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A huge Ling Hu appeared in Zhaoyangs line of sight.

Zhaoyang had once heard Wang Xian mention that there was often a vicious beast in the Martial Arts Academy that would accompany those students for training.

Could it be this one

There was also that fiery red little fox.

Zhaoyang had seen its true form before.

It was beautiful and very cute when it revealed its true form.

It made people want to touch its fur!

Zhaoyang was trying to communicate with the little fox.

However, Hu Jiujiu looked at her as if she didnt want to bother with her.

Although the little fox knew Zhaoyang and had accompanied her for many years, Hu Jiujiu pretended not to know her since Li Yuanqing was not around.

Anyway, she was a fox and no one would reprimand her if she ignored Zhaoyang.

Zhaoyang stayed in the Wilderness Valley for two days.

On the third day, when she was about to leave, Li Yuanqing finally came out of seclusion.

This time, Li Yuanqing seemed to be even younger after coming out of seclusion.

He looked even younger standing beside Zhaoyang.

This made Zhaoyangs eyes widen with envy.

Even though she was already a Martial Saint at the Grotto-Heaven Realm, and time passed very slowly on her, there were still many matters in the Northern Kingdom so she was still extremely tired.

There was no way for her to cultivate wholeheartedly like her brother.

“Big Brother, congratulations on coming out of seclusion!”

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This time, Li Yuanqing felt good.

Zhaoyang felt that her brother had definitely advanced again.

However, Zhaoyang would never have thought that Li Yuanqing was already at the sixth-grade Grotto-Heaven Realm.

“Yes, is it because of the Yufu Kingdom Dont worry, I know about it and support your decision.

I will appear at the critical moment!”

Li Yuanqings words were like a calming pill that made Great Empress Zhaoyang nod heavily.

A huge weight was lifted from her heart.

She was not worried that her brother would not help her.

She was just worried that he would blame her for being too unyielding.

Unexpectedly, the two of them had the same thought about the Yufu Kingdoms attitude.

Li Yuanqing looked very calm as he watched Great Empress Zhaoyang leave.

He calculated the time and went to the catacomb.

The hundred Demon Slayer Swords were steadily there at the entrance of the catacomb.

Li Yuanqing tried to undo the seal on the entrance of the catacomb.

He waited at the entrance of the catacomb for two days, but not a single demon appeared.

Helpless and disappointed, he could only seal the catacomb again.

There was still a trace of disappointment in his heart.

Why wasnt there a single demon When did these demons become so timid So much so that he didnt even have a chance to sign in at the entrance of the catacomb

How disappointing!

Li Yuanqing did not know that the people of Yufu Mountain would vomit blood from anger if they heard his thoughts.

This was because a third-grade Grotto-Heaven expert had been sent to the Northern Kingdom from the Yufu Mountain, causing the strength of the guard of the catacomb to decrease again.

As a result, some demons broke out of the encirclement of the Yufu Mountain and caused a mess in the Yufu Mountain.

However, they could not think of a better solution!

The Demon Rebellion was about to shake the foundation of the Yufu Kingdom.

At this moment, the Emperor of the Yufu Kingdom was still thinking of dealing with the Northern Kingdom.

He was thinking of moving the palace of the Yufu Kingdom to the Northern Kingdom after he married the Great Empress of the Northern Kingdom.

This way, there would not be any demons causing trouble in the Northern Kingdom, nor would there be any catacombs.

They would not be troubled by the catacombs.

The Emperor of the Yufu Kingdom smiled very happily when he saw the third-grade Grotto-Heaven Realm Martial Uncle Wang sent by the sect master of the Yufu Mountain.

In order to rope in this Martial Uncle Wang, he even specially gave him a Marrow Cleansing Pill.

Moreover, he promised that on the day of his marriage with the Great Empress of the Northern Kingdom, he would let this Martial Uncle Wang choose three treasures from the treasury of the Northern Kingdom.

Other than Martial Uncle Wang, Li Zhengye also sent three Martial Saints, in which two were first-stage Grotto-Heaven Realm experts, and one was second-stage Grotto-Heaven Realm expert to follow Martial Uncle Wang.

They would go to the Imperial City of the Northern Kingdom together and threaten Great Empress Zhaoyang.

This time, he couldnt even be bothered to give her the marriage contract.

He directly made Zhaoyang his concubine and made the Northern Kingdom a vassal of the Yufu Kingdom.

Otherwise, he would wipe out the Li Clan of the Northern Kingdom.

On this day, the bright moon was high in the sky, but it was quickly covered by dark clouds.

At this moment, everyone in the Imperial City felt their hearts palpitate as they heard a thunderclap.

“Zhaoyang of the Northern Kingdom, come and see the High Ambassador of Yufu Mountain!”

These few words made the expressions of all the commoners in the Imperial City change drastically.

The Imperial City of the Northern Kingdom was huge and had a population of fifty million.

However, everyone could hear the voice of the person from the Yufu Mountain.

Just this show of strength was enough to make people speechless!

Zhaoyang, who was in the palace, also heard this voice.

Her face darkened, and in the next moment, she appeared on the tallest building in the Imperial City, Full Moon Tower!

On the Full Moon Tower, she cupped her hands in the air in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

“Welcome, Envoy of the Yufu Mountain.

Please do not disturb the citizens of the Imperial City.”

Great Empress Zhaoyangs voice was neither slow nor anxious, even though she did not suppress that terrifying voice.

However, the citizens who were feeling a little fearful also heard this voice.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Although the Great Empress was not a man, her courage was extraordinary.

No matter what it was, it was admirable that she dared to stand up first.

“Hahaha, Zhaoyang, why did you chase the envoy away and tore my marriage contract You have to know that our marriage was decided when your father was still alive.

Arent you a disloyal, unfilial, and untrustworthy person if you dare to go against it How can you be a ruler”

A white flood dragon suddenly appeared in the air near the Imperial City.

Although this flood dragon was majestic, if one looked carefully, it was missing a tail.

Li Zhengye stood proudly on the flood dragon.

Behind him were a few experts from the Yufu Kingdom.

One of them was Martial Uncle Wang, who was dressed in white and had white hair and a white beard.

Even though he did not speak, Zhaoyang noticed him immediately.

At the same time, when the people from the Yufu Kingdom entered the Northern Kingdom to speak, Wang Xian and the others from the Imperial City appeared behind Zhaoyang.

That was not all.

All the ninth-grade martial artists of the Martial Arts Academy and the Imperial Court had gathered and were guarding under the Full Moon Tower.

“So its the Emperor of the Yufu Kingdom who came from afar When my father died, he didnt mention my marriage.

How is it settled You and I are both rulers of a country.

Theres no difference in status.

The matters of my Northern Kingdom are not up to your Yufu Kingdom to decide…”

Zhaoyang was also smart.

After seeing Li Zhengye from the Yufu Kingdom, she directly pointed out his identity as the Emperor.

Since he was the Emperor, the Yufu Kingdom and the Northern Kingdom were on equal footing.

At the very least, other countries could not interfere with other countries affairs.

Although Zhaoyang knew that the Yufu Kingdom was backed by the Yufu Mountain and that the Emperor was a disciple of the Yufu Mountain, she had to talk about national affairs first.

This way, she would be in an invincible position first.

The Emperor of the Yufu Kingdom would not be in the right on the surface if he wanted to suppress her.

However, Zhaoyang knew very well that only when both sides were equal would they be reasonable.

And Li Zhengye was clearly trying to use the strength of the Yufu Mountain to suppress her.


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