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“What happened”

Many array masters had just completed the first stage of their mission and were about to rest in the camp at the back when they saw this spectacular scene.

The thousands of demon beasts behind them moved very slowly, but they were very determined.

They were already approaching their camp and were about to squeeze it out.

“Quickly open the surrounding protection and isolate these demon beasts!”

The guards of the camp had been mobilized.

They were spread out on the north and south battle lines, forming a long row and slowly pushing forward.

Their mission here was to protect the safety of these array masters.

These array masters were very precious figures and could not be allowed to make any mistakes.

There was a tacit understanding between Sea City and the demons.

These demons were very intelligent.

Logically speaking, they should not have done anything out of line.

He did not know why they had gone crazy.

“Whats wrong”

Many array masters at the back were also attracted by the situation here and came over to temporarily put down their work.

Yang Tianqi had also set up most of the things in his hands.

Hu Qian frowned at the scene in front of her, looking a little uneasy.

Yang Tianqi noticed that Hu Qians condition was not right.

He asked carefully, “Whats wrong, Little Qian Are you feeling unwell”

Hu Qian looked solemnly at the beast tide that was squeezing over and said slowly, “Theyre not right!”

“Whats wrong”

“Its definitely not right for them to be like this.

Arent these guys sensible and honest They should be guarding their nests.” Liu Wen couldnt help but complain, “Weve arranged such a good cave for them and a temporary nest.

The people of Sea City have already done their part, but theyre still not satisfied.

Where are they going”

Hu Qian shook her head and looked at the scene below.

“The aura on these people is wrong.”

“Isnt the aura on the demon beast like that It seems to be something wrong”

Liu Wen muttered at the side.

Yang Tianqi glared at him and he obediently retreated to the side.

“What happened, Xiaoqian Did you sense anything”

“They should be here just to take refuge.

Weve already calmed them down, but now their auras are very suppressed, as if theyre trying to suppress some emotion.”

“How can that be City Lord Ye is so good to them.

Arent those demon beasts very satisfied”

“They were indeed quite satisfied with that situation before, but now I feel that its very dangerous.”

Yang Tianqi slowly took a step forward and stood beside Hu Qian, carefully staring at the front.

As they spoke, the soldiers at the front line had already slowly approached the front of the beast tide.

The captain was the first to bear the brunt.

He stood at the front and shouted at these demon beasts, “The camp is an important place.

Hurry up and retreat!”

He took out a golden token.

It was Ye Qiluos City Lord Token.

Ye Qiluo had already signed a contract with the demon beast alliance.

As long as they saw this token, it would be seeing her in person.

As expected, the moment this token appeared, the beast tide stopped moving.

Tens of thousands of demon beasts stopped in front of the camp.

The humans looked down at the demon beasts in the depression below.

Their expressions were very solemn.

They were even expressionless as they stood there like dead wood.

“Not good!”

Hu Qian suddenly grabbed Yang Tianqis hand.

“Whats wrong, Xiaoqian”


“Why should we leave”

Liu Wen walked up to Hu Qian.

Although he was usually sloppy, he was still very sharp at critical moments.

“What happened What did you find”

“Theyve lost their minds!”

Liu Wen turned around and was about to speak when he suddenly saw the eyes of the demon beasts at the foot of the mountain change color.

Originally, their gazes only made people feel a little depressed, but now, these guys eyes had all turned red.

The red light flickered in the distance, making one feel a sense of fear.


Yang Tianqi shouted.

The captain at the front line turned around and looked at Yang Tianqi unhappily.

They had rich experience dealing with demon beasts.

Although these demon beasts had learned the language and intelligence of the human race, they still retained their nature.

They could not retreat when facing them.

Once they retreated, it would immediately stimulate the beast nature in their hearts and cause them to be in danger.

If someone suddenly shouted to retreat at this time, it would shake the morale of the army.

However, the captain could not say anything else.

This third-grade Spirit Transformation human expert looked sideways behind him and suddenly felt a burning sensation on his chest.

He looked down in confusion and realized that a bowl-sized hole had appeared in his chest.

The hole was charred and blood could not flow out.

He could feel some very strange energy flowing through his meridians.


His subordinates looked at their respected captain with blemishes in their eyes.

Just as the captain turned around, a demon beast below suddenly shot out a red light from its forehead.

The red light hit the captains chest and pierced through him.

The captains token fell to the ground with a plop.

The moment the token fell to the ground, the demon beasts below seemed to have received some kind of signal.

They suddenly went crazy and charged towards the human camp at their fastest speed.



The human camp was immediately in chaos.

How could the guards in front dare to resist such a huge beast tide alone However, they were clearly standing in front of those demon beasts.

These people did not have any time to react at all.

They were directly drowned by the beast tide.

After a round of demon beasts passed, only bones were left.

The moment the demon beasts attacked, Hu Qian immediately pulled Yang Tianqi and Liu Wen towards the fortress behind her without looking back.

“Why is this happening Didnt those demon beasts already negotiate with City Lord Ye Why did they suddenly attack”

Liu Wen looked behind him in shock.

He had watched with his own eyes as the captain was killed by the demon beast.

It shocked him greatly.

He did not understand why those demon beasts would suddenly go crazy when they clearly had intelligence.

Could it be that they did not even want their lives

Now that Sea City had given them a refuge, they wanted to take revenge and attack the people of Sea City.

“Theyve lost their minds now.

Someone has to quickly report to the back, or no one here will be able to run back.”

Yang Tianqi had already sent a signal to Li Yuanqing the moment something happened.

Their master had left each of them a communication disc.

As long as this thing was around, they could contact their master immediately no matter where they were.

However, his master was still far away, but he was right in front of the beast tide.

They ran all the way into the base.

This base only had a newly built foundation.

Many array masters also followed them to this base.

There was a safe zone below the base and a simple array formation that they had just built.

If they could rely on this array formation to resist, they only needed to last for fifteen minutes before the reinforcements arrived.

The array masters panicked and crawled in the array formation.

This was the only place they could rely on.

Yang Tianqi also wanted to return to the place where they had set up the array formation just now, but he was pulled by Hu Qian to continue escaping.

She had no intention of stopping at all.

“Xiaoqian, we cant leave.

There are still so many people here.”

“Are you stupid There are tens of thousands of demon beasts.

What can you stop with an array formation that you havent set up Its even difficult for us to slow them down!”

Yang Tianqi watched as they fell behind and the three of them moved further and further away from the fortress.

A few array masters behind them glanced in the direction they were running.

However, those demon beasts were coming too quickly.

They were not confident that they could outrun the demon beasts.

Most of the array masters had crawled into the teaching materials.

A small number of them did not have the time to escape and were directly drowned by the demon beasts.

There were also some who watched as Yang Tianqi and the others left the fortress.

They relied on their skills to run out together.

At least they were still smart enough to know that there was no way to protect the embryonic form of the fortress.

Their only way out now was to drag it out as far as possible.

The more they dragged, the more likely they would become their sacrifices.

Yang Tianqi was running forward when he suddenly heard a loud bang behind him.

Immediately after, a violent tremor caught up from behind and almost overturned them to the ground.

The fortress that they had painstakingly built had cost so much effort.

But they were trampled into ruins by the tens of thousands of demon beasts with their own eyes.

Most importantly, there were still hundreds of outstanding array masters below.

They were still in the fortress, and now, they had all become burial objects.

“What are you still looking at Leave!”

Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi looked behind them in a daze.

The two of them were so shocked that they did not know if they could move.

Hu Qian was still calm at this moment.

She pulled the two of them and continued to escape.

There was still another group of demon beasts chasing after them.

“What happened”

The few humans who were also escaping also noticed the commotion and approached.

They were a few powerful Spirit Transformation Realm experts.

Their movement speed was enough to support them as they ran all the way here.

“Which group are you dolls from”

“We are under the name of Team Seven, Liu Wangchuan.”

“Wheres your team leader”

“We dont know either.”

These people gathered together and communicated with each other.

They realized that the leader of Team Seven had fallen behind and did not follow them up.

It was very likely that he had already died in the beast tide.

“Many members of Team Seven were gathered together just now.

I think I saw Liu Wangchuan with them.

He should be guarding the fortress together.”

Everyone knew what it meant to guard the fortress at this time.

“Weve already sent a distress signal to Sea City.

Theyll send someone over soon.

However, the scale of this beast tide is too big.

The reason is still unclear.

Everyone, you still have to work harder and not fall behind.”

“Its fine.

Were all in a very good state now.

Theyre also blocked by the fortress.

We just have to continue escaping like this and well definitely be able to shake them off.

At that time, reinforcements will arrive.

Everyone, dont be afraid.”

“Thats right.

Although such a thing has happened, no one can panic.”

Everyone gathered their strength together and formed a human-shaped staircase.

Their speed increased by more than twenty percent compared to before and they continued to escape from the fortress.

There were less than a hundred people left.

However, most of them were experts with high cultivation levels.

Most of them were above the Spirit Transformation realm.

A few of them who were not at the Spirit Transformation realm had treasures on them, so they could escape.

Such a lineup quickly swept past the horizon towards the edge of the desert and gradually approached.

Behind them, the groups of demon beasts followed step by step.

There was no lack of Formation Arrangement Realm cultivators among these demon beasts.

After their speed increased, they shuttled up in the blink of an eye.

Even though the strength of the human team in front had already increased greatly, the distance between the two sides was still shrinking at a visible speed.

“No, if this continues, well be caught before long.”

Suddenly, someone glanced at Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi.

He suggested, “If we continue to gather like this, well probably be completely wiped out by the demon beasts later.

I think we still have a chance to preserve some strength if we split up and escape now.”

“I dont agree.

We can only run so fast because we work together now.

If our speed immediately drops, it wont be long before the demon beasts catch up.

At that time, well only die.”

“But we cant escape at our current speed.

If we dont split up, everyone will die together.

Youre all being soft-hearted now!”


“Moreover, we still have so many Grotto-Heaven Realm children with us.

How can we shake them off if this continues”

Everyones attention was also on Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi.

If not for Hu Qian pulling the two of them from behind, they would have fallen behind long ago.

However, Hu Qians actions did not contribute to the speed of the entire team.

Hu Qians eyes narrowed as she stared fixedly at the humans in front of her and warned, “No one can give up on the two of them.”

“Little girl, youre a demon.

Bring the two of them to discuss with the demon brothers behind you.

I dont think they will make things difficult for you!”

“Thats right.

At this time, our team still has to take in demons.

Hurry up and get lost!”


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