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After thinking this through, Martial Uncle Wang closed his eyes to rest.

It was only when the White Dragon suddenly stopped and almost made him lose his balance that Martial Uncle Wang opened his eyes.

However, he felt that the White Dragons body under him seemed to be trembling!


Why did you stop running” Li Zhengye was still mocking Zhaoyang when he saw a huge Ba-Serpent suddenly appear beside Zhaoyang.

When the Ba-Serpent raised its head, it almost covered the entire moonlight!

Ba-Serpent Li Zhengye had heard of the Ba-Serpent disaster in the Northern Kingdom.

Didnt that Ba-Serpent die Why was there another one And why was its body so huge

It was simply unimaginable!

“I was waiting for you here to deliver a huge gift to the Yufu Kingdom.

Those who humiliate others will be humiliated!”

Zhaoyangs lips curled up into a smile.

She was laughing at Li Zhengye for being a frog at the bottom of a well.

She dared to chase away their envoy.

Do they think that she does not have any trump cards

“Go!” Zhaoyang shouted at the Ba-Serpent.

Her big brother had once told her that if the Northern Kingdom was in danger, she should go deep into the Wilderness and shout for the Ba-Serpent.

As expected, the Ba Serpent was very obedient.

Not only did it not attack her after seeing her, it even rushed to her side to protect her.

“White Dragon, go, bite it to death.

Bite this beast to death.

Let it see how powerful you are!” Li Zhengye did not feel it at all.

The fact that the White Flood Dragons entire body was curled up into a ball, and it even hid the part of its tail that was broken.

It was afraid.

It was really afraid of this Ba-Serpent.

It had already escaped from the Wilderness, so why did it come back! At this moment, the White Flood Dragon felt despair in its heart.

It wished it could shake Li Zhengye off!

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Li Zhengye desperately urged the White Dragon forward, only to see the disdain and contempt in the Ba Serpents eyes! It was a defeated opponent who had lost its tail.

If its master had not summoned it back then, this fellow would be in its stomach now.

“Idiot, go! Theyre all vicious beasts.

Youre still a flood dragon.

Dragon, go!” Li Zhengye cursed at the White Dragon.

He wanted to urge it again, but he felt his feet slip.

The White Dragon had actually thrown him off.

Other than Martial Uncle Wang who landed gracefully, the remaining three Grotto-Heaven Realm experts were also thrown down by the White Flood Dragon.

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle…

The Ba-Serpent made a sound, and the White Dragon that was originally in mid-air fell down.

Its proud head was already lowered, and it wanted to crawl in front of the Ba-Serpent.

It even twisted its body and tried its best to please the Ba-Serpent!

Li Zhengye was dumbfounded when he saw this scene.

What was going on The auspicious sign of the Yufu Kingdom, the White Dragon that was worshiped by the Yufu Kingdom, was actually so weak in front of this ugly Ba Serpent

His lungs were about to explode from anger!

Li Zhengye was so angry that he wanted to slap the White Dragon, but he did not dare to.

This White Dragon was not to be trifled with.

He couldnt control the White Dragon if it were to fall out with him.

He could only turn his face to the side and try his best not to look at it.

“Your Majesty, let us deal with that woman.

Save your strength for the bridal chamber!”

Li Zhengye was followed by three Martial Saints, two first-stage Grotto-Heaven Realm experts, and one second-stage Grotto-Heaven Realm expert.

They were in charge of protecting Li Zhengye, the Emperor.

After all, apart from being a disciple of the Yufu Mountain, Li Zhengye was also the Emperor of the Yufu Kingdom.

He was also the person they were trying to protect.

Taking advantage of the fact that the experts of the Northern Kingdom had yet to arrive, they had to quickly end the battle and deal with this Great Empress Zhaoyang so that the Emperor of the Yufu Kingdom could get what he wanted.

This trip would not be in vain then.

“Go! Lets go together.

Dont hurt her body, or else…” He would not be able to enjoy the consummation if the beauty had wounds on her body, that was what Li Zhengye wanted to remind them.

Unfortunately, before he could finish his sentence, he heard Martial Uncle Wang roar.

“Dont panic.

Stand behind me and protect His Majesty!”

Countless pairs of blood-red eyes seemed to pop out of the darkness.

The moonlight was originally blocked by the Ba-Serpent.

Only the strongest Martial Uncle Wang realized that they were already surrounded by the beast tide.

Li Zhengye only felt that it was raining and that the rain was falling on his face.

He touched it with his hand and felt extremely devastated.

How was it raining It was clearly the saliva of a vicious beast dripping onto his face! There were also vicious beasts that treated him as food.

Their saliva dripped onto his face.

Would he become food for the vicious beasts

Li Zhengye was about to go crazy! He was the ruler of the Yufu Kingdom and also a Martial Saint.

He had stood at the peak of the world and enjoyed all the glory.

When would there be vicious beasts drooling over him

Saliva had dripped onto his face, do those vicious beasts treat him as the most delicious food This, this, this…

In an instant, Li Zhengye was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

He had never suffered such humiliation in his life!

“Escort His Majesty away.

Ill cut off the rear!” The more Martial Uncle Wang looked, the more he felt that something was wrong.

There were so many eyes and a terrifying aura.

How many vicious beasts had come No matter how powerful he was, he could not guarantee Li Zhengyes safety against so many vicious beasts.

Moreover, the Ba Serpent had been eyeing him covetously, as if it wanted to swallow him at any time.

The Ba-Serpent that the Ba-Serpent Clan originally worshiped was fed by living people.

It was said that the stronger a martial artist was, the more the Ba-Serpent liked them.

No wonder it kept staring at him.

He was the strongest among this group of people!

There were many ways to die, but Martial Uncle Wang was absolutely unwilling to be devoured by the Ba Serpent as food.

Therefore, under such circumstances, he could only escape.

It was a great blessing to be able to escape.

Unfortunately, the reality was too cruel.

This was the Wilderness, the territory of the Ba-Serpent.

The key was that Li Yuanqing was guarding the side.

Anyone would dare to trample on the Northern Kingdom in the future if they let these people escape.

Therefore, these people were destined to not be able to leave!

Before Zhaoyang could make a move, the two first-stage Grotto-Heaven Realm Martial Saints were scratched by Hu Jiujius claws and thrown into the pile of vicious beasts.

Then, there were endless screams.

Their cries quickly stopped in the darkness.

Then, there was no more breath.

Something had entangled Li Zhengye in the darkness.

He could not escape even if he wanted to.

Although he was also a Martial Saint, he was like an ordinary person when he was surrounded by vicious beasts.

He shouted desperately, “Martial Uncle Wang, save me!”

Although Martial Uncle Wang was extremely powerful, he never dreamed that Great Empress Zhaoyang could command the vicious beasts of the Wilderness.

He had been too careless.

Two experts had already died tragically.

He could only escape with Li Zhengye at this moment.

Therefore, in the next moment, he lifted Li Zhengye up and was about to bring him out of the Wilderness alone when he heard the wail of another second-grade Grotto-Heaven realm expert.

“Dont leave me!”

No matter how strong a Martial Saint was, when faced with such a terrifying beast tide, they would panic at the thought of becoming food for vicious beasts.

Uncle Master Wang lifted the expert with his other hand, making him happy.

In the next moment, he was thrown into the middle of the beast tide!


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