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Chapter 2410 Passing By

So beautiful…

Davis shook his head as he came out of his reverie, his focused eyes finally landing on the overall scenery as he saw Erin Goldsun, Farle Lumin, and Wyther Blackryst joining the fray and making the battlefield surge into a tumultuous exchange of different law energies flying through the air as they struck their targets.

Darkness, lightning, fire, light, space, and gold energy soared in the area, giving birth to many spatial cracks, but these cracks were superficial like Davis expected, nothing more than the outermost layer peeling off.

The undulations were disorderly and turbulent, with as many as above forty people battling for supremacy, or rather, the Void Dust Tree Fruit in the distance.

At a glance, Davis could tell that Klein Zyrus possessed the upper hand.

Whenever he attacked, his soul force lawlessly emerged and broke the cluster of opposition to guard their souls, leaving them falling back and regrouping every time.

In fact, he seemed to have been single-handedly fighting the top geniuses of the other four powers, which were already here.

However, it could also be seen that he was not holding back at all while the ones who besieged him seemed fine and collected, but this went on only until the Goldsun, Lumin, and Blackryst people crashed their battle.

\'Klein Zyrus is drastically draining his soul force, and the darkness energy from his physique and bloodline isn\'t aiding him much as it should due to the present spatial advantage.

He is forced to spend more energy to compensate for this disadvantage.

Moreover, they\'re fighting for the Void Dust Tree Fruit, so whichever person tries to near it gets bombarded without warning...\'

Davis instantly saw through what was happening, although the moment his eyes fell on the one using lightning energy, his face couldn\'t help but break into a smile.

He had heard about these four powers from Farle Lumin and the others and couldn\'t help but want to experience their techniques.

Shea, stay behind me.

Tenfold Golden Wing Sunset!

Erin Goldsun transformed into a three-legged Golden Crow as he crashed down on Klein Zyrus, intending to take him down while everyone still barraged him.


However, Klein Zyrus harrumphed and made hand signs, darkness energy flowing out of his body again as they turned into a ghastly image of a three-headed demon and struck against the golden flame wings with its six arms.


Their clash brought forth a tremendous shockwave that caused Klein Zyrus to take two steps back, while Erin Goldsun was like a shooting star that traveled backward.

However, there was a person to shoulder his fall, and that turned out to be his little sister, Shea.

She cushioned the impact and allowed Erin Goldsun to regain balance, his lips curving into a sly smile as though he knew this would happen.


At the same time, Klein Zyrus\'s pupils shrunk as he felt danger alarms ringing in his head.

His instincts screamed for him to dodge when he turned around and struck the empty space.

However, he was a bit off.

A dagger headed towards his forehead from the area he missed, intending to kill him in a single strike.

Void Terror!!!

Klein Zyrus screamed out loud in rage and panic when suddenly a barrier appeared between him and Void Terror, essentially stopping the piercing attack that would\'ve taken his life.

However, the Early Immortal Grade Talisman that activated upon sensing the threat to his life began crumbling as the void sunk and swelled inwardly on the barrier.

It caused Klein Zyrus to feel alarmed, but the barrier gave him enough time to regain his composure as he struck out again.


The barrier crumbled, but darkness soul force surged out of Klein Zyrus\'s palm and turned into a dark skeletal head that bit down on Void Terror.


Klein Zyrus cackled, but his expression fell as he felt no feedback from his Vengeful Skeletal Head Eater.

Void Terror had escaped, yet again! This was already the third attempt on his life, making him highly furious.

However, all that rage disappeared the next second as he retreated to the safe confines of his group\'s formation, his expression becoming ice-cold as he opened his mouth.

Fine, since you\'re all willing to shamelessly attack me, I won\'t go for the Void Dust Tree Fruit.

However, whoever nears the Void Dust Tree Fruit should be prepared to face my wrath.

Klein Zyrus\'s declaration left the others with silence as the battlefield abruptly came to a halt.

His voice boomed in their ears, causing them to rethink their strategy.

Make their way to the tree or adopt a wait-and-see attitude

Anyone heading towards the Void Dust Tree will get bombarded.

However, if they did the latter, then they might potentially lose the opportunity to obtain the fruit.

It was a hard decision to make, but they didn\'t feel forced or hurried either, as there were still many days left to get the treasures and make their return.

Just as they came to a standstill, watching each other\'s movements, their head abruptly couldn\'t help but swivel to the center.

A white-robed man flew in the skies, nonchalantly entering their circle.

He appeared to look scholarly and handsome with short black hair and a suave mustache, similar to how a rigid alchemist would look.

But the moment they saw him rush past them without stopping, their eyes turned wide as they came out of their reverie.

What the… stop him!

Mo Tian, don\'t…!

Everyone moved at the same time, with Erin Goldsun, Farle Lumin, and Wyther Blackryst moving to target the people who targeted Mo Tian.

With essence energy, martial energy, and soul force blazing out of their bodies in different attributes while the magical beasts purely attacked with their bodily energy, they were able to get the attention of the other four powers and somehow stop them.

However, they were unable to stop their leaders, who rushed past them.

*Whoosh!~* *Whoosh!~* *Whoosh!~*

A peasant dares to intrude lust after our treasure Courting death!

A lean purple-robed man appeared before Davis as his eyes flickered with black lightning.

Arcs of black lightning filled the space around him as they gathered towards the center and became a lightning spear.

Clasped in his hand, the spear emulated the property of extinction lightning, thrumming towards Mo Tian as it shredded a layer of space in its pathway.


It struck Mo Tian in the back, causing him to flinch.

Just as everyone expected him to scream out in pain as the extinction lightning spear pierced through him, they became confused because while the spear appeared to have pierced him, it didn\'t erupt through the other side, almost as though it was absorbed into his body.

Instead of having a deep wound, the white-robed man appeared clean and unharmed.

There wasn\'t a trace of a tear in his clothes.

However, he stopped and used one of his hands to rub his back.

Strange, I just felt as though an ant bit me...


The lean purple-robed man\'s eyes bulged before he hurriedly retreated!

His figure flashed into an arc of lightning and instantly gained a full ten-kilometer distance, his chest heaving as he felt abruptly locked on by that white-robed man.

The others also stopped at their altitude, raising their defenses as they became cautious.

However, Mo Tian did indeed turn and gaze at the lean purple-robed man, his brows raising before a languid, mocking smile appeared on his face.

Oh, it was a core disciple from the Blazing Thunder Sect.

No wonder it felt like an ant biting me...


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