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That was because this servant called Yu Fu looked a little familiar no matter how one looked at him.

He looked like someone.

And that was the Old Ancestor of the Yufu Mountain.

But how was that possible Who was Old Ancestor of Yufu Mountain He was an invincible existence in the Grotto-Heaven Realm.

He was the backer of the entire Yufu Mountain and the entire Yufu Kingdom.

How could such a person be a servant

Wang Xinyuan wished he could slap himself a few times.

He felt that he shouldnt have thought that way.

Perhaps it was because the Old Ancestor had been urging him about the Martial Saints for his devouring these few days that he had such an illusion.

“Yu Fu, take off your mask and look at your unfilial disciples…” Li Yuanqing casually called out Yu Fu.

Then, he saw that the countless disciples of Yufu Mountain were all stunned.

Someone shouted something.

“Old Ancestor!”

Then, the Yufu Mountain disciples who were originally pointing their weapons at Li Yuanqing all knelt down.

Those people were all indescribably terrified because they probably wouldnt be able to imagine it even in their dreams that their Old Ancestor would become the Yu Fu that this young man was talking about.

This was too unbelievable.

It simply overturned their worldview, especially Martial Uncle Ma.

He walked up to Yu Fu and shouted in disbelief.

“M-Master, is that you”

Martial Uncle Mas voice was trembling because his eyes and intuition told him that the person in front of him was his master.

However, he found it unbelievable.

That was because it was impossible.

How could his master, the Old Ancestor of the Yufu Mountain, be someones servant

This, this was impossible!

“Hmph, useless thing, why arent you kneeling when you see me!” Yu Fu raised the corners of his eyes.

His actions, tone, and appearance… No matter how much Martial Uncle Ma did not believe him, he no longer had any doubts because the person in front of him was his master.

He was also the Old Ancestor of the Yufu Mountain.

“Junior-Junior Brother Sect Master, its… its Master.

Hurry up and greet the Old Ancestor…”

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A large number of people had already knelt down on the ground.

As Master Ma knelt down with a plop, all the disciples of the Yufu Mountain knelt down.

They looked at the Old Ancestor and then at Li Yuanqing.

At this moment, all of them looked like they had seen a ghost.

It was simply indescribable.

Some of these people had lived for more than a hundred years, but even after living for so many years, they did not know how to describe their current feelings.

“Old Ancestor, how should I address this senior” Wang Xinyuan looked like he was about to cry.

Before the shock on his face could dissipate, he saw Yu Fu slap him, sending Wang Xinyuan, the Sect Master of Yufu Mountain, flying.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and shouted in disbelief, “Master!”

However, it was useless.

Wang Xinyuans words made Yu Fu take a step faster.

With another slap, the Sect Masters body shattered into pieces and his body exploded.

Everyone was stunned.

They couldnt figure out how this happened.

Someone shivered.

Someone could not dodge in time and was covered in blood.

No one knew why the Old Ancestor had gone crazy and become Li Yuanqings servant.

“Master, the evil disciple, Wang Xinyuan, has already died.

Ill let Ma Xinyuan be the Sect Master of the Yufu Mountain and do as you say.

What do you think” Yu Fu knelt respectfully in front of Li Yuanqing.

At this moment, everyone in the entire Yufu Mountain was kneeling in front of Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing was the only one standing in front of the mountain gate.

He stood upright under the sun.


Its fine as long as you know how to do things.” Li Yuanqing said casually.

Actually, the reason why Yu Fu killed Wang Xinyuan was probably because he found him an eyesore.

After all, Yu Fu had devoured those martial artists in the past because Wang Xinyuan had gotten them for him.

Yu Fu was by his side now and had been planted with the inner demon seed.

Naturally, he did not want others to know about his past scandals.

The dead were definitely safer than the living.

Therefore, Wang Xinyuan had to die.

Li Yuanqing naturally knew what Yu Fu was thinking, but he could not be bothered to say it.

An Old Ancestor had been forced into such a state by him.

He had already killed his disciple and even offered his great-grandsons throne.

That was enough.

Therefore, Li Yuanqing was invited by Ma Xinyuan to the best hall of the Yufu Mountain to rest.

Speaking of which, the disciples of the Old Ancestor were called Xinyuan.

Wang Xinyuan, Ma Xinyuan.

Only the surname at the front was different.

The remaining names were the same.

To Yu Fu, it was enough for his disciple to have a surname so that he could differentiate them.

Nothing else was important.

Everyone was trembling with fear due to the scene of Wang Xinyuan being killed by Yu Fu on the spot, coupled with the appearance of Yu Fu and the announcement that Ma Xinyuan becoming the Sect Master of Yufu Mountain.

After all, a second ago, Wang Xinyuan was still the Sect Master of the Yufu Mountain, second only to the Old Ancestor.

However, in the next second, Wang Xinyuan was torn apart by the Old Ancestor.

The Old Ancestors reason was that Wang Xinyuan was not respectful enough to his master.

With Wang Xinyuans example, Li Yuanqing was treated much better than the Old Ancestor of the Yufu Mountain.

There was almost no need for him to speak.

With just a look, someone would immediately serve him tea and water.

There were even people who were busy dealing with the matters of the Yufu Kingdom.

Li Yuanqing only drank a few cups of tea.

After walking around the Yufu Mountain, Ma Xinyuan brought Li Zhengyes wife and son, the current Emperor and Empress Dowager of the Yufu Kingdom.

Her bright yellow Empress Dowager clothes made Li Zhengyes widow look a little imposing.

She hugged her son tightly and looked at Li Yuanqing with a complicated gaze before kneeling down respectfully.

No one could afford to offend the person in front of them.

The Old Ancestors master was destined to be high and mighty.

His words were countless times more effective than an imperial edict.

There were still people who went against the imperial edict on the surface, but the Old Ancestor and the people of Yufu Mountain would do according to what Li Yuanqing said.

Who would dare to disobey

She, the Empress Dowager, was still kneeling on the ground respectfully with the young Emperor, begging Li Yuanqing to let them off.

“They can stay on the Yufu Mountain.

Im not afraid of your revenge.

Li Zhengye was the one who courted death.

He cant blame anyone else.

There wont be a Yufu Kingdom in the future…”

Li Yuanqing was not a ruthless person, nor was he a kind person.

However, he, who could sign in, did not care about these two people at all.

Even if they wanted to take revenge, did they have the ability

However, out of caution, he still left them at the Yufu Mountain.

Ma Xinyuan can watch them for him.

These two people could not cause a huge commotion and would not affect Zhaoyang.

And it would not affect him.

“Thank you, Master! Please spare their lives!” Yu Fu was the first to kneel on the ground.

His great-grandsons face was pale.


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