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After an unknown period of time, Hu Jiujiu jumped into Li Yuanqings arms from his shoulder, as if she was looking for a warm place.

Thinking that Hu Jiujiu had become like this because of him, Li Yuanqing ignored it and let her hide in his arms to avoid being blown by the wind.

At the same time, he touched Hu Jiujius red fur.

Yes, it was very soft and comfortable.

Hu Jiujiu narrowed her foxy eyes and lay docile in Li Yuanqings arms.

She would look ahead from time to time.

It was really a little far from the Wilderness to the Yufu Mountain.

The demons that Li Yuanqing had thrown back into the catacomb gathered together again.

The tragic encounter of being abused by Li Yuanqing made them feel united.

After recuperating from their injuries, they asked around and found out that there were four exits to the catacombs.

Catacomb No.

1 of the Northern Kingdom was a taboo.

It was a nightmare in the hearts of all demons.

They did not even consider it.

The exit of Catacomb No.

2 was in the Yufu Kingdom.

It was said that more and more demons had escaped.

Compared to the exits of Catacomb No.

3 and No.

3, it was already the best and safest exit of the catacombs.

Therefore, these 180 demons gathered again and attacked the exit of Catacomb No.

2 together.

It was difficult for them to work together, but they did not expect to rush out of Catacomb No.2 so easily.

When they took their first breath of air in the human world, they were just short of roaring into the sky three times.

They were finally out.

They had finally escaped from that great demon and returned to the human world.

Quick, quick.

The first thing they had to do now was to immediately find a body that they could possess and occupy a human body.

Only then could they hide in the human world.

Then, they would wait for the spiritual energy to recover and enjoy the greatest benefits.

After these demons rushed out of the catacomb, they had to search everywhere for bodies to possess.

Some demons would rush forward as long as they encountered humans, be it ordinary people or martial artists.

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Quickly seize possession!

However, the demons who had been tortured by Li Yuanqing had different thoughts.

They had seen how powerful human experts were.

They knew that the higher the cultivation level of the person they chose to possess, the higher their future achievements.

Then who had the highest cultivation level around the catacomb Without a doubt, the disciples of the catacombs guarding the Yufu Mountain had the highest cultivation level, and their physical talent was naturally the best.

These demons had their eyes on the disciples of the Yufu Mountain, especially the former City Lord of Sun Moon City.

He swore that he would definitely choose the best body to possess in the human world.

Then, he would cultivate well and strive to become Li Yuanqings enemy one day.

However, he felt that it was already very impressive to be able to reach Li Yuanqings level after possession.

Therefore, his target was the disciples of the Yufu Mountain.

If one of them didnt work, he would keep an eye on the next one.

Even if it took a little longer, as long as he persevered, he would definitely reach his goal.

Soon, some of the demons had successfully possessed their bodies.

After they displayed their astonishing strength, many hidden forces of the Yufu Kingdom began to extend an olive branch to them.

There were forces that were willing to offer cultivation resources to them, and they were also willing to pay for their lives.

They were even willing to worship them.

As long as they occasionally helped those forces expand or solve problems.

These demons naturally agreed readily.

Soon, these demons who had escaped from the catacombs and had new identities became the consecrators or elders of a certain sect.

There were also some who became elders of some aristocratic family or faction.

For a time, these demons had a very good place to go.

This made them very satisfied.

However, there was still an unforgettable taboo in their hearts.

Those were the words that the great demon of the Northern Kingdom had once warned them.

They could not step into the Northern Kingdom in this life!

Therefore, after a certain demon enjoyed the great benefits given by a certain faction, he was overjoyed and boasted about his strength.

This made the upper echelons of that faction abnormally happy.

They all encouraged the demon to go to the Northern Kingdom because the Northern Kingdom was already being watched by the Yufu Mountain.

Everyone in the world knew that the country targeted by the Yufu Mountain would be completely wiped out soon.

Once a new regime was established, there would definitely be a fight.

They had this demon backing them now.

If they could seize the initiative, the regime established in the Northern Kingdom might completely become their puppet.

Who knew that the expression of the demon, who was so powerful, changed when he heard about the Northern Kingdom.

“The Northern Kingdom.

No, I cant step into the territory of the Northern Kingdom for the rest of my life.

Ill stay away as far as I can.

If youre persuading me, dont blame me for being rude…”

The demon was extremely flustered.

He was not afraid of anything but that great demon.

He was in the Northern Kingdom.

The higher-ups of that faction were still unwilling to give up.

They continued to persuade this demon to attack the Northern Kingdom because the strength revealed by the demon was too high.

However, before the higher-ups of this faction could continue persuading him, the demon actually left without saying goodbye.

This made all the higher-ups of that faction completely collapse.

Damn it, this fellow had taken away a lot of their things.

They just wanted to persuade him to go to the Northern Kingdom, but he actually ran away Even if you really didnt want to go, just say the word.

You dont have to run away overnight.

They really went for wool and came home shorn!

There was actually more than one such thing.

All of this happened when Li Yuanqing was cultivating in the Wilderness Valley.

Li Yuanqing did not know about it.

At this moment, he was standing on the back of the Little Ba-Serpent and looking at a towering mountain in the distance.

The snow on it had yet to melt.

The red plums on the mountain were covered by the snow, making them look exceptionally beautiful.

When the snow landed on the rocks on the mountain, they were really as beautiful as jade.

On the mountainside, peach blossoms bloomed, while the foot of the mountain was lush and green like early summer.

The Yufu Mountain was tall.

There were four seasons on the mountain, and every step they took was a different scenery.

It was very famous in the Yufu Kingdom.

Before Li Yuanqing arrived, he had already sensed the difference.

Spiritual energy.

The spiritual energy here was very dense.

No wonder the disciples of the Yufu Mountain could produce so many Martial Saints and have an invincible ancestor in the Grotto-Heaven Realm.

To be able to support the Emperor of the Yufu Kingdom without any scruples, he must have occupied a treasure land, the Yufu Mountain, and had some tricks up his sleeve.

“Little Ba Serpent, lets go!”

Li Yuanqing was not too surprised when he saw the strength revealed by Yufu Mountain.

He had once checked on the Old Ancestor of Yufu Mountain who was in seclusion to break through to the Spirit Transformation realm.

He had not appeared for decades.

It was almost like stepping into another world from the ninth-grade Grotto-Heaven Realm to the Spirit Transformation Realm.

It was extremely important to Martial Saints.

In fact, Li Yuanqing even wondered if this Old Ancestor of Yufu Mountain had failed to break through to the Spirit Transformation Realm and was no longer around.

This situation was not unheard of.

For example, the old ancestor of the Northern Kingdom was in such a situation.

Of course, all of this was just a guess.

Li Yuanqing had to adapt to the situation after he reached the Yufu Mountain.


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