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For the next few days, Li Yuanqing guarded the entrance of the catacomb and killed all the demons who had formed an alliance with the Wings Clan.

No more demons could come up, and he had also signed in many good things.

After he could no longer sign in at the entrance of the catacomb, Li Yuanqing reluctantly sealed this place with the Demon Sealing Sword Formation again.

However, he was still worried so he added a minor Heavenly Cycle Demon Extinguishing Array.

A total of two sword formations sealed the entrance of the catacomb tightly.

That was not all.

Qin Feng and his uncle from the Northern Kingdom took turns staying in the cave to guard the entrance of the catacomb.

Under such circumstances, not to mention that the entrance to the catacomb only had two or three chances to loosen every year and those demons had to use the bodies of human martial artists to possess their bodies and leave the catacomb, even if the catacomb could be loosened frequently, the Wings Clans catacomb was still heavily guarded by Li Yuanqing.

The demons there had no chance to come over at all.

Even so, the cautious Li Yuanqing did not let his guard down.

He still got the two Martial Saints of the Northern Kingdom to guard the entrance of the cave and even got the garrison and the Martial Arts Academy to suppress this catacomb.

Li Yuanqing returned to the Wilderness Valley to cultivate after dealing with the entrance to the catacomb.

At the same time, he studied the demon language, the hundred Demon Slayer Swords, and the Demon Slaying Sword Formation.

This was because Li Yuanqing had a premonition that there would definitely be more than one catacomb after the Red Moon.

The Northern Kingdom had only discovered this one for the time being.

There might be similar places elsewhere.

Sure enough, not long after, when Wang Shun delivered tea to Li Yuanqing, he told him about the Yufu Kingdom.

The Yufu Kingdom was located in the south of the Northern Kingdom.

There was a section of land that bordered the Northern Kingdom.

Moreover, there was a small area in the Wilderness that was also the border of the Yufu Kingdom.

The Yufu Kingdom was slightly larger than the Northern Kingdom.

It was said that it was guarded by an extremely powerful Old Ancestor and they have Yufu Mountain which was a Holy Land.

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If not for the fact that the Yufu Kingdom believed in the Yufu Mountain and had no intention of expanding, the Northern Kingdom would have long been annexed by the Yufu Kingdom.

This was because the Yufu Kingdom had existed for more than a thousand years, and the Emperor of the Yufu Kingdom was once the direct descendant of their Old Ancestor.

Therefore, the Northern Kingdom had always been on good terms with the Yufu Kingdom.

Fortunately, the two countries were very big and were quite far apart, so very little news about the Yufu Kingdom spread to the Wilderness.

However, this time, Wang Shun chatted with Li Yuanqing about the Yufu Kingdom.

“Your Highness, Im not sure if you remember the Yufu Kingdom The original Yufu Kingdom was really strong because it had the backing of the Yufu Mountain.

They had seven or eight Martial Saints.

There were even rumors that their Old Ancestor was unfathomable and had lived for more than a thousand years…”

Li Yuanqing used to be nurtured as the Crown Prince so he definitely knew about the Yufu Kingdom that Wang Shun mentioned.

Naturally, he knew more than Wang Shun.

“The Yufu Kingdom is just the representative of the Yufu Mountain in the mortal world.

Such a country has a deep and stable foundation.

After all, the Yufu Mountain is one of the three immortal mountains in the world!”

Li Yuanqing sighed.

The commoners regarded the Emperor as extremely noble, but in the eyes of Yufu Mountain, he was just a person who dealt with the mortal world on their behalf.

It did not matter if the country was not governed well.

As long as the ruler of the Yufu Mountain had no objections, the Emperor of the Yufu Kingdom would be stable.

“This immortal mountain has also encountered a huge problem.

The Yufu Kingdom is now filled with demons.

I heard that a place collapsed and a catacomb appeared.

Then, the people of the Yufu Kingdom dealt with it slowly.

Therefore many demons had escaped.

Although the people of the Yufu Mountain went in the end, the situation doesnt seem to be good…”

Wang Shun actually knew about the catacombs as well, but he was talking about the catacombs of the Yufu Mountain.

He did not know that the catacomb had actually appeared in the Northern Kingdom before.

This was because the Great Empress Zhaoyang was afraid that the commoners would be frightened by the chaos.

Only a few Martial Saints knew the secrets of the catacombs after Li Yuanqing dealt with it.

Ordinary citizens, generals, ministers, and so on did not know that the Northern Kingdom also had a catacomb.

“A catacomb in the Yufu Kingdom Demons escaped”

Li Yuanqing was a little surprised when he heard Wang Shun mention the catacombs.

He had originally guessed that there might be catacombs in other places in the world.

He did not expect that the Yufu Kingdom, which had the Yufu Mountain as their backer, would also have catacombs.

They did not seal them off Wasnt Yufu Mountain especially powerful

At least in Li Yuanqings impression, the Northern Kingdom had only been established for a short period of time and did not have any foundation.

But the Yufu Kingdom was different.

It was larger than the Northern Kingdom and even had the thousand-year-old Yufu Mountain as its backing.

When Li Huanjun ascended the throne, the Yufu Mountain was known to have ten Martial Saints.

This kind of strength was not something a country like the Northern Kingdom could compare to.

Moreover, after the Blood Moon, the spiritual energy in the world began to recover.

There were three or four Martial Saints in the Northern Kingdom, but it was said that there were dozens or even hundreds of Martial Saints on Yufu Mountain.

The difference was not small.

“Thats right, a catacomb has appeared.

God bless us.

Our Northern Kingdom is a pure land.

Dont let any catacomb appear.

This is not a good sign.

I heard that more than ten Martial Saints of the Yufu Mountain have died just to block that catacomb…”

At this point, Wang Shun quickly poured a cup of tea for Li Yuanqing, still praying for peace in the Northern Kingdom.

How would he know that the catacomb had actually appeared in the Northern Kingdom a year or two ago

After Wang Shun left, Li Yuanqing brought Hu Jiujiu with him.

He held a cup of tea in his hand and stood by the lake, quietly looking at the lake.

The world was finally in chaos with the appearance of the Blood Moon!

Cow lowered its head and ate grass by the lake.

From time to time, it would rub against Li Yuanqing.

Cow was the most timid and the weakest.

He was the most cowardly!

“If you have nothing to do, go to the Wilderness Martial Arts Academy and tease the students there.

You can be their sparring partner…”

Although he had sealed a catacomb, it would be hard to guarantee that there werent any more coming out.

Therefore, he had to take precautions and let the Cow have a look at the Wilderness Martial Arts Academy.

It could be considered training for those students.

He really had no choice.

Cow was the only coward in his hands!

Cow who was eating grass was stunned when it heard Li Yuanqings words.

It looked at Li Yuanqing and then at Hu Jiujiu.

It wanted to hide behind its master, but its body was too big to hide! Moreover, it was so timid and weak.

How could he play with those students

Cow did not want to go, but in the end, it was kicked out by Hu Jiujiu.

Just like that, it reluctantly walked towards the Martial Arts Academy of the Wilderness!

The moment Cow left the Wilderness Valley, it immediately caused a commotion in the entire Wilderness.

Such a huge vicious beast was really fatal!

General Qin Feng had been transferred to the Wings Clans encampment.

Zhang Quan was the one guarding the Wilderness.

He was a deputy general.

When he heard the report, he wanted to rush out with his men.

If such a vicious beast appeared, something big would happen!


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