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Mu Yixi’s birthday was December 20 of the Gregorian calendar, and Feng Weiming’s birthday was December 22 of the Gregorian calendar.

Mu Yixi was exactly one year and two days older than Feng Weiming.

Because their birthdays were so close, the celebration party was scheduled for December 21st.

Feng Weiming had just entered the Ya’an Primary School and hadn’t made any friends.

He and Mu Yixi were in the same class.

This time they were all their as well as Mu Yirun and Mu Yiyun’s classmates.

The party was lively and joyous, and both Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming received many gifts.

Feng Weiming did not return to France with Mu Jiuqing but chose to stay in China.

Although this was his own decision and he seemed calm on the surface, but he felt somewhat uncomfortable in his heart.

In a bad mood, he didn’t have much interest in birthday parties, but Mu Jiuqing sent Louis and Caesar over as birthday presents, and Feng Weiming immediately had a smile on his face.

Mu Yiqi was so happy that he jumped three feet high, and immediately rushed to hold Louis and didn’t let go…

After celebrating their birthday, the children ushered in the final exam.

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan took the first place in the second grade of elementary school and the first place in the kindergarten class respectively and received a 50 yuan award from the school.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming’s results were in the middle reaches.

Mu Yixi did it on purpose.

He didn’t want to compete with Mu Yiqi at all, and Mrs.

Mu didn’t take this seriously.

Feng Weiming was still adapting to the difference between foreign and domestic education.

It was surprising that he could achieve this result with just one month of study.

Mu Yixuan deeply remembered that in the summer vacation in France, Mu Yiqi won the game and had gotten ten francs as a reward.

This time she got the reward from the school and immediately offered it to Mu Yixi like a treasure: “Brother Teddy, I invite you to eat ice cream!” After speaking, she saw Mu Yiqi and Feng Weiming and said, “Brother Chicken, too.

Let’s eat with Mingming!”

Mu Yiqi was now numb to the term “Brother Chicken”.

Mu Yixuan had become sensible and sometimes deliberately teased him.

He had a lot of grown-up matters and didn’t want to care about little girls.

“Who would eat ice cream on a cold day” Mu Yiqi didn’t care, just despised her.

Finally, the bonuses of Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were combined, together with the friendly sponsorship of Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu, and the family went out for a meal.

Because this meal was invited by Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan in name, Feng Weiming, who didn’t like to owe people, said: “I will get a reward next semester.” The subtext was that he would invite them next time.

Naturally, the tone was as simple as drinking water, as if it was bound to be easy.

Mu Yixi, who did not speak, suddenly became the focus of attention.

But Mrs.

Mu tried to remedy the situation: “As long as you work hard, it’s good.”

Mu Yixi wanted to get her the first place in the whole year immediately.

It was the Spring Festival in a blink of an eye.

On New Year’s Eve, according to the usual practice, all members of the Mu family’s direct descendants gathered at the Mu’s old house in Ningxiang to observe the year’s passing.

From the first day to the third day of the new year was the annual Mu family gathering, when all the members of the direct and collateral members would gather together to worship the ancestors and set up a banquet.

Mu family was scattered all over the world, and those who were far away had to leave several days earlier.

Unless there were tens of thousands of urgent things, it was rare for someone not to come.

This was the ancestral motto of the Mu family: no matter where you are or how long you have to travel, you must remember where your roots are.

The three families of Mu family members gathered in the old house.

There were only six children, and with the visits one after another, the originally spacious and quiet house suddenly became lively and crowded.

Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu, Mu Jiu’an and Lu Peiya, and Mu Jiuqing were all put in separate rooms.

The six children slept in the same room, with three 1.5-meter-wide wooden beds lined up, it was as if they were sleeping on the same bed.

This arrangement had been around for a long time, and the purpose was to cultivate the feelings between the younger generation.

At the age of seven, men and women would be separated, and they had to wait for a bed for themselves until the age of ten, but they would stay in the same room until they reached the age of eighteen.

Mu Yixi, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yirun both slept in the same room in previous years as well, so they were not surprised by this arrangement.

They privately called this room the “small room”-a room exclusively for juniors.

The problem was Feng Weiming.

Because in the past two years, Mu Jiuqin did not marry a wife, he occupied a big room exclusively, and directly carried Feng Weiming into his room to sleep, without letting him squeeze in with his cousins.

This year Mu Jiuqing also came, and when he saw Feng Weiming he wanted to approach, but Feng Weiming ran away without giving him face.

He came to the “small room” with Mu Yiqi and the others and seemed determined not to sleep in Mu Jiuqing’s room.

But who would he sleep in the same bed with

Mu Yixuan and Mu Yiyun, two young girls, knew that they were reserved for each other at a young age.

No matter how often they quarreled, they shook hands and made peace at this time and slept together.

Because there were three beds, Feng Weiming didn’t know where to sleep.

In the past, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yirun happily occupied one bed exclusively.

Now that there were two more Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, they had to share their beds.

Mu Yiqi first pulled Mu Yixi and announced: “I and Xiaoxi will sleep together!” Mu Yirun and Feng Weiming were both not good choices, one was fat and the other was like lying next to a refrigerator in winter.

Mu Yirun’s fat face twitched.

At the birthday party of Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, he pressed Mu Yiyun to apologize to Feng Weiming.

Mu Yiyun cried and apologized.

Feng Weiming didn’t say anything, but he didn’t give them a good face.

After all, such an important brass pendant was broken, and an apology could not remedy it.

Therefore, facing Feng Weiming, Mu Yirun still felt very embarrassed.

…Would they really have to sleep together QAQ

Feng Weiming could see that Mu Yirun was uncomfortable.

He calmly said: “A Qi.”

Mu Yiqi’s face immediately wrinkled into a bun, but he did not refuse.

His father and his third uncle took turns instructing/pleasing him to obey/protect this cousin.

Mu Yixi gave Mu Yiqi a helpless look.

If he wanted him to sleep with Feng Weiming, it didn’t matter.

But Feng Weiming definitely didn’t want it.

He didn’t even talk to him much, let alone sleeping in the same bed intimately.

Mu Jingwei and Grandma Mu looked at the children and grandchildren, with smiles on their faces.

Mu Jingwei was okay.

After retiring, he was happy and relaxed, and his career was left to the next generation, while he enjoyed living at a slow pace.

Granny Mu had become kinder as she got older, and she liked her children and grandchildren coming to the old house more often.

But the older ones had to work, the younger ones had to go to school, so the old house was mostly quiet.

When the Spring Festival came, people gathered, and the house was full of excitement.

She was very happy.

On New Year’s Eve, all the people who were a generation younger than her got big red envelopes.

The two elders also knew about Mu Jiuqing and Feng Weiming’s fallout.

They all found it very interesting to see the little grandson avoiding the little son, and to see that the little son was full of loneliness.

Mu Jiuqing was not a good-tempered person, but Weiming was liked by him, so he dared to show his expression to him.

However, the two elders did not blend in to make peace.

Mu Jingwei knew that Feng Weiming was not an unreasonable kid who made trouble.

This time, the matter was by no means as simple as ordinary awkwardness.

It had to be solved by the father and son.

He didn’t want to interfere.

And Grandma Mu thought in her heart that it would be good for them to separate.

Feng Weiming was too spoiled by Mu Jiuqing, and his temperament was too big, and he could make troubles like this, and not give any face to his father.

Since he was staying at the eldest son’s house, Mrs.

Mu taught him, but he became more sensible.

Moreover, Grandma Mu was still looking forward to Mu Jiuqing’s marriage and childbirth, if he took Feng Weiming to get to know the girls, all the good prospects would retreat.

Separation for a period of time also facilitated Mu Jiuqing’s emotional life.

Therefore, for Feng Weiming to live in the eldest son’s house, she was happy to see it happen, and she thought that Mu Jiuqing didn’t need to rush to pick him up.

As the host, everyone in the direct line was very busy during this time.

Although it was customary for them to gather together on New Year’s Eve, they were already busy a few days in advance because they had to greet the relatives who were arriving one after another.

Men had to socialize with uncles and brothers of the same generation, women had to greet aunts and sisters-in-laws, and children had to be friendly with their brothers and sisters of the same age.

Mu Yixi was the oldest and should take on the responsibility of the elder brother.

But he had a problem with his identity, and with a sudden increase in the number of people, it would be difficult to convince the crowd.

Mu Yiqi naturally became the leader.

He was also the leader of the group of children in school, and Mu Yixi was there to help him wholeheartedly, but he did a good job.

He spontaneously took care of a bunch of children surnamed Mu, played with them, and fairly dealt with occasional “disputes”, which relieved a lot of burden on adults.

There were a few elderly people, staring at Mu Yiqi several times, most of the time they nodded while stroking their beards.

In the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, Grandma Mu took everyone to make dumplings.

The children joggingly tossed the flour to chase and slap each other and squeezed the dumplings into weird shapes.

This fate was not escaped even by a cold face like Feng Weiming.

His cheeks were stained with flour, and Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi couldn’t help but laugh until their stomachs ached.

The scene was funny and warm.

Observing the passing of the year at night was done by the young and strong.

The elderly and children still slept on time.

The first to the third day of the new year was the main event, and the spirit could not be shortened.

Mu Yixi had a lot of fun, and the smile on his face never came down all day.

He ate dumplings at night and also got copper plates, which was a good sign.

At his request, Grandma Mu took the red thread and put it on his neck.

She laughed while she said: “Be healthy, grow up quickly, and have good luck in the coming year…” Mu Yixi had never dared to think of such happiness.

He was so excited that he couldn’t sleep.

Mu Yirun next to him was already asleep.

He was a bit fat, but the 1.5-meter-wide bed was more than enough for two children, and Mu Yirun’s sleeping posture was very regular, which didn’t bother Mu Yixi at all.

Mu Yixi closed his eyes, and suddenly heard the sound of someone getting out of bed, and then the door opening and closing gently.

He looked at the bed where Mu Yiqi and Feng Weiming slept together, and vaguely saw that there was one missing person on the bed.

He immediately guessed it was Feng Weiming.

It was freezing cold, so why did he get out of bed so late

Mu Yixi hesitated for a moment, then got out of bed lightly and followed him out after putting on a thick coat.

Festive red lanterns hung in the carved corridors, with long tassels swaying in the wind, and even the air seemed to exude a warm and joyful flavor of the New Year.

Feng Weiming leaned against a vermilion pillar with his hands behind his back, looking up at the sky blankly, his figure depressed and lonely.

Mu Yixi thought for a while, didn’t go close to him, and just looked at him from a distance.

With a sudden “bang”, fireworks were lit up somehow, and brilliant colors bloomed in the sky, illuminating the entire night sky.

Feng Weiming’s exquisite and beautiful face seemed to be pulsating, dispelling his cold and loneliness.

Mu Yixi smiled and turned back to the room.

He didn’t see it but at the moment he turned around, Feng Weiming turned his head to look at him, and a trace of puzzlement and confusion passed through his eyes.


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