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If these vicious beasts were left alone, it would not be long before they threatened the stability of the Northern Kingdom.

The greatest worry of the Northern Kingdom was these beast tides when the vicious beasts arrived in large numbers.

Li Yuanqing scanned the countless hidden vicious beasts in the Wilderness and had an idea.

He was currently at the fifth-grade Grotto-Heaven Realm.

Although he had not met his match, who knew when those hidden enemies would appear Moreover, the world was so big.

Who could guarantee that he would be invincible if he went out now

Therefore, while he continued to sign in in the Northern Kingdom, he could use the vicious beasts in the Wilderness Canyon to temper himself and increase his strength when necessary.

This should be a good idea! He could increase combat ability!

When Li Yuanqing arrived at the Grand Canyon, there was fog lingering here.

However, there was a faint red color in the fog.

With his previous experience, Li Yuanqing jumped down the canyon and went to find the little Ba-Serpents nest.

When he passed by the wide river, he saw waves rolling in the water.

A python was floating on the surface of the water and was split into many pieces.

On the other hand, the countless vicious beasts by the river were trembling in fear.

Not a single vicious beast dared to go forward and snatch it facing the pythons corpse.

They only looked at the water in horror and retreated in fear.

There should be something in the river that scared them.

It had been three years since Li Yuanqing came to the bottom of the canyon.

He simply stopped by the river.

He wanted to see what kind of vicious beast was at the bottom of the canyon that could bite and tear apart such a huge python.

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As the river water churned, a huge figure suddenly appeared.

Its head was like a mountain, and its body was pitch-black, but its head was green.

Its eyes, which were bigger than houses, were red as it stared at the vicious beasts on the shore and let out hissing sounds!

Those vicious beasts were originally retreating, but after hearing this voice, they immediately dispersed, afraid that if they ran too slowly, they would become the food of the Ba Serpent.

When the Ba Serpent saw that all the vicious beasts had dispersed, it stared at Li Yuanqing with a strange gaze.

There was a hint of vigilance, but it was not ferocious.

It just started to devour the python as if no one was around.

The Ba-Serpent needed to devour to become powerful, and their cultivation level was greatly related to their size.

Therefore, this Ba-Serpent was eating with all its might.

In just a moment, it had devoured the python.

It swam in a direction after eating the python.

The direction in which this Ba-Serpent slithered was very similar to the direction of the nest of the Ba-Serpent that Li Yuanqing had saved three years ago.

However, this Ba-Serpent was too big.

Could it be that the Little Ba-Serpent had changed so much in three years

Li Yuanqing did not alarm the Ba-Serpent.

When he saw that the final destination of the Ba-Serpent was the source of the waterfall, Li Yuanqing was 100% sure that this Ba-Serpent was the one he had saved back then.

What a huge change!

Li Yuanqing had come this time for this Ba Serpent, so he did not stand on ceremony.

He wanted to jump onto the forehead of the Ba Serpent and plant the inner demon seed on it.

The inner demon seed refined by the Manipulation Art the previous time controlled Hu Jiujiu.

Now that Hu Jiujiu was injured and had been beaten back to her original form, she could only stay obediently.

Li Yuanqing had refined a new inner demon seed.

He wanted to control this Ba Serpent and use it to control the entire Wilderness so that there would not be a large-scale beast tide attacking humans.

Li Yuanqing wanted to subdue the Ba Serpent, but the Ba Serpent was unwilling.

Although it did not want to attack Li Yuanqing, it instinctively resisted and turned around to escape when it saw the inner demon seed.

Its body was too big and it was extremely fast.

As it fled, the boulders that it brought with it flew everywhere.

For a moment, the world was dark and rumbling sounds were everywhere, accompanied by the hissing of the Ba-Serpent.

This sound was very familiar to the vicious beasts at the bottom of the canyon.

Every time they heard this sound, there would always be abnormally ferocious vicious beasts being bitten to death and devoured at the bottom of the canyon.

In the past few years, this Ba-Serpent had been too ferocious.

It ate whatever it encountered.

There were very few vicious beasts that could escape from it.

They wondered which unlucky fellow had caught its eye again As long as it wasnt them.

But from the sound of it, it seemed that the Ba-Serpent had been attacked.

Who would dare to attack the Ba-Serpent here

Wasnt that courting death

Many of the vicious beasts in the canyon had gained intelligence.

They had their own thoughts, and some of them had the possibility of transforming, so they had learned to think.

Out of curiosity, some vicious beasts secretly followed the sound to see who was dealing with the Ba-Serpent.

Soon, they saw Li Yuanqing standing on the back of the Ba Serpent like a god.

No matter how the Ba Serpent rolled, leaped, and crashed into the mountain, it could not shake off the person on its back.

Instead, it was covered in blood and wounds.

In the evening, the Ba-Serpent finally collapsed at the bottom of the canyon.

It looked at Li Yuanqing pleadingly, indicating that it was convinced and would never run again!

“Open your mouth and listen to me in the future.

I will make you the Beast King of the Wilderness.

After you lead the Wilderness, you will help the Northern Kingdom guard the borders…”

The Wilderness was vast, and there were countless vicious beasts here.

The deeper they went, the more ferocious the vicious beasts were.

There were many countries intersecting with the Wilderness.

Many countries regarded the Wilderness as a forbidden place and did not dare to step into it easily.

If the vicious beasts of the Wilderness could be used by the Northern Kingdom, then the Northern Kingdom would not be bullied so easily.

Instead of letting the Northern Kingdom encounter danger again and again, it was better to take the initiative to attack and resolve some small crises that were not life-threatening.

The Ba Serpent was unwilling, but it had no choice but to lower its head.

However, when it heard that it could become a Beast King, a trace of hope flashed across its eyes.

With a big stick and a sweet date, the Ba Serpent was finally planted with the inner demon seed obediently.

Furthermore, it did not dare to resist.

It was completely obedient!

After subduing the Ba Serpent, Li Yuanqing did not return to the valley.

Instead, he instructed the Ba Serpent to devour some powerful vicious beasts to recover from his injuries as soon as possible.

Li Yuanqing brought the Ba Serpent out of the Wilderness Canyon.

When they left the canyon, many vicious beasts at the bottom of the canyon could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

They hoped that this ferocious Ba Serpent would never return!

This time, Li Yuanqing chose a second-grade Grotto-Heaven realm centipede for the Ba Serpent.

When it saw the centipede, the Ba Serpent could not help but retreat.

Every tentacle of this huge centipede was countless times faster than the sharpest knife.

Moreover, its body was on par with it.

It was like a Beast King!

The Ba-Serpent was injured.

Its chances of winning against this super vicious beast were not high!

Although devouring this centipede could allow its injuries to recover quickly, it had to be alive to enjoy it!


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