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Outside the city walls of the Imperial City, Li Yuanqing suddenly raised his head and looked towards the west.

There was a loud sound over there, and the sky over there covered the sun as if day had suddenly turned into night!

And that direction was where the Ba-Serpent clan lived.

It should be that the Ba Serpent had awakened since theres such a huge commotion.

However, it had only been two days, and the Heavenly Cycle Demon Extinguishing Array in the Imperial City had yet to be completely set up.

There was still a days time!

What now

Li Yuanqing was a little anxious!

At this moment, the envoy of the Ba Serpent Clan in the Imperial City looked at the dark clouds rolling in the distant sky.

That familiar scene made him so excited that he knelt on the ground and kept praying.

“The sacred artifact has awakened.

The good days of the world are here.

The Imperial City is ours!”

In the Imperial City, the Imperial Palace was still bustling nervously.

The Empress and the concubines were packing their things.

They were still unaware of the impending danger.

In the entire Imperial City, martial artists above the eighth-grade had already gathered in the hall in front of the Imperial Palace.

They saw the Emperor of the Northern Kingdom, Li Huanjun, wearing the most gorgeous dragon robe and sitting on the dragon throne with a calm expression.

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“I cant let the history of the Northern Kingdom stop in my hands.

Even if I die, I have to die here.

If you can live, you should leave.

You can escort your wives and children out of here…”

Li Huanjun looked sadly at the civil and military officials in front of him.

Although he had been trembling with fear all his life, in this era where the strong were respected, the Northern Kingdom, which had only been established for a hundred years, was riddled with holes.

From the Blood Flame Sect to the Wind Thunder Sect, to the rebellion of the seven great clans, and countless schemes that wanted to subvert the politics of the Northern Kingdom.

Although he had used all sorts of methods and relied on the guardian of the Northern Kingdom to finally stabilize it until now, this time, he was facing the Ba Serpent Clan.

He was already mentally and physically exhausted and could not hold on anymore.

He planned to die in the palace even if he was swallowed by the Ba Serpent.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, go and ask the guardian.

The Northern Kingdom cant be destroyed like this.

We swear to live and die with the Northern Kingdom!”

The officials who had yet to leave were basically prepared to die.

They would not leave until His Majesty did.

“The Ba Serpent is not something that a Martial Saint can deal with.

Escort the Princess to the Wilderness and hope for a chance of survival.

If the flames of the Northern Kingdom are not extinguished, we still have a chance…”

Li Huanjun was already barely holding on.

His body was already extremely ill and he had not slept for a few days.

It was difficult for him to speak.

However, he tried his best to protect the dignity of the royal family.

“Father, I wont live if the country is destroyed.

Well fight the Ba-Serpent Clan to the death!” Princess Zhaoyang was already a ninth-grade martial artist, but when she said this, no one felt that she could win.

This was because the countries that had been destroyed by the Ba Serpent Clan had many Martial Saint ancestors.

They were much more powerful than Zhaoyang.

Yet so many Martial Saint ancestors were unable to protect their country or resist the Ba Serpent.

This time, it was the Northern Kingdoms turn.

However, even if there was no hope, they had to give it a try!

In the Imperial City, sorrow and despair made the commoners lock themselves in their houses.

This was because there were guards patrolling the streets everywhere.

They kept shouting for everyone to not go out because their houses were the safest.

Everyone, in regards to the Ba-Serpent, was just food!

A whistling sound began to sound in the sky.

The originally clear sky had begun to change color.

In the black fog that covered the sky, a mountain-like head appeared.

The head was also black.

In the air, a huge Ba-Serpent with no edges could be seen.

From time to time, scales larger than houses appeared in the air.

Someone started to fall from the body of the Ba-Serpent.

It was the Patriarch of the Ba-Serpent Clan.

At this moment, the envoys of the Ba-Serpent Clan in the Imperial City were already welcoming their patriarch and preparing to massacre the city.

At this moment, Li Yuanqings Heavenly Cycle Demon Extinguishing Array was still six hours away from completion.

He needed someone to stall the Ba-Serpent for six hours.

At this moment, the Ba-Serpent had already flown above the Imperial City.

The entire Imperial City, which was originally clear and bright, had already turned dark.

A boundless terrifying pressure filled the hearts of everyone in the Imperial City.

Those commoners covered their mouths and hid in their houses, secretly looking out.

But it was dark outside.

They couldnt see anything.

Suddenly, a huge torch was lit in the palace.

The Emperor of the Northern Kingdom appeared on the wall of the palace.

Behind him was Princess Zhaoyang!

Princess Zhaoyang was dressed in military attire.

Under the light of the torch, she looked valiant and heroic.

At this moment, she looked at the huge Ba-Serpent in the sky and raised a spear in her hand.

Whether she could win or not, she had to charge forward!

“Zhao Yang, step back.

Ill do it!”

The originally weak Li Huanjun suddenly took out something and poured it into his mouth.

At this moment, his aura was rising.

He, who was originally a ninth-grade martial artist, had his aura surge all the way to the first-grade Martial Saint Grotto-Heaven realm.

He stood up immediately.

He used medicine to stimulate all his potential and burned his limited lifespan to use his life to protect the Northern Kingdom.

He had lived his entire life for the Northern Kingdom.

Therefore, he soared into the sky and a sword appeared in his hand.

The sword flew out, and he became one with the sword, charging towards the Ba Serpent in the sky!

A white light suddenly flashed in the originally dark sky.

It was Li Huanjun and his sword.

Many of the commoners who were hiding in the houses rushed out and knelt on the ground, wailing.

“Your Majesty!”

Li Yuanqing, who was setting up the array, looked at Li Huanjun, who was facing death calmly, and closed his eyes.

The Ba Serpents realm was very high.

It might be at the fourth-grade Grotto-Heaven Realm, even higher than his realm.

Even he had to use the help of the array formation.

Li Huanjun, who was a ninth-grade martial artist that forcefully increased his strength to a fake Martial Saint, was courting death!

Originally, after transmigrating, Li Yuanqing was extremely disgusted by his father, who had once treated him and Zhaoyang as objects.

In order to stabilize the country, he sacrificed himself and Princess Zhaoyang, so Li Yuanqing did not like him.

Li Huanjun had gone to the Wilderness many times, but he refused to see him.

And refused to forgive him.

He only protected the Northern Kingdom because of Zhaoyang.

However, he did not expect that his father, the Emperor of the Northern Kingdom, would actually rush forward to die at this critical moment.

Li Yuanqing sighed.

Although he had many thoughts in his heart, he still put down the array formation in his hand and flew up to pull Li Huanjun, who was covered in blood and had been struck by the Ba Serpents tail.

Although he was weak, he faced death calmly this time.

He was indeed the ruler of the Northern Kingdom.

Below the Imperial City, countless civil and military officials and commoners who were kneeling and crying had already gone crazy!


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