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At both ends of the river, two fortresses slowly stood up from the chessboard.

On the left, dozens of puppets were evenly distributed on the chessboard.

The entire altar was evenly divided into eighteen small areas.

Liu Wen stood at the front line.

He was wearing armor like a general.

Yang Tianqi and Hu Qian landed in the back area respectively.

There were four puppets in each of the other small cells controlled.

They stood quietly in a square array.

On the other side.

Chai Ming and Li Jing had changed into Daoist robes at some point.

The two of them were at a loss as they stood in the middle of the four small squares.

Beside them, the golden-armored puppets slowly stood up.

There were only four of them standing at the front line, and there was nothing behind them.

The two of them had been working hard, wanting to break through the shackles.

However, their efforts were useless.

In front of Yun Tians strength, their strength was simply like ants.

“Your body is filled with the spiritual energy of the lower realm.

If I use too much strength, it will become bullying.” Yun Tian looked at Li Yuanqing disdainfully and said, “Ill use these four puppets, lest you say that Im bullying you when you lose.”

Li Yunqing did not feel anything about this.

He looked at the three disciples who had transformed into the three generals on the chessboard and finally reminded them, “The confrontation between array formation masters is extremely dangerous.

You need to be extremely careful.

Protect yourselves first and dont hurt your lives!”

“Master, dont worry.

We will ensure our safety!”

Li Yuanqing landed beside Liu Wen again and secretly stuffed something into his palm.

He then sent him a voice transmission.

Yun Tian looked at Li Yuanqings back and frowned.

He had a feeling that this guy was doing something bad, but there was nothing to worry about.

“Li Yuanqing, if youre done talking nonsense, can we start”

Li Yuanqing turned around and his body slowly arrived at the same height as Yun Tian.

He was thousands of feet away from the chessboard below.

His feet were covered by a layer of clouds and he could not see anything.

“You dont really think you can defeat me, do you”

“Lets find out.”

Yun Tian silently sized up Li Yuanqings face.

He did not believe that he would lose to an unknown fellow from the lower realm.

However, Li Yuanqings inexplicable confidence always worried him.

He hadnt felt this uneasy in a long time.

“Thats interesting!”

Yun Tian stuck out his slender tongue and licked his lips.

Because the two of them could not directly control it this time, after he activated the program he had left on these two juniors, he could no longer interfere.

He was confident that his array formation could take down Li Yuanqing.

But the rules of the game still gave Li Yuanqing some chances, although this chance was very slim.

“Then lets begin.”


As a bolt of lightning fell from the sky,

The originally clear weather suddenly became gloomy.

Heavy rain hit the chessboard.

Yun Tian was the first to attack.

One of the golden-armored warriors held a golden spear and took a step forward without hesitation.

In front of him was a wide bridge.

The golden-armored warrior walked to the bridge, picked up his spear, and threw it heavily at the four puppets in front of him.

The four puppets that were aimed at instantly bent down and stuck together.

They all crawled on the chessboard and actually fused into a huge shield.

The moment the shield was formed, the golden spear landed heavily.

With a bang, the two collided violently.

A golden light wave spread out in all directions.

The golden spear suddenly squeezed forward and rotted on the shield like a large pool of mud.

The large golden mass was attached to the shield and kept squeezing down, producing a very strong collision force.

In the end, it bounced back and directly exploded the four puppets that had turned into shields below.

Although he had tried his best to defend, he was still unable to do anything against the other partys Tough Bomb Technique.

After the small chessboard lost its defensive puppets, it turned golden.

This way, Yun Tian had successfully occupied Li Yuanqings territory.

Yun Tianjian looked very happy after succeeding in his attack and looked at Li Yuanqing proudly.

“Kid, you have some methods, but no matter how many low-quality puppets there are, Im afraid they wont increase your strength much.”

The occupied chessboard was beside Liu Wen.

The shock wave from the explosion just now had hit him, but as the general of this side, he could only guard here without moving.

His body was even affected by the shock wave.

After Yun Tians round ended, it was Li Yuanqings turn.

Liu Wen held the array flag in his hand and waved it to the left.

The eight puppets in the remaining two boxes on the left slowly stood up.

One of them stood rooted to the ground while the other three kept climbing up.

In the end, they gathered above and actually gathered the power of the two chessboard, transforming into a mechanical bear with slender legs.

The mechanical bear first roared at the sky and punched its chest twice.

Then, it opened its mouth and howled at the sky.

Suddenly, the brewing power in the bears mouth was swallowed by him.

The originally huge mechanical bears upper body swelled up again.

Immediately after, the mechanical bear jumped into the sky and collided with a golden-armored puppet in front of him.

The golden-armored puppet assumed a defensive posture.

It held a circular shield in its hand and stood on the chessboard, waiting for the attack to arrive.

The collision was as expected.

After a loud bang, shattered pieces flew everywhere.

There was black and gold.

The two of them had actually died together in the collision just now.

However, this chessboard was not occupied by Li Yuanqing.

Yun Tian frowned and looked at Li Yuanqing unhappily.

“Kid, I was just giving you face and testing you.

You actually used such a despicable move.

Do you think you can defeat me with such a despicable move”

“Im afraid you dont have the right to care what move I use.”

Li Yuanqing looked indifferent, which made Yun Tian even angrier.

“Alright, since you want to use this method to win, I wont waste any more time with you!”

As soon as Yun Tian finished speaking, another bolt of lightning struck the chessboard.

Originally, the first round was to let the golden-armored guards attack the four puppets.

He only has four puppets, if Li Yuanqing used eight puppets to exchange for one, he would be at a huge loss if this continued.

Therefore, Yun Tian did not intend to continue wasting time like this and started attacking.

After this signal was sent, Chai Ming, who was originally sitting in the middle, suddenly felt his body move uncontrollably.

“Whats wrong with you”

Li Jing looked at Chai Ming worriedly.

The two of them were being held hostage on the altar as puppets for others to fight.

They were already suffering greatly, and the explosion just now made them very anxious.

If the other party used that explosive method on the two of them, even if they didnt die here, they would be skinned.

Before Chai Ming could speak, his body stood up uncontrollably.

The dazzling scepter in his hand was also raised high into the sky.

The flickering blue gem above the scepter kept responding to the power in the sky.

A thunderclap brewed in the sky, forming a huge vortex that enveloped Liu Wens head.

Liu Wen flipped his hand and a light screen suddenly rose from the fortress under his feet.

The light screen kept rising.

Finally, with the tip of the fortress where the three of them were at as the base, it formed a huge turtle shell filled with patterns that enveloped the three of them.

The turtle shell was covered in patterns.

There was an endless amount of energy flowing up from below, and the strength of the light screen was still increasing.

Just as the turtle shell was formed, the lightning above his head finally fell with the scepter in Chai Mings hand.

A huge bolt of lightning that was more than a hundred feet thick connected to the world and struck the turtle shell from the clouds, causing the entire chessboard to tremble.

The lightning arcs that dissipated kept swimming on the chessboard and landed in the corner.

They also destroyed more than ten of Li Yuanqings puppets.

A burning smell filled the chessboard.

Chai Ming stared at the scene in front of him with his mouth agape.

His face was pale and his hands were trembling.

If those young people could reach this step at such a young age, their future would definitely be limitless.

These were the most elite geniuses of the entire human race.

He did not expect them to die at his hands.

Although he did not do it on purpose, he was also an accomplice.

Chai Mings lips keep trembling.

He could not forgive himself for making such a destructive blow.

However, at this moment, the smoke on the chessboard in front of him dissipated, revealing the scene inside.

Liu Wen slowly stood up.

The turtle shell on his head shattered into pieces and fell to the ground, turning into a rain of light.

This array formations lifespan had ended.

Although the collision this time shattered the turtle shell array, it at least saved their lives.

Chai Mings eyes widened in disbelief.

He had never seen such a powerful bolt of lightning in his life.

He thought everyone would be shattered into pieces after such a collision.

However, he did not expect the three of them to be fine and alive.

“You guys…”

Chai Ming was about to speak when his body involuntarily retreated.

Above the clouds, Yun Tian looked at Li Yuanqing with a livid expression.

“Kid, youre quite generous.

Most of the materials used for your Turtle Armor Formation are more than a thousand years old.

Theres also the crystal core of a ten-thousand-year-old Black Tortoise.

This is not something an ordinary person can take out.

Who are you”

“It doesnt matter who I am, right I hope you wont forget our agreement just now.”

Yun Tian frowned and said unhappily, “Do you think I want to go back on my word”

“Young Master Yun Tian is from a famous sect.

How can you go back on your word Im just reminding you slightly.

I dont mean that.”

Yun Tian snorted coldly and looked at Li Yuanqing.

“Youre getting more and more interesting.

Youre clearly from the Immortal World, but you have the smell of the Lower Realm on you.

You have so many resources in your hands, yet youre so extravagant.

You created such a turtle shell array and crippled it for no reason.”

Yun Tian waved his hand and a fragment appeared in his hand.

He ground the bright fragment carefully between his fingers and brought it to his nose, smelling it gently.

A moment later, he opened his eyes in realization.

“I see.

Are you from the Immortal World If you came in first, why didnt you have such a simple adhesive Why did you waste such good materials”

Li Yuanqings evaluation of this guy increased a little.

Although this guy looked frivolous, he was actually very meticulous.

He could control these things in his hands steadily with just a look.

There would be more basic materials for array formations in the large sects in the Immortal World.

Many of their array masters often used more advanced bases in the Immortal World and the so-called adhesive he mentioned when creating array formations.

This special adhesive could perfectly fuse the attributes of every material without any rejection, allowing their strength to be perfectly displayed.

If there was no such adhesive and they forcefully gathered these materials together, many of them would have a mutually exclusive effect, causing the effect to be greatly reduced.

However, this adhesive was an especially rare item.

Ordinary array formation sects regarded it as a treasure.

Only their disciples could apply for it.

Li Yuanqing had yet to find a way to obtain it.

“Im afraid you dont have to worry about where I came from.”

As soon as Li Yuanqing finished speaking, Liu Wen and the other two stabilized themselves.

The three of them took out their array flags and mobilized all thirty-two puppets from the eight chess boards gathered in the middle.

Thirty two puppets slowly gathered in the middle and gradually turned into a huge giant.

It was holding a heavy sword.

The giant took a step out of Liu Wens head and arrived at the river.

Without hesitation, he waved the sword in his hand and slashed forward.

The heavy sword and very blunt blade smashed heavily into the three golden-armored guards in front of him.

Although the three golden-armored guards resisted, they were still sent flying by the sword and landed outside the chessboard.

Their bodies fell apart and the light in their eyes was extinguished.


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