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Daughter Of The Two Clans Hidden identitiy

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Did I heard it right? Or am just hallucinating? No....because that one word coming from her mouth brought a wide smile to my face. I can help it and stared at her for a long time until...

"Ouch!! Why did you pinch my cheeks? Your hands are so small yet so deadly!" he whined while caressing his now red cheeks. Shes a bit brutal but hes starting to like her (sighing his helplessness).


e staring at me with those creepy smiles thats why!" she answered while scanning the area or should I say his house. His parents might belong to one of those officials with status in their clan. She thinks that his family might be a bit well-off.

"Are you feeling better now? Try this soup that was personally made by my mother. Itll make you feel even better. You may not know this but she loves cooking the most."

She stared at the small food tray handed by him and thinks to herself, what if these foods are poisoned? This is the first time Im eating outside our house. Well, she forgot that she loves to eat in the forest too, with her friend. Just shut it, she thought. Food is life and you can turn your back at it! If shes gonna die, its better to be full! *creepy smile*

After gulfing all the foods ( which is tasty by the way), she began to look outside and noticed that it was already night time again. Her eyes went wide after realizing that her father might be hella worried as it is almost 2 days since she asked permission to play with her friend in the forest. Although my father knew that Im at my safe haven, he can help it. You know its a fathers thing. Before her father start to search for her, she must be home by then.

She untied the little flute tucked in her blue sky robe and began to start with little blows and then plays a melodic sounds that was good to hear. And after that she tucked it again and then stand up in preparation to leave. Her friend might be in here after a couple of minutes.

"Thank you for the food and that was tasty, do tell your mother about it." She looked outside and seen her big beautiful friend waiting beyond the darkness coupled with trees. She walked unto the trees to where her friend is waiting for her. Due to the lacked of strength brought by fever last night, she laid down on the soft furry back of her friend, a rare white tiger. Yes, it is a big white tiger. We literally grew up together but guessed I lost in size..I might drank less milk than him. *sighing while dumping her little head on his fluffy fur.

"Goodbye, Alex!" he said while waving his short hands at us. She sit up in Skys back, and stared at him then said.. "I owe you one, my friend."

He can help but stared at their disappearing figures that soon engulfed by darkness. He muttered to himself... "She literally shines under the moonlight and despite her simple clothing, shes giving off a very strong aura. I might not know who you truly are but still hoping to see you again. Til we meet again, my little moonshine. "

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