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Li Yuanqing put down the demons hanging on the stone wall one by one.

In the beginning, those demons still wanted to defeat Li Yuanqing and escape from this hole.

However, as time passed, all the demons were tortured by Li Yuanqing.

What made those demons despair was that this great demon was getting faster and faster, and they were getting slower and slower because they were all injured.

This gap was getting bigger and bigger, so big that it made them despair.

Extreme despair! Why did they have to escape from Catacomb No.

1 Meeting such a demon was their lifelong nightmare.

However, Li Yuanqing did not let them off either.

He would hang those whose injuries were slightly better on the stone wall and let down a few demons to spar with them every day.

Occasionally, one or two unlucky fellows would be released by Li Yuanqing and hung on the stone wall.

These demons were about to go crazy as the number of demons increased.

They looked at Li Yuanqing more and more strangely.

The person these demons hated the most was Li Yuanqing.

They had never seen such a detestable mortal.

However, they had no choice.

All the demons had no choice because they could not win.

Every demon had been injured twice by Li Yuanqing.

If the first time was an accident and they were ambushed, then the second time they were injured and thrown into a corner, they were completely defeated.

They really couldnt beat him.

Even though they hated Li Yuanqing to the core, they still couldnt do anything to him.

In the remaining days, Li Yuanqing was addicted to practicing with these demons.

Day after day, month after month, he almost forgot to return to the Wilderness Valley, until no more demons came out of the catacomb.

The demons that he had hanged on the stone walls of the cave were mostly on their last breaths.

They did not even have the courage to look at him.

They dont even have the strength to curse him like the beginning.

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“How boring.

These demons have no guts at all!”

Li Yuanqing was a little melancholic! It was too disappointing.

In the end, he counted the number of demons he had captured.

There were a total of 181 of them.

These demons were all pitiful and extremely obedient every day.

Even if they were stabbed by him, they would remain silent and become very numb.

These demons were even more obedient than the most honest and timid little girl in front of him.

This disappointed Li Yuanqing, who had wanted to use them as whetstones.

Most importantly, he could no longer sign in at the exit of the catacombs.

These demons lost their meaning to live.

Initially, Li Yuanqing wanted to kill them all, but when he found out that the bottom of the catacombs was very big and that there was more than one exit in the human world,

He might as well lecture them.

“I can let you go, but remember, if I see anyone who dares to cause trouble in the Northern Kingdom again, I will definitely not let them off.

I will tear them into pieces and destroy their souls…”

Li Yuanqings words finally ignited a little hope in the originally numb eyes of the demons.

When they heard that this was the Northern Kingdom and that this great demon did not allow them to cause trouble here, they nodded desperately and were about to cry.

If they had a chance to leave this place alive, they would naturally run as far away from this great demon as possible in this lifetime.

The human world was very beautiful, but they could not meet this demon.

He was too terrifying.

He was their nightmare! They had to remember that The Great Demon King was in the Northern Kingdom even if they died.

This was a taboo!

“You must be indignant that youre trapped here by me and think that Im taking advantage of the situation.

Today, Ill give you a chance.

Ill put all of you down and let you surround me.

If you can win, you can walk out of there.

If you lose, all of you will obediently return to the catacombs…”

Li Yuanqing planned to release so many demons back into the catacombs.

With their publicity, the Northern Kingdom would probably become a taboo in the hearts of the demons in the catacombs.

Li Yuanqing planned to torture them in order to intimidate them and leave an eternal trauma in their hearts.

Let these demons understand a principle.

The Northern Kingdom had experts that could never be offended.

As soon as Li Yuanqing said this, the demons who had been silent looked at each other and saw hope in each others eyes.

Lets do it!

There were 180 of them.

Even if they were injured, they were still demons in the catacombs.

There was a demon who had once been the City Lord of Sun Moon City.

No matter how bad they were, these hundred or so demons would definitely win against the Great Demon King!

Hope ignited in the hearts of all the demons.

They wanted to take revenge for the humiliation they had suffered these past few days.

They wanted to win.

When Li Yuanqing put down all the demons, the originally spacious cave suddenly became crowded.

Li Yuanqing was surrounded by all the demons.

Layer after layer, all the demons only had one thought in their hearts.

Kill him, tear him into pieces, and devour his flesh and blood.

Countless demons rushed forward, disregarding everything.

There were many demonic shadows in the cave, and the temperature became higher.

Suddenly, white light shone brightly, and the mother sword of the Demon Slayer Sword flew to the top of the cave.

Then, Demon Slayer Swords were separated from the mother sword.

At this moment, Li Yuanqing had already thrown out the Saint Extermination Stone in his hand.

Li Yuanqing had already mastered the usage of the Saint Extermination Stone.

Coupled with the speed of the Sand Escape Technique, Li Yuanqing, who was using the Shadowless Art, disappeared in the next second.

Li Yuanqing, who was surrounded by all the demons, had disappeared.

Disappeared without a trace.

“Great Demon King, Great Demon King!”

“Hes gone!”


“If even one can escape, it will be our victory!”

Someone shouted and turned around to run towards the exit of the cave.

However, before they could take three steps, the Demon Slayer Swords had already accurately stabbed towards the demons again.

Moreover, the hundred or so Demon Slayer Swords seemed to have eyes.

Each sword corresponded to a demon.

None of the 180 demons had escaped from the cave.

The former City Lord of Sun Moon City was stunned when he saw the Demon Slayer Swords flying around.

The Great Demon King was too terrifying! He did not want to see this person in this life again.

He turned around and fled to the catacombs.

The place that he had once desperately wanted to leave felt like heaven compared to this place.

When he fled to the catacombs, this demons face was covered in tears.

In this life and the next life, he swore that he would never step into the Northern Kingdom.

When he heard the name of the Great Demon King, he would flee as far as he could!

His experience during this period of time made him understand one thing.

The Great Demon King was simply their nemesis.

Compared to him, the methods of demons were like the purest and kindest child.

The Catacomb No.

1 was a taboo.

He had to inform everyone that no one could come here.


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