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Chapter 2412 Shockwave

Oppressive undulations weighed the area before the Void Dust Tree, disallowing the young geniuses to freely move as they wanted.

The rampant dust storm slowly settled, falling back to the surface as the skies became clear.

Just as everyone recollected themselves, they couldn\'t help but feel the chill of that combined move from four powers.

The level of that move had almost reached six levels above, and Mo Tian seemed to be frozen.

They really didn\'t think this move would succeed as Mo Tian just watched and didn\'t make a move to protect himself.

But somehow, that left their hearts feeling uneasy instead.


However, there was a woman among them who clenched her teeth in anger.

It was Shea Goldsun.

She mourned Mo Tian\'s death, feeling useless because his goodwill was still unpaid.

Well… we\'ll take revenge if he\'s dead... Erin Goldsun clenched his fist.

… His words caused Shea Goldsun to raise her brows.

Just as she wanted to ask what was going on, she followed her brother\'s gaze and saw a vague figure becoming clearer by the second before her eyes bulged.

How was Mo Tian still alive

Davis dusted his shoulder as he appeared out in the open, still looking unharmed.

It caused many pupils to dilate in shock as though they were looking at a dead man.

Who are you!

Where are you from!

Two people questioned him in an imposing yet panicked manner.

It caused Davis to narrow his eyes and look at them.

The golden-armored rat was obviously the Goldlust Rat called Kain Goldvein.

He could tell from how that golden rat stood in the forefront and hollered because Farle Lumin had informed him of the other powers\' young leaders for this expedition.

Nonetheless, despite being an ordinary magical beast with no noble status, its prowess was three levels higher, more than what a King-Tier Beast actually would have.

Perhaps, its father and mother were immortal beasts, and that bloodline caused the mortal beast to have extreme prowess.

Davis still didn\'t know the workings between conception and birth of immortal magical beasts but assumed that immortals beasts still give birth to mortal beasts unless they could immortalize their eggs.

At the same time, he also recognized the Dark Void Flame Spirit, Ranked First in the Emperor Grade Fire Essence Chart of the Grand Beginnings Continent.

Its prowess was three levels higher at the very least, but these spirits had reached the level of five levels above, perhaps because of the spatial advantage present here.

After all, what the Dark Void Flame Spirit possessed were all flames with spatial attributes, fascinating Davis the most.

\'Should I get some spirit cores for Lea She excels in using Fire Laws and Space Laws...\'

Becoming tempted, Davis raised his hand as he positioned his arm beside his shoulder, appearing ready to unleash a fist.

If you people want to kowtow and apologize, now is the time.


We asked you what your name and background were.

Are you deaf! Another person pressed on.

He wore a crimson robe and was none other than Roland Melias from the Melias Family of the Fire Phoenix Clan.


Yet, Davis didn\'t stop counting, an incredible amount of power gathering on the surface of his first.

However, it didn\'t even represent a percentage of his true power, and yet, it pressured the others into slightly bending their bodies.

Their expressions couldn\'t help but change as they felt as if the air around them had changed.

It was intrinsically heavier, making them feel as though they were stuck in a quagmire.


Just as they realized the heaviness of the situation, Davis\'s lips moved, Three.

His fist launched forward like a cannonball, coming to a stop but thereafter came incredible earthen energy that transformed into a shockwave, shredding apart the layers of space as it crashed down on them like a horrendous storm!


The impact was like they were hit by a giant\'s foot pressing down on their bodies of ants.

Many tore apart their vocal cords as they screamed like they were going to die as immense pain flooded their bodies.

However, before they could even know what was happening, they crashed to the dustbed below and became silent.

Their life and death were unknown.


This particular space-shattering move Mo Tian made had the others shuddering in incredulity, especially the ones which were hidden.

Meanwhile, Davis returned to his normal posture as he had his hands tied back, appearing like an expert.

What he used wasn\'t even a technique but just scattering his power.

However, the result was this- absolutely having wrecked the four powers who stood against him.

This made him feel all the time he spent remaining in the mortal realm was worth it.

The feeling of dominating geniuses at the same cultivation base was addicting and fun.

Oh… However, Davis gave a sound as though he was astonished.

Excluding Cerdic of the Blazing Thunder Sect, who was already knocked out cold and heavily injured, the three young leaders of the Darkflame Tribe, Melias Family, and Goldvein Clan still managed to survive.

The three of them slowly flew into the air.

Blood dripped from their bodies as their figures appeared miserable.

However, they somehow managed to avoid a fatal injury, but some parts of their bodies had numerous wounds while a few parts were crushed, like one of their fingers or joints simply having shattered.

Not bad… However, the next attack I perform will result in your certain death.

Kowtow and apologize or die.

Davis raised his hand once again, his pair of orbs striking fear into the hearts of the three youths.

The noble cultivators of the Fire Phoenix Clan will never kneel! Roland Melias screamed atop his lungs.

However, his voice was hoarse and desperate.

Your wish.


Davis started counting again, causing their expressions to change.

Human, you\'re going too far.

Honestly, I would like to obtain your spirit cores and comprehend the secret of void flames.


Davis gave a nonchalant reply to Jairen Darkflame.

The latter\'s head soared in dark violet flames in rage.

However, he didn\'t make a move nor make a comment, simply falling to his knees.

Following his direction, Kain Goldvein, who was practically dead as there was a giant hole on his shoulder as it traversed to his nape, also lowered his head.

Being a rat, it could be said that he was already kowtowing.


Just as Davis opened his mouth, Roland Melias, who appeared defiant, also fell to his knees as he lowered his head, his body trembling from the sheer amount of shame he was experiencing at the moment.

\'Oh The fact that they kowtowed means that they have no immortal souls protecting them...\'

Davis imagined that it would be the same for Klein Zyrus, his face blooming into a wide smile as things became easier for him.

He wouldn\'t have to encounter a big figure and the trouble that would come with it when he would make his move during his stay in this secret realm.

It is good that you all didn\'t want to test my patience.

Although there are Immortal Kings outside, I, Mo Tian, don\'t give a crap about them.


Mo Tian\'s words shook the hearts of the young experts present here to churn with disbelief.

Did that mean that he also had an Immortal King behind him

An Immortal King rogue cultivator!

Although such Immortal Kings who were part of no power were rare, Klein Zyrus and the others knew that it was possible for such beings to exist.

Most of them had eccentric quirks and disliked staying with a lot of people, even forming their own tiny sects or families.

They had less to worry about, and that\'s why they could also be fearsome when provoked because they mostly didn\'t look at the big picture.

It was no wonder Mo Tian managed to grow this strong.

Not any random rogue cultivator without an adequate background could become this strong as they would be removed from the world before they could even bud into a monster.

Once they came to understand the intricacies, their fingers couldn\'t help but tremble, especially the three who had kowtowed.

Their bodies couldn\'t stop trembling, but it was no longer because of the humiliation but of relief.

If they didn\'t kneel, wouldn\'t lives have been taken Promptly, their voices resounded out.

I apologize!!!~

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