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However, when he heard the soldiers report that the Ling Hu had come out of the Wilderness Valley, he stopped in his tracks and thought of the mysterious Crown Prince.

“Forget it, just follow this vicious beast.

You dont have to care about it as long as it doesnt hurt anyone…”

Zhang Quans subordinates were trembling with fear.

They had never heard of vicious beasts not hurting anyone.

However, since the deputy general wanted them to follow, so be it.

These people watched as Cow swaggered into the entrance of the Wilderness Martial Arts Academy.

Wang Xian was patrolling the Martial Arts Academy when he heard his subordinates reporting in a panic.

“Dean, something bad has happened.

A vicious beast at the Martial Saint level has barged in.

Hurry up and think of a way…”

“Ring the bell as a warning! Follow me!”

Wang Xian was also a person who had seen the world.

He immediately rushed to the front of the Ling Hu.

When he saw Cow leisurely strolling around the Martial Arts Academy with such a huge body, he felt his scalp tingle.

It had been many years since he had seen such a vicious beast in the Wilderness.

Where did it come from

“Pass down my orders.

All teachers and students of the Martial Arts Academy, gather here and drive this vicious beast away.

I will report to the court if you can make a great contribution and reward you handsomely!”

Although the Martial Arts Academy of the Wilderness was the strongest, there was not a single Martial Saint among them.

The strongest, Wang Xian, was only a peak ninth-grade martial artist.

The remaining martial artists were at most ninth-grade, eighth-grade, and seventh-grade.

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Among the students, those with seventh-grade strength were considered very powerful existences.

But even so, it was not enough in front of Cow.

Cow was very smart.

It remembered its purpose for coming here, so it arched to the east and then to the west, causing the people in the Martial Arts Academy to scream.

All kinds of weapons attacked it like crazy.

Cow was thick-skinned and did not take these to heart at all.

Occasionally, it would sneeze and step on someones sword or kick their saber away, scaring those martial artists so much that they could not help but retreat!

It wasnt fun at all!

Cow was a little aggrieved.

No matter which direction it went, the people in that direction would try their best to avoid it.

They did not dare to fight it at all.

This was different from what its master had instructed it to do.

Its master had said to spar with them, so he had to spar with them.

Therefore, when it used its horn to pick up Wang Xian, everyone in the Martial Arts Academy went crazy.

Their eyes turned red as they rushed towards him!

Ouch, that hurts!

Cow raised its leg and felt a little uncomfortable, but it did not leave.

It continued to tease these students, causing Wang Xian, who had been thrown onto his back, to have his hair stand on end.

His face was ferocious and his eyes were red.

“Be careful, hit its eyes.

You must take down this vicious beast.

Otherwise, countless citizens will die if it rushes onto the streets!”

At this moment, Wang Xian did not care about his own safety at all.

However, everyone was anxious that he was too close to this vicious beast and could be killed by it at any time.

What if, what if the dean died This was something they did not dare to think about!

At this moment, the Martial Arts Academy in the Wilderness was in chaos.

Countless teachers and students had gathered.

Someone had trained them to set up an array formation and kill Cow with numbers.

After all, Cows cultivation was very high.

A Martial Saint-level vicious beast was a disaster for these people.

Some stronger martial artists did not care about their own safety and wanted to save the dean.

If they really could not, they would use their lives to exchange for it!

For a moment, the Martial Arts Academy in the Wilderness was in chaos.

Even Zhang Quans side was alarmed, but he thought about it and refused to send troops.

This was because he knew in his heart that the vicious beast had come out of the small valley.

Although the commotion was fierce and the scene was chaotic, no one died even when there were people injured.

Although Cow looked fierce, it had no intention of killing anyone.

Most importantly, Cow came from the small valley.

Zhang Quan felt inexplicably at ease with that person there.

This time, Zhang Quans judgment was right.

After causing a ruckus in the Wilderness Martial Arts Academy for two to four hours, this vicious beast Cow suddenly left!

Wang Xian was also thrown down.

He stood there in a daze.

After a long time, he was surprised to discover that although the thousands of students present were all covered in dust and some of them were still dripping with blood.

Not a single one of the thousands of people was seriously injured or dead.

The most important thing was him.

He was actually fine

This vicious beast had only caused a commotion, but it had given the students in the Martial Arts Academy the experience of dealing with a Martial Saint-level vicious beast.

At least, they would not be so rash next time.

There shouldnt be a next time anymore.

However, in less than a day, Cow came again.

This time, the people from the Martial Arts Academy had some experience.

They formed teams and set up formations.

A hundred people formed a team and defended against Cow.

At least, no one was seriously injured today.

This was a huge improvement!

Wang Xian was overjoyed.

Moreover, this vicious beast left again after causing a ruckus for four hours.

Wang Xian lost track of Cow when he tried to tail it after this, but he thought about it and did not pursue the matter.

After that day, this Ling Hu would appear in the Martial Arts Academy.

As a result, the number of injuries had decreased from ten to three, and they could occasionally counterattack Cow.

This made Cow feel very embarrassed.

He followed behind Li Yuanqing and took pills to cultivate before continuing to practice with all the teachers and students of the Martial Arts Academy.

Speaking of which, the Martial Arts Academy was also strong.

Cows cultivation level was increasing, and those teachers and students were also very powerful.

Although they were not strong, they knew how to form teams and set up arrays.

Although they could not win against Cow, they did not lose very badly!

One day, when Cow came, it actually threw a book to Wang Xian.

It was a kind of Tripartite Demon Subduing Array.

This stunned Wang Xian!

After flipping through a few pages, he bowed respectfully to Cow.

“Although I cant imagine who can order you around, you will be the sacred object of our Martial Arts Academy in the future.

Please accept our worship!”

Wang Xian led the thousands of people from the Martial Arts Academy and bowed to Cow.

When Cow saw so many people bowing to him, it panicked.

Its master wanted it to be their sparring partner, not to be worshiped by them.

If it did not do this well, it would be despised by its master!

At the thought of this, Cow panicked and rushed into the crowd.

Wang Xian shouted anxiously.

“Form the arrays, form the arrays, attack!”

The Martial Arts Academy of the Wilderness was once again in chaos.

After all the teachers and students were ruthlessly abused by Cow, it left in satisfaction.

The days passed slowly.

At the end of the year, when all the Martial Arts Academy League competitions in the Northern Kingdom were held, the Wilderness Martial Arts Academys combat strength ranking immediately took up the top three positions of the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth-grade martial artists.

This shocked all the Martial Arts Academy students.

Great Empress Zhaoyang was so happy that she personally received Wang Xian and even those students.

However, when the other Martial Arts Academy secretly asked about the training experience of the Wilderness Martial Arts Academy, Wang Xian smiled bitterly.


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