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Students from the Martial Arts Academy would improve very quickly after being tortured by a first-stage Martial Saint Grotto-Heaven realm vicious beast every day! Moreover, this vicious beast had recently advanced to the second-grade Grotto-Heaven Realm.

Later on, the other Martial Arts Academies heard some news.

Soon, some smart people sent their outstanding students to the Martial Arts Academy of the Wilderness to learn.

There were also some who simply formed teams and came to the Wilderness border to train.

They were dragged out to fight with vicious beasts.

Whether they lived or died depended on their fate.

Cows actions greatly increased the combat ability of the Northern Kingdoms Martial Arts Academies.

Wang Xian also quickly advanced to the Martial Saint realm.

Moreover, he could take out the Tripartite Formation that Cow had brought over and study it together with the various Martial Arts Academies.

It could even be used in the military.

Three people could form this array formation.

For example, three eighth-grade martial artists could fight a first-grade Martial Saint at the Grotto-Heaven realm.

It was very difficult to win, but they would not be defeated quickly.

If three ninth-grade martial artists used the Tripartite Formation to deal with a first-grade Grotto-Heaven Realm Martial Saint, their chances of winning would be very high.

One should not underestimate this point.

Although it was easy for martial artists to cultivate after the Blood Moon, there were still very few Martial Saints.

However, there were relatively many eighth and ninth-grade martial artists.

If they all learned the Tripartite Formation, these people would be able to fight a Martial Saint.

It would increase the foundation of the entire Northern Kingdom.

It would be easy for three first-stage Grotto-Heaven Realm Martial Saints to kill a second-stage Grotto-Heaven Realm Martial Saint with this formation.

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While the Northern Kingdom was thriving, something had happened to the Yufu Kingdom.

Although the Yufu Mountain had sent people to guard the catacomb that appeared, they did not know what was going on.

They still let many demons run out and cause trouble and kill people everywhere in the Yufu Kingdom.

For a time, everyone was in danger, and some commoners secretly ran to the Northern Kingdom.

Especially when some people saw that the originally desolate Wilderness had been developing better and better over the years.

It was so prosperous that it made people envious.

Many citizens of the Yufu Kingdom secretly ran over.

In the past, it was always the citizens of the Northern Kingdom who fled to the Yufu Kingdom.

This was the first time a large number of citizens ran to the Northern Kingdom.

Zhaoyang was naturally happy to see this happen.

She pretended not to know and let these commoners enter the Wilderness or the Wings Clan to live.

When Wang Shun delivered the food to Li Yuanqing, he also chuckled and sighed.

“These commoners arent stupid.

They would naturally move to a place where they could survive.

Moreover, I heard that the Yufu Mountain has suffered heavy casualties and cant control the demons in the catacombs.

Also, I heard that the catacombs had also appeared in the Myriad City Kingdom…”

At this point, Wang Shun secretly glanced at Li Yuanqings expression.

He knew that many years ago, the former Crown Prince was crippled and sent to the Wilderness because he refused to marry the princess of the Myriad City Kingdom.

If the Yufu Kingdom was slightly stronger than the Northern Kingdom, then Myriad City Kingdom was much stronger than the Northern Kingdom.

It could be said that the Yufu Kingdom and the Northern Kingdom had once been vassals of the Myriad City Kingdom.

However, in the past hundred years, the Myriad City Kingdoms influence was not as great.

They were busy expanding their influence elsewhere, so they turned a blind eye to the Northern Kingdom.

Most importantly, the Northern Kingdom was sufficiently respectful to Myriad City because they did not have enough foundation.

“A catacomb appeared in the Myriad City Kingdom” Li Yuanqing was not surprised.

The Myriad City Kingdom was too big.

There must be more than one catacomb.

“Yes, there seem to be two.

However, I heard that their goddess personally appeared and sealed these two catacombs.

She didnt let a single demon escape.

Shes very strong!”

Wang Shun couldnt help but praise her.

She sealed the two catacombs by herself and did not let a single demon escape.

This was not just powerful, it was especially powerful, alright

“The Goddess is the Eldest Princess of the Myriad City Kingdom.

Now, her eldest brother has succeeded the throne…” Wang Shun whispered.

Li Yuanqing immediately understood.

He naturally knew about this princess of the Myriad City Kingdom.

She was a jinx back then.

No matter who it was, as long as they were engaged to this princess or had intentions to be engaged, there was only one outcome.

They would die!

Many people have died over the years.

Li Yuanqing vaguely remembered that the Second Prince had fallen off his horse and died.

It was quite sad that an intermediate martial artist had actually fallen off his horse and died.

Didnt he also disobey the decree and avoid it back then

“Shes indeed very strong! However, theyre not as lucky as our Northern Kingdom.

There are no catacombs here…”

Li Yuanqing drank his tea and smiled.

He remembered what his father had told him on his last breath back then.

He had said that the princess of the Myriad City Kingdom had a secret and wanted him to be extremely careful.

Haha, he was afraid of death.

He naturally wanted to stay as far away from such a person as possible.

Fortunately, the Northern Kingdom and the Myriad City Kingdom were very far apart.

There was also the Yufu Kingdom in the middle.

There were some things that he did not have to think too far ahead.

Therefore, Li Yuanqing continued to sign in and cultivate in the Wilderness.

He also went to the Wings Clans catacomb.

This was because he was counting the days.

The catacomb should be loosening up again.

He could go take a look and see what good things he could sign in!

When Li Yuanqing went this time, he saw Qin Feng again.

His cultivation progress was also very fast.

He had already reached the peak of the first-stage Grotto-Heaven Realm.

It seemed like he was about to break through.

However, it was not easy for a first-grade Martial Saint to enter the second-grade.

Therefore, Qin Feng had been cultivating bitterly.

“Your Highness, youre here!” Qin Feng saw Li Yuanqing after so long so his voice was filled with joy.

He naturally knew that the catacomb had long appeared in the Northern Kingdom.

It happened earlier than the Yufu Kingdom and the Myriad City Kingdom.

However, everyone thought that the Northern Kingdom was lucky and no catacombs had ever appeared.

Only a few of them knew that the catacomb had appeared, but Li Yuanqing had sealed it with his own strength.

His strength was astonishing!

It was unimaginable!

“Alright, you can leave.

Let me guard here for the next few days!”

After Li Yuanqing gestured for Qin Feng to leave, he unsealed the two array formations and waited for a demon to appear from the catacomb.

He was waiting to sign in at the entrance of the catacombs too.

This time, he waited for a long time before a not-so-strong aura finally appeared.

At this moment, a voice sounded in Li Yuanqings mind.

[Host, do you want to sign in at the entrance of the catacombs]

“Sign in!”

[Congratulations on signing in successfully.

Reward: Demon Slayer Sword!]

[One: 100 Demon Slayer Swords!]

[Two: One Demon Stone!]

It was the Demon Slayer Sword again.

He already had a hundred of them, but what was this Demon Stone

Li Yuanqing thought for a moment and decided to take the Demon Stone.

When he got the Demon Stone, he realized that it was not a stone.

It was clearly something else.

Before he could study the Demon Stone thoroughly, the demon floated out of the catacomb.

He did not have a martial artist to possess, so he could only take Li Yuanqings life!


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