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Sitting on the wide back of the Ling Hu, it ran steadily and quickly, which made Li Yuanqing somewhat satisfied.

Soon, they returned to the Wilderness valley.

Li Yuanqing jumped down and patted the Ling Hus head.

“You can hunt for food in this valley.

Youre called Cow, just come over when I call for you in the future.

If you dont want to stay here anymore one day, you can return to the hinterlands of the Wilderness.

I wont stop you!”

Li Yuanqing looked at the Ling Hu.

In his heart, this Ling Hu was the enlarged version of the bull he had seen in his previous life.

However, everyone in the Northern Kingdom called them Ling Hu.

He felt that it was a mouthful, so he decided to change the Ling Hus name to Cow.

This way, it would become its name and save him the trouble of thinking of a name for it.

“Moo! Moo!” When Cow heard that it had a name, it seemed to be very happy.

It could not help but cry out in joy.

These vicious beasts were actually very smart.

They could also cultivate.

After transforming into human form and cultivating the larynx, they could speak.

Of course, at that time, those who could finally transform could be called demonic beasts.

Cow had escaped death.

Every once in a while, the Qilin Beast would choose its food at will.

None of the chosen ones could escape and could only accept their fate.

Unexpectedly, not only did this smart Ling Hu not die in the end, but it had a name.

It was naturally very happy.

This valley was very big.

Even if Cow was huge, it was enough for it to go around and have fun.

Furthermore, there was no risk of it being eaten at any time, so it was naturally willing to stay in this valley.

The Qilin Beast quickly found Hu Jiujiu, and Hu Jiujiu informed Princess Zhaoyang.

She couldnt speak, but she could write.

All these years, she had been using this to communicate with Zhaoyang.

When Princess Zhaoyang found out that her brother wanted to see her father, she didnt dare to delay for a moment.

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She quickly went to see Li Huanjun.

At this moment, Li Huanjun was summoning the imperial physician for consultation.

He had also promised the imperial physician that he would go to the summer residence to recuperate for half a month.

However, when Princess Zhaoyang mentioned that Li Yuanqing wanted to see him, Li Huanjun immediately sat up from the throne, scaring the imperial physician who was about to leave to kneel down hurriedly.

“Your Majesty, your body cant be agitated.

Your emotions cant fluctuate.

You cant overwork yourself.

You have to recuperate.

Youd better…”

“Imperial Physician Wen, you can leave now! Get out!”

Li Huanjuns surprise could not be described with words.

Crown Prince Yuan Qing was actually willing to see him.

As long as he saw him, could he explain to him that he had no choice but to issue the imperial edict many years ago

No, this was no longer the time to explain the past.

This was the time to make Crown Prince Yuan Qing feel a sense of belonging to the Northern Kingdom and be willing to take action at the critical moment.

For a moment, Li Huanjuns heart was in turmoil.

He ignored the imperial physicians repeated instructions and instructed people to immediately set off for the Wilderness Valley.

As fast as he could.

The next evening, Li Huanjun arrived outside the Wilderness Valley.

He felt extremely tired.

Coupled with the fact that he had forced himself to travel, he looked exceptionally haggard.

However, Li Huanjun thought for a moment and asked his entourage to wait at the military camp while he went to the valley of the Wilderness alone.

After entering the valley, he suddenly saw a Ling Hu, whose body was like a small mountain, eating leisurely by the lake.

When Cow saw Li Huanjun enter, it rushed up and looked at him warily.

The ground began to tremble.

Its nostrils kept emitting steam.

Then, it dug its hooves into the ground and looked at Li Huanjun covetously.

Li Huanjun looked at the Ling Hu but he did not dare to attack it.

After all, the vicious beast that could appear here must be related to Crown Prince Yuan Qing.

In the past decade or so, he had never had the chance to see Crown Prince Yuan Qing again.

Moreover, he would have to protect the Northern Kingdoms empire in the future.

At the thought of this, Li Huanjun even cupped his hands at Cow.

“Im the Emperor of the Northern Kingdom, Li Huanjun.

Im here to see the owner of this valley.

Please make an exception!”

Sure enough, Li Huanjuns guess was right.

When Cow heard his words, it actually took a few steps back.

Then, after glancing at him, it led him in a direction proudly.

Before Li Huanjun walked into Li Yuanqings small courtyard, he heard a very calm voice.

“The living will not be worshiped.

I like peace and quiet, not the incense of the human world.

If you want to stabilize the fate of the country, you can erect a huge rock at the entrance of the Martial Arts Academy.

On it is a sentence: If you offend my Northern Kingdom, you will be punished no matter how far away you are! Below is the signature Li.

Consider it my protection for the people of the Northern Kingdom…”

This was the first time Li Yuanqing had called Li Huanjun over.

He still did not see him, but he was willing to protect the citizens of the Northern Kingdom.

He did not consider setting up a temple to worship him.

His cultivation path was different from others.

He needed to sign in constantly and then cultivate and accumulate, unlike some people who needed to enjoy the incense offerings of the citizens of a country.

Upon hearing Li Yuanqings words, Li Huanjun, who was originally extremely nervous, instantly understood that Crown Prince Yuanqing was referring to the petition by the commoners in the country and the local appeal for Li Yuanqing to establish the Longevity Temple to enjoy offerings.

In fact, Li Huanjun had originally thought of setting up a temple for Crown Prince Yuan Qing for the sake of the Northern Kingdoms empire.

After all, the Northern Kingdoms foundation was insufficient and unstable.

If there was a mighty figure who was willing to protect the Northern Kingdom, then he was more than happy to do so.

He was willing to give it a try no matter how overboard it was, let alone giving him a title.

This Emperor, who could easily abandon his children, valued the empire of the Northern Kingdom more than anything else.

Today, Li Yuanqing had said these words and agreed to protect the citizens of the Northern Kingdom.

This made Li Huanjun overjoyed.

He even wanted to kneel down and kowtow to Li Yuanqing.

However, he had only knelt halfway when he could not bend his knees no matter what.

“Although were not fated, were still father and son.

Just work hard and love your people in the future!”

Li Yuanqing still did not let Li Huanjun kneel.

Although he once had hatred, when he saw that Li Huanjuns body was already damaged, he still felt some pity for this man who was struggling bitterly.

Wasnt the reason why he was so humble because he wasnt strong

Therefore, he would continue to hide and sign in here to accumulate strength.

Unless something major happened in the Northern Kingdom, he would definitely not leave.

The founding ancestor of the Northern Kingdom was no longer around.

Without his protection, the Northern Kingdom had not been at war for more than ten years under Li Huanjuns management.

It was not easy for him to hold on.

“Yes, yes!”

Although Li Huanjun did not see Li Yuanqing or kneel down, he did not dare to neglect the greatest backer of the Northern Kingdom.

Instead, he bowed respectfully to the small courtyard.

He did not dare to be impudent just because this person was once his Crown Prince.

The imperial decree back then was the greatest regret of his life.


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