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After reading the secret letter, Princess Zhaoyangs hands were trembling and her heart was pounding.

When she put away the letter, she couldnt help but look up at the place where her brother was in seclusion.

When she looked up again, her eyes were red.

In less than three days, the foundation that the seven great clans had accumulated for a thousand years had completely collapsed.

The eight Old Ancestors and hundreds of intermediate and advanced martial artists had all died silently.

This was the greatest mystery of the Northern Kingdom.

No one could guess why it was like this.

However, Princess Zhaoyang knew that it was her brother.

All of this was done by her brother.

Other than him, there was no one else in the entire Northern Kingdom who could do this.

In an instant, Princess Zhaoyang suddenly knelt on the ground.

After kowtowing three times to the place where Li Yuanqing was in seclusion, she immediately stood up and left the valley.

Just like Big Brother had once told her.

“A tiger with its teeth pulled out is just a pet cat.

Its still at the mercy of the Li clan.

Dont miss this opportunity.

The seven great clans are no longer a concern.

All thats left is to stabilize the regime of the Northern Kingdom and let it grow quickly…”

Her brother had already helped her resolve the biggest hidden danger, so she would do the rest.

Otherwise, she would be letting down her brothers efforts and not worthy of being his sister.

Soon, Princess Zhaoyang of the Northern Kingdoms royal family brought a thousand martial artists under her and went straight to the Wang Clan, one of the seven great clans.

She saw the only seventh-grade martial artist left in the Wang Clan, Wang Xian.

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This person was her elder brothers former teacher.

At this moment, he was already the Wang clans patriarch and the leader of the seven great clans.

At this moment, the seven great clans were in an extremely delicate situation.

The slogan had been shouted, and those people had died silently.

Someone suggested that they should look at the movements of the Imperial Court.

If they could hide it from the Imperial Court and take the opportunity to negotiate with them, perhaps the aristocratic families would still have a chance of survival.

There were also people who suggested that they split up and survive in a low profile manner in the future.

They would send some of the direct descendants away with the wealth accumulated by the aristocratic families and plan to make a comeback in the future.

Their experts were gone, but they still had the wealth accumulated over a thousand years.

With this wealth and resources, they still had a chance.

Wang Xian looked at the young Princess Zhaoyang and bowed to her without hesitation.

Actually, when Princess Zhaoyang came to the Wang clan in Langya, many members of the Wang clan suggested that they detain the Princess.

Using the Princess as a threat to make the Northern Kingdom Emperor agree to the territory where the seven great clans were located.

They could completely become independent in terms of paying taxes and the weapons.

It was equivalent to tearing the Northern Kingdom apart.

Wang Xian refused.

These people did not know that the person Li Yuanqing doted on the most was Princess Zhaoyang.

The life and death of the seven great clans are in their hands.

These people still dared to hope to control Princess Zhaoyang.

How could they not wake up when so many experts had died

Did they still have the strength now

“The seven great clans dared to openly disobey the decree.

His Majesty issued a decree in anger to kill them all…”

Princess Zhaoyang did not stand on ceremony.

“Princess, please spare my life.

Please let me speak to you in private…”

Wang Xian looked at the martial artists holding weapons around him.

Even if he was lucky enough to escape, not many people from the seven great clans could escape.

Moreover, where could they escape to Every land belongs to the Northern Kingdom.

Instead of escaping, it was better to beg the Princess and use the wealth they had accumulated to beg for a way out.

“The seven great clans deserve it.

Some of us are more useful alive than dead.

The Northern Kingdom was established not long ago so the seven great clans are willing to support the Li Dynasty to atone for our crimes…”

Wang Xian knelt on the ground and begged non-stop.

His head hit the ground with a bang.

Whether the women and children of the seven great clans could survive this time depended on this.

Ten days later, Princess Zhaoyang returned to the Imperial City.

Accompanying her were more than five hundred carts of treasures and weapons, as well as countless treasures that had been accumulated for thousands of years.

This time, they were all brought back by Princess Zhaoyang.

Along with them were Wang Xian and the other clan leaders of the seven great clans.

These people did not die but became the slaves of Princess Zhaoyangs expedition.

On the other hand, the Northern Kingdom had obtained more than five hundred carriages of treasures at once.

Not only did the treasury become filled, but the hidden dangers of the seven great clans were also eliminated.

They were waiting for the patriarchs of the seven great clans to be sent to Imperial City.

The news that the experts of the seven great clans had been silently killed quickly spread throughout the entire Northern Kingdom.

Everyone who heard this news at the beginning did not believe it.

However, when they saw that Princess Zhaoyang had brought back five hundred carriages of treasures and thousands of servants, the entire Northern Kingdom was in an uproar.

The man who killed the seven great clans silently by himself became a legend in the entire Northern Kingdom.

He also became the most mysterious person in the entire Northern Kingdom.

Some people even felt that he was even more powerful than the Sword Saint who destroyed the Wind Thunder Sect with a single sword.

Because Li Yuanqings strike with the sword was even more powerful than a Martial Saint so he was called a Sword Saint.

In fact, this was what ordinary people knew.

Because their strength was too low, they did not know that above the Martial Saint realm was the nine grades of the Grotto-Heaven realm, and above the Grotto-Heaven realm was the nine grades of the Spirit Transformation realm.

Those people thought that the Martial Saint was the strongest expert in the world.

In fact, there will always be more talented people.

There were even stronger Martial Saints, but ordinary people did not know.

Back then, when the Blood Flame Sect was involved, a powerful Martial Saint appeared in the Northern Kingdom.

Then, when the Wind Thunder Sect was involved, an even more powerful Sword Saint appeared.

The fact that this mighty figure had destroyed the seven great clans overnight with his own power was enough to make all the forces in the Northern Kingdom revere him.

They had originally thought that the Northern Kingdom was like a child holding a gold ingot in his hand as he walked around the city.

However, from the looks of it, this was not a defenseless child.

This was clearly a bloodthirsty demon king!

Who would dare to provoke this Demon King now Wasnt that courting death

For a time, the territory of the Northern Kingdom became very peaceful.

The commoners lived in peace.

Even the officials were trembling with fear and did not dare to embezzle anything.

Li Yuanqing was studying the Heavenly Cycle Demon Extinguishing Array that he had signed in at the Wei clan last time.

When Wang Shun came to deliver food to him, he would chat with him and tell him about the major events that had happened in the Northern Kingdom.

“The seven great clans have all been dealt with by the Imperial Court.

When the Crown Princess of the Northern Kingdom was conferred the title, it was extremely lively.

There were people everywhere in the Imperial City, congratulating the Crown Princess, Princess Zhaoyang.

The princesss residence was changed to the Crown Princesss residence.

Moreover, the Crown Princess even suggested that the entire Northern Kingdom should open some martial arts academies.

The tuition fees would be free.

As long as one is a commoner of the Northern Kingdom who is not even fifteen years old, they can take the entrance examination…

“The commoners are all praising the Crown Princesss actions and are very supportive of her.

Now, everyone is fighting to send their children to the Martial Arts Academy…”

When Wang Shun mentioned the free Martial Arts Academy, he was overjoyed.


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