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Chapter 14

“Mingming is my Third Uncle’s son.” Mu Yiqi introduced orderly, “Mingming, this is my new big brother, Mu Yixi, and also your big brother.

You guys have to get along well.” In Mu Yiqi’s heart, Mu Yixi was weak while Feng Weiming was aloof.

They both needed to be taken care of.

Right now, he stood up responsibly.

Mu Jingwei placed his hands behind his back and looked at them in interest.

He was pleased with Mu Yiqi’s performance.

The legal eldest son was taught considerably well.

Feng Weiming said nothing.

Mu Yixi looked shyly at Feng Weiming and softly said, “Hi Mingming.” Seeing that Feng Weiming didn’t even look at him, he tried to please, when in fact he teased, “You’re beautiful.

Can I be friends with you”

That Mu Yiqi immediately revealed an expression as if something bad was going to happen.

Feng Weiming was the most beautiful amongst all the children in the Mu Family.

This led him to frequently be teased by people the first time they met him.

They said that he was like a girl.

Therefore, Feng Weiming hated it when people praised him for being beautiful.

He wouldn’t show that he was unhappy, but he wore a cold and exquisite face.

He ignored those who called him beautiful, not even caring that he placed them in an awkward position.

That was how Feng Weiming usually acted.

The Mu Family was used to it.

Firstly, he was too young, so they couldn’t really argue over this issue.

The young masters from aristocratic families each had their own distinct personality.

It was never good to restrict them too much at a young age.

Secondly, because Feng Weiming was Mu Jiuqing’s adopted son, Mu Jiuqing had a unique status in the family.

Two people would be chosen from the Mu Family every generation.

They were in charge of domestic and oversea affairs.

Although they were both from the same family, different subfamilies fought and competed.

Mu Jingwei was the head of the Mu Family.

Because Mu Jingwei and the two generations were strong and powerful, the entire Mu Family looked to Mu Jingwei as the leader of the family.

Mu Jiurong was initially set as the new leader of the Mu Family and mainly in charge of domestic affairs.

Accordingly, after the main family picked out the candidates in charge of the domestic affairs, the overseas affairs would be handed to the subfamilies.

But the Mu Family’s previous generation and person in charge of overseas affairs unexpectedly liked Mu Jiuqing.

They insisted on training him into an heir.

That way, the main family can be in charge of both domestic and overseas affairs.

That way, the main family could be even more powerful.

The subfamilies weren’t willing to, however.

The main family did its best.

Mu Jiuqing started living abroad since he was six and received training to become a heir.

His performance lit up people’s eyes.

He won the other competitive candidates from the subfamilies and successfully took over overseas affairs.

Compared to Mu Jiurong and his second brother, Mu Jiuan, who fought against each other, Mu Jiuqing was about to thrive on his own, overseas.

His support was very important to Mu Jiurong and Mu Jiuan.

Mu Jiuqing was twenty-eight years old but didn’t plan on marrying at all.

He only took in an adopted son, and pampered him very much.

As a result, Mu Jiurong and Mu Jiuan ordered their children to get along well with Feng Weiming.

Mu Jingwei and Grandmother Mu had sent their young son abroad early on.

They felt bad, so whenever they met him, they tried to make it up to him.

They never talked to him loudly.

Mu Jiuqing was an adult now, and he didn’t need anything.

It was rare for him to take in an adopted son.

The two elders transferred the regret over to his adopted son, loving and pampering him dearly.

If it weren’t for the fact that one could count the number of times Feng Weiming returned domestically, with how much the elders let him have his ways, the children would’ve been extremely jealous and envious of him.

Thankfully, Feng Weiming wasn’t unruly nor was he arrogant.

He just didn’t like to talk, nor did he like to be close to people.

Everyone let him do his own thing.

Feng Weiming maintained the basic manners in the Mu Family.

Mu Yixi said the words that Feng Weiming hated the most.

Mu Yiqi thought that Feng Weiming would coldly refuse to be his friend.

His big brother was weak and sensitive.

What if he cried as a result Mu Yiqi looked worriedly and anxiously at Mu Yixi.

Because of the word “beautiful,” Feng Weiming finally turned around to look at Mu Yixi.

The stare made Mu Yixi feel as if he was shorter than Feng Weiming for some reason.

It was the same exact feeling he felt when he saw Feng Weiming for the first time.

He disliked both the five and twelve years old Feng Weiming.

Mu Yixi looked down.

Feng Weiming looked at him and then at Mu Yiqi quietly.

He parted his lips and said in a childish voice, “What are you guys going to do”

He actually didn’t get mad at Mu Yixi, and even more, was interested in what they were going to do

Mu Yiqi blinked his eyes and replied honestly, “Grandmother is taking us to practice calligraphy.”

Feng Weiming expressionly closed the wooden door carved with pine tree patterns and quietly walked in between Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi.

He stared at Mu Yixi, chasing him away with his cold gaze.

He wanted him to go away.

Later on, Mu Yixi was sure that Feng Weiming liked Mu Yiqi.

It was not his fault.

But right now, Mu Yixi’s heart thumped rapidly by Feng Weiming’s action.

Other people may not understand the reason behind his action, but he knew right then.

Feng Weiming was protecting Mu Yiqi.

He thought of him as a threat.

Mu Yixi didn’t know when he had revealed himself.

Even Mu Jingwei was unable to see through him for now.

He planned on placing him by his side to observe him.

However, Feng Weiming seemed to have detected something, walking to Mu Yiqi’s side without hesitation.

It was shockingly similar to his past life.

Once he set his eyes on a certain person, he stayed with them until the end, no matter right or wrong.

Underneath his arrogance and ruthlessness was loyalty and stubbornness.

It was strange but valuable.

If he could use him...

Mu Yixi hurriedly stopped his thoughts.

He had considered this in his past life as well.

However, Feng Weiming defeated him easily just like that.

In this life, his mental state had changed.

He didn’t prepare to take in Feng Weiming for his own use.

It was actually a good thing that Feng Weiming continued to protect Mu Yiqi.

Thinking of this, he didn’t dislike Feng Weiming as much anymore.

Mu Yixi prepared to act like he didn’t understand Feng Weiming’s gaze.

He stepped back as he wished and let Feng Weiming stand in between him and Mu Yiqi.

Mu Yiqi just realized and asked, “Mingming, you’re going to learn calligraphy with us”

Feng Weiming ignored him.

He looked up at Mu Jingwei and asked, “Grandfather, can I”

“Of course you can.” Mu Jingwei said happily like a grandfather with a good attitude and granted his grandchildren everything they wanted.

“You can all come, all come.”

Therefore, in the group, there was an extra expressionless icy little boy walking about half an arm’s distance away from Mu Yiqi.

The latter held Mu Yixuan’s hands, absent-minded.

From time to time, he glanced at Feng Weiming before turning around to look at Mu Yixi who was at the back of the line, in concern.

He felt like there was something strange between big brother and Mingming...

As he was walking, Mu Yixi suddenly tripped and fell forward.

Mu Yiqi turned around in time and instinctively supported Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi fell on Mu Yiqi.


“Xiao Xi, are you okay Does your leg still hurt” Mu Yiqi knitted his brows and asked.

Mu Yixi hadn’t completely recovered.

He couldn’t walk for too long.

Therefore, Mu Yiqi immediately thought of his condition.

Mu Yixi leaned against him and said weakly, “My leg feels weak…”

Mu Yiqi immediately said, “I’ll support you.” Then he skillfully supported him by the arm.

Mu Yixi had stayed in the Mu Family and recuperated there for a while.

He had grown up a bit, but was still shorter than Mu Yiqi.

Based on this height difference, despite Mu Yiqi calling Mu Yixi his big brother, he treated him like his younger brother.

“Do you feel uncomfortable Do you want me to bring you back to rest” Mu Jingwei asked Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi shook his head.

Then he looked at Mu Yiqi trustfully.

“It’s fine.

Troubling Xiao Qi to support me for a while.”

“It’s fine.” Mu Yiqi replied, not minding.

The two brothers helped each other.

The atmosphere was harmonious and they treated each other fairly.

Mu Yixi leaned against Mu Yiqi, feeling no pressure.

He allowed him to drag him.

When he passed by Feng Weiming, he looked down.

From the corner of his eyes, he glanced at Deng Weiming, and his expression coldened some more.

Mu Jingwei’s study was spacious and bright, arranged in an ancient style.

On the wide and sturdy desk, there were all sorts of writing brushes.

The refreshing fragrance of ink was mixed with a faint orchid fragrance, assaulting the nostrils.

There was a side hall by the study.

The rooms were connected.

There were chairs and desks for children to practice writing.

There were essentials of calligraphy sitting on a four-sided rack.

There were some names carved on it.

Mu Yixi recognized two sets.

One of them had Mu Yiqi’s “qi” carved on it while the other one had “run” from Mu Jiuan’s son, Mu Yirun’s name carved on it.

Mu Jingwei took out three sets and gifted them to Mu Yixi, Feng Weiming, and Mu Yixuan.

The quality was top-notch.

Mu Jingwei would make his grandchildren learn calligraphy after reaching five years old.

Feng Weiming rarely returned home and even more, he liked to stay clean.

Therefore, Mu Jingwei didn’t force him to learn.

At first glance, one could tell that Mu Yixi had never interacted with this type of study.

The youngest Mu Yixuan was still here.

Besides Mu Yiqi, none of them had experience.

Therefore, Mu Jingwei started teaching them from the most basic— grasping a writing brush.

Feng Weiming comprehended things quickly.

Mu Jingwei had taught them once and he already did a good job holding the writing brush.

His clean and slender hands grasped the deep brown writing brush.

Mu Yixuan’s hands were too soft, so she couldn’t hold the writing brush correctly.

She started writing with the writing brush with the way she drew with crayons and pencils.

Mu Jingwei patiently corrected her.

Mu Yixi was the worst of the three.

His fingers holding the writing brush seemed like it was knotted.

He didn’t get the gist of it.

Mu Yiqi couldn’t bear to watch it anymore.

Seeing that he had learned for a while and got some foundation, he volunteered to teach him.

“Hold the shaft of the writing brush with these two fingers.

Hook it with your middle finger.

Use your ring and pinky fingers to hold the two sides.

One will hold…” Mu Yiqi guided him, bending over to fiddle with Mu Yixi’s fingers, correcting his pose.

Mu Yixi smiled and looked at him.

For a moment, his expression was extremely similar to that of Mu Jingwei’s.

Because of how slow Mu Yixi took to learn, Mu Yiqi helped him the entire time.

After his patient guidance, Mu Yixi finally learned how to grasp the writing brush.

It made Mu Yiqi feel very accomplished.

Mu Jingwei helped Mu Yixuan.

Because Feng Weiming got the gist quickly and finished learning the pose, he became alone again.

Mu Yiqi unintentionally left him out as he was helping Mu Yixi.

It was hard for Feng Weiming to not notice Mu Yixi at this point.

Mu Yixi felt him looking over and shooting darts with his gaze.

Mu Yixi felt his hair standing up, cold as if he had just eaten a ginseng.


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