into the semicircle.

Li Yuanqing muttered something.

As his voice became louder, the small flags below gradually lit up.

Until the brightness became blinding and covered everything inside.

After a moment, the light gradually dimmed and everything returned to normal.

However, a square gap a meter long and wide appeared under the black stone wall, just enough to let the thing carried on the track pass.

“So thats it”

The Prime Minister Turtle had been here for his entire life.

Occasionally, he could come here with the king, but he had never understood the secrets behind it.

He did not expect to be lucky enough to see it today.

“Young Master is really a god! You actually have such ability!”

Liu Wen looked at the Prime Minister Turtle in disdain.

“My master has many abilities.

Does he need you to flatter him”

The Turtle Prime Minister smiled resentfully and said, “I was blind to not see your extraordinary ability.

I offended you just now.

If you need my help in the future, I wont hesitate to go through hell and high water.”

“Enough, stop talking nonsense here.

You can go out and guard.

Im warning you, dont think of playing any tricks!”

“Young Master, this…”

The Prime Minister Turtle looked at Li Yuanqing and hoped that Li Yuanqing could keep him.

Li Yuanqing said to him directly, “Hes right.

Theres nothing for you to do here.

Go out first and dont let anyone in.”

“Yes, sir!”

The Prime Minister Turtle retreated in disappointment after failing to flatter him.

Only the four of them were left in the abandoned mine.

Hu Qian was squatting at the entrance of the cave and looking in carefully.

“Sir, its dark inside.

I cant see anything.

Could there be some powerful demons inside”

Yang Tianqi also came up and squatted beside Hu Qian.

He carefully stretched out a hand into the darkness.

“What are you doing”

Xiaoqian immediately pulled his hand back.

“I want to see whats inside.”

“Why are you so stupid If theres a very powerful demon inside, it will bite off your hand.”

Yang Tianqi scratched his head and smiled.

“Its fine.

Master is here.

Im not afraid of any powerful demon beast.”

The two of them were chatting and laughing when the scene in front of them suddenly changed.

The three of them appeared in Li Yuanqings domain space again, this fragrant world.

They all looked around strangely at the abandoned mine that Li Yuanqing had taken in in the blink of an eye.

“Its very dangerous inside.

The three of you wait for me here.

Cultivate well and dont be negligent.”

“Yes, Master!”

In the mine, Li Yuanqings figure flashed past the black curtain and arrived on the other side of the cave.

This place was much brighter than the mine just now.

Four night pearls the size of heads were embedded in the cracks in the rocks at the top, and the light illuminated the entire cave.

There was only one exit here, which was the black hole behind him.

There was no other way in or out.

The nearby rock walls were even reinforced and filled with dense text.

There were also many array discs embedded in them.

Most of these array formations had a consolidation and shielding effect.

It was probably impossible to spy on the situation inside from the outside.

Black Dragon had set up this place so tightly that it was hiding the small array formation under Li Yuanqings feet.

The patterns on this array were not complicated.

It looked like a simple summoning array.

In a corner of the array, where the spirit stones were originally placed, there was a hole.

Li Yuanqing placed the spirit stone inside.

A bright light shone from under his feet, as if the entire space was filled with gas.

He felt that his feet were a little unstable as his body slowly rose.

At this moment, a golden frame appeared in the center of the array formation.

Li Yuanqing stared fixedly at the golden frame.

He was actually a little familiar with this scene.

After a while, the golden frame finally revealed its full appearance.

It was actually a golden door.

This golden door was exactly the same as the one he had seen on the Golden Light River.

If the golden gates of those two places were used to connect to the Immortal World, then it must be the same here.

Li Yuanqing looked at the golden door nervously.

He was not sure if the figures in the Immortal World could sense his existence through the passageway between the two.

After all, the Immortal World was a higher-level plane.

The people there should be very powerful, perhaps even more powerful than the strongest person he had imagined.

What would happen if those powerful people discovered his existence

Li Yuanqing took out the key and stood uneasily in front of the golden door.

He had experienced it many times before.

A light flashed in his hand and a small wooden person appeared.

That was his wood spirit clone.

The place they passed through every time they entered was different.

Where could it be behind this door

It was impossible for Li Yuanqing to take the risk to go over himself, but his wood spirit clone could go on his behalf.

With a flash of light, the scene in front of Li Yuanqing gradually became clear.

The wood spirit clone transformed into his appearance and slowly appeared in a dark and damp cave.

This place was not much different from the lower realm.

They were both using fluorite to provide light.

The fluorite on the wall flickered with a warm and flat light.

It was not blinding and he could see everything around him clearly.

He slowly walked out of the array formation.

There were many large boxes beside him, as well as various miscellaneous things that were casually piled up.

There were many human artifacts and many valuable things inside.

Yet, these artifacts might not be attractive to Li Yuanqing.

However, there were many strange materials that attracted Li Yuanqing.

These were mostly materials from the bodies of the demons.

There was a huge spine that flickered with golden light, as if it had been taken from a flood dragon.

It must have been thousands of years since the bones were refined into gold.

There was also the armor woven from bird feathers.

This armor was a finished product.

Just by wearing it, he felt as light as a swallow, as if he had disappeared from this space.

That light feeling was really intoxicating.

Li Yuanqing mercilessly put all these treasures into his bag.

He did not expect to come to the warehouse.

If he was not wrong, this warehouse must belong to the Black Dragon.

At the thought that this was the Black Dragons warehouse, Li Yuanqing became even more ruthless.

The Black Dragon had bullied the human race for so many years and emptied his entire treasure vault.

It was not a loss at all.

Li Yuanqing used his hands and feet to move the rare treasures that could not be seen in the lower realm into his domain one by one.

The Black Dragon had also collected a lot of demon cores.

They could obtain each others power by devouring demon cores.

These were all rare things.

Li Yuanqing only took a few.

The weakest of them had the strength of the peak of the Formation Arrangement Realm.There were even many second and third-grade Supremacy.

This demon core could be refined into a high-level pill when he returned.

He had plundered dozens of demon cores at once.

These were the Black Dragons life savings.

Li Yuanqing had emptied them just like that.

Just as Li Yuanqing was happily moving in, he suddenly felt a fluctuation outside.

Someone was here.

“This Azure Dragon! He has to force me to death!”

Outside the treasure vault, the Black Dragon gritted his teeth and cursed.

“I told him that I didnt get anything, but he still had to dig out such a piece of meat from my mouth.

This guy really doesnt have any morals!”

Black Dragon did not seem to be in a good mood today.

He opened his treasure vault and walked in indignantly.

He took a box that he had prepared at the outermost area.

He was about to leave when he suddenly felt something strange.

He looked strangely at the depths of his treasure vault.

Inside were all his most precious treasures, but now, he felt a little strange.

He put the box that he had taken into his storage bag and slowly walked inside.

He finally realized why he felt that something was wrong.

The shelves were originally filled with his favorite demon cores.

He had put in a lot of effort to put away these demon cores.

They were all very important things.

He had placed them in the most conspicuous place and would definitely be able to see them.

When he entered just now, he immediately felt that something was wrong.

It turned out that it was completely empty.

He walked up to the shelf, his mouth agape in shock.

The dozens of demon cores that he was most proud of were all gone.

“Who did it!”

Black Dragon roared angrily, causing the entire treasure vault to tremble.

At the door of the treasure vault, a very illusory figure cleverly fused with the surrounding environment.

He did not emit any aura.

The malleability of the wood spirit clone was very strong.

He slowly stuck to the wall and arrived at the exit.

He took advantage of the black dragons anger and quietly slipped out.

As soon as he left, the black dragon behind him turned into a tornado and swept out of the treasure vault.

The Black Dragon charged out of the passageway.

“No one is allowed to leave!”

Accompanied by the Black Dragons miserable roar, the protective array formation of his cave abode was instantly activated, enveloping the entire cave abode.

At the other end, the golden door closed instantly.


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