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Hu Qian pulled Liu Wen and Yang Tianqi and left the team.

The three of them watched as the human team headed in another direction and left them.

“What are you doing”

Liu Wen looked anxiously in the direction those people had left and then back at the surging beast tide.

“What do you mean what am I doing Theyre about to chase us away.

Are we going to stay there forever”

“Theyre all of the same race as us humans.

Why did you let them leave on their own What if something happens”

Hu Qian glared at him angrily and said, “Do you understand the situation Were in danger now.

You should think about how to escape.”

“No, we cant abandon them.”

Liu Wen broke free from Hu Qians hand and ran slowly in the direction of the human team.


He was still shouting as he ran.

However, his voice was too soft.

It was unknown if the people in front did not hear him or did not care at all.

No one turned around to look at him.

Hu Qians face turned red with anger as she glared at Liu Wen behind her.

For a moment, she did not know if she should leave.

“Are you crazy You cant even save your own life, yet you still want to save others.”

Yang Tianqi suddenly grabbed Hu Qians hand.

“Hes right.

We cant abandon them.

As long as were together, we can still survive.

If they escape on their own, they will all die.”

“What are the two of you thinking Dont tell me you really think you can escape from the beast tide with just the two of you”

Yang Tianqi thought for a moment and replied very frankly, “Thats what Sister Little Man said.”


“Ignore it for now.

Well know in a while.

We have to catch up.”

The people fleeing in front heard the faint shout behind them, but none of them looked back.

Now was not the time to extend a helping hand.

“Everyone! This is already a critical moment.

Dont hide anymore.

Take out all your Dharma artifacts and dont be stingy with your strength.

Come and help me.

We have to speed up.”


They stepped on a long and narrow dragon boat.

The group stood in a row on the dragon boat with their hands pressed to the side.

The power in their bodies was constantly poured into the dragon boat.

The dragon boat was extremely fast.

Like a small rocket, it tore through the sky with a whoosh.

Its speed had increased greatly compared to before.

Soon, it left Liu Wen and the others behind.

The three fellows had already disappeared.

In the end, someone saw Liu Wens figure seem to be drowned in the rolling beast tide.

This was also normal.

Little fellows like them with such low cultivation levels were only some sacrifices when they encountered such difficulties.

They were already lucky enough to be able to escape here.

“Everyone, dont be distracted anymore.

Those two brats are in cahoots with the demons to begin with.

It shouldnt be a problem even if they are disappointed.”

“Speaking of which, these demons are really extremely cunning.

Weve already discussed it well.

Were kind-hearted and gave them such a huge territory.But they repay kindness with ingratitude.

Well definitely remember this hatred when we return!”

“Thats right.

Perhaps these guys are spies who are secretly hiding among the humans and waiting for an opportunity.”

“In that case, chasing them out early just now was a wise move.”

When everyone gathered together to discuss this, they found a very legitimate reason for this matter.

It sounded like Liu Wen and the others deserved to die.

However, just as they relaxed, they suddenly heard a roar from behind.

They could not help but turn around and look behind them.

A huge demon beast that was hundreds of feet tall had jumped out.

The demon beast only jumped out a thousand feet and approached them at a very fast speed.

“This is bad.

Everyone, work harder and quickly pull away!”

They had been chatting and laughing just now, but now, they immediately became serious.

At this time, no one dared to relax at all.

If they were not careful, they would be doomed.

They tried their best to speed up.

However, the distance between the demon beast behind them was still shrinking at a visible speed.

The hundred or so people on the dragon boat slowly looked at their companions beside them and sized them up.

“Fellow Daoists, its really difficult for us to survive today.

I still have two dragon boats here.

Why dont we split up and escape”

“Thats right.

Although the demon beasts behind are powerful, there are only a few of them.

If we split up, we will definitely confuse them.

However, while they were hesitating, we had already escaped a hundred miles away and escaped danger.”

Those with weaker cultivation were naturally unwilling to agree to such a suggestion.

As long as they left the team, they would end up like the few people behind.

However, it was not their turn to speak at this time.

The few people with high cultivation levels in front of them seemed to be singing a duet.

After talking to themselves, they immediately made a decision.

“I saw that we were slightly stronger, so I brought a team to walk in front of that demon beast and lure it away.

Hurry up and escape.

Ill buy you enough time.”

After he finished speaking, he threw out the two dragon boats without any explanation.

The two dragon boats expanded in the wind and became a thousand feet long in a short while, blocking the side.

The leaders turned around and jumped onto a dragon boat at the side, separating from the two teams.

“Everyone, this is all we can do today.

I hope youll be lucky enough to meet me in Sea City!”


There were still people behind who wanted to ask them to stay, but they had already run in one direction without looking back.

The people behind panicked and split into two teams, trying their best to escape.

It was useless to say anything else at this time.

Since they had already split up, they could only follow their team and escape.

However, those seniors had said that they wanted to help them stop the demon beasts behind them, but they had already escaped without a trace in just a short while.

How could they have any intention of stopping them

“Everyone, the demon beasts behind us are getting closer and closer.”

“Dont look back.

Run forward.

Well definitely be able to escape!”

Before they could finish their sentence, their feet suddenly trembled.

It turned out that the dragon boat had been working for too long and was already showing signs of instability.

“Steady, if we run further, well escape soon!”

However, just as he finished speaking, the dragon boat under his feet suddenly trembled violently and fell apart.

Dozens of people rolled off the dragon boat and fell to the ground.

They couldnt care less about the sand and stones and fled in panic.

The beast tide quickly caught up.

They could only watch as the dark clouds behind them slowly enveloped them.

However, just as the light in front of him was about to completely disappear, a golden ball suddenly appeared out of thin air.

They bounced back and forth in the surging beast tide behind.

It rolled above them and opened its mouth, swallowing all the dozens of people.

These humans thought that they had been eaten by some strange demon beast.

All of them closed their eyes in grief, and some of them were even shouting in fear.

However, when they regained their senses, they realized that they were in midair and were still jumping up and down.

Under their feet was a golden shield.

The shield was very thick and wrapped them in the middle like a big balloon.

Below the balloon were the demon beasts.

The ball of light was flying forward among the demon beasts.

The speed of the golden ball of light was about the same as the speed of the beast tide.

It was like a golden egg chasing the waves.

The bewildered humans slowly looked around, not understanding their situation.

When they looked up, they saw Liu Wen sitting on the lotus platform with his eyes closed.

“Who is that”

“Isnt that the guy who fell behind just now”

“Why is he here”

“Isnt he already dead”

They all looked at Liu Wen in surprise.

Logically speaking, Liu Wen should already be a corpse.

Just now, they had watched as Liu Wen was killed by the beast tide and disappeared without a trace.

It was impossible for him to survive.

But now, Liu Wen was standing in front of him alive and without any signs of injury.

He was still sitting on the lotus platform like a golden Buddha, as if the light emitted from Liu Wen was protecting them.

Everyone looked at Liu Wen in confusion, but no one dared to disturb him.

“Ill leave this to you.”

Liu Wen suddenly opened his eyes and stared ahead with a burning gaze.

It was unknown who he was talking to.

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, another identical golden ball of light suddenly darted out from the side.

These two balls of light were side by side and rolled at the front of the beast tide.

However, these demon beasts had no intention of attacking the golden balls of light.

It was as if in the eyes of these demon beasts, this golden ball of light should exist.

There was no reason to attack at all.

“This is”

“Theres actually another one.”

“What are they going to do”

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, the dark sand in front of them suddenly thinned.

It turned out that the other group of people who had fled in a panic on the dragon boat like them had already been caught up.

Although those peoples dragon boats were not broken, their speed was still much inferior to demon beasts.

The demon beast army behind them had already swarmed up and immediately drowned them.

The humans on the dragon boat were still struggling with all their might.

They desperately poured their strength into the dragon boat, trying to increase the speed of the dragon boat.

However, this was useless.

After being played a few times, the demon beasts behind pounced at them like they had gone crazy.

They did not leave any backup plans at all and tried to tear them into pieces.

A bolt of purple lightning landed at the front of the dragon boat.

The lightning blocked the dragon boats path and shattered it, causing fragments to fall to the ground.

The huge lion at the front roared angrily.

He waved his brown fur, opened his bloody mouth, and pounced at the humans.

He had clearly succeeded just now, but he was intercepted halfway.

This time, he had to eat these humans no matter what.

He would swallow them directly and not even leave any bones behind.

However, just as their mouths were about to fall, golden light suddenly flashed before their eyes.

A huge golden ball of light appeared out of thin air and smashed heavily towards the humans below.

The Purple Electric Bear Lion watched as the golden ball of light smashed all the humans into powder.

In the end, not even their bones were left.

Then, the huge ball swaggered and continued rolling forward.

He still did not understand what had happened.

Where did this guy get the ability to be so arrogant and ruin his plans time and time again However, there should still be humans ahead.

Those auras were stronger.

No matter what, he could not get on this huge ball and ruin his plan.

In the golden ball of light.

Hu Qian stared at the humans below unhappily.

These guys had shaken them off without hesitation just now.

Now, they wanted to save them.

How laughable was that

Although Yang Tianqi had said a lot of principles, Hu Qian did not listen at all.

She only knew that none of these people were worth saving.

“Are you all okay”

“Were fine.

Thank you for saving us!”

At this moment, they also recognized that Yang Tianqi was the few youths who had been expelled just now.

They had originally slandered them for colluding with the demons.

However, in the end, they still had to be saved by them.

This was too comical.

“Dont thank me.

Its what I should do.”

Yang Tianqi was not being polite with him.

When Sister Little Man gave them this life-saving crystal ball, she had also reminded them several times that if they could help others as much as possible, the capacity of this golden ball of light was still very large.

This ball was a life-saving treasure that Little Man had spent a lot of effort to make.

Ordinary people had never seen it before.

“Young Hero, you are kind-hearted.

We are really ashamed that you could ignore the past and save us.

Please accept our worship!”

As they spoke, they wanted to kneel down.

Yang Tianqi wanted to stop them, but he still had to stand on the lotus platform and drive the golden ball of light away.

He could not be distracted.

He could only watch as the dozens of seniors with profound cultivation knelt at his feet.

“Seniors, what are you doing Youre all top array masters in Ping City.

Saving you is also for the sake of the entire Ping City.”

“This human is so cunning!”

Fifty miles ahead, Black Dragon slowly disappeared into the air.


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