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There was a hot spring underground

However, the original garrison general probably didnt know.

Otherwise, in this desolate and cold land, that general definitely wouldnt agree to move his mansion away.

After all, he could soak in a hot spring during winter.

That was one of the greatest joys of life.

“Sign in!”

[Congratulations to the host for signing in successfully.

Reward: Wallbreaker Pill!]

[System reward (available!)

One: 100 Wallbreaker Pills.


Two: One Clear Sky Sword.]

It was actually the Wallbreaker Pill


This Wallbreaker Pill was a must-have pill for beginner martial artists to break through to intermediate or advanced martial artists.

If there was no Wallbreaker Pill, beginner martial artists might need to prepare for several years to continuously polish their cultivation before they had a chance to advance.

Furthermore, they could fail their advancement at any time!

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But with the Wallbreaker Pill, it was different.

From a beginner third-grade martial artist to an intermediate fourth-grade martial artist, it was practically a matter of course without any effort.


From an intermediate sixth-grade martial artist to an advanced seventh-grade martial artist, one could achieve twice the results with half the effort, increasing the chances of success by 50% with the Wallbreaker Pill.

The Wallbreaker Pill was good stuff, but Li Yuanqing felt that his foundation could be more solid since he had the Marrow Cleansing Pill and the Restore Origin Pill.

Choosing the Wallbreaker Pill then would definitely be better than choosing it now.


Moreover, Li Yuanqing felt that he lacked a good sword.

Even though the sword in his hand was extraordinary as well, he felt that he was lacking something when he practiced the Clear Sky Sword Art.

If I had this Clear Sky Sword, my Clear Sky Sword Art would be able to break through to the Proficiency level, very quickly.

This was the most important thing.

“Ill choose the Clear Sky Sword!”

After Li Yuanqing thought it through, he immediately chose the Clear Sky Sword.

After all, he still had a chance for rewards when he signed in.

He might be able to get a few hundred Wallbreaker Pills very soon.


He was already a beginner grade six martial artist.

He was not in a hurry to advance to the peak of grade six martial artist and break through to grade seven martial artist.

He would first use the Restore Origin Pill to continuously strengthen and expand his meridians.

Only then would he be able to go further and become a Martial Saint.


Li Yuanqings eyes lit up at the thought of the Martial Saint.

A simple and unadorned sword appeared in Li Yuanqings hand.

The sword was not unsheathed and looked ordinary.

However, Li Yuanqing, who was holding the Clear Sky Sword, had a feeling that they were connected by blood.

That Clear Sky Sword was like an extension of his arm, it was extremely agile.


Li Yuanqing unsheathed his longsword and swung the Clear Sky Sword casually.

Snowflakes danced on the ground of the courtyard, filling it with sword energy.

“Good sword!”

Even if he was only a beginner sixth-grade Martial Artist, he could still fight against a seventh or eighth-grade Martial Artist with this sword.

This Clear Sky Swords augmentation was too powerful.

“With a good sword and a good cultivation technique, all thats left is to sign in with peace of mind.

Not only will I increase my own strength from a beginner sixth-grade martial artist to the peak of the sixth-grade martial artist, I will aim for a seventh-grade martial artist! That would be a true advanced martial artist…”

Li Yuanqing quickly made his goal clear.

He had Wang Shun and Zhang Quan help him excavate the hot spring within the small courtyard.

In less than three days, they had dug out a large hot spring with several rooms.

Beside the hot spring, Li Yuanqing received another hundred Wallbreaker Pills.

This time around, he signed in without hesitation.

Wang Shun and Zhang Quan, who had dug out the hot spring, were very surprised.

They looked at Li Yuanqing differently, treating him like a god.

One must know that the previous generals of the Wilderness Encampment treated this place as the residence of their butler.

The butler had lived here for more than a hundred years, but he never thought that there would be a hot spring underground.


The crown prince, who came here less than a month ago, actually found a hot spring.

When they thought about the pill that the crown prince had given them, they looked at Li Yuanqing differently.

Naturally, they kept their mouths shut and refused to say anything regarding the matter of digging out the hot spring in the valley.

Days passed by just like that.

Li Yuanqing found places to sign in every day.

Later on, he realized that it was not every day that he signed in.

However, every time he signed in, it would be a hundred times the reward.

Therefore, in the next half a year, he had accumulated quite a number of Marrow Cleansing Pills, Replenishment Pills and Wallbreaker Pills.

Furthermore, the Clear Sky Sword Art had already reached the Proficiency level.

Coupled with the Clear Sky Sword, he could be considered to have some ability to protect himself.

He was already a peak sixth-grade martial artist and could use the Wallbreaker Pill to advance to seventh-grade at any time and become an advanced martial artist.

However, Li Yuanqing had been suppressing his advancement all along, wanting to strengthen his foundation and strengthen it.


In the past half a year, the house had gained some furniture and the hot spring was ready.

On this day, Wang Shun and Zhang Quan came together to deliver food boxes.

Not only did they bring eight dishes, they even specially brought some red plums and colored paper.

It turned out that New Year was coming.

The Chinese New Year in the Northern Kingdom was the coldest time of the year.

It was similar to the Chinese New Year in his previous life.

The snow that was half a foot deep in the Wilderness had never melted.

No matter how cold the weather was, there was a hot spring.

As a peak sixth-grade martial artist, Li Yuanqing did not feel anything at all.

He just ate like he usually did.

To him, the New Year was almost the same as usual.

Wang Shun and Zhang Quan insisted on kowtowing to him for the New Year and even specially told Li Yuanqing.

“His Majesty has appointed the Crown Prince and amnesty to the world.

He has appointed the youngest son of Noble Consort Gao, the Fourth Prince.

The Third Prince has been conferred a title and his fief is this Wilderness.

The Third Prince suddenly fell sick and is so sick that he is bedridden…”

Li Zhangqing had three younger brothers of the same father but different mothers.

The Second Prince had fallen off a horse and died.

The Third Prince and the Second Prince were around the same age.

Only the Fourth Prince was the youngest.

He was less than ten years old this year.

His Majesty had appointed this ten-year-old son as the Crown Prince.

The Third Prince, who had high hopes of becoming the Crown Prince, had fallen ill at the right time.

Li Yuanqing smiled.

In fact, his father doted on the Third Prince the most.

But, it was a pity that the Third Prince did not know about it.

He thought about how comfortable this savage place was after knowing the terrible things happening in the palace.

Peaceful and comfortable! To be able to cultivate without any distractions and break through to a high level martial artist, how wonderful!

“What a pity, it seems like the Third Prince doesnt really like his fief!”

Li Yuanqing took a sip of tea.

Not only did Wang Shun and the rest bring a sumptuous meal, they even specially brought good tea.

Li Yuanqing knew it was the new tea from the south this year just by drinking one sip of it.


It was the New Year and spring wasnt far away.

In the following days, Li Yuanqing continued to practice the Clear Sky Sword and then consumed the Restore Origin Pill.

He accumulated his energy day after day, suppressing his cultivation level and strengthening his foundation.

Half a year passed in the blink of an eye!

Even though it was the bitter cold of June in the Wilderness, it was still a warm spring day.

The snow on the ground had long disappeared, and the Clearwater Lake was like a mirror reflecting the surrounding green mountains.

Li Yuanqing, who was standing by the lake, watched as the lake water rippled.

The Clear Sky Sword in his hand buzzed as it could no longer hold itself back and flew up!

Li Yuanqing raised his head and looked at the Clear Sky Sword.

His lips curled into a smile.

After suppressing it for half a year, the day had finally arrived!



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