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In a dark space.

A man in a Daoist robe with his hair draped behind him stood in the void.

A few lights and shadows flashed in front of him.

Suddenly, an opening appeared in the space behind him.

A young fellow jumped in from the crack.

Without a word, he took out a sword and stabbed the man in the back.

Although this man looked like he was sleeping with his eyes closed, his dodging speed was very fast.

In an instant, he appeared hundreds of feet away.

He slowly stood there and opened his eyes.

His pupils emitted a golden light that was extremely dazzling.

“Who are you”

The man was the first to ask.

Li Yuanqing held his sword and stared at the man with a burning gaze.

“I should be the one asking you that! Were holding a competition here.

Why are you causing trouble”

“So you were the one who organized this competition” The man seemed to be very interested in Li Yuanqing.

“It has been a long time since the Lower Realm has produced so many array masters.”

“Does that mean youre from the Immortal World”

The man stared at Li Yuanqing in confusion for a while.

“You clearly have the aura of the Immortal World on you, but the power in your body is all the corroded spiritual energy of the Lower Realm.

Whats wrong with you”

Li Yuanqing slowly put away his sword and warned the man, “Theres no need for you people from the Immortal World to make things difficult for us from the Lower Realm.

Were just holding a small array master competition.

Its not a big deal, right”

“Of course not.

If you like to hold competitions, you can hold more.

I dont mind.”

“Then please dont cause trouble again.

Otherwise, I wont be polite next time.”

“Oh Is that so” Li Yuanqings words piqued the mans interest.

“From what youre saying, your attainments in array formations should be much stronger than theirs.”

“What does it have to do with you”

Li Yuanqings words rendered the man speechless for a moment.

He suddenly burst out laughing.

“Thats true.

Let me make it clear.

I dont have any hostility towards you.

On the contrary, when I saw that there were so many array masters in the Lower Realm, my hands were itchy, so I released my golden beetles.

Ill create some difficulty for them as a form of support for the humans in the Lower Realm.”

“If you have such intentions, Ill thank you first.

However, we dont need your kindness.”

Before Li Yuanqing could finish, the man raised his hand and continued, “Im very curious about you now.

Can you tell me which sect youre from”

“Which sect are you from”

“Im Yun Tian from Huang Sect.”

The mans answer was very straightforward, causing Li Yuanqing to be stunned.

“And you”

“Qianji Sect, Li Yuanqing.”

“So youre from the Qianji Sect.

Youre indeed from the Immortal World.

Then why are you here”

The man looked at Li Yuanqing in confusion.

“Arent you afraid that Ill tell this to the inspectors of the Immortal World”

The Qianji Sect was a human sect that Bai Mei had once studied at.

Li Yuanqing had just had an idea and used this sect as his.

In any case, there were many disciples in these sects.

It was difficult for him to distinguish them now.

Moreover, it was reasonable for him to have such a powerful array formation that was good at mechanisms.

“If you wanted to complain, you would have done so long ago.

You wouldnt have wasted your breath on me.”

Yun Tian nodded slightly and looked at Li Yuanqing in admiration.

“Not bad.

Although you dont look old, your courage is not bad.

If it were an ordinary sect disciple, they would probably be scared out of their wits by my words.”

“If theres nothing else, please leave as soon as possible.

This competition is very important to these people from the Lower Realm.”

Li Yuanqing did not waste his breath on him and directly ordered him to leave.

Yun Tian was no longer in a hurry.

He looked at Li Yunqing and said maliciously, “Kid, since Im passing by today, I have to help teach these humans from the lower realm.”

“No, this has nothing to do with you.

Dont cause trouble.”

“Kid, what are you saying Why can you hold this competition for those humans here Cant I play with you”

As Yun Tian spoke, he opened a crack in the dark void in front of him, revealing the huge chessboard below.

The chessboard was flickering with golden spots of light.

Just now, these little insects had quickly filled all the array formations from the outside.

The many array masters below were all suffering.

They felt as if their strength had hit cotton.

Just now, they could not bear to use their strength, but now, they felt as if all the strength in their bodies was being sucked out by a catheter.

Their bodies are getting weaker and weaker.

Liu Wens steel skeleton began to tremble.

Although he was still trying to attack, the efficiency of each attack was very low.

This forced him to give up on attacking for the time being and switch to defense.

However, this defense was not a long-term solution.

After retracting his strength and condensing it in his body, his strength was losing faster and faster.

Yun Tian stretched out his hand and waved at the chessboard from afar.

When he pulled his hand back, a black square platform appeared in his hand.

“Not bad.

Could it be that you refined this Dharma artifact too” Yun Tian looked at the Devil Crystal Platform in her hand in admiration.

“Although this thing hasnt reached the realm of a Dharma treasure, its considered top-notch among Dharma artifacts.

I can tell that youve spent a lot of effort to kill many devils.”

As he spoke, a strong light suddenly brushed past his nose.

He was already prepared for it.

He leaned back and dodged Li Yuanqings sword energy at a very strange angle.

He looked at Li Yuanqing meaningfully and said, “Brother, dont be anxious.

If you dont want me to complain, let me in to play.

Otherwise, these golden beetles below will immediately suck your chessboard dry.

At that time, Im afraid you array masters wont be able to withstand it.”

Li Yuanqing did not expect that the array formation competition that he had painstakingly organized could actually summon people from the Immortal World.

Moreover, this fellows strength was extraordinary.

He could display powerful strength with a single move.

His comprehension of array formations was also extraordinary.

It would probably be a little rude to attack him.

“Ive already warned you.

This place has nothing to do with you.

Please leave as soon as possible.

Otherwise, I wont be so polite the next time I attack.”

Yun Tian touched his nose and nodded gently in approval.

“Did your Qianji Sect go to the Sword Sect to cultivate I see that your sword technique is very exquisite.

Im afraid youre not someone who spends all day studying array formations.”

“I dont mind if you want to see it.”

“Forget it.” Yun Tian hurriedly raised his hands in surrender.

“I hate the Sword Sect the most.

If I fight them, more than half of my things will be destroyed.

A group of lunatics who only know how to attack and dont care about defense.”

“Then return the devil crystal platform to me.”

Li Yunqing put the sword behind him and stretched out a hand.

Yun Tian looked at the Devil Crystal Platform in his hand and thought for a moment.

Suddenly, he said, “Since you cant do anything to me and I dont want to fight you, the two of us will fight on this chessboard.”

“What are you going to do”

“Its actually very simple.

I can tell that the methods of the young people below are very similar to yours.

Im afraid they were taught by you.

If Im not wrong, its most likely your credit that they fought with such a group of old antiques from the lower realm at such a young age.”

“So what if thats true”

Yun Tian smiled and drew a piece on the chessboard.

It was Chai Ming and Li Jings area.

“I want these two people.

You want those three little fellows.

The two of us will be on this chessboard and manipulate them to compete.

If I win, I will take away your little thing.”

“What if you lose”

“I lose” Yun Tian was suddenly stunned.

He had never thought of this outcome.

After thinking for a long time, he finally said in frustration, “Then Ill give each of the three little fellows a Dharma treasure array flag.

Your little thing is far from worth that much, right”


“Cut the crap.

Win me first if you have the ability.”

The two people above discussed the outcome, but the people below were still unaware of the situation above.

They were still suffering in pain and did not know what had happened.

They only felt the power in their bodies constantly flowing away.

They thought that it was a test from Little Man.

None of them dared to give up first.

Just as everyone was still suffering bitterly, the scenery in front of them suddenly blurred.

All the array formations had disappeared.

Other than the five people chosen just now, the remaining five famous level six array formation poems were all expelled from the chessboard.

They looked at the scene in front of them in confusion, not knowing what they had done wrong to be expelled.

“Elder Liu”

“State Preceptor, what happened”

They all looked up at the sky in confusion.

At this moment, a very majestic figure suddenly appeared in the sky.

This person was wearing a light-colored Daoist robe and his hair was disheveled.

His eyes were like stars as he looked at the people below.

“All of you can leave!”

As soon as this person finished speaking, the elders suddenly felt the world spin.

When they regained their senses, they had already appeared in the square.

Outside were the array masters surrounding this place.

They looked at the seniors in front of them in shock.

These people were all hot favorites for the championship this time.

They did not expect them to all be sent out at the same time.

Didnt this mean that they were clearly eliminated

For a moment, the entire square was silent.

No one dared to speak.

They did not know what to say in the face of the fact that these seniors had been eliminated.

On the chessboard, the nine areas suddenly turned into two sides.

There was a long black line between the upper and lower spaces.

The black line slowly formed waves and gradually transformed into a black river.

On both sides of the black river stood Liu Wen, Yang Tianqi, and Hu Qian, as well as Chai Ming and Li Jing.

The five of them looked at each other from afar across the river.

The chessboard under their feet had unknowingly become a very wide land.

Two people slowly descended from the sky and landed on both sides of the river.

“Brother Li, when do you think we can start”

Chai Ming looked at the man in front of him.

The two of them did not know anything about this man, nor did they know why this guy suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Who are you Why are you here”

Yun Tian turned around and revealed half of his face.

He looked at Chai Ming.

“Now, you have to be my disciple for an hour.

I forgive your rudeness just now.”

“Who wants to be your disciple”

Chai Ming held Li Jings hand and wanted to leave, but this land was very vast and he could not see the end.

This was clearly a space formed by an array formation, but he could not feel the aura of any array formation.

This suffocating feeling that was like staring into an abyss made him very afraid.

Yun Tian shrugged helplessly and looked at the two of them.

“Dont waste your energy.

I chose the tall one among the shorts.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have chosen you.

Everyone will make do.”

“Who the hell are you What do you want”

“Its very simple.

The two of you just have to listen to my orders later and win this competition for me.

Theres no need to think too much.

Ill help you arrange it.”

“Why should I listen to you”

“Why should you”

Yun Tian found it unbelievable that they asked such a question.

He pointed two fingers at the two of them.

Chai Ming suddenly felt his entire body stiffen.

His entire body was completely out of control.

The power in his body seemed to have become someone elses, becoming very unfamiliar.

He felt like he had become an ordinary person who had never started cultivating.

“The two of you dont have to listen to me sincerely.

I have a way to let you compete well.”

On the other side, Liu Wen looked at Li Yuanqing, who had suddenly appeared.

He pounced on him in surprise and hugged him.


Li Yuanqing smiled and patted Liu Wen.

This kid had already grown so big, but he still had such a young face.

The three of them looked about the same age.

“I have seen the results of the three of you training outside for the past year.”


Yang Tianqi and Hu Qian knelt in front of Li Yuanqing.

“Master, what happened Who is that person opposite us”

“Do you remember that I once taught you an array formation where the three of you cooperate”


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