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After the first year of high school, everything was back on track, but many things had quietly changed.

In order to make Mu Yixi and the others go all out to prepare for the high school entrance examination, the elite education of the Mu family stopped for nearly half a year, and they did not force them to continue their studies immediately after the high school entrance examination.

So, everyone had a relaxed and happy vacation.

But after the holidays, they officially entered high school, and their homework in family education became increasingly heavier.

If they were involved in some very basic affairs before, which would not affect the operation of the Mu Group, then now they needed to get involved, not only to enter the Mu’s headquarters on weekends for internships, but also to support the Mu’s business at ordinary times and advice on various projects.

What they recently received was a marketing plan for a new product.

Each of them had to provide a detailed plan.

The faces of Mu Yiqi and Mu Yirun collapsed at the same time.

The children of the Mu family, both male and female, began to receive family education at the age of six, and then began to be exposed to the practice of family business at the age of twelve.

However, there was no compulsion to go into business.

If you didn’t want to work in the family business, you could sign a statement of relinquishment of inheritance rights and get one-thousandth of Mu’s shares to receive annual dividends.

The Mu family’s family education advocated that such determination should be made as early as possible.

When the child reached the age of twelve, the family tacitly accepted that he/she could decide his/her own future direction, and once it is decided, he/she could not go back.

Mu Yixuan was a very assertive girl.

She liked shiny jewelry and had decided to study jewelry design.

Mu Yiyun had no interest in working tirelessly, and just wanted to marry a good man and be a full-time wife to be a rice bug.

The two signed the declaration of giving up their inheritance rights early and got the shares.

If the Mu family collapsed in the future, and they themselves did not do well, they could still rely on the assistance of the family foundation to meet their basic needs and would never starve to death.

Therefore, only three boys with uncertain futures, Mu Yixi, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yirun were left to work hard for the inheritance.

In fact, only Mu Yiqi was the focus.

So far, Mu Yixi’s identity to the outside world was still an adopted son.

If he did not officially enter the Mu family’s blood genealogy, his inheritance rights would never be recognized.

Mu Yirun was born with a lack of business acumen.

If he hadn’t been forced by his father, Mu Jiu’an, he would have signed a statement to renounce his inheritance rights.

Mu Yirun’s usual homework for family education had already very difficult, and now asking him to write a marketing plan really tortured him.

Mu Yiqi neglected his homework because of the previous rebellious period, and now it was a little hard for him to pick it up again.

Mu Yixi said he could help, but Mu Yiqi firmly refused.

“Brother, I have to rely on myself.” Lost love made people grow up.

Since breaking up with Xia Weiwei, Mu Yiqi’s teenage rebellion had been effectively relieved, and he had become more mature.

This made Mu Yixi feel both gratified and distressed.

Of course, he hoped that Mu Yiqi would become more and more capable and could stand on his own as soon as possible.

For this reason, he had been doing a lot of work from the side without a trace, and indeed Mu Yiqi had received a lot of recognition.

Mu Yixi admired Mu Yiqi’s spirit of independence, but his age and experience were there, and it was unlikely that he would be able to show a very dazzling performance.

On the other hand, Mu Yixi didn’t know how to hamper his progress, how to be a little inferior without being too outrageous, it was somewhat difficult.

And he didn’t know if it was Mu Yixi’s illusion, but he felt that Mu Yiqi’s attitude towards him had become quite weird, as if he was deliberately avoiding something.

The younger brother wanted to rise up, and without him to play with, Mu Yixi was lonely and lost and had to pour his enthusiasm on his little boyfriend Feng Weiming.

The two just started falling in love, and it was the period when everything was fresh, and they were sticky with each other.

Feng Weiming was cold by nature, it was impossible for him to express his feelings happily and enthusiastically, and the style of painting was seriously inconsistent.

If Mu Yixi wanted to stick with him, he might even be slapped away.

Therefore, the way they get along was not much different from before.

They were still in the same class, in the same dormitory, and often went in and out together.

But they both felt a little different than before.

For example, they got along more naturally and casually.

When the two of them were alone, their eyes sometimes tangled inadvertently, and they both felt a little blush and hot in their ears.

Therefore, there was a touch of warmth and sweetness in their interactions.

At this time, they were sitting side by side in the study at home, each holding a copy from Mu’s archives, while Mu Yixi under the desk had grabbed Feng Weiming’s nephrite-like hand and was playing with it carefully.

Feng Weiming struggled a few times but didn’t break free and let him do what he wanted with a solemn blushing face.

The study in Yilian’s Mu Residence was specially designed for children.

It had a rich collection of books.

There were many original books of different nationalities.

There were also all kinds of internal files of the Mu family, which involved the operation and rules of the Mu family.

Although Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming looked at the Mu’s files, Mu Yixi was looking at domestic ones, while Feng Weiming was looking at foreign ones, all in French.

At the age of nearly forty, Mu Jiuqing still had no plans to marry and have children.

As his only adopted son, Mu Jiuqing intended to let Feng Weiming get involved in the foreign affairs of the Mu family.

It was a big problem that Feng Weiming’s surname was not Mu, but Mu Jiuqing had become more and more majestic overseas, and nobody could gainsay him.

If Feng Weiming could change his surname to Mu and had enough ability, it was not impossible for him to take over the foreign affairs of the Mu family.

In this regard, Feng Weiming had nothing to say.

Up to now, he had only recognized Mu Jiuqing as his father, and he didn’t really care if he changed his surname.

Mu Jiuqing didn’t mention it at all and let Feng Weiming do whatever he wanted.

Feng Weiming hadn’t decided on his future direction.

Mu Jiuqing asked him to come in contact with Mu’s affairs, and he did not refuse.

Mu Yixi had been making small movements under the table, and Feng Weiming’s usual efficiency had only three points left.

After a while, he simply gave up, put down the file and looked at Mu Yixi with a slight helplessness in his eyes.

Mu Yixi’s eyes did not leave the volume, but he seemed to sense Feng Weiming’s gaze, his mouth curled into a smile, and his fingers scratched Feng Weiming’s palm.

“Have you written your marketing plan” Feng Weiming glanced at the file that he hadn’t turned over at all and pointed out his inattentiveness.

Mu Yixi also simply threw down the file, stretched his back and leaned back in the chair, and said casually, “What’s so difficult about that” Although Mu Jiurong and the teachers had given them warning and repeatedly emphasized the importance of the plan, but how could such a project that was worth hundreds of millions really be left for them to fool around with There must be a professional team to follow up below.

Besides, Mu Yixi didn’t want to be a blockbuster and grab Mu Yiqi’s limelight.

The only thing he needed to do was to understand the level of Mu Yiqi’s plan, and then make a plan that was not as good as his but quite satisfactory.

“Then you also write one for me” Feng Weiming said.

Mu Jiuqing’s education for him was also based on the family education of the Mu family, and there was also a marketing plan in his recent “homework”.

Mu Yixi took his hand to his mouth and bit it lightly, raising his eyebrows: “Really”

Feng Weiming pulled his hand back suddenly! He just felt a tingling in my fingertips.

Sometimes he really didn’t understand why as a newbie in love, how could Mu Yixi’s little intimate actions be done so naturally and smoothly It was as if it had come easily, making him feel at a loss all of a sudden.

Mu Yixi liked to see Feng Weiming’s blushing face while he kept pretending to be calm, and the smile on his face suddenly brought out a bit of anger.

“You always let Mu Yiqi win, he will definitely not be grateful to you.” Feng Weiming skipped his smile and said plainly.

Asking Mu Yixi to write him a plan was fake, he just wanted to find out his real capability.

Feng Weiming had always been confident in his IQ and learning ability and was used to crushing his peers.

Unexpectedly, a taekwondo and a test result were planted in Mu Yixi’s hands one after another, which made Feng Weiming refresh his understanding of him.

He originally thought that growing up together, he knew his bottom line, but he surprisingly found that the other party was more hidden than he thought, as if everything came easier for him.

Feng Weiming also guessed one or two reasons why Mu Yixi was hiding his capability, because he didn’t want to compete with Mu Yiqi.

Although he was being cautious and considerate, it was also too cautious.

If Mrs.

Mu and Mu Yiqi found out, they would be more uncomfortable than happy.

Comparing heart to heart, Feng Weiming knew that Mu Yixi could get better grades than him in the exam.

After the shock, he was disappointed and unwilling.

He felt untrusted, but he also felt a little distressed after understanding.

Since Mu Yixi could be better than him, it was no problem to be better than Mu Yiqi.

As the two brothers walked all the way, Mu Yixi was always hidden under the light of Mu Yiqi.

In all aspects of being an older brother, he was weaker than his younger brother, and with his improper identity, he was completely reduced to a foil.

Feng Weiming didn’t know how Mu Yixi carried it through.

He didn’t want to see him suffer like this.

Sometimes Feng Weiming really felt that Mu Yixi’s interactions with Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were beyond the scope of normal people.

And now that everyone was young, it was okay to say that as they grew up, the gap would widen.

Could it be that Mu Yixi would really give in to Mu Yiqi for a lifetime Mu Yiqi really won’t find out one day

With Mu Yiqi’s pride, it was estimated that he would be the same as him.

Not only would he not appreciate this kind of concession, but he would feel underestimated and insulted

Feeling Feng Weiming’s advice and worries, Mu Yixi felt warm in his heart and laughed, “You think Xiaoqi is too bad, right” In fact, if there was no such person as Mu Yixi who was living his second life and Feng Weiming, a genius and top student, Mu Yiqi would not be bad at all.

All he lacked was time and experience.

Mu Yixi’s purpose was to help him grow up quickly enough to make him stand out from their generation and become the next heir.

The time Mu Yixi set was when they reached eighteen years old.

When Mu Yiqi became an adult, successfully passed the Mu family’s heir test, and could stand on his own, Mu Yixi would no longer touch a single cent of the Mu family.

He would live his own life and no longer wrong himself for anyone.

——Of course, if Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan are in trouble, he would definitely help! They will always be his mom and siblings.

It was just that he won’t live for them anymore, because that’s not what those who love him would want to see.

Feng Weiming didn’t expect that Mu Yixi had already figured it out.

His open-mindedness and confidence were moving.

“Is it a pity to give up the Mu Clan” Feng Weiming asked.

Mu Yixi would not be unaware of the meaning of the giant Mu family.

His surname was Mu, and he had the blood of the Mu family in his body, but he could actually let the Mu family go He was not a man without ambition.

Mu Yixi said, “My surname is Mu, no matter where I go, where I am, there is the Mu family.” He didn’t believe that his life could only be successful in the Mu family’s intrigue.

These words made Feng Weiming feel a sense of pride in his heart!

This was…the man he liked…


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