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In the forest of the array formation competition, a ten-thousand-foot-long chessboard was located in the depths of the forest.

At this moment, there were a few figures standing at the edge of the chessboard.

After going through many checkpoints, there were only ten array masters left.

Li Yuanqing scanned these peoples faces through Little Mans gaze.

There was no need to say anything about Liu Wen and the other two.

These three were taught by Li Yuanqing and Little Man.

Although their personal disciples were still young, their attainments in array formations were very deep.

Two of the remaining seven people were not old and were very famous.

These two people, a man and a woman, were called Chai Ming and Li Jing.

These two people were both in their seventies or eighties.

They were in their prime and were both at the fifth-grade Spirit Transformation Realm.

Little Man had once mentioned to Li Yuanqing about these two people.

She respected these two very perceptive array masters very much.

She thought that the two of them were the leaders of the future human array masters.

Many seniors who studied array formations also liked these two juniors very much.

The two of them were also famous in Ping City.

Generally speaking, powerful array masters would have a powerful Chamber of Commerce behind them.

The relationship between the Chamber of Commerce and the array masters was very deep.

The Chamber of Commerce would not allow it under normal circumstances that the array masters attitude was not firm and swayed left and right.

However, Chai Mings situation was completely different from Li Jings.

Although the two of them had yet to sign a contract with the Myriad Treasure Chamber of Commerce, they could still obtain a huge amount of resources from the Myriad Treasure Chamber of Commerce every year for them to cultivate.

This was considered a unique matter.

Although the two of them were only grade five array masters, their strength was extraordinary.

The other five were old formation masters who had been famous for a long time.

After receiving the more systematic array formation knowledge from Li Yuanqing, they had all improved greatly.

They were now top figures in the human array formation team.

Each of them represented a huge faction.

Just like this old man with white hair and a youthful face, he only held an ordinary wooden piece in his hand and crossed it on his forearm.

His name was Liu Tianchi, and the symbol of a sixth-grade array master was clearly on his sleeve.

This Master Liu was the array master of the Myriad Treasure Chamber of Commerce.

Not far from him, a slightly younger man nodded at him in admiration.

This mans name was Qu Lin.

He was the array master of the Treasure Pavilion and was also a famous figure.

The other three were Wan Qingshan, who represented the Spirit Qi House, Liu Muyun, and Qiu Huan of the Sea Pavilion.

“State Preceptor, since weve already gathered here, I wonder when the last question can be officially announced.

Today will definitely be a hearty competition.”

It was obvious that Liu Tianchi was a senior.

Before anyone else said anything, he dared to stand up and ask the sky.

A light flashed in the sky, and a slender and beautiful woman fell straight from the sky into the center of the chessboard.

This woman was Little Man, a pretty little demon girl.

She looked a little discordant in such a pile of old humans.

“State Preceptor!”

Everyone outside the chessboard bowed respectfully to Little Man.

All of them had been taught by Little Man.

Although many of them had already lived for two to three hundred years, they were still too young in front of the State Preceptor.

Little Man looked around with a smile and her gaze landed on Liu Wen and the other two for a while.

“I didnt expect everyone to reach this last level so quickly.

Its much faster than I imagined.”

“Its all thanks to your teachings.

We didnt waste your efforts.”

Little Man raised her hands, and a phantom appeared on the huge chessboard, rising from her feet to her head.

The huge chessboard was set up in the sky.

The entire chessboard had a total of eighty-one squares.

It was divided into nine small areas by three big curves.

“There are only nine areas in total.

In the initial state, each person or team can only have one area.

“You have to try your best to plunder more territory from the other party.

In the end, the only thing that can make the entire chessboard yours is the champion of this array master competition.”

After Little Man finished speaking, the huge chessboard phantom above her head dissipated faintly.

“The competition officially begins!”

Little Man had only said a few words when she silently disappeared.

The huge chessboard flickered slightly and was divided into nine squares.

Many array masters present looked at each other and took a step forward, landing in the closest area beside them.

Many of them had come in groups, but when these groups arrived, most of them dispersed.

Yang Tianqi and Hu Qian occupied the west while Liu Wen landed in the southwest corner.

On the other side of Liu Wen was Liu Muyun from the Three Mountain Association.

Chai Ming and Li Jing stood in the north.

The atmosphere at the scene was a little stiff.

Logically speaking, the middle of each side had a certain weight.

It was fine if the two pairs snatched one each, but Liu Muyun happened to occupy a position in the south.

Now, only the east side was left.

The remaining elders of the Formation Masters Association had their own schemes.

None of them dared to take the initiative to choose.

Instead, their gazes landed on Liu Tianchi.

It was Qu Lin who spoke on behalf of everyone.

He cupped his hands at Liu Tianchi and said, “Elder Liu, you should be in charge of the east.”

Liu Tianchi smiled and cupped his hands at Qu Lin.

“Were both competitors here.

Theres no need to be modest with each other.

Everyone can choose their own place.

The State Preceptor is still waiting for our results outside.”

“Elder Liu is really admirable.”

“This is nothing.

I just dont want to cause trouble for the State Preceptor.”

After Liu Tianchi sat down on the east side, the remaining few finally filled the remaining three corners.

Qu Lin and Wan Qingshan landed on both sides of Liu Tianchi.

In the end, only Qiu Huan of the Sea Pavilion was left in the northwest.

As the only female array master here who occupied a space alone, the others looked at her with concern.

The space in the middle was finally controlled.

Everyone had a tacit understanding that no one chose this place.

If the person in the middle was strong enough, it could be said that he could spread in all directions, but at the same time, he would face the corrosion from eight sides.

This chessboard was very vast.

There were many basic patterns on it, and it was made of special materials.

There was also an abundant supply of spiritual energy below.

It could be said that this huge chessboard was the best array disc.

After choosing their territory, everyone began to take action.

They took out the array formation sets that they were most familiar with.

There were at least a hundred small array flags floating in the air and slowly landing at specific points.

There were holes the size of array flags that had long flowed out of the chessboard.

Those array flags were embedded into these holes and were seamless.

After the small flags landed, it was the array disc at the core of the array formation.

Liu Wen held a black gold array disc in his hand and brewed it silently.

Yang Tianqi and Hu Qian each held an array disc and landed in two directions.

They pressed the array disc together.

When the array disc landed, countless curves radiated from the palm-sized array disc.

They connected the small array flags along the ravine that had already been drawn on the chessboard.

The array flag flickered with a dazzling golden light.

The patterns that had already been engraved on its body were very blinding.

When the intense light gradually weakened, Yang Tianqi and Hu Qians figures gradually disappeared into the air.

A world of ice and snow flickering with ice crystals slowly took shape in that area, as if it had become a small world.

In the beginning, this ice world was only flickering with the light of ice crystals.

Slowly, a violent wind began to blow.

The violent wind kept howling, blowing snowflakes the size of goose feathers into the air.

Liu Wen watched as Yang Tianqi and Hu Qian finished setting up the array formation.

He slowly put down the black gold array disc in his hand.

After the black gold array disc was buckled down, the entire chessboard was completely activated.

Metal machines slowly climbed up from the ground and slowly gathered into a steel torrent.

There were tall mountains with steel skeletons that towered into the clouds.

There were also tall giants that flickered with a metallic luster.

Even his small world and the sun in the sky were like a huge metal disc.

He himself had transformed into a Metal Lord and sat upright on the mountain, looking down at all living beings.

“Master, the three of them have actually grown so much.” Little Man, who was outside, was very surprised to see this.

An array formation could fuse very well with the surrounding environment.

The highest realm was naturally created with human strength.

The array formation had the power of that domain.

They could tell that the three little fellows had improved greatly in this year of training.

They had also upgraded their core array formations a lot.

They were already very mature.

Li Yuanqing was also very satisfied with their performance.

He and Little Man were in the clouds, their bodies covered by the white clouds in the sky, silently watching the people below.

Not only were the array master competition much more successful than expected, but these famous masters had also performed very well.

There were also a few new generation figures who could display their brilliance on this stage, making Li Yuanqing feel even more at ease about the future of the human race.

Below, Liu Tianchi had already transformed into a snow-white bear.

He stood on the snow peak of the mountain.

The snow-white peak hid the white bear, and the cold power kept spreading out.

As expected of the huge power displayed by the array formation master the moment it was formed, Liu Tianchi gave everyone around him a lot of pressure.

His array formation was constantly eroding on three sides step by step, much faster than the others.

Although the intersection of the two array formations looked very calm, there was a very intense conflict.

If one looked carefully enough, they would be able to see that the distorted space at the intersection of the two array formations was constantly exploding.

The spatial fragments produced by the collusion were constantly exploding.

If one was slightly weaker, they would be blasted into pieces as long as they endured such a weak explosion.

Although most of them were only Spirit Transformation cultivators, their array formations were released to a large extent under the enhancement of the thick chessboard below.

Even Formation Arrangement Realm experts would find it difficult to fight against them.

The steel beast that Liu Wen had transformed into hammered the spatial barrier.

His main attack was towards the east, Liu Muyuns river.

Every strike of his steel giant caused a storm in Liu Muyuns space.

A half-fish-half-man suddenly jumped out of the river.

His upper body was Liu Muyun.

At this moment, he was holding a trident and looking in Liu Wens direction solemnly.

Initially, he thought that Liu Wen was already very lucky to be able to reach this step at such a young age.

Moreover, he was only a grade three array master, so he treated Liu Wen as a pushover.

However, he did not expect that not only was Liu Wens resistance very tenacious, but his strong counterattack also gave him a lot of pressure, making him almost unable to take care of himself.

Fortunately, he gathered his strength in time and stabilized it for the time being.

At this moment, Wan Qingshan finally took the opportunity to attack when he saw that he was flustered.

Under the pincer attack, Liu Muyun was clearly flustered and did not know what to do for a moment.

He stirred up a storm and counterattacked Liu Wens domain again.

Wan Qingshan was a ruthless person.

It was already very difficult for him to stabilize the current situation.

However, Liu Muyun realized that his attack seemed to have fallen into a swamp.

The wave had just slapped down when it disappeared, as if its power had been devoured by something.

He was shocked and looked at Liu Wen in disbelief.

At this moment, the others felt the same.

All of them felt as if their strength had been devoured by something.

Most of their attacks had been neutralized.

Liu Wen was also very puzzled.

He looked at Liu Muyun and really did not know what strange move this guy had come up with to actually have such a trump card.

“Master, somethings wrong.

Why do I feel that the power flow in the array formation below is very fast It seems like theres a problem with the array formation.

Should we stop the competition immediately”

Just as Little Man was hesitating and about to ask Li Yuanqing for confirmation, she turned around and realized that Li Yuanqing had disappeared.

“Strange, when did Master leave”


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