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“Its just the Wings Clan.

Its fine.

Go back to the Imperial City and wait for my good news!”

Li Yuanqing smiled.

The Blood Moon and Blood Rain had only been around for two to three years.

There was more spiritual energy in the air than before.

Advancing to Martial Saint was much easier than before.

However, this did not mean that he had not improved.

His fifth-grade Grotto-Heaven Realm strength should not be bad!

Great Empress Zhaoyang had a long face when she came, but she was relaxed when she left.

Since her brother said that it was fine, it would definitely be resolved.

It was great to have her brother around.

However, she had to quickly support the power that belonged to the Northern Kingdom.

She could not rely on her brother for everything.

After Zhaoyang left, Li Yuanqing went in the direction of the Wings Clan.

When he left, he brought Hu Jiujiu along with him.

This fellow ate pills every day and her cultivation speed was especially fast.

Recently, she had also entered the first-stage Martial Saint Grotto-Heaven realm.

She was just slightly inferior to the Ba-Serpent.

She could still be used as a mount.

The Wings Clan were not far from the Wilderness.

It was originally at the border of the Northern Kingdom.

There were jungles all around, and the terrain was sparsely populated.

In that area, the Li clan was neighbors with the Qiang and the Wings Clans who lived on the grassland.

According to Zhaoyang, the Wings Clans had already annexed the Qiang and the Li Clans.

That meant that the grassland under his feet had become the territory of the Wings Clan.

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At this moment, Li Yuanqing was standing on a green grassland.

The grass was extremely lush.

A shorter child, who was almost a meter tall, could be hidden in the grass and no one would notice him.

The grassland in his memory did not have that tall grass because there were many beasts that ate grass so it was very difficult for them to grow to the knees.

However, the spiritual energy in the air here was really dense!

Li Yuanqing was here to investigate the sudden increase in strength of the Wings Clan.

He wanted to see if he could find Qin Feng and bring him back.

Therefore, when he passed by the original tribe of the Qiang Clan, Li Yuanqing did not approach.

He only saw someone praying at night and kneeling towards the moonlight.

Judging from the green clothes, it should be the clothes of the Wings Clan.

They did not forget to offer sacrifices after seizing the territory of the Qiang Clan!

Moreover, the Wings Clan worshiped the Moon God, so they also offered sacrifices to the Moon God!

The members of the Wings Clan formed a circle.

The person standing in the middle led the members of the Wings Clan in circles.

The moonlight shone on them.

Li Yuanqings realm was very high.

He had concealed his aura, so these people could not discover him at all.

He looked at it for a while and could not see anything special about the sacrifice of the Wings Clan.

He only felt that the spiritual energy around the grassland was relatively dense.

But even so, it was impossible for the Wings Clan to rise quickly in a short period of time and have so many experts at once.

Li Yuanqing planned to continue checking and see what realm the experts of the Wings Clan were in.

Speaking of which, it was strange.

Li Yuanqing went to many places in the Qiang Clan and Li Clan after that.

Although he saw the Wings Clan members worshiping, he did not find any experts.

There was not a single Martial Saint here.

The strongest martial artist here was only at the peak of the ninth-grade.

This did not match what Zhaoyang said at all.

Therefore, Li Yuanqing continued to search.

Only when he found the lair of the Wings Clan did he discover that there was a place where the aura of countless experts was hidden.

This made him overjoyed and he rushed over.

He only hid his figure slightly to avoid being discovered.

This was a place heavily guarded by the Wings Clan.

It looked like the entrance to a cave.

Li Yuanqing thought for a moment and left Cow outside.

He planned to go in alone, but Hu Jiujiu jumped onto his shoulder and insisted on following him in.

Li Yuanqing did not reprimand her.

He stroked her red fur and reminded her.

“Behave yourself and dont make any noise.

If theres any danger, run!”

Hu Jiujiu brushed her fur with her claws and nodded.

Li Yuanqing was relieved and quietly walked into the cave.

With his realm, the Wings Clan members guarding the cave did not discover anything when he entered.

They would only think that there was only a gust of wind just now!

After entering the cave, Li Yuanqing realized that the area inside was especially large, as if a mountain had been hollowed out.

However, from the looks of the stones and traces, they did not look like they had been hollowed out recently.

Instead, they looked like they had been left behind many years ago.

Perhaps even a thousand or ten thousand years ago!

At this moment, there was a man and a woman in the cave.

Beside their feet were several unconscious martial artists.

From their clothes, they were martial artists from the Northern Kingdom.

Some were Qiang Clan members, and some were Li clan martial artists.

At this moment, they were piled together, and it was unknown if they were dead or alive.

In front of them was another hole that led downwards.

The hole was not big and the exit was only a meter or two wide.

Li Yuanqing saw a man from the Wings Clan throw the unconscious martial artists into the hole like throwing carrots.

He was still counting as he threw them.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine! Alright, ten today is enough! Goddess!”

The man threw all the martial artists under his feet into the hole.

When he threw them down, there was no echo from the hole, as if it was bottomless.

Li Yuanqing did not stop them when they threw those people down.

He only glanced at the woman who was called the Goddess!

She looked to be in her thirties and was only at the peak of the ninth-grade martial artist.

Li Yuanqing had clearly sensed the aura of many experts just now, but now, he saw that these two were not even Martial Saints.

“Yes, throw down three.

Patriarch, well wait.

At most, tomorrow, ten Oracles will come to help us.

With these ten Oracles, well first snatch Great Empress Zhaoyang, then occupy the Northern Kingdom and make it our vassal!”

This man and woman were actually the Goddess and Patriarch of the Wings Clan, and this hole seemed to be able to summon some Oracles

The strongest members of the Wings Clan were only the Patriarch and the Goddess.

With their strength, it was impossible for them to invade the Li Clan and the Qiang Clan.

However, the Oracles that were coming should be very powerful since theyre thinking about invading the Northern Kingdom.

They should be at least a Martial Saint.

There were ten Martial Saints coming through this hole.

It was too easy for these experts to come.

But where did this hole lead to How could it produce ten Oracles after ten ordinary martial artists were thrown down

This made Li Yuanqing extremely curious.

As expected, the Wings Clan was hiding a secret.

He wanted to see how the experts of the Wings Clan came about.

And he wanted to know where this hole leads to.

Time passed slowly.

Li Yuanqing was a living person in the cave.

He only hid his presence, but the Patriarch and Goddess of the Wings Clan did not notice him.

They were just chatting idly while saying that the person they captured was too stubborn and discussing whether they should throw him into this cave next time.

The person they captured Could it be that garrison general, Qin Feng

Zhaoyang said that his life and death were unknown when he went to the Wings Clan.

He must have been captured.


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