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“Big Brother, thats great! I knew that you treated me the best!” Zhaoyang hugged Li Yuanqing.

However, she had grown up now and did not jump on him like when she was young.

At most, she only reached Li Yuanqings waist.

Her height had almost reached Li Yuanqings shoulders.

Zhaoyangs sudden affectionate action made Li Yuanqing, who was originally as calm as water, laugh.

Hu Jiujiu looked at Li Yuanqing in surprise. Master, you laughed so much today!

“Youre being bought over with just these pills Youre too worthless as an empress.

Here, Ill give the Yufu Kingdom to you.

What do you think” Li Yuanqing was still smiling.

When he said this, his expression was extremely relaxed, as if he was telling Zhaoyang what tea to drink today.

However, what he said made Zhaoyangs mouth go dry and her expression changed drastically.

Giving the Yufu Kingdom to her

Twenty years ago, the Northern Kingdom was like a vassal state of the Yufu Kingdom.

His father had wanted the princess of the Northern Kingdom to marry the ruler of the Yufu Kingdom countless times.

She would definitely not be the empress, at most, she was a concubine.

Unfortunately, the other party wasnt happy about it.

Of course, the two countries had never officially discussed this matter.

Only a few members of the royal family knew about it.

The former First Princess had tactfully told Zhaoyang about this.

This was because the previous Emperor had wanted the First Princess to marry the Emperor of the Yufu Kingdom as a concubine.

Unfortunately, his wish was not fulfilled.

Moreover, the Yufu Kingdom was backed by the Yufu Mountain.

There were countless experts above the Martial Saint realm on the Yufu Mountain.

The Northern Kingdom was simply not on the same level as them.

Fortunately, the Emperor of the Yufu Kingdom was not very ambitious.

He only wanted to enjoy a luxurious life and did not want to fight everywhere.

Otherwise, the Northern Kingdom would be the first to be annexed.

This was also the reason why the late Emperor Li Huanjun was so weak and wanted to find a backer everywhere.

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From this, it could be seen how big the gap between the Yufu Kingdom and the Northern Kingdom was.

In the past year, the Northern Kingdom had recruited more Martial Saints.

In addition, there were many rising stars of the Martial Arts Academies.

There were also many people from the Martial Arts Academies who formed the Tripartite Formation.

This was why Great Empress Zhaoyang dared to say no to the Emperor of Yufu Kingdom.

However, she did not expect those words at all.

She was stunned.

She even stuttered.

“Big-Big Brother, youre not joking with me, right I-I know my limits.

Its already very good that I can guard the Northern Kingdom and not be bullied.”

When the strong Zhaoyang said this, tears suddenly fell.

In the past, she had always felt that her father was weak.

She wanted to protect her brother.

The throne belonged to her brother.

She wanted to personally bring her brother back to the palace, but when she became the Great Empress and her cultivation reached the Martial Saint realm, she knew then that the responsibility of being a ruler was even greater and more tiring.

For the sake of her brother, she did not mention letting her brother return to the palace and become the Emperor because it was too tiring.

Zhaoyang would rather become stronger and be able to protect her brother.

However, most of the time, Zhaoyang realized that it was her brother who was helping her.

It no longer mattered how aggrieved she was as the Northern Kingdom became stronger.

If she wanted to wear the crown, she had to bear its weight.

She did not regret it.

She would be satisfied if the Northern Kingdom could one day be like the Yufu Kingdom.

“Only when the Northern Kingdom is truly powerful will it not be bullied.

The Northern Kingdom is still too weak and its territory is too small.

Its not worthy of a Great Empress like you.

Hahaha, I said that I wanted to give you a gift.

This gift is Yufu Kingdom.

Ill give the Yufu Kingdom to you…”

Li Yuanqings words made Zhaoyangs head buzz.

When she looked at her brother again, he didnt seem to be joking.

Zhaoyang looked at Li Yuanqing in a daze.

At this moment, she felt dazed.

The big brother that she had always thought she was familiar with had actually become even more mysterious and powerful than before.

It was simply beyond her imagination.

At this moment, she did not know what to say.

“The Yufu Kingdom is backed by the Yufu Mountain.

The Yufu Mountain has an invincible ancestor in the Grotto-Heaven Realm.

This is the foundation of the Yufu Kingdom.

How can one take down the Yufu Mountain without a Spirit Transformation Realm expert Spirit Transformation Realm The Northern Kingdom has not had a Spirit Transformation Realm martial artist for thousands of years…”

Zhaoyang kept looking at her brother and muttered to herself.

After being extremely surprised, she still became rational and began to explain the situation in the Yufu Kingdom to her brother.

This was because she was worried that her brother had lived in the Wilderness for a long time and did not understand the situation in the Yufu Kingdom.

“I know.

Is it possible to take the Yufu Kingdom into the Northern Kingdoms territory if the Yufu Mountain bows down to you”


Unless the Old Ancestor of the Yufu Mountain is no longer around.

But the Sect Master of the Yufu Mountain is not to be trifled with.

Moreover, there are too many experts on the Yufu Mountain.

We really cant defeat them…”

For the first time, Zhaoyang became a little naggy in front of Li Yuanqing.

She was even a little wishy-washy.

Zhaoyang was unlike a Great Empress.

She still did not believe him no matter what.

Li Yuanqing was a little delighted.

He had originally planned to get someone to bring Yu Fu to the Yufu Kingdom, but it seemed that she did not have the confidence, so he had to help her.

“Dont worry about that.

It shouldnt take more than ten days for me to go to the Yufu Kingdom.

The Yufu Mountain will bring the Emperor of the Yufu Kingdom to hand over the surrender letter to you.

There wont be a Yufu Kingdom in the future.

The territory there is very large.

You should prepare yourself early and think about how to govern…”

The Yufu Kingdom was very big, bigger than the Northern Kingdom.

It was not easy to govern such a big place.

That was why Li Yuanqing greeted Zhaoyang in advance.

“Ah, Big Brother, you…”

“Go back and plan how to make the citizens of Yufu Kingdom, the Northern Kingdom live and work in peace.

Ill do the rest!”

Li Yuanqing touched Zhaoyangs hair.

This was the most interesting conversation he had with his sister.

Her expression of shocked disbelief was like, like when she was young.

Haha, interesting!

Great Empress Zhaoyang quickly returned to the Imperial City with the pills that Li Yuanqing had given her.

She quickly summoned the important ministers in the court.

She thought about it and even transferred Wang Xian back.

However, after calling these trusted ministers over, she did not know how to speak.

The ministers also looked at each other.

They did not know why the Great Empress summoned them in such a hurry.

This was especially so for Wang Xian.

In recent years, the Great Empress had been very strict.

Every time she summoned him, something major would happen.

However, he did not know what it was this time.

“Dear ministers, take a look at this map.

Its a map of the Yufu Kingdom and the Northern Kingdom.”

Although Zhaoyang had always felt that her brothers words were simply a fantasy, her intuition and instincts made her follow Li Yuanqings words.

She planned how to take over the Yufu Kingdom in advance.

After all, it was not easy to completely take over such a big country.

If something went wrong, it would be akin to the commoners getting hungry or a force taking advantage of the situation.

That would cause the two peaceful countries to be engulfed in the flames of war.

They might even be consigned to eternal damnation.

That was why Zhaoyang had found her trusted minister to discuss this matter.


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