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The Ba Serpent tried its best to support its body and not fall.

It glared at Li Yuanqing with hatred.

It had actually lived for many years.

This time, it woke up because it knew that an opportunity had arrived.

It had originally wanted to devour a large amount of flesh and blood and quietly wait for that opportunity to come.

It did not expect to meet Li Yuanqing.

It was unwilling to accept this! It was filled with hatred!

It originally had a chance to manifestate.

When it successfully manifestate, it would ascend to the Heavens and become a true god.

However, all of this was completely destroyed by the man in front of it.

In its hatred, the Ba-Serpent suddenly exploded the inner core that it had cultivated for thousands of years.

Li Yuanqing quickly used the Sand Escape Technique under the intense impact.

However, he did not expect the impact to be too great.

He only saw a red figure blocking in front of him.

It was Hu Jiujiu!

This was the Nine-Tailed Fox that had always wanted to break free from him.

It was the first Nine-Tailed Fox that he had used Manipulation Art on.

This time, she actually stood in front of him


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The Qilin Beast also rushed up.

Tears fell from its eyes as it circled Hu Jiujiu.

Hu Jiujiu spat out mouthfuls of blood.

“You wont die, but your injuries arent light either!”

Li Yuanqing felt a little uncomfortable.

Hu Jiujiu probably could not manifestate this time because he had planted the inner demon seed in her.

She wouldnt die, but with such serious injuries, she would probably be beaten back to her original form!

This Ba-Serpent was really detestable!

When Li Yuanqing went to look for the Ba Serpent again, he discovered that its exploded corpse had been eaten up by the vicious beasts at the bottom of the canyon.

The one who benefited the most was the little Ba Serpent that Li Yuanqing had saved.

This was because it was also a Ba-Serpent.

After devouring the flesh and blood of this Ba-Serpent, it broke through and became several times larger.

It was already at the top of the food chain at the bottom of the canyon.

Before Li Yuanqing could think of a way to clean up the canyon, something happened in the Imperial City.

The Northern Kingdom seems to have undergone a change under ten days and ten nights of blood rain.

There were not many martial artists at first, but it seemed like there were more of them now.

The energy in the air also seemed to have increased.

There was a prince of the uncle generation of Princess Zhaoyang in the Northern Kingdoms royal family.

He had broken through to the first-stage Grotto-Heaven Realm in one go.

This was a great joy for the Northern Kingdom.

However, at the same time, the Emperor of the Northern Kingdom, Li Huanjun, could no longer make it.

Originally, he still had ten years to live.

However, when he was dealing with the Ba Serpent, he had forcefully raised his cultivation and burned his remaining lifespan.

He had already reached the point of exhaustion.

When the Ba-Serpent died at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, he was already lying on his bed on his last breath.

This time, Li Yuanqing quietly came to the palace and saw those familiar places.

He had not returned for nearly twenty years.

When he returned this time, he realized that some of the trees had become thicker, but the palace buildings had barely changed.

In particular, Li Huanjuns bedroom was still the same.

For so many years, this Emperor who was dedicated to the country was about to die!

“Yuanqing, Yuanqing, Yuanqing…”

Li Yuanqing heard Li Huanjuns call from afar.

When Princess Zhaoyang was still instructing people to look for the Eldest Prince, she saw her elder brother, Li Yuanqing, standing in front of her.

“Tell everyone to leave! Ill stay with Father for a while!”

In the past twenty years, this was the first time Li Yuanqing had called Li Huanjun father.

Back then, when he was being crippled of his cultivation and was sent to the Wilderness Valley, he had also felt hatred!

That was why he had refused to see Li Huanjun all these years.

He would rather meet Zhaoyang and had avoided Li Huanjun many times.

This man was a good emperor, but not a good father.

To him, his children were just a tool to protect the country.

Nothing was more important than his country.

But that day, he rushed towards the Ba Serpent.

His actions were really cool!

Unfortunately, his lifespan was over.

It was as if his foundation had been completely destroyed.

He did not have the power to turn the situation around!

Therefore, he stood in front of Li Huanjun to send him off.

They were father and son after all.

all The grudges were no longer important when Li Huanjun was about to leave.

“Its you, Yuanqing.

Yuanqing, dont blame me.

Back then, the Northern Kingdom was too weak.

I was afraid of offending the princess of the Myriad City Kingdom, so I naturally had to punish you severely.

If I didnt cripple your cultivation, Im afraid you wouldnt be able to keep your life…”

At this moment, Li Huanjun looked like he was dried up.

His hands were like withered branches as he looked at Li Yuanqing with his turbid eyes.

This was the deepest pain in his heart.

It had been twenty years.

Back then, because his eldest son, Crown Prince Li Yuanqing, had disobeyed his decree, he had actually issued a decree to cripple Li Yuanqings cultivation and send him to the Wilderness.

He had even ordered him to never return to the palace.

“The princess of the Myriad City Kingdom is very strange.

She is the Saintess and her cultivation level was already unfathomable many years ago.

She has secrets on her.

You have to be careful.

Cough, cough.

Im not able to make it anymore.

There is only one thing I cant let go of in this life.

The legacy of the Northern Kingdom will depend on you.

The people will suffer if it were to be destroyed!”

Li Huanjun kept holding his sons hand and refused to let go.

He looked at Li Yuanqing expectantly.

He knew that his son was cold and indifferent to kinship.

He doesnt treat him as his father.

At most, he still had some affection for Zhaoyang.

However, hes not going to make it anymore.

He was the only one in the Northern Kingdom who had the ability to protect the country.

If he refused, the Northern Kingdom could be destroyed at any moment!

“Yuanqing, Yuanqing, I beg you.

Protect the Li clans empire.

I cant let down the founding ancestor.

It was difficult for our ancestors to form the country.

We cant let this empire be destroyed in the hands of our children and grandchildren…”

Although Li Huanjun had no strength left, he still held his sons palm tightly and refused to let go.

It was easy for Li Yuanqing to break free from his restraints, but his heart softened in the end and he sighed.

“I will take care of the Northern Kingdom for about a hundred years.

If the next Emperor is too ridiculous in the future, I will remind him!”

A hundred years was Li Yuanqings limit.

He was a cold person and a person who did not want to cause trouble.

Wasnt it good to stay in the Wilderness Valley

In the blink of an eye, almost twenty years had passed.

“You can cripple any unworthy Li clan descendant.

If you want your sister to ascend the throne and become the Great Empress, I only hope that the Northern Kingdom will still belong to the Li clan in the future.

Otherwise, I wont be able to rest in peace!”

Li Huanjuns eyes were already red and tears kept falling.

He was really anxious.

Death was not scary.

He was already prepared for it.

Moreover, he had been hanging on for so many days, waiting for Li Yuanqing.

Without his promise, Li Huanjun would not have died in peace!


Li Yuanqing was a little hesitant.

His father had too many requirements.

Having too many ties was not beneficial to his cultivation!

Li Huanjun panicked and coughed violently when he saw that Li Yuanqing was unwilling to agree.

Blood spewed out in large mouthfuls!


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