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Chapter 2411 Power Of A Con Artist


The purple-robed man came out of his reverie and clenched his teeth in humiliation, unable to believe that he had just retreated in the face of a rogue cultivator.

Hmph! Paltry tricks.

I don\'t know what kind of spatial talisman you used to teleport the attack somewhere else as I couldn\'t see through it, but I\'ll expose you all the same.

Davis almost lost his footing at that accusation.

Just now, he had absorbed that heavenly spear into his body and quelled with his mighty body.

Heck, the extinction lightning was completely obedient in front of his Tyrannical Heavenly Firestorm Physique.

Therefore, he thought that this purple-robed man would be the one who understood his prowess the most, but it was, instead, misunderstood to be something else, apparently having used a spatial talisman of some kind to transport away that attack.

However, considering that the extinction lightning spear instantly disappeared upon entering his body while being cowed by chaotic energy, he didn\'t feel like blaming the purple-robed man.

Just leave… trash like you shouldn\'t be here on this battlefield. However, Davis did make a mocking expression and waved his hand.

A vein popped in the purple-robed man\'s head, Know that the one who ended your life is Cerdic, a core disciple of the Blazing Thunder Sect!


Lightning undulations surged as the prowess that was five levels above Peak-Level Ninth Stage became clear and concise.

It was on the level of a Level One Immortal, causing many cracks to appear in space.

You need to use all three of your cultivations to defeat me How weak…

A few more veins popped on Cerdic\'s forehead before his figure disappeared.

His figure flashed like lightning as he appeared before Davis, summoning a massive lightning rod in his hand as he stabbed toward Mo Tian.

However, Davis stepped back and flew back, but Cerdic pressed forward.


The sharp lightning rod landed on Mo Tian\'s palm.

As a result, an electrifying explosion erupted, and the secret realm shuddered.

But it didn\'t end with just one lightning rod as a barrage of black lightning arcs fell on Mo Tian, engulfing him in an electrifying black sphere.


Cerdic snickered as he watched his opponent, unable to do anything, much less react in time to counterattack.

After all, his move would cause an opponent to be paralyzed within the extinction sphere before they could only wait to be turned into ashes.

It was a ruthless move, one that even his fellow disciples feared but had yet to learn because of inadequate comprehension.

Just as he turned his gaze to boast, his pupils dilated as he found a person walking out of the extinction sphere in an unharmed state in the corner of his eyes.

What was that supposed to be Massage


Cerdic flared in rage when he abruptly discerned his vision blur.


A palm landed on his cheek, causing a resounding slap to echo as it sent him tumbling towards the distance as he flew like a shooting star and crashed into a small mountain, creating a large layer of spatial rocks to fall apart.

The sheer vibration of the slap and the resulting damage caused the others\' expressions to change, while even the people who knew Mo Tian had their hearts tremble from witnessing his power once again.

They were all mortals, capable of nearing and having five levels above in prowess.

That was the widely-known limit in the mortal realm, and they would be considered heavenly geniuses in the lower realms.

But for Mo Tian to be instantly capable of subduing geniuses like them, had his prowess easily reached six levels above

They couldn\'t help but feel overwhelmed and doubtful at the same time.

Meanwhile, Davis inwardly sighed.

If he was not wrong, the Blazing Thunder Sect was none other than the sect belonging to the Blazing Thunderlight Kirin\'s Immortal Inheritor.

This inheritor tried to con him back when he tried to obtain the Blazing Thunderlight Kirin\'s blood essence, but in front of his power, that was useless, but still, his impression of the Blazing Thunder Sect had taken a hit, and because of it, he was actively insulting Cerdic.

If it weren\'t for the Immortal King outside, perhaps, he would test his new soulscour technique on him to pursue that con artist of an inheritor and settle the score since he didn\'t have the habit of forgiving for no reason.

You… you\'re the one who brazenly stared at me in that Spatial Teleportation Formation at the Xilen Zyrus City...

Klein Zyrus finally recognized Mo Tian as his eyes widened, causing the latter to turn to look at him.

The Void Dust Tree Fruit is mine.

Anyone who blocks my path will be crushed without a doubt.

How arrogant! You think you can get past me just because you can easily defeat that trash I\'ll let you know that he\'s not a match for me in one-on-one either.

Klein Zyrus smirked.

However, he didn\'t make a move, No matter.

I won\'t waste my energy on you.

Other than the five powers here, including mine, you have the Ghost Tear Hall\'s inner disciple Void Terror to worry about.

He even assassinated a Level Two Immortal, so you are not something-

Why are you talking nonsense If you don\'t want to battle me, just say you\'re scared.

Davis interrupted in a mocking tone, causing Klein Zyrus\'s expression to turn cold, but he still remained indifferent, watching Mo Tian turn around and leave towards the Void Dust Tree Fruit.

He ultimately didn\'t pursue Mo Tian, but the others weren\'t as calm as him.

Everyone, attack him!

The disciples of the Blazing Thunder Sect screamed out in anger, wanting to get revenge for their leader, who still hadn\'t seemed to have woken up.

They insinuated the others to take action, and although it took a few seconds, it did indeed work as the four of the eight powers here moved to stop Mo Tian from nearing the spatial-attribute fruit.

Goldlust Armor! The source of this content is ReadNovelFull.com.

The six, fifty-meter-long rats shouted in unison as their dark brown bodies became shrouded in golden armor with a magnificent horn and ancient incisors jutting out from their mouths, giving them a terrifying gleam before they opened their mouths and shot a golden beam at him.

Void Flame Sea.

Another group of six violet-skinned spirits raised their hands and unleashed a technique together, their powers reaching a world-shaking level before dark violet flames swirled towards Mo Tian like they were hundreds of spatial vortexes heading towards him.

High Phoenix\'s Descent~

Tumultuous Fire Phoenix Flames surged from another group of six crimson-robed people as six talons emerged out of their bodies and clawed toward Mo Tian.

The five from the Blazing Thunder Sect also unleashed thunderous techniques at him as extinction lightning surged.

Mo Tian...!

Shea Goldsun screamed out loud as she stepped forward, but it was already too late; her big brother grabbed her wrist before retreating from the scene when more than twenty attacks crashed toward Mo Tian at the same time, engulfing him in a massive explosion that shook heaven and earth.


The oppressive undulations of the explosion shook the hearts of everyone.

It sent them flying, some of them even tumbling down to the void dust as they rolled around miserably while a spatial dust storm took over the entire area!

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