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“Boom boom boom!” With just one step, large areas of the dark void collapsed.

Two breaths later, a terrifying tremor shook the entire evil space.


Evil flames were originally pouncing on the young man, such as the strange fire vipers with red and purple rings, the red flame firebirds that covered the sky, and the army of ghosts, sword soldiers, and red spider lilies that were formed by the yin energy and the evil flames…

They reveled in the boundless sea of fire, bringing with them a monstrous killing intent and countless negative emotions, drowning the human.

The pressure on the young mans body increased, bringing him the feeling of powerlessness that he couldnt even lift a finger and the feeling of suffocation that filled all his senses…

Yet, at some point in time, it would be broken, either violently or silently! It just so happened that at this moment, in the buzzing background sound, something seemed to have been broken when the young man stomped.

In the soundless airwaves, the skulls, fire pythons, nether soldiers, and other creatures made of the evil demonic fire, and even the shackles in the boundless sea of red fire, were all shattered!

The world was unpredictable as ever.

Those who had been cackling just a moment ago might perish in the next moment.

“Crackle…” Hearing the almost inaudible crackling sounds, Chu Fengs eyes indifferently swept over the light of the dispersed flames that were like stars in the dark void.

At this moment, the main enemy had already retreated in shock!

A strange light seemed to have flashed past the nine-tailed foxs eyes, which were two clusters of flames in its empty eye sockets.

The huge fox was constructed with red blood bones and countless evil creatures.

The two clusters of flames were trembling to the point of being slightly distorted.

It somehow looked both shocked and furious after suffering a huge loss.

“Its just a casual stomp, so why does it have such great power Damn it! This is the power of nearly 30% of the yin energies! How can it just collapse under such an ordinary attack” The red bone fox cried out in disbelief.

At the same time, the evil creatures that were parasitic on her body did the same.

As the fox stared at Chu Feng with her fiery eyes, the countless evil creatures on her body were screaming wildly.

“Damn human, he must die!”

“Even if the resurrection array is still here, it wont be able to resurrect more than 10% of our dead brothers.”

“Sob… Our brothers died so miserably!”

“Ahhh! An eye for an eye! I want him to pay with his life!”

“Stop lamenting on the past.

The sacrifice of today is for the glory of tomorrow.”

“As long as we follow the instructions of the evil core supervisor, we can definitely annihilate that kids spirit and soul!”

“Hehehehehe, his body will be our proof of loyalty!”

“That wont do.

We still have to leave a trace of his soul behind.

Only by completely wringing him dry of his value will we be able to obtain the most benefits.”

“If we can annihilate all these lowly creatures of Gods world who are obstructing the path of the evil race before the main force of the evil race descends, well be rewarded handsomely!”

When the evil races stronghold is built, well all be the pioneers that the great evil race will respect!]


What it felt like to have thousands of mouths speaking at the same time was probably just like this moment.

As the absorption time was too short, a small portion of the yin energies still retained some consciousness, or rather, obsession.

Not long ago, they had been wailing and cursing in pain because they had been devoured by the evil core and red skeleton which were at the top of the pyramid of power, but that did not stop them from gathering now and bursting out with a strong will to fight against a common enemy!

After all, whether it was a small internal conflict or the biggest external conflict of a group, both could be “temporarily resolved” by shifting the attention to an even bigger conflict.

In fact, even if one couldnt solve the big conflicts that broke out in a short time, one could reduce the impact of the conflicts by dividing the conflicting group into smaller groups.

At this moment, some of the yin energies were shouting for Chu Feng to pay with his life for killing the evil creatures and clamored that his goldy soul should be annihilated in the process.

In contrast, some who wanted to obtain greater benefits were willing to take a step back and propose not to kill him directly but wring out whatever benefits he had to offer before doing so.

The evil creatures with these different opinions could naturally be divided into different groups, and those who clamored for Chu Feng to be killed could also be further divided into smaller groups that were disputing over how and when to kill, and so on.

In short, as long as there was a difference in opinion, the bigger group could then be dismantled by the existence at the upper level of the pyramid.

In the evil world, there were no two completely identical evil races.

Of course, Chu Feng thought of all the above.

The moment he took the initiative to charge at the enemy, countless thoughts emerged in his mind before settling down.

However, the young man still made a choice, a choice that might never change no matter how many times he made choices: Fight and solve the problem with true strength!

Whoever was stronger would be the final victor of the final battle! And now, the battle in front of them was the biggest one.

Chu Fengs eyes were firm as he charged toward the evil creatures.

His aura was like a dragon or a tiger, with unstoppable momentum.

At this moment, no matter who was blocking the young man, he was invincible!

He was not the only one with surging battle intent.

A particularly ear-catching voice of perception rang out, stirring the emotions of the giant monster made up of countless evil creatures and red bones.

The voice was sonorous and powerful, “Go, my heroes! Go and take the spoils of war you deserve!”

Immediately, countless sound waves resonated in unison, “Go!!”


At the same time, a trace of surprise appeared in the young mans eyes as he thought to himself, “I didnt expect that it would still dare to come out.”

The evil core was probably quite confident and determined in winning this battle.

Otherwise, the evil worlds origin and other dark energy contained in this evil split core would not have been so strong.

if he could take down this split core, he would definitely be able to obtain a harvest that far exceeded his previous gains! Thinking of this, the aura that burst out of Chu Fengs body became even more determined.

He wasnt afraid of facing an enemy that was too strong, but he was worried that the enemy would choose to retreat and not fight!

The sharpness that the young man had restrained in the past was revealed without any reservation at that moment.

That indomitable aura was so sharp that an ordinary true Gods divine soul would tremble with just a glance!

The enemys momentum and his momentum were coiled into the same rope in an instant.

As the distance between the two parties closed, the rope became increasingly taut, like an instrument string!


Before the official exchange, the auras of both parties collided first, and the terrifying impact exploded in an instant!

That extremely powerful and terrifying impact instantly swept through the evil space.

Not only the outer layer of the evil space, but also the inner layer which was so deep that God knows how many deep it was buried, and even the dark void that enveloped the evil space, could not escape from the impact.

Large areas of the void collapsed one after another, “Boom!”

The dark void trembled, “…Buzz!”

Due to this unexpected shock, the octopus cat, who had already left the space tunnel and was trying to stop the Mirage Butterfly from destroying the evil arrays, was sucked into the void crack next to it!

“Gu… Gulu”

The Mirage Butterfly, which was originally planning to rush straight to its final target after blowing up the level two evil array here, paused when it saw this.

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