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Wang Shun was also sighing and chatting with Li Yuanqing.

After he left, Li Yuanqing thought for a moment and wrote a letter to Zhaoyang to warn her that there would be some changes this winter.

As expected, not long after Zhaoyang received Li Yuanqings letter, something happened.

Furthermore, everyone was very surprised this time!

The winter was cold this year.

There was no sun and no rain for many days until late evening on New Years Eve when it began to rain.

And this time, surprisingly, it was the same red rain as three years ago.

It had rained for three days and three nights.

The sky cleared on the third day.

The moon rose at night, but it was a red moon.

The curved blood-red moon hung in the sky.

Great Empress Zhaoyang, who had received Li Yuanqings letter, stood on the city wall of the Imperial City and looked at the red crescent moon in the sky.

No matter how stupid she was, she should understand that the Northern Kingdom was about to change.

Something was definitely going to happen.

However, she did not know what would happen this time.

The red crescent moon not only shone on the territory of the Northern Kingdom, but also on other places.

In a place surrounded by a forest, a group of strangely dressed people were dancing against the red crescent moon.

The strange dance was more like a ritual.

At the front of the group was a huge stone altar.

This altar was built very strangely and the center was empty.

Inside was a pool of liquid that looked like water.

At this moment, the red moon in the sky shone on the liquid, turning it completely red.

“The red moon is high in the sky.

Our ancestors have appeared.

Ulla! Our time has finally come…” A person with strange symbols on his body and countless braids on his head shouted.

He heard the dancers below cheer at the moon.

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In the books recorded by their ancestors, there was a prophecy whereby their glory would return to them once there is a red moon in the sky and the world would belong to them!

Therefore, to them, the red moon in the sky was the most beautiful scene and the most hopeful thing!

In a dark place, a red moon shone down.

Red light shone through the darkness.

Someones shadow was restless and greedily breathed in the red light!

Their era had finally arrived with the arrival of the red moon!

Li Yuanqing also stared at the red crescent moon in the sky.

He could feel that there was a layer of red fog in the Wilderness.

With the blood rain from a few days ago, he could feel that the vegetation in this desolate mountain valley was especially lush even though the rain was a faint red.

There were originally many willow trees by the Clearwater Lake.

Every year at this time, they would be bare and lifeless.

However, after the blood rain, Li Yuanqing could feel that these willow trees were glowing with vitality and even starting to sprout!

Winter in the Wilderness was very cold, but the willow tree had mutated.

It was busy sprouting in winter.

The grass on the ground and the small insects that were originally lurking underground had become active.

Li Yuanqing could even see the centipedes on the ground.

These insects that did not belong to winter had actually appeared under the catalysis of the blood rain.

And the red moon was like a fuse.

The entire climate and vegetation changed.

Every breath in the air made one feel comfortable and relaxed.

Under such circumstances, it was even easier for martial artists to cultivate.

In that case, the vicious beasts in the Wilderness were probably even more powerful because those vicious beasts had gradually developed intelligence.

They lived longer, and humans could not compare to them.

The only thing that made humans stronger than vicious beasts was their intelligence.

Once vicious beasts developed intelligence, it was not a good thing for humans.

Li Yuanqing was not as overjoyed as many martial artists.

Instead, he walked around when the red moon appeared.

He went to take a look at the Martial Arts Academy in the Wilderness Valley.

There, the martial artists did not take a break.

They were still cultivating under Wang Xians supervision.

Moreover, these martial artists cultivation speed had increased.

In the past, anyone who advanced to a fourth-grade martial artist, which was an intermediate martial artist, was like reaching the heavens in a single bound for ordinary people.

This was because a fourth-grade intermediate martial artist could receive a salary in the Northern Kingdom or become an official or a teacher at the Martial Arts Academy.

But now as Li Yuanqing casually took a look, many of the students in the Martial Arts Academy had already broken through to become fourth-grade martial artists.

There were even fifth-grade martial artists.

As for Wang Xian, the dean, he was already an advanced eighth-grade martial artist.

This speed was very fast!

It was probably because of the blood rain and blood moon that Wang Xian nervously reprimanded the students of the Martial Arts Academy.

He did not allow anyone to leave the school.

Everyone was cultivating because he felt that every blood rain was a godsend opportunity for martial artists.

They must not give up such an opportunity.

The blood rain three years ago had allowed many martial artists to leap into the fourth-grade.

This time, the blood rain had allowed many martial artists to reach the fifth-grade.

Li Yuanqing nodded in his heart when he saw Wang Xians expression.

As expected of the person who was chosen to be his teacher.

His knowledge was extraordinary.

The Martial Arts Academy of the Wilderness would become the strongest academy in the Northern Kingdom in the future.

When Li Yuanqing left, he heard the cries of a baby.

A young lady was hugging a child and coaxing him.

The young lady looked a little familiar.

Looking at his former teachers wife standing at the side, he suddenly realized that this child was probably Wang Xians nephew.

But who was the father

However, Li Yuanqing did not stay any longer.

Since the Martial Arts Academy knew how rare the blood moon and blood rain were and knew to urge everyone to cultivate, he did not have to worry too much.

He was going to the Wilderness Canyon.

He remembered that there was a little Ba-Serpent that he had saved three years ago.

He wanted to see how the little Ba-Serpent was.

The beast tide in the Wilderness was getting more and more serious.

Since the Qilin Beast was not around, he had to choose a Beast King to restrain those vicious beasts.

Otherwise, countless citizens of the Northern Kingdom would die if the beast tide attacked again.

As soon as Li Yuanqing entered the Wilderness, he felt that the vegetation here was even more lush.

There seemed to be a spiritual energy in the air that was slowly increasing.

This spiritual energy should be the most suitable thing for vicious beasts and humans to cultivate.

As expected, Li Yuanqings guess was right.

As soon as he entered the Wilderness, he saw many vicious beasts.

Although those vicious beasts did not dare to approach him, there were so many of them that it was shocking.

The rain of blood from three years ago had fallen for a few days and nights in the Wilderness.

This time, it was another three days and three nights.

That rain of blood was a great tonic for these vicious beasts.

It was no wonder that the quantity and quality rushed up.

Li Yuanqing was more and more shocked on the way from the edge of the Wilderness to the Grand Canyon.

The strength of the Wilderness was getting stronger and stronger.

There were even many vicious beasts that were comparable to third-grade Grotto-Heaven Realm!


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