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Moreover, Zhu Tuyuan was not the only one thinking of escaping.

Qian Daoliu was also trying to figure out how to escape.

The powerful restraining force of Ye Xuans spatial intent, which was strengthened by the chaotic space around them, kept them pinned.

He was extremely clear that if this continued, Zhu Tuyuan would lose without a doubt and, once that happened, he would not be able to hold on for much longer.

Especially given the fact that Ye Xuan was comprehending their martial intents!

Although Qian Daolius expression was gloomy, he was not worried about his life.

It just felt really bad being used as a stepping stone.

‘If I can fuse my spear intent with my ice intent, I might be able to kill this guy!

Those were the two intents he had comprehended that were attack-oriented.

If he could fuse the two, his attack power would increase greatly, and he might be able to break the current stalemate.

Qian Daoliu began to try to fuse the two martial intents.

He wanted to try and see if he could stimulate the potential of this clone while it was being pressured like this.


Resplendent sword qi tore through the sky, cutting Zhu Tuyuan in half.

However, he returned to normal moments later.

During this one month, he did not even know how many times this scene had been repeated.

“Ye Xuan! Can you not hear me”

“Please let me go.

As long as you let me go, well bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones!”

Zhu Tuyuan was fighting despair as the black mist giant frantically dodged Ye Xuans attacks.

Unfortunately, Ye Xuans overbearing sword qi filled the entire chaotic space, and Zhu Tuyuan had no way of dodging it.

The previous scene repeated itself.

“Ye Xuan!!!”

Zhu Tuyuans aggrieved voice reverberated in the sky.

He even felt that it would be better if Ye Xuan killed him once and for all.

At the very least he would not have to endure this torture.

How the f*ck could he continue fighting like this The more he fought, the stronger Ye Xuan became.

Fighting was pointless!

Ye Xuan ignored him.

However, after a months time, this guy did not have much value anymore.

After all, he was using Zhu Tuyuan as a reference, and he had run out of things to comprehend.

Even if he had a high comprehension value, it was impossible for him to comprehend other martial intents out of thin air.

Ye Xuan had already gotten what he wanted, so it was time to end it.

Ye Xuan lifted the azure divine sword and indifferently looked at Zhu Tuyuan.

“Your value has been exhausted.

Its time to send you on your way,” Ye Xuan said.

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Tuyuan and Qian Daolius expressions changed drastically.


At this moment, an overwhelming amount of blood qi surged in the sky, forming a sharp blood-red spear that rushed toward Ye Xuan.

Although he did not care about Zhu Tuyuans life, his situation would become extremely disadvantageous if the latter were to die.

As long as Zhu Tuyuan survived, he would be able to buy time.

Maybe Qian Daoliu could merge the spear and ice intents together.

After all, ones potential bloomed under pressure.

If he successfully fused these two intents, he would definitely kill Ye Xuan.

Thus, Zhu Tuyuan could not die now.


Ye Xuan suddenly turned around, and purple lightning erupted from his eyes.

Moments later, the azure divine sword in his hand made a crackling sound as the power of heavenly lightning was infused to it.

It then burst forth with a thunderous sword qi that seemed that it could destroy anything and everything.


The blood-red spear was destroyed!

However, the power of the sword qi was not diminished, and instantly tore apart Qian Daolius body.

Furthermore, the destructive power of heavenly lightning wreaked havoc on his body, preventing it from healing properly.

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