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Li Yuanqing waited coldly in the cave.

He wanted to see what kind of Oracles would appear in the end.

He waited while the Patriarch and Goddess of the Wings Clan waited anxiously as they talked with each other.

Soon, Li Yuanqing figured out the origin of this hole.

It turned out that according to the records of the Wings Clans genealogy, when the Blood Moon appeared, this Holy Land would open and a very strange phenomenon would appear in that cave.

That phenomenon happened when they threw down a few ordinary martial artists.

When those martial artists came up again, they were still the same people.

However, their strength had increased greatly.

They were like different people.

They became very powerful.

In the past, there would be one at a time, but someone discovered that if three of them were thrown down at the same time, three Oracles would appear.

However, none would come up if four were thrown down.

After these Oracles climbed up from the hole in the ground, they would help the Wings Clan do some things.

This gave the Wings Clan the capital to expand.

Furthermore, martial artists could not be thrown into this cave at any time.

There was a time limit for martial artists to come up.

There would be two chances every year.

This was why the Wings Clan only attacked more than a year after the Blood Moon.

It was because they had only used it three times until now.

This was the fourth time.

They had obtained nine experts before this.

If there were three more experts this time, the Wings Clan would have twelve experts.

The Wings Clans with twelve experts were much stronger than the Northern Kingdom.

At that time, it would be very normal for them to become the strongest existence in this world.

That was why the Patriarch and the Goddess were extremely excited.

They could not help but talk about the secrets of the Wings Clan.

They thought that this was the safest place, but they did not expect Li Yuanqing to be here and heard everything clearly.

However, from their conversation, it seemed like they did not know where the hole led to.

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Moreover, these experts who had risen from the hole would be very strange.

They would return to the hole every once in a while.

This time, the nine experts had also returned to the hole.

However, after some time, they would come out of the hole again.

Therefore, the Patriarch of the Wings Clan and the Goddess guarded this place and waited for the return of this batch of Oracles.

When they completely returned to the Wings Clan, they could attack the Northern Kingdom.

Li Yuanqing was glad that he had come to the Wings Clan personally after hearing this.

If he hadnt come here to take a look, he definitely wouldnt have thought that there was such a strange thing in this world.

This hole was probably an exit that led somewhere, or there was something strange about those Oracles.

Just as Li Yuanqing was guessing about the hole and the Oracles, he heard a voice in his mind.

[Host, do you want to sign in at the entrance of the catacombs]

The entrance to the Catacombs Was this the Catacombs

Li Yuanqing was shocked.

He had once read some ancient biographies about the Catacombs.

It was said that countless demons had surged out of the catacombs, so much so that all the experts had gone to guard the catacombs from being destroyed.

Human experts would even enter the catacombs and set up camp there.

Then, they would eliminate the demons in the catacombs and prevent them from entering the human world.

Initially, Li Yuanqing thought that the Catacombs would only appear in ancient biographies.

He did not expect to encounter the Catacombs at the border of the Northern Kingdom.

This was not a good sign!

“Sign in!”

According to Li Yuanqings past experience, such a rare place could usually be marked with an especially different treasure!

[Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in to the Catacombs!]

[Reward 1: 100 Demon Slaying Swords!]

[Reward two: Demon Sealing Sword Formation!]

Li Yuanqing was surprised to see these two rewards.

They were both good things.

However, how many demons were there in the catacombs

This time, the Wings Clan had created three of them at once.

They had already created nine of them.

Moreover, other than the Wings Clan, who knew if there were other places like this Even if he had a hundred Demon Slaying Swords, he would not be able to guard against a large number of demons from the Catacombs.

Instead of killing demons, it was better to think of a way to seal or suppress these Catacombs.

Otherwise, it would be much more troublesome in the future!

Therefore, Li Yuanqing chose the Demon Sealing Sword Formation!

As Li Yuanqing had guessed, this Demon Sealing Sword Formation was somewhat different from the Heavenly Cycle Demon Extinguishing Array.

The Heavenly Cycle Demon Extinguishing Array could be set up above the Imperial City to protect the citizens of the city from being attacked.

However, this Demon Sealing Sword Formation could directly seal the catacombs and prevent the demons inside from escaping.

This was simply too timely to the current Li Yuanqing!

If he hadnt come to the Wings Clan, he wouldnt have thought that the Catacombs would appear.

The world would be in chaos if all the demons in the Catacombs ran out and there were too many experts.

When Li Yuanqing signed in, there was finally some movement in the hole.

He saw black gas coming out of the hole continuously.

Then, the three martial artists who had been thrown down by the Patriarch of the Wings Clan had already jumped out.

“Third-grade Grotto-Heaven Realm The martial artist who was thrown down just now was clearly only an intermediate martial artist.

This-this is too terrifying…”

Li Yuanqing quickly thought of a possibility.

This was not an Oracle.

These were some demons from the catacombs who had possessed these martial artists.

Then, it would cause the strength of these martial artists to increase rapidly.

There was even a possibility that these demons might not be just third-grade Grotto-Heaven Realm martial artists!

“Welcome, Oracle!” The Patriarch and Goddess of the Wings Clan were extremely excited.

The Oracles that came out this time were clearly stronger than the previous few.

They felt that even if the remaining Oracles had yet to return, these three Oracles would be able to sweep through the world.

This was the fortune of the Wings Clan.

However, this ecstasy did not last long.

Li Yuanqing slapped the Patriarch and the Goddess!

The power of the Demon Subduing Palm was extraordinary.

The Patriarch and Goddess of the Wings Clan were not even Martial Saints, so they could not withstand a single slap from him! Before they could figure out what was going on, they had already been slapped into powder!

Li Yuanqing hated the fact that they had opened up the catacombs and released these demons.

Therefore, he did not show any mercy and killed them with a slap.

Three demons who had just rushed up and greedily took two deep breaths were dumbfounded.

They could not figure out how this barren world could be so powerful.

And they had encountered it the moment they left the catacombs.

In the next moment, Li Yuanqing slapped three times without hesitation before they could react.

This Demon Subduing Palm seemed to be specially used to restrain these demons.

Although their realms were very high, their divine senses had just possessed these martial artists and had yet to completely adapt to these bodies.

Therefore, they were scared out of their wits by Li Yuanqing.

They could not even say a single word!

They had painstakingly waited for the catacombs exit to loosen during the Blood Moon so that they could possess these martial artists according to the pact made with the Wings Clans ancestors.

But they died before they could show their skills.

This was injustice!


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